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I'm happy just because, I found out I am really no one.
That doesn’t sound like something to be happy about. 😕
How freeing it is to know we are a very small part of the overall scheme of things though! (& it's a song lyric from Bright Eyes)
Totally freeing !!! Even asides from the song reference!
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I love being a BHM. At some point I know I will gain much more weight. Right now at 360 and waive ring on losing or gaining until over 500.
There is a sim in SecondLife that is all about supporting BBW women, giving them a safe place to express themselves, and I am lucky enough to work there. I am here to find others who would like to join us in the virtual space and have fun. Our official "bio" as it is "A tropical island dedicated to Big Beautiful Women (BBW) and those that admire them!
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