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News and Special Features
5/27/2014 Body Pride Week -- Reaching for acceptance
1/28/2014 HAES update -- The Association for Size Diversity and Health (ASDAH) releases updated Health at Every Size principles
9/6/2013 Bacteria? -- Are they to blame for obesity?
8/1/2013 Inside Medicine -- Weight prejudice shows up in doctors' practices
5/15/2013 Fat mermaid -- Exactly what I wanted to do with my life
4/3/2013 Fat club owner -- steps down after having WLS: correct or not?
2/21/2013 LA Times: -- Study disputes long-term medical savings from bariatric surgery
2/7/2013 NJ Gov. Chris Christie -- blasts former White House physician for attacks on his size
1/30/2013 MSN Now -- World's Biggest Hips
1/19/2013 Top 10 -- nations celebrating female fatness
1/3/2013 Paul Campos -- Our Absurd Fear of Fat
12/29/2012 Photography project -- explores the dark side of weight loss
12/4/2012 Island: -- New constitution may prohibit weight discrimination
11/8/2012 Weight Loss surgeon -- condemns size acceptance
10/9/2012 Health News -- Fat acceptance makes for happier sex lives
10/3/2012 Fat news anchor -- takes on bully in an articulate, inspiring on-TV response
6/18/2012 Plus size apparel -- Ascena Retail Group, Inc. acquires Charming Shoppes, which owns Lane Bryant, Catherines Plus Sizes and Fashion Bug (which will be closed)
6/15/2012 Huffpost -- Fat Activist Lesley Kinzel on How to Stop Dieting and Start Loving Your Body
4/20/2012 NY Times -- Studies question the pairing of food deserts and obesity
4/15/2012 The Scavenger: -- Is fat still a feminist issue?
3/31/2012 USA Today -- Doctors promote WLS als "excellent treatment for diabetes"
3/31/2012 CNN -- 'Fatshion' bloggers find beauty in all sizes
1/30/2012 Health At Every Size -- New approach to weight loss debated
1/5/2012 -- HLN: Are health ads targeting 'fat kids' too much?
11/21/2011 Stupid Diets -- Josh Max on The Five Stupidest Diets he's been on, in Forbes no less
4/15/2011 CNN -- No safe weight loss pills
3/25/2011 Am I too fat? -- Article found in the Khaleeji Times
2/10/2011 A weight off your mind -- Australian writer examines obesity researchers' ties to the diet and pharmaceutical industries
1/25/2011 Review concludes prescribing weight loss is ineffective and unethical -- See PDF of Weight Science: Evaluating the Evidence for a Paradigm Shift by Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor]
11/22/2010 Victoria Advocate runs -- Pro and Con articles on size acceptance
8/19/2010 1.5 millionth post -- on the Dimensions Forums
6/23/2010 Miss BBW -- United Kingdom 2010 pageant
5/12/2010 CNN -- How big girls can look sexy
5/3/2010 CNN -- Fat kids more likely to be bullied
3/31/2010 Hungry -- LG Fashion Week: Talking runway vs reality with model Crystal Renn
3/16/2010 For Obese People -- Prejudice in Plain Sight
3/14/2010 Boston Globe's Miss Conduct -- Is it wrong to tell a woman she’s plump?
2/15/2010 Southwest Airlines -- throws screenwriter, film producer, and director Kevin Smith off plane for being too fat
1/29/2010 US Plus-Size Model -- Velvet d'Amour stars in French TV reality show
1/12/2010 -- covers Lesley Kinzel and her popular Fatshionista blog
1/5/2010 Dating site -- for beautiful people expels 'fatties' after holiday weight gain
12/31/2009 Editor's -- New Year's Message
11/30/2009 Too fat to graduate? -- Lincoln University in PA has mandatory fitness course for fat students
10/29/2009 Glamour Mag: -- Women of all sizes are gorgeous
10/19/2009 Should Fat People -- Be Protected Under Hate Crime Laws?
10/1/2009 Skorch Magazine -- A new attempt at a plus-size fashion/lifestyle magazine
9/8/2009 Fat -- yields multipurpose stem cells
8/16/2009 -- on Mo'Nique's changed outlook on fatness
7/26/2009 CNN -- Plus-sized TV shows find big audience
7/24/2009 Baird & Barbers Collaboration? -- Another outlandish "Fat Magic" fantasy: Sophie/Sofia.
7/10/2009 CNN -- As nation gains, "overweight" is relative
7/9/2009 Time -- Why are southerners so fat?
6/26/2009 Dimensions Bash 2009 -- Conrad's Speech
5/15/2009 Club Bounce -- DFW/Around Town reports on a Phat Nightclub for Plus-Sized People
3/23/2009 Dimensions Bash 2009 -- Orlando, FL June 18-21, 2009 -- REGISTER!
2/24/2009 University of Colorado -- raises eating disorder awareness
2/24/2009 Great Falls Tribune on -- Stopping the Diet Wars
2/17/2009 CNN -- Novel ways to do WLS
2/15/2009 Dimensions Bash 2009 -- June 18-21, 2009, Renaissance Airport Hotel, Orlando, FL (learn all about it)
1/9/2009 Study -- Exercise Won't Cure Obesity
12/31/2008 Editor's -- New Year's Message
12/25/2008 For the Holidays -- a new Wilson Barbers story, illustrated by BeakerFA: "One of Us"!
12/24/2008 Merry Christmas -- and the happiest of holidays!
12/19/2008 New York's Governor: -- Why we need an obesity tax
12/6/2008 New Fanta-Sizer Gallery -- A page of pieces by mega-fantasizer Bed Benders Inc.
12/5/2008 1 million posts! -- Threads: 46,410, Posts: 1,000,033, Members: 33,637
7/25/2008 To avoid: -- Skinniest places in the US
7/12/2008 Mounting anger -- against WALL-E sizim
6/2/2008 Datacenter explosion -- knocks out thousands of servers, including Dimensions (see details)
5/28/2008 New look? -- We're playing with alternate front pages for Dimensions and also the forums. Check them out.
5/22/2008 DimChat -- is back!!

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Dimensions Online is a social network initially spawned by Dimensions Magazine which was published in print form between 1984 and 2002 as a forum for those who prefer the large figure and the people who attract them. It's for the discussion of relationships and sexuality, lifestyles, health, medical issues, activism, social events, and media perceptions. Dimensions Magazine also provides entertainment including opinions, spicy fiction and photo features of big, beautiful women. You must be of legal age to view and /or the Dimensions social network. Any unsolicited materials submitted to Dimensions become the property of Dimensions. Dimensions is an open forum for size-related opinions. All stated opinions are those of the contributor(s) and not necessarily those of Dimensions.

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