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  • definitely enjoying lots of beer and developing a much bigger and rounder belly since my profile pic. i've also done the banana and beer challenge and nearly exploded, but it really does stretch ones' capacity! should i brag that i'm closing in on 400?!
    Just when I think it is impossible to become more enamored with you, you choose a semi-obscure ELO tune for your bio! Too much awesomeness! :D
    I do not understand this page at all, yet I cannot resist posting on it. It simultaneously relates to the Profile of the individual whose picture it contains and yet the messages include a "View Conversation" link that relates not to this conversation (if in fact it is one at all), but to a potential 1-1 chat that is no linked to the profile page in any way.

    So consider this a general statement of "pfsssst" relating to the design, though not in any way "dissing" the most gorgeous profile picture above.
    Are you not returning my PMs because I suggested doing your bangs by putting a bowl on top of your head? Just so you know, it's really not that weird. People do that all the time. Where I'm from, anyway...
    I'm confused here. Like, w-wh-wH--whWuT is this is thing supposed to be, actually? Is it supposed to be like "a Wall" on facebook? Is that what they're trying to make it like?

    This guy below me, here, what exactly is he trying to do? Doesn't he realize that he can just PM you? Or is that now considered too old-fashioned?

    Makes me think of that insurance commercial where the lady is like "That's not how that works...That's not how any of this is supposed to work!?"
    Hello miss, my name is Josh. I am a 24 yr old male gainer and I was just curious where you live, because you are incredibly beautiful and I'd my luck that you lived close to me. Long shot but you never know :) . I live in Denver Colorado btw
    hi! Sort of new here and was looking for someplace to introduce myself to the group. basically stopping and saying hello. :)
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