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  • Hey you...my name is kline and I thought you were beautiful and you just seem super sweet as well... I'm here in California. I'm 35 graduated from cal Berkeley and now Vice President of an environmental tech company based out of San Francisco. I'm 6 ft 4 and I don't like skinny women lol Ive been to every continent on earth except for Antarctica. I just feel like we're both worth each other's time and we only live once so the last thing we should do is not at least give us a try lol Obviously we both get a ton of people always sending messages and attempting to be part of or lives but I just feel like this situation once we actually crack the shell will be one of the most eclectic and influential connections we've both had ever....I'm just excited to get to know you my lady...415 997 3005 kline Text me when you have time
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