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      Bigdj1977 replied to the thread Confused BBW.
      Fat can be appreciated on anyone regardless of gender. I am a heterosexual male who is sexually attracted to (fat) women. However, I...
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      Bigdj1977 reacted to LarryTheNoodleGuy's post in the thread Confused BBW with Like Like.
      You know what, I am a great admirer of both very fat women and men, though it's frequently non-sexual, but rather sheer awe and...
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      Bigdj1977 replied to the thread Stuffing vs Grazing.
      I prefer to stuff myself with large meals and snack less in between, the wife eats “smaller” meals but grazes almost constantly. We are...
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      Hope you have gained some weight since you originally posted the question. Shakes are definitely a great way to add in some extra...
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      Bigdj1977 reacted to fat hiker's post in the thread Fat man that wants to grow bigger with Like Like.
      Remember that calories in liquid form don't limit your appetite like 'chewed' calories do. So, don't drink water; make sure it's a...
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