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  1. blubberboy767

    Favorite Fattening foods?

  2. blubberboy767

    New Pix

    Why don't you start your own thread instead of posting on mine?
  3. blubberboy767

    I'm getting fat

    I don't know what your problem is. If you were expecting hundreds of praise messages you're in the wrong group. I may get 3 to 4 per pic set and that's on a good day but it doesn't bother me because it's quality not quantity :D
  4. blubberboy767

    New Pix

    Thanks for the kind words, and with a big ol' butt like mine I feel obligated to throw one butt pic in ;) Life modeling would be awesome with a fat person. Imagine what the shading would look like and the contours of the fat rolls! I may look into it, as long as there are some sexy ladies in...
  5. blubberboy767

    New Pix

    Well, what can I say? I'm fat and can't wait to get fatter! What do you ladies think? Still too skinny? :)
  6. blubberboy767

    BHM photo face-off?

    Just a thought, would you ladies like to pic the pose/clothes/etc. for some customized pix that my bhm brethren and I could take and post in this link for ya (examples: wearing a very tight thermal shirt, eating ice-cream, jumping jacks, etc)? I never know what to do and it typically turns...
  7. blubberboy767

    Question for the ladies....thoughts on us BHM.

    Hello all, curious fatboy here:D I was just wondering when you ladies realized you liked us BHM? Do your families/friends know? What's the weight of the biggest guy you've dated? Did you find yourself secretly fattening up earlier boyfriends before you realized you liked bhm? Just curious...
  8. blubberboy767

    I want to rope a fat man(for bhms)

    I agree and go for it! Make a fatboy's day ;) Most of us have esteem issues and will never make the first move.
  9. blubberboy767

    Holiday Gain Pix

    Awwww, thanks, you're making me blush ;)
  10. blubberboy767

    Taking a nap with a fat man

    You beat me to it ;) I was gonna say the same thing. Fatboys tend to sweat so in the winter not only are we dry but we can keep you warm.
  11. blubberboy767

    Ultimate combinations

    When I was a little kid I loved Peanut Butter and Bologna sandwhiches. I have no idea why but maybe even at that age I wanted to put two very fattening things together to fatten up. I can't even imagine eating that now :doh:
  12. blubberboy767

    Holiday Gain Pix

    A few more ;) My New Year's Resolution is to gain 50 more blubbery pounds! Here's to finally keeping one!!
  13. blubberboy767

    Holiday Gain Pix

    Hey all, it's been a while since I've visited here and thought I'd post some updated pix. The holiday season was good to me and my waistline as I gained 10 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year's. Hope you all enjoy and I'll be around more often to chat with my fellow fatboys and FFA's :D
  14. blubberboy767

    Does he really not like it or does it just make him nervous?

    Nowadays I love a good belly rub but in the past it made me uncomfortable. We're told that being fat and having a belly is unattractive and not a good thing. So when someone we like begins to bring that belly into the light, well, it can get a little wierd. Even if it feels good and turns us...
  15. blubberboy767


    I was wearing a semi-tight yellow shirt a few months back and a little girl asked her mom 'why does that man have boobies'! I thought it was cute but three years ago I would have been mortified. Funny how things change.