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    Yeah seriously! I suppose if you're wealthy enough to waste money on this, you can afford a diamond studded space wallet/giant ass-money bin for these things...I guess... thats my justification attempt. *failed!*
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    Today is Caturday

    I drunkenly Photo-shopped this for my girlfriend last week. FYI Lucy is the meowish one's name. Observe the nerdiness
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    Hmmmm well any of us here on the DIM boards whom have the inclination to throw practicality to the wind, can do so....IN SPACE! Check it! They call this new currency "QUID" *rolls eyes* yes it's already a term for money in the U.K. but...
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    Favorite Superheroes

    I don't know if you could call him a superhero, but Metal Gear Solid's Solid Snake totally wins an award for pure "badassery"!!
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    NON Anonymous Crush Thread-Fess Up People :p

    I would totally make out with baked goods!
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    Recent pic of you- part VI :D

    It's dawned on me, I haven't posted in sometime, so here are some recents, posted using that interwebz the kids are all a buzz about these days. These two are during a recent snow storm, where some friends and I played board games till 5am (what else you gunna do?), so please ignore the...
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    Happy New Years Dims Peoples!

    Hello all you fantastic and Beautiful Dimensions members, I’m simply wish the lot of you a Fantastic New Year’s Eve!! (yeah I'm jumping the gun on this by damn near 24 hours) Whether your night be filled with indulgence and excess or a relaxing night with close loved ones, all the best to you...
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    Coffee Drinkers Unite!

    I'm pretty sure I need coffee to live/function...
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    Dims Crushes

    Aww there is huge plethora of genuinely attractive women on this board, so hard to choose! I'm all apprehensive about dating on teh internetz so I may not pursue anyone, but I'll be more than glad to let them all know how beautiful they are! *WINK*
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    Drunk guy, slush and a midnight craving.

    HAHA NICE! Thats pretty badass of you :) That story made my night. and I agree DIBS are pretty rad. You my friend, rock out hard ;)
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    Post Your favorite pics of YOURSELF! Who else?

    Okkkkay Here are some Randoms that I like; Happy drinks after Kickball Chillin in a T.O. park Me at the diamond, havin sum summer antics Thats it!
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    Dims Crushes

    I just wanna take the entire Dims Board to prom and maybe make out with it at the!
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    Sleepy pics

    Your super friggen cute, I don't think it's even scientifically possible, aww please don't break physics we needs it!
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    Your skinniest and fattest pics

    So yeah, you're pretty much the cutest damn thing ever! ;)
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    I mades another Film

    So here's the most recent film I've done for Toronto Film Challenge ______________________________________________________________ The Ballad of Bobby the Bib ______________________________________________________________ This time...