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    What's pissing you off today?

    There's a lot of that going around (getting old, I mean). Sometimes the use of shortcuts and jargon can make a message incomprehensible, at least to me. Also, those kids should stay the hell off my lawn.
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    I think my girlfriend gets off on being fat!

    I have no doubt that she's really enjoying her role as a fat girl with you. A woman who didn't like her body would never ask you to fuck her belly fat (which is one of the most delicious experiences in the world, in my lascivious opinion). By all means, ask her about it, however; the more you...
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    Random FA (m/f) confessions...

    Got to say, that's pretty funny. Your physics teacher sounds like a good guy. I guess (hope) there's more of us FAs out there than we realize.
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    RIP Fats Domino

    Amen. I loved that guy's music.
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    Fatphobic abuse because I had the audacity to make a science-based comment.

    I completely agree with Loopy's observations on the cow pride/cognition issue. (The fact that she's a zoologist, and therefore far more knowledgeable than the rest of us in this area, doesn't hurt either.) We all have opinions, but there's no hard evidence one way or the other. The person...
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    Could fat drive the next step in evolution?

    Arghhh. Suffice it to say that (a) I disagree with most of what you're saying, (b) we're not likely to resolve our differences, and (c) this argument is descending into nit-picking. We're just hogging this thread, and I'm letting it go.
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    Naturally I have a few response to the above, but I'm going to shut up, take a deep breath and call it a day. No hard feelings.
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    I pretty much agree with you all the way. I was only talking about creating meaning in one's own eyes, by one's own definition, which is totally subjective. I kind of doubt that there's such a thing as meaning on an absolute level.
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    You're absolutely right. Aristotle, and quite a few philosophers afterwards, did embrace that definition, and different people do display different levels of rationality. When I wrote about humanity being irrational, I was zeroed in on the irrationality displayed by the collective power...
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    Let me clarify what I'm getting at when I talk about giving one's life "meaning." I believe meaning is entirely relative and subjective, applying only to the person to whom a thing is meaningful. Our lives are meaningful to ourselves and may or may not be meaningful to anyone else. In fact...
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    Could fat drive the next step in evolution?

    If it's not scientific, then it's not falsifiable. Nope. We've just falsified the theory that the earth is flat. Anyway, it's not perfectly round - just very close. I never said you had to. Never expected you to, either. Obviously falsehoods don't have much probability of being...
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    Could fat drive the next step in evolution?

    Good one. I like this.
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    Could fat drive the next step in evolution?

    A scientific theory is one that is falsifiable. A theory can never be proven to be absolutely true. As more and more tests are conducted and the tested theory remains unfalsified, the probability that the theory is true becomes greater and greater, but it never hits 100 percent. It's like...
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    Could fat drive the next step in evolution?

    Those three theories are compatible with one another, complementary to one another, and essentially are subsets of the overall theory of evolution. Of course there's plenty we don't know about biological complexity and its history. We now have a large body of knowledge, however, that is...
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    Really? What do you think is the best you can hope for? In any case, I never said anything about "hoping for" honorable conduct. That's something you work at, not hope for. Again, read what I actually said. You can choose to (and make every effort to) act in as rational and honorable...