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  • You know, I also just want to say that I kind of feel like, out of all of the other profiles I've looked at, you've done the most to really take advantage of all of its various features. I makes me think: What are the things in -my life- that I could yet 'kick-up' a notch. Take up to another level, so to speak.
    Be careful of this creepy lady down here below me. I dunno, something just doesn't seem right with her...
    Hi beautiful, hope you are enjoying here ! Lovely Forum Indeed
    Hey, I saw the group you made and you inspired me to start one of my own. I can't seem to figure out how to give it a picture like you did though. There's no options for it I can find on my end. I don't even have the option of having a profile pic for some reason.
    Thank you!!! <3 Haha. The profile pic one should have always been there but I think they were still integrating the albums and such so I don't know, I would imagine that might not have shown up for everyone at once.
    Lol, sorry I didn't respond sooner. But glad to see you figured out all the picture stuff! Mainly everything to do with your profile is under the User CP. Thanks for the compliment. ;)
    You're welcome! Glad you are here. There are a lot of beautiful people on this forum, and I know you'll fit right in!
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