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    RIP SoVerySoft

    A long time community member here and a fierce, fabulous, fat supporting gal has passed away. SoVerySoft passed yesterday and I know she has friends here that would want to know. There is no further info other than it wasn’t covid-19 related. May she be at peace and her life celebrated by...
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    RIP Russell Williams

    This is very sad news. Russell was a wonderful man who advocated for fat people at every turn. May he rest in peace.
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    Moving to Southern CA

    Hi folks, I soon will be relocating to Southern CA. I'll be about 45 minutes east of LA. I'd love any insider info and also to make new friends. I'd also love to catch up with old friends too! I'm also going to be in the market for new furniture and have no idea about the local stores...
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    RIP: Nancy Summer

    She was an amazing woman with a sassy spirit that really shined. She will be missed. ❤️
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    Cb1 for weight help

    CB1 is a natural weight gain supplement or it claims to be. I've never tried it or heard of anyone that has. However, I have used weight gain powder shakes and they might be a sexier and tasty alternative. Especially if made with cream and ice cream instead of water.
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    Sandra Weber-Zitkus (1960-2016)

    I just want to post again here that my thoughts are with you. May Sandie's memory bring you joy when you miss her most.
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Santa Barbara is amazing!
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    Feederism Today

    I'm finding that lots more younger people are owning their feedee/feeder fantasies whereas when I was growing up and also amongst the Dims crowd it was very much considered racy or had urban myths attached to it where guy meets girl, guy fattens up girl, guy leaves girl helpless to fatten new...
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    RIP Deidrababe

    I'm sorry for the late response but those local and wanting to attend services, the information is below. I'm still numb at the loss of my very dear friend Deidra and the world is a lot less bright and sparkly without her. May her memory bring a smile to your heart. RIP Deeds <3 Location...
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    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    Thanks awesome! Congrats!! :D
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    Post pics of yourself....LIVING

    I love your scarf and your smiling eyes!
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    Valerie hasn't modeled in years but last I seen she is happy and doing well. I shared a hug with her at the Vegas bash a few years ago and have seen her post online. :) She's looking as wonderful as ever and always has a smile her her face.
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    Recent Picture of You Part XI !

    Me making a "spectacle" of myself. Hehe, get it? :batting:
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    Rep Your Pets!

    Clearly Zoey our youngest has a hard life, hehe. :wubu: