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    Morgan - by James (~SSBBW, Extreme stuffing, ~XWG)

    Gee, I never thought that this story would get rediscovered at all. I dropped off the face of the earth after an initial flurry of writing when I was much younger and much less competent. I'm rather honored that you'd take it up, actually. :) For what it's worth, My complete permission is...
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    Morgan (Redone) - by Ravens-son (SSBBW, XWG, Stuffing)

    Wow, I never thought I'd see this remade again. Its really quite good Raven, Thank you. I wrote it as one of my first pieces in 8th grade, so my writing skills were understandably limited. I obviously had different goals in writing our versions, me focusing more on the fantastical and the...
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    The Dietician -by Jersey-FA/Lizzy (~BBW, Sabotage, Romance, ~SWG)

    If anyone needs my writing, I could try also James
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    Morgan - by James (~SSBBW, Extreme stuffing, ~XWG)

    thank you all for the positive comments! I will not be able to get out the 2nd book for a while but am working on a new series which will be coming out in a bit. (I am a fanatic at grammar!) thanks again! James
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    Morgan - by James (~SSBBW, Extreme stuffing, ~XWG)

    ~SSBBW, Extreme stuffing, ~XWG - a girl with an stomach beyond belief is fed by everyone [Author's note: Hi everyone! This was a story I did a long time ago and redid over again. Hope you enjoy. I am thinking of doing a second part, so any constructive input would be appreciated - James]...
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    Heidi's Dream Come True

    Beautiful, Magnifiqe!!! I want more!!!!!
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    Megan and Her Appetite - by J. Baras (~BBW, Eating Fantasy, Stuffing ~MWG)

    ~BBW, Eating Fantasy, Stuffing ~MWG - introducing a teen with the biggest appetite in history Megan and Her Appetite by J. Baras I could not wait for Megan and her family to arrive for our monthly dinner. Last month, Megan cleared us out. Paranoid, my mother and I bought the supermarket...
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    9:55 PM- The Eat-Mart Aurora at the eat mart in her baggiest clothes and with a stomach fresh from munching. Everything inside was dark, but Aurora just needed to wait. Suddenly a few lights went on and Aurora gasped, piles and piles of food were unwrapped and spread across the whole Market...
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    Aurora Aurora staggered into her dormitory, and collapsed on her bed, making the bed sag. Her already large stomach was overfilled and overgorged. The hefty amount of food and drink that was in it was glopping, slopping and sloshing around, making a liquid like noise emanate from her...