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  • Hi
    Happy new year. Sorry to hear about all the things you have to cope with. Condolences and sorry for the loss of your kid brother.MS is hard enough in itself you have my support. The altz in a family member is a heavy thing too. Must be hard for your husband being ill also.Illness being unwell affects moods. Is more and more people getting health issues way younger each time.
    The family is out going grocery shopping now, so I am home alone. I do miss my grocery shopping. I am waiting for some daylight to go do some handquilting. I started a throw.
    Hope you have a good weekend. Take care of yourself. Greetings Orchid.
    Hi Cookie,
    How are you?
    Did you watch the video I made?
    It updates you on everything. I sent you the link in the pm.
    You and I have the same birth month just my birthday is the 10th and the year is different too lol What brings you to Dimensions?
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