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  • Is that a lake or a river in your avatar? May I ask the name of it? The water is so pretty, it reminds me of some of the pools at West Thumb in Yellowstone.
    Thank you for the rep MsBrightside! You are way to kind. If you ever seen one you really like just PM me and I can send you the full sized pic. Thanks again,
    re: "Thanks for the explanation :). Your post was quite witty, but I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes!"

    As I approach 78 y.o., and with so much lost, i'm glad I still have my biking legs and (according to some) my wit. I still hear startled gasps from some I have just met when they hear my age. I will occasionally say to them "Well, I'm just visiting here. On my home planet, we live an average of 200 earth-years. I'm just approaching middle age." Someone asked me yesterday how many believe that line. I told her that I couldn't remember - the memory is the first to go.
    re: "Ho Ho Tai, with a bit of panach" Thanks for the rep, MsBrightside. Perhaps I should have titled that picture "Ho Ho Tai, with a bit of paunch"
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