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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    He does mention that she's doing graphic design. So she was given the big assignment at first that presumably the ghost did for her, and, impressed, her boss assigned a stackload of other assignments with the promise of a permanent position if done well.
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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    Not to mention that he could also just be musing in an intrigued sort of way :(
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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    And the plot thickens! (hopefully our new lady protagonist does too!) As a commentary on your writing, I appreciate your pacing. It's not too slow where we end up lingering on one event for a while, but not too quick that we can't stop and appreciate what is actually going on. You move with a...
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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    Bravo, you continue to capture our intrigue and imagination! Looking forward to the next installments :)
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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    As an aside, you deftly teased me there in the final seven lines. I do prey that alongside your general awesome storytelling there will be scrumptious details of our heroine's expansion :)
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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    You've got me hanging in suspense, teasing me with imagery. Can't wait for the next bit!
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    Phantom Gains - by Marlow ~BBW, ~MWG, paranormal, intrigue

    Please, please PLEASE continue this. You are an excellent writer and you have our intrigue. I am also a huge fan of the genre and there aren't too many quality pieces out there like this!
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    The Sting

    Now I've been around these here forums for quite a long time now, and I have to say this is one of the better pieces put to pen that I have read. Great job! p.s. - I hope you intend to finish this one and not leave it like so many other stories/series that seem to hit sudden brick walls!
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    Looking for a story (that has been deleted)

    There was a story written by Carnestrange on DeviantART called "The Curse", and it involved a girl who was cursed to be filled and fattened every time she heard any food-related words. One of the more memorable scenes in the series involved a hot-dog scene where she became obscenely stuffed...
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    The Presence (~BBW, Magic, ~WG, Suspense, Imagery)

    A young university student fails to recall her recent past as an ominous presence takes hold of her within the confines of her apartment, willing her to grow. Author's Note: Been a very long time since I have written anything, but here is a piece I did up in the span of about two hours. It...
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    Darker Stories

    Alongside JP's collection on DeviantArt, InvizKing has several stories of the kind, and they're all very good reads I must say.
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    The Enchantress's Chair - by Phrozen (~BBW, ~~WG, ~Magic)

    ~BBW, ~~WG, Magic - A folktale allows the curiosity of a student to get the better of her. The Enchantress's Chair By Phrozen [Author's note:] Been a long time since I've written anything. Here's the first part of a story in progress. Let me know what you think and I'll post more...
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    To Deryk Shane

    Mm. Too true.
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    To Deryk Shane

    I saw this one too, as I semi-frequently take a look over at FF. I was considering posting a thread about this and/or PMing Derek, but both of these actions seem to have already been taken. I have to agree that I don't like it all either. Whoever did it probably didn't even get proper...
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    Belly Butter

    Karbonpotasssium, I bow in unworthiness... THANK YOU.