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    I think it might not be fit for public consumption. It’s like 8 years old.
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    Oh my god, I just found my old journal from a million years ago with really vintage fetish writing of mine in it.
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    Wow, this has been an interesting day

    Wow, this has been an interesting day
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    Where did my fellow American members go to college/grad school? What about your SO?

    It comes up when meeting new people for me, but maybe that’s because I graduated recently. Going around the room and saying where you went seems odd to me, though.
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    Awkward pick-up lines and topics

    I ignored them. It was just some young guys being stupid, you can’t dignify that kind of thing with a response.
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    Awkward pick-up lines and topics

    I’ve had boys try to get my attention by loudly speculating about what my ethnicity is. On two different occasions!
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    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    Bf: was it good for you? Me:
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    Funny Pictures, Cartoons, and Memes Thread

    Obligatory graduation meme. So long, undergrad 👋👋
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    Need some advice

    I have been her, in both potential scenarios. I’ve had times when I’ve been flirting and secretly wanted to feed someone and I’ve also been misinterpreted by people as being interested in fetish things that I don’t actually like (I’ve had a few men assume I’m a sub or a little.) There’s really...
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    BHM/FFAs Introduce yourself here

    The shining, the fly (1986), rosemary’s baby, it follows, and others
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    Mandatory stay at home weight gain?

    You know 3500 calories is a pound, and most people burn like 1500-2000 a day, so you’re gaining almost a pound a day
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    Mandatory stay at home weight gain?

    That’s a whole 4000+ cals
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    Things to do/participate in during self-quarantine

    @Funtastic curves Stay safe out there.
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    Both, in relation to each other. Overeating leading to being fat and being fat as a result of overeating.
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    This is going to sound weird, but as a child I was not aware of a difference between eating too much and getting fat. I just didn’t know there was a difference. So stuffing and weight gain have always been the same thing in my mind.