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    Coming to the Fat Girl Flea Market on 4/30?

    Hope to see some of y'all out there!!!!! Nationally renowned Fat Girl Flea Market returns to New York City, April 30th 2011. The Fat Girl Flea Market, a unique bargain shopping bonanza for plus size women, today announced the seventh annual event will take place on April 30, 2011 in New...
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    Our Community Loss - Cindy G.

    Memories of Cindy. Just like you Bruce, I too met Cindy at that Memorial Day Bash in 2006. My first memory of her is at the pool as well. She just floated on and I was absolutely amazed by her grace. We smiled at each other and spent some time chatting off and on that weekend. She was very...
  3. The Obstreperous Ms. J

    Your Ms. J in Korean Television

    Thanks again, y'all. That's correct, bonus Botero Babe cameo appearance and she took me out for burgers and fries after the shoot :D:D:D:D
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    Your Ms. J in Korean Television

    Yeah, the whole "OKAY" thing brings a smile to my face. Its just hilarious.
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    Your Ms. J in Korean Television

    Hey y'all, Just posting a youtube link to a mini documentary done about me for Korea Television. Just a day in the life for this fatty. Shows, auditions, modeling for Adipositivity, organizing a fatty clothes swap for Big Moves etc. What do you all think...
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    Donate clothing-Fundraiser

    Well, we are only having the fundraiser of this nature on the east coast. I would recommend a few things: 1. Mail them out to NYC (if possible, PM me if you would like to do so) 2. Donate them to Big Moves San Francisco, as they may be able to use them for costume stock. 3. Make a donation...
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    Donate clothing-Fundraiser

    Hey everyone!!! As most of you know, I am the artistic director for Big Moves NY. We are a non profit dance organization doing our part in size acceptance and having a size positive presence in the world of dance. We have performances and classes in San Francisco, Manhattan, Boston and...
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    Younger Men and Older Women discussion..

    I will have to admit to a lack of sexual experience, so I missed out (and I am going to go on a limb here and say that many girls of size missed out as well) on the usual (typical or expected) sexual/age markers because of being socially ostracized. I guess that being with a younger guy, we meet...
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    In NYC, Halloween is a very big deal, so you need like three or four costumes. I'm dressing up as a nun, but not a naughty nun but like a punching nun, with boxing gloves and everything. Homemade, of course. The NYC BigMoves gals and myself will probably be belly dancers for the NYC...
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    Recent Picture of You- part VIII :D :D :D

    Sitting around JFK Airport with my chouchou before he heads back to Paris.:(:(
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    Toni's Baby Girl (Zoe Christina) Was Born 10/5/08!

    Toni!!!!! You look so beautiful and radiant!!!! Congratulations, I am so happy for you and thank you for posting pics. I miss you girl!!! You have to bring the baby over for some playtime with ol spinster Auntie Janie.
  12. The Obstreperous Ms. J

    Snergle here with a video of me (check it out, its fricken awesome)

    I love your videos. Thank you so very much. Your bravery does so much for everyone here and for the future.
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    Awesome!!! I showed it around to my roommates and they got a kick out of it. I have a fan!! YAY!!!
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    Project Runway 5

    Jes, You should take the Chinatown bus over to this end of the world, cause I ran into Mz. Ferosha Cotura last Wednesday on my way rushing back to my apartment to see Project Runway, of all things. Was with a bunch of people on Broadway and Grand St. Looks even tinier in real life. After...
  15. The Obstreperous Ms. J

    Old Navy sale Sept 19-21st

    Thanks for the heads up Toni!!!! :wubu: