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  • Hey Tif, I'm Henri, from The Netherlands(Europe). How are you? I'll like to become friends at this community and woulded it be nice if you accept my invitation. Have a nice day and I hope to hear from you soon. Have an nice day and bye, Henri
    Hi Tiffany, I know you sent me a message a few weeks ago, but this page is and its bells and whistles is new to DIMS. It took me those weeks to figure out how the durn thing works. It is hard for me to learn new technology and the older I get, the harder the learning is.

    I see from your info you are from Ark too. I live in the Cabot area. Where 'bouts do you live? Oh - and what brings me to DIMS is the community interaction. I can talk to people all over the world and learn new stuff every day. M2M
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