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    Standing Tanning Beds

    I used to work at a tanning salon when I was around 16 or so and I used the lay down beds. I was probably around 325 lbs at the time. I haven't used a lay down since then. I went tanning last summer for the first time in many many years and I used the stand up. It was a tight squeeze getting...
  2. volatile

    Everyday Food Pics - Part II - keep snapping!! :D

    Dinner tonight General Tso chicken and fried rice. I was so hungry I could even be bothered to take it out of the takeout containers. It was yummy. :eat2:
  3. volatile

    So I got some Bumpits...

    Must have! :smitten: I can't wait to see how they work out for you.
  4. volatile

    Ellos sizing from Woman Within

    I'm going to order that one in the honey color :) I'm assuming that code is for 50% off one item and not total order? I love the maxi dress! I never wear dresses but I've been dying for a dress like that for over a year now.
  5. volatile

    Ellos sizing from Woman Within

    Well that's good to hear. Now I'm not so hesitant to order. Which top did you order?
  6. volatile

    leopard print!

    This is the closest I found in the size your looking for. Actually she custom makes them to whatever size you want. I've never bought anything from her before but I came across it will wasting time on etsy.
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    Ulla Popken and why you should not order from them

    I'm a thrifty shopper and I rarely buy anything like clothes if I don't have a coupon or it isn't on sale. I always use retailmenot.com. I can always find a good coupon there to use.
  8. volatile

    Ellos sizing from Woman Within

    Yea, I rarely order anything from WW but I found like six things from that line that I want to order. I may just end up ordering them and see how they fit. Once I get them I'll post about how they fit with some pictures. If anyone else orders or has any info before then I would still love to...
  9. volatile

    Ellos sizing from Woman Within

    I found a few nice things that I wanted to ordered but I'm just wondering if the sizing runs different because it's a European company. Ellos Has anyone ordered anything from that line yet? I HATE ordering stuff that doesn't fit right and then pay to send it back.
  10. volatile

    Ulla Popken and why you should not order from them

    That is one of my biggest gripes with mail order. I HATE it. Do they still charge you if the item you get is defective or damaged in some way? I've never ordered from Ulla Popken so I'm not familiar with the policy on that.
  11. volatile

    Pant Rant

    I live in jeans! Even at my highest weight of around 520 lbs it was the only thing I liked to wear. I'm not a skirt/dress person and I never really liked stretchy pants because they didn't give me the support like a jean would so I would never wear them to work or when I went out. At 520 lbs...
  12. volatile

    H E L L: Level 10.5

    Try zappos.com :) It's pretty much the only place I can find shoes that fit well. It's free shipping both ways and once you order it takes about 2 days to get them. I've when seen many is size 10.5. Just use the little search feature.
  13. volatile

    Eyelash thread! (ok now someone make an eyeball thread)

    I LOVE that mascara. It's the only one i'll use since I found it a few months ago.
  14. volatile

    Hot Boy Thread!

    Shia LaBeouf :wubu:
  15. volatile

    I did it!! I'm not a virgin anymore!!! I got my....

    I love it! I've been thinking of getting another tattoo but I'm not sure where to go.