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    Bless you! - by Fuzzy (~BHM or ~BBW, Dining)

    I liked this. I only wish it had been longer.
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    The uh biggest part of your body

    It's a debate between my breats and my butt...
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    "Fun Questionaire"

    (1) What was the most interesting job you've ever had? I can't say that I've really had an interesting sad. (2) Name the most boring job that you've ever had: Working as a tutor for the high school I graduated from. (3) What is printed on your mousepad? I don't have one. :(...
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    A couple more pics.

    So shexshy!
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    Forum Game: Slap it or Save it!

    Saved! I'm always up for learning something new, though. :) The next poster loves ice cream.
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    Short Introduction...

    Dayum you're gorgeous. Welcome to the boards! Raye
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    Allow me to introduce myself the piccies. Welcome to the boards! ^_^
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    Hey!! It's another new guy

    Welcome to the boards! Hope you have fun!
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    Hi Ya!!!

    *Very* nice car, my friend. Welcome to the boards!
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    Never introduced myself...

    Thanks! As of this semester, I am a Junior. Of course, that's a bit deceiving. I still have over 100 hours to go. I'm having a blast doing it, though.
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    30% Off Your Purchase at Avenue

    Unfortunately, we don't have an Avenue around here. :(
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    Lane Bryant is officially now "Lame Giant"

    I've come to love Lane Bryant, but every once in a while they come out with something that just makes me sad. This shirt-thing is one of them. Another website I've been really happy with is
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    FFA's and BHM's on My Space

    I'm addicted to Myspace, too, though I can't say You're welcome to friend me...
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    Never introduced myself...

    So, I've posted around here a few times, but I never introduced myself. Thought I should take the time to do it now. My name is Raye, I'm 19, 5'8", 230-240 and a college student majoring in English/Journalism. Hello to all on the forum and I look forward to meeting you all! Raye
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    The thread for random single confessions.

    I almost always have some type of headphones on.