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    Hey! My username is Favalayva on minecraft and I'd really love to join your server! Dwestal told me to message you and I was wondering if I could play with you?
    I dunno, the image of me right side up was creepy. Looking at my own face always makes me double take. How about a picture of one of my dogs, with a particularly shit eating grin expression?

    OMG you just made me laugh so hard I snorted coffee through my nose onto my keyboard!!

    I was being silly and actually took the picture upside down (was leaning/sliding over the arm of the couch in boredom as I waited for everyone to get ready to get out the door).

    I suppose I could rotate it or change it or something :)
    New Avatar scares me a little. Just the innate dissonance in what's ordinarily a a perfectly familiar form being presented, literally, upside down.

    Like the yellow & red of the coral snake, saying "Don't tread on me!"
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