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  1. G

    BBW Backs against the Wall (~BBW ~SEX)

    Nina, a young East-German girl goes back to her home town of Berlin, 5 years after West-Berlin was invaded by the German Democratic Republic to look for the family she lost in the chaos of the Wiederanschluß. Along the way she finds way more than she ever barginned for. Backs against the Wall...
  2. J

    please post new Ffa/bhm stories

    please someone post a new story, there are only new bbw in recent aditions.
  3. BigElectricKat

    So I ran into this today

  4. BigElectricKat

    I Need Some Help

    Hey everyone! I originally posted this in another thread area but didn't get much in the way of response (actually, I didn't get ANY responses). So I thought I post it in the main forum and see if anyone had something that would help me. Good morning, all you talented and tasty Dimmers. I'm...