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The Big Kat
May 22, 2017
Ain’t this Midwest weather crazy?
Hey everyone! I originally posted this in another thread area but didn't get much in the way of response (actually, I didn't get ANY responses). So I thought I post it in the main forum and see if anyone had something that would help me.

Good morning, all you talented and tasty Dimmers. I'm finishing a tv pilot script and need some help with writing an additional episode. I would like to incorporate something about FA's or plus-sized women or both in the story if I could. To that effect, I would like to pose a question if I may: If you could go back in time anywhere, what would you do? How would you change something?

The rules are these: No matter what date or time you go back to, you only have 24 hours in that time. Keep in mind, you cannot go back and do anything grandiose. You can't do something that could potentially affect thousands or millions. You can't stop 9/11, murder Hitler before he comes to power, or save Jesus from crucifiction. You can't stop the JFK, MLK, or RFK assassinations, nor can you go back and stop the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. What you can do is go back and maybe affect one person's life in however you see fit (granted, affecting that person's life may affect others). Stop or find a murderer, save a drowning person, talk someone out of doing something terrible, or just gather information. Whatever you want to do in that 24 hours.

So, what would you do?

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