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  1. P

    BBW The Pen (XWG, SSBBW, Female feeder, gas, force feeding, immobility)

    An eager fatty may bite off more than she can chew when she seeks out a dominant feeder.
  2. coyote wild

    BOTH Before & After: a Smorgasbord of Stories (~BBW, ~BHM, ~BOTH, ~XWG, ~GAS, ~IMMOBILITY)

    Author's note: Hi there! Been a minute! Been working on this little project for a while now. It's a collection of short stories told in two parts: before & after. The before chapters will release first, and the after chapters will soon follow. The entire thing is pretty much written, so don't...
  3. coyote wild

    BOTH I Tried... (~poetry, ~xwg, ~bbw, ~bhm, ~ffa, ~feeder, ~gas)

    I Tried... (artwork by thatspookyfeeder) (written by coyote wild) I tried to stop it. Really I did. I never wanted to end up this big. I once was fit. I used to jog. But that was before I became a hog. So many pastries… many pies. So many burgers with mountains of fries. I...