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  1. Salacious Caitlin

    BHM The Transformation of Midnight (Historical fantasy, BHM)

    This is the first chapter, and it's meant to be a slow burn, but it will go to some big places... trust me. It's more along the lines of a romance novel than anything I've written before, so please let me know what you think! The Transformation of Midnight by Salacious Caitlin Chapter 1...
  2. Shalion

    BHM White Elephant (~XWG, SSBHM, ~SEX)

    A story I wrote for Fur Affinity Two years ago. (Contains super sizes, body swapping, hetero- and homo-sexual sex scenes, and descriptions of obesity-related medical problems) White Elephant By Shalion Nathan squirmed in his seat, the folding chair under him squeaking loudly and his large...
  3. Kyzar

    BHM Own You. [Gay, WG, Dark]

    Hello there! I am new to the forum, used to do some writing on other sites but after reading a few of the stories here (Trial by Fire, The Outlanders, The 6 Month Deal, Paul) I got inspired. Own You. by Kyzar Disclaimer: Dark weight gain fantasy, gay. Please don’t read if those don’t do it...
  4. BigElectricKat

    Oh My Lord!

    This goes to show me how "out of the loop" I am: So I'm on a site just messaging back and forth with a couple people. A guy starts talking to me about various activities we enjoy. talking about tv, movies, sports and such. We were discussing the game that my boys lost and everything seemed...