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Breakfast Messiah
Oct 7, 2005
Peter Gujer,
I ran across this film trailer while looking for something interesting to watch.

The film is called "A Matter of Size" and the production company describes it like this:

Four overweight friends from the Israeli city of Ramle are fed up of dieting and the dieting club they belong to.

When Herzl (155 kilos), the main protagonist, loses his job as a cook and starts working as a dishwasher in a Japanese restaurant in Ramle he discovers the world of Sumo where large people such as himself are honoured and appreciated.

Through Kitano (60 kilos), the restaurant owner, a former Sumo coach in Japan (who is supposedly hiding from the Yakuza in Israel), he falls in love with a sport involving "two fatsos in diapers and girly hairdos". Herzl wants Kitano to be their coach but Kitano is reluctant - they first have to earn their spurs.

"A MATTER OF SIZE" is a comedy about a ‘coming out’ of a different kind - overweight people learning to accept themselves.
Here is a link to the trailer.

No idea if the film is any good, or if it is remotely respectful, but it reminds me of films like "The Full Monty" and "Calendar Girls" except with Israeli Sumo wrestlers.