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Around 10 Minutes - by J.P. (Force Feeding, SSBBW, XXWG)

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Nov 14, 2005
Force feeding, SSBBW, XXWG - A sci-fi tale of extreme feeding

Around 10 Minutes
by J.P.

My name is Caestis, I am the apothecary for my lord Bethor the Usurper. My lord lives on the planet Hubrin, a far removed corner of the galaxy that until recently was ruled by a much beloved royal family; the Longynins. The Longynins ruled at the pleasure of the Colonial Confederation, and had ruled there for some time, the people of Hubrin quite pleased with this.

Lord Bethor though was not pleased, and as the Longynin's general he used his influence over the military and staged a coup which sent the family off the planet, fleeing for their lives. Since then we have lived and existed on the often fickle whims of Lord Bethor. Those that have curried his favor have managed to prosper, but it is still a perilous time. Those not in favor are at great risk and most hope that the Lord will ignore them completely, for his attention, both good and ill can be terrible. Lord Bethor has unique tastes, and it is these tastes that have made him so fearsome as well as put me into his employment as one of his primary advisors. Before the coup, I was merely a doctor in the military, I was sometimes consulted by General Bethor (at the time) not just in matters of his health but once of his peculiar tastes. He loved his women to be large, abnormally large even. And so he once asked me, with all of the technology we had available, how large and fat a woman could become. I had never really researched the subject before, but with the advanced medicines and nano-reconstructive devices, I told him that I wasn't aware of a limit at this point, more truthfully I added that at least much of what was thought to be limits were likely gone at this point.

It was after his coup that I came to regret my early counsel that I had given him. Before the coup he captured all of the military staff, which included myself, and implanted loyalty chips, which prevented us from betraying him, and then kept us safe from what could be a bloody conflict. The coup was far more peaceful than I would have imagined, with Lord Bethor already controlling the military there was barely a fight at all. The Longynins managed to get off-planet in time, and the remaining resistance was captured. From there Lord Bethor made examples of the population both to deter rebellion and further solidify his rule. Men were rounded up and put to work in enforced labor camps, as were women that were 'too old' in Bethor's mind. That meant they were more than forty or lacked in attractiveness. Young women that were attractive were far more likely to catch his eye and be called upon to either serve him or be punished for an imagined transgression. His punishment was often the same as his reward; the girl would be made to become fat and obese for Lord Bethor's pleasure.

Initially his chosen victims were the remnants of the old rule, The Longynins hadn't been able to take all of their extended family with them. Those that remained loyal to the old family were hunted day and night. The first one that Lord Bethor brought to me was only 18, one of the handmaidens of the matriarch of the Longynins. Her crime was that she was accused of knowing information pertaining to the family. I could tell she was mainly too witless to tell a convincing lie. I remember the day well, I was pulled from my regular duties by Lord Bethor himself.

"Caestis! We have found a traitor to the Royal Family." he announced proudly once I was brought before him. I looked at the young and terrified woman, she had been stripped almost naked and was using her hands and the shreds of her clothes to try and cover her young and nubile body.

"I...can see that Lord Bethor. How can I help?" I truly didn't want to help, but I am too much a coward to resist Lord Bethor, the loyalty chip he implanted was hardly necessary.

"Caestis, I have spoken with you before and asked some questions that I feel you answered quite to my satisfaction."

"I...I'm glad to hear that I was useful Lord." I answered, trying to remember what conversation he was talking about.

"Good! So get started on her at once." he said as he gestured to the young woman.

"Started my Lord?" I truthfully had no idea what he had in mind, was I to torture this poor girl? Bethor's eyebrow raised in impatience.

"What we had spoken about...in the past?" he prompted, I remember his hand making that impatient gesture, where he rolls it forward in a circle. I was growing frightened, I honestly had no idea what he meant.

"I'm truly sorry my Lord..." I stammered. "So much has happened, and I wouldn't presume to know everything that you're thinking..." I added. During my time since the coup I (and others) learned to be very careful and not assume anything with regards to Bethor. "Would you please tell me what you would like so I do not...mistake your intentions." He scowled at me, I had obviously upset his plans to some degree.

"I want you to make her fat for me you dolt!" he shouted at me. I was relieved, not only had he not dismissed me to a work farm, but I wasn't going to have to torture the girl.

"Oh! Now I remember clearly my Lord!" I said, bowing like a lowly serving wretch, which in truth is what I was.

"Very fat, and be quick about it!" he snapped. He turned to his quartermaster. "Give Caestis whatever he needs for this. This is very important, do you understand?" he made sure we both knew how important this was. I led the girl away with the help of a guard and started the task.

Contrary to the Lord Bethor's account of that conversation we had before the coup, I hadn't so much as even mused upon the subject. I wasn't even sure where to begin, so I started with having her implanted with a loyatly chip so that she would follow my instructions. Technically they were Lord Bethor's instructions related through me, because all loyalty chips needed to be with him as the subject. From there I researched obesity. It actually required research, for in most of the civilized Confederation, obesity was a thing of the past, something that had plagued previous people generations ago and only existed today in areas that lacked the advanced medical and dietary technology that we possessed. Obviously I knew that obesity came from overeating as well as lack of exercise and certain genetic pre-dispositions. All three of those conditions were decidedly lacking in the citizens of Hubrin. Genetic conditioning, foods that were screened of unnecessary calories and fats, and mandatory exercise, left virtually all of the people in prime lean fitness. I wondered where Lord Bethor had even seen a fat person before, because there weren't likely any on the planet...and now I had to make him one.

I first had to change the genetics of the girl, who has named Trina. This was easily done, genetic conditioning was a common enough practice, but reversing one of the most basic ones for bodily health was quite unusual. From there I gave her an injection of the nano-medical robots. Usually these were reserved for those that were severely injured or very old and sick. I knew that there would be health complications with this radical change, and the nanites would prevent that. The last things were to ensure that she did no exercise and that she would eat, both of which would be accomplished through the loyalty chip. She would follow my commands as someone in direct line of command from Lord Bethor, and of course she would listen to Lord Bethor. I gave her body two days to adapt to the changes and then starting with breakfast the third day, she began the radical diet I had come up with.

I started with a triple ration of food. For the time being, rationing was necessary, and she was given an elite soldier's share; the elite soldiers had enhanced metabolisms and required enormous amounts of calories to keep them in peak performance. She looked at the assortment of foods; starchy oatmeal, a heap of bacon, and a large bowl full of scrambled eggs. For the drink I substituted the juice for a milk that was synthetically produced and fed to cattle to ensure quick growth and weight gain. It tasted terrible, so I had added flavoring to it as well. She did not want to eat, I could tell, but once I said that Lord Bethor willed it, she dug in. She gave up after eating a small portion, but I insisted that she continue. She knew what Lord Bethor wanted, and was trying to fight it, but the loyalty chip was also enforcing his desires to become her desires. It would take some time, but soon she would come around.

I continued her on this diet for weeks, also adding appetite stimulants for her. I never had to force her to eat, she would eat on her own, however long it would take, and return to her quarters, which for now was a bed in the infirmary. The plan was working. The enhanced meals with a slower metabolism were having some quick effects on her. She was gaining pounds by the day, but her health was staying optimal. I could see she was mainly gaining in her waist and hips for now, the rest of her body getting only slightly thicker.

It was after three weeks that Lord Bethor came to visit unannounced. He arrived just at breakfast, and Trina was digging into her heaping bowl of eggs while I buttered a tray full of biscuits. We both looked up in surprise at him when he walked in, and Trina stood up quickly, wiping her face with the back of her hand. Bethor looked on with some approval that she actually had to plant her hands on the table to help her stand. She was more than thirty pounds heavier at this point.

"No, no, please, don't let me interrupt your meal." he said in a surprisingly soft voice. He gestured for her to sit down and resume and even took a freshly buttered biscuit from the tray and handed it to her. I was too surprised by the visit to say anything, which was probably the best course of action. He led me out of the room with a hand on my shoulder so he could talk.

"Caestis...I have had the quartermaster review the process you've begun with..." he paused uncertain of her name. "...her. He believes that you are doing this right." I was relieved at that, but at the same time concerned that he was monitoring my process. "However, he also believes that you are going too slowly. With the treatments you've given her she should be able to gain faster. What do you think?" again, I was surprised, he hardly ever asked anyone what they honestly thought.

"Well...Lord Bethor. I believe the quartermaster is right...in theory. I have in fact increased her meals by more than 15% this week alone and she has gained 37 pounds since I started. Is it possible that she could gain faster? Probably, but this is all new to me and with respect to the quartermaster as well. We can't be certain what will happen if we push it." Lord Bethor nodded, I could tell he listened to me but also had apparently come to a decision.

"We shall move forward with greater speed. I want her food intake doubled starting tomorrow, and doubled again the next week, and doubled again no more than two weeks after that." he saw my alarm at these orders. "Of course, if during this time she should be in danger, you may modify the diet and treat her as necessary. And I want her to stay in the palace, I want her in full view of the people. They shall see how she serves me. And remove her clothes as well. Her first meal on the new diet begins tomorrow at breakfast with me and my heads of state, and you shall of course attend, Apothecary." he added, officially giving me that rank. During the Longynin's reign the apothecary was their family's chief doctor, apparently now I was given the same...privilege. Lord Bethor walked back into the room where Trina ate and he merely watched her eat quietly, occasionally pouring more of the milk she had grown to love, even wiping her face with a napkin.

She ate what was a normal diet for her the rest of that day, while at night I gave her an appetite stimulant stronger than before, and timed it to go into effect just before her morning meal. The next day I weighed her without her robe and informed her that she would no longer be allowed clothing and would reside in the palace with Lord Bethon. I tried to make it sound as if this was a great honor to help her accept the additional burden of being fattened and now to be naked in front of Lord Bethor and his court. We went to the palace in a covered conveyance so she would not be seen until we entered the palace proper, where she had been condemned just a few weeks ago. Already though she was less recognizable; no clothes, a sagging belly and wider hips, flabby arms and legs. She did her best to retain her composure, she was naked not only in front of strangers but also some of her old acquaintances in the court. She was led to the banquet room where Lord Bethor would meet with his heads of state. They were already assembled around his grand table and were talking in low voices as Bethor listened to those closest to him. At our entrance Bethor said nothing, but merely gestured to Trina's seat which was actually at a separate table behind his chair to his right. As was the new custom we had to walk around the entire table rather than walk behind Lord Bethor's chair which was far closer. Ever since the coup Bethor did not allow people to get behind him while he sat.

The trip around the table must have been torturous for poor Trina. She knew several of the people that were both serving and seated at this meal, many that didn't know her leered without the slightest concern for her modesty. She managed to make it though and sat down gratefully, because at least the table and setting would provide her some cover. I could also tell she was hungry, the stimulants and her increased appetite were likely making her very uncomfortable now. Lord Bethor and his guests continued their meal as servants brought in Trina's breakfast.

The first platter was enormous, piled high with meats, eggs, and sweetcakes. And that was only the first platter. Soon the remainder of her meal was brought in, covering every inch of the table she sat at. Once she was served Lord Bethor turned to her. "I want you to eat every bite, I will be very displeased if you don't." he said simply before turning back to his other guests.

That was all Trina needed to hear. Her own ravenous appetite coupled with the command of her lord sent her diving into the food. She was wolfing it down with near desperation, as if she would actually die if she didn't finish it. I had my doubts initially on whether or not she could finish the meal, let alone how this increased diet would effect her health. But now I knew she'd be able to finish the huge breakfast, she was in fact finished by the time Lord Bethor and his guests were finished. She sat there cradling her full stomach and groaning in misery as Bethor stood up and regarded her for several long moments. Finally he gave her a nod of approval before leaving with the rest of his guests. She sighed momentarily at that, and then resumed her groaning as her body struggled to assimilate the meal.

From then on it was nothing but a steady gain for Trina. She managed to eat every meal it seemed, no matter how large, as long as she thought Bethor was watching or would hear of it. Her gains were incredible. She doubled her starting weight in two more weeks, and by another month had tripled her starting weight. The methods I used to ensure her health were working well; her skin stayed pliable, her bones were strengthening, her internal organs and body chemistry were in perfect condition. She would become his first, but certainly not fattest subject. My position as apothecary changed, so that I would not treat Lord Bethor, but rather his subjects for fattening, of which there would be many.

With the success of Trina I was given more subjects to fatten soon after. This one because she pleased Lord Bethor's eye, that one because she displeased him in some way. Initially I was treating them in much the same way as Trina; with gene therapy, nano-bot injections and then a massive increase in food. Soon though this was not enough for Lord Bethor. He next wanted them to get fatter and eat without the need for the loyalty chips implanted. This had mixed results, but were largely unsatisfactory. For my part I was glad he didn't blame me, but it was obvious that the women would just not force themselves as much without it. I tried appetite stimulants while Lord Bethor employed threats, but their gains were never as fast as those with the chip.

His next order came as he saw that three of his latest subjects were only making small gains without the loyalty chip, they would use machines. He sought out engineers and robotics experts to make a machine that would force feed women whether they cooperated or not. I could do nothing but offer medical advice and insist on the women's safety, which I'm grateful that Lord Bethor agreed upon. The first several attempts were tested on simulated female forms and the results were quite messy, horrendous even. The women would have suffered broken jaws, been choked, have their stomachs burst and various other trauma. But from these experiments two variety of mechanized feeding were finally achieved. The first was also the simplest, a tube would be inserted into the mouth or even the rectum and a high calorie and fatty paste (based on the synthetic milk recipe I had been improving) could be pumped in while sensors would turn it on or off based on the subject's fullness.

Lord Bethor agreed that the machine was both simple and safe, but was not overly impressed at first. He wanted something more controlling perhaps, something to make the subject more of a puppet to his will. However he did enjoy the sight of when the woman was first introduced to the machine. Often they would refuse to help swallow the length of it, which was no impediment for Lord Bethor and his team of feeders. This team was under my command, but in truth I didn't look upon them as my team and didn't enjoy the liberties or pleasure they took at their task. When a woman would refuse to be fed by tube the team would simply tie her down and force the tubing up and into her rectum while Lord Bethor laughed. She would then be pumped full of the liquid sugar and fats and additives in a far less comfortable and more embarrassing way. The team would often leave them plugged this way for a week before offering the poor woman a chance to swallow a different tube and be fed in a slightly more normal way. With the drugs I gave them their needs to excrete were a thing of the past anyway, so this method of feeding while quite intrusive was actually just as effective as feeding them by mouth.

Lord Bethor loved to watch a woman being fed through her bottom struggle and squirm as she was mercilessly pumped to her limits and beyond. He commissioned a portable version of the machine so that she might walk around while trailing a tube and a rack on wheels that had the pouch of high calorie paste. He'd tell them if they could complete a circuit around the palace in ten minutes he'd let them go. Of course that never worked, even if they could manage the uncomfortable sashay needed to make the course in time, Lord Bethor would arrange for obstacles to be in the way.

As women began to see the treatment that their fellow ladies were receiving, many started to accept swallowing the tube without resistance or complaint. This pleased Bethor to a degree, but he so loved to watch them squirm and fidget with the tube in their bottoms. He started flipping a coin to see which fate they would suffer, or have races or other contests if there was more than one subject that could be fattened. A girl that truly displeased him or caught his eye might find herself plugged at both ends at the same time, for a truly difficult but thorough fattening.

Either method brought quick results regardless of which end that was being fed. The paste that was used was almost pure fat and sugars, with some chemical additives to provide any other nutrition and fluids needed. That I felt was its main advantage; I had much greater control over their nutrition intake. The vagueries of diet and meal planning was taken away by a simple paste that could easily be produced in vast quantities. The girls that were subjected to it absorbed it like sponges. I could see daily increases from the start, sometimes it seemed I could even see them gaining. Certainly their abdomens and bellies would bloat from the forced stuffing, but my close inspection could see their gains. With the tube feedings the subjects were gaining both quickly and to enormous sizes.

The first one to reach more than a thousand pounds was not Trina, but a poor girl named Melinda. She was a distant relative of the royal family, but more importantly, she had caught Lord Bethor's eye with her small and frail form. Upon her 18th birthday she was presented to Lord Bethor as a sign of the royal family's subjugation. I could see that he lusted after her immediately, and as she looked around her she saw the various victims of Lord Bethor's fetish she broke and ran. For her insult Bethor decreed that she would be made so fat that standing, let alone walking or running would be a distant dream. I knew she would be fattened whether or not she ran, but by embarrassing him he would make an example of her.

Bethor personally attended her first feeding, when she was given the chance to eat everything before her without a loyalty chip. The feast was enormous, it was what we would feed to women who were already well along on to being fattened. She only managed a small amount, truly she was a small and dainty thing. When she refused to eat more no matter how much she was commanded by Lord Bethor or urged by me, he decreed that she would be tube fed until she achieved the weight he desired. This was new, and I could tell that he was truly roused by her plight as most that were tube fed would be given a chance to eat after some time had passed and they had fattened up nicely. In the poor girl's panic and fear she also refused to try and swallow the tube and so suffered the further indignity of having the tube inserted into her tiny bottom.

Lord Bethor so enjoyed the sight that he decreed she would have it up her rear for a month before she could try to have a tube down her throat instead, and that she would be fed every waking hour this way. She begged and pleaded with both Bethor as well as me and the feeding team, but to no avail, we could not dare disobey. With most girls we would feed them a large amount and then allow them a chance to digest and absorb it before starting again, we'd even remove the tube for their comfort, but Bethor would have none of it. We had to carefully time the feedings so that a minute amount was always being introduced into her body via the rectum. We used computers to monitor her body's metabolic rate and make the feedings go smoother. The result was incredible. First though her abdomen and torso swelled to an enormous round mound, I had to give her more hormone treatments and reprogram the nanites to accommodate the huge swelling. By the first few hours of feeding her belly and abdomen swelled until it seemed she was late-term pregnant, then later on as if she carried twins, her skin shiny and taut with the stress. I gave her endorphins to ease the pain and we monitored her very carefully.

Her growth was at an unprecedented pace; pounds by the day, noticeable increases in mere hours. Her belly was always tightly packed and she would squirm and plead, but we could only feed her still more. Her budding breasts blossomed into swollen fruits, round and fulsom. Her skin stayed soft, except at her belly which was always tight, and she plumped up all around. Her behind seemed to swallow the tube as it grew larger and wider with each day. In only a week she weighed more than girls who had been on their forced feedings for weeks. She was a tiny and frail thing when we started, but after two weeks she was an enormous and matronly young woman, with low hanging breasts, and wide flaring hips supporting a belly that seemed to be perpetually pregnant. Lord Bethor was delighted and would often playfully chase her, loving the way she waddled as she tried to run not only with her extra weight but with the tube trailing from her behind.

After a month Lord Bethor had basically achieved his promise, Melinda weighed over four hundred pounds and could barely shift in the couch we put her in much less try to stand up and move. She was grateful that he at least kept his promise to remove the tube from her anus, but it was obvious that he had no intention of stopping her gains. The once tiny girl was now an enormous and fat woman, seemingly composed of nothing but rolls of flab, her young skin seemed so soft and inviting and her breasts and bottom so plump and overwhelming in size and dimension. She was allowed to eat regular food at times, but the tube was often re-inserted into her rectum, which Bethor loved to watch as it was now quite a chore to roll her into position and then lift and separate her massive cheeks to find her anus. The difficulty of the task seemed to be more of an enticement to Lord Bethor, and he never balked at assigning a task that seemed too difficult. Within the year she crested 1000 pounds, a living, breathing monument to Lord Bethor's desires.

The other machine was developed as we made use of the tube feeding method, it required a lot of work and fine tuning before I felt we could safely use it. Though I was risking Bethor's wrath being directed at me for refusing to use the early models due to safety reasons, he did allow me to take extra time and help ensure the women's safety and a small modicum of their comfort. The final machine was a robot assisted feeding device that was composed of a rather portable frame that had three or more robotic appendages attached to it. While robot technology had become quite advanced, it usually advanced away from the human form for practical reasons, we had to return to the human form for our needs. We wanted the machine to more easily accommodate the human frame as well as the mouth, face and head of the subject. Plus we also wanted to be able to use existing plates and cutlery and implements, there didn't seem to be any sense in having to redesign such simple and longstanding devices.

The end result were coiled tentacle appendages that ended in surprisingly human looking hands. We gave them three fingers and an opposable thumb digit for proper grip and dexterity. The frame that they were attached to could easily be fixed onto most tables and not take up much more room than a standard setting. The main part of the device though lay in the micro-processors within the coiled metal and plastic tentacles. The machine could detect the subject and make exact measurements with a brief scan, taking in all of the subjects vital info and adjusting its programming accordingly. From there a separate piece would detach from the main frame and fix itself to the subject at the base of their neck where the spine met the skull and take over motor control of the subject. No need for straps or restraints, the device would take over the voluntary control of the body. When we initially presented just this device and showed how it alone could make the subject eat, Bethor was not impressed, he wanted the girls to be truly machine fed. So the robotic arms were developed. It took a great deal of programming and learning computers for the device to both properly control a subject's mouth and chewing and swallowing, let alone get the robotic arms to place food in the subject's mouth in safety.

When we were ready to try out the new machine, Lord Bethor found us our next test subject. Ironically this was a woman on the feeding team he had assembled, and she would be the last woman to ever be on that team again. She was basically chosen to be the test subject due to the fact that she was the only available woman, any other subject would likely take a bit of time to find; Lord Bethor didn't want any of his subjects currently being fattened to test it, he wanted someone fresh. When Lord Bethor playfully suggested that Lydia test it she spoke up in outrage...and sealed her fate. We'll never know if Lord Bethor was joking at the time or only intended a brief test for her until someone else was found. But with her protest she became his next project. We simply used the loyalty chip on her and forced her to set up the machine all by herself to further demean her and put on the detachable piece at the back of her skull so her feeding would be automated.

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