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As Seen on TV (SSBBW, Eating)

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Jan 30, 2006
Here's a story I wrote based on an idea by Football123 on Deviantart; Marsha is a fat lazy housewife who loves to stuff herself with ice cream while lazing around the house, her big fat bottom wearing a hole in the couch as she rots her brain watching daytime TV. A woman of her ample attributes always seems to have trouble finding clothing that fits -- buttons always pop, seams always split -- so when she sees an infomercial promising a brand new fabric that never rips no matter how much stress it's put to, she's understandibly suspicious. Until she sees it put to the test that is...

Let me know what you think! And If you enjoy my writing, you can see more of my work on Deviantart or please feel free to check out more at my Amazon store or my Patreon!

Marsha was used to indulgence. Spoiled as a child, she had only left home for college in hopes of landing a husband. While other girls were hard at work at their studies, Marsha was more interested in organizing social events at her sorority to try and snag a willing man. Luckily, Marsha was gifted with several important assets in her quest – lustrous blond hair, knockout curves, a bubbly personality, and, most important of all, a big bouncy bosom. Her massive chest had earned her the nickname “Marsha Melons” among her sorority sisters, who giggled at Marsha’s difficulties at keeping her twin orbs restrained whenever she found herself talking in her usual animated manner to a prospective suitor. But, giggle as they might, they’d worked. Marsha started dating Pete, a serious and independently wealthy business major, in her Sophomore year and dropped out to get married and start a life as pampered housewife before the end of her Junior year.

Over a decade later, Marsha was still a pampered housewife – if anything, she was more pampered than ever as Pete’s increasing salary meant that the couple could hire more domestic help to take over all the household chores, leaving Marsh more time to rest on her growing backside, watching daytime soap operas and enjoying ice cream from the carton. Marsha still had the same bubbly bimbo personality and giant boobs, but her curves were long gone. Her love for sweet fattening treats had added inches to both her waistline and her bustline. By 30, Marsha had eaten herself nearly round, her big round belly giving her plush pontoons an extra wide shelf for support. She was 500 pounds of grade-A pork, soft and pillowy from years of easy living and never having to lift a finger for anything.

Constant gorging meant that Marsha was way too fat for most stylish clothes. Most of her fancy dresses were tailor-made to accommodate her billowing bulk, but day to day she mostly just wore sweats and leggings. But even those were becoming a problem as Marsha’s inflation continued unabated; nothing dissuaded the overweight housewife from her daily ice cream and cupcake binges, so that she just grew rounder and rounder and wider and wider. She couldn’t bear to deny herself, but she lived in constant dread of the tell-tale popping sound that alerted her that she’d finally defeated yet another mega-sized garment.

During the day, when her husband was at work and her daughter at school, Marsha spent most of her time lazing around. Rousing herself just after noon, she struggled into a T-shirt and sweatpants that were already becoming too snug around her growing belly and swollen knockers. Marsha’s massive mammaries had ballooned to the point that they were nearly obscene; once upon a time any man would have drooled at the sight of her cavernous cleavage, but now she was so busty that some men might actually find her ridiculously giant juggs off-putting. Pete never complained, though. She had guessed right when she assumed, upon their first meeting, that he was a breast man. No matter how big she grew, he still seemed to relish playing with her oversized hooters and pinching her swollen, cork-sized nipples. Outside of the bedroom, Marsha’s melons were becoming a bigger problem, since she didn’t currently even have any sports bras that could stretch far enough to carry that heavy load. She would need to talk to Pete about that. Today, she felt her bloated boobs sloshing back and forth inside her T-shirt as she waddled her way downstairs to the kitchen for her usual breakfast.

Breakfast was the most important meal of the day, so Marsha never skimped on that. One of the maids was responsible for getting her daughter ready for school in the morning and making breakfast for both Pete and Melodi, so Marsha didn’t need to worry about getting up early. Normally, Josie would still be around to make Marsha her breakfast as well. For a moment, the marshmellowy housewife felt a twinge of annoyance at Josie’s absence before remembering that Josie had asked to leave early today to attend her sister’s wedding. Oh well. No big deal. While Marsha preferred someone else to prepare her food for her (Cooking was such a bother after all!), she wasn’t so helpless that she couldn’t make herself an omelet. She pulled cartons of eggs from the fridge and then some bacon from the freezer.

She threw a few eggs in the skillet and a side of bacon on the grill. She licked her plump lips as the heavenly smell of cooking food reached her nostrils. She gobbled the omelet and bacon as soon as they were on her plate.

After a hearty breakfast, it was time for her mid-morning snack. Marsha usually sat on the couch watching TV and eating junk food until noon, when she would break for lunch.

She grabbed her daily tub of chocolate ice cream from the freezer. She smiled, imagining yet another easy, luxurious day on the sofa. What could be better than a big helping of chocolate ice cream while she enjoyed watching her favorite cooking show? Actually, there was one thing! She cracked open the fridge and let her eyes fall on the tray of cupcakes shoved to the back of the lowest shelf. These were, technically, reserved for her daughter Meloni’s girl scout bake sale. Marsha hadn’t actually baked the cupcakes herself; that was her maid Josie’s job. Marsha was totally happy to take credit for it, though, since she’d TOLD Josie to bake them and that was just as good as having baked them herself.

Marsha grunted, leaning one hand against the refrigerator for support as she slowly lowered her prodigious bulk. Her weak knees popped and cracked, her legs shaking as she reached her chubby fingers out to grab a tray of cupcakes.

Meloni wouldn’t be home from school for a couple hours, though, and she probably wouldn’t even notice if just one was missing.

Marsha strained again, her chubby fingers just brushing the tray. The hefty housewife was so intent on grabbing that tasty treat that she wasn’t paying attention to her how her tubby tushie billowed out behind her, stretching the seams of her sweatpants. Finally, with a piggy squeal of glee, her manicured fingers hooked onto the edge of the tray, allowing her to pull it toward herself. At the same time, she moved too suddenly, stretching the seat of her sweats too far beyond its limits – and the seam running up her rear split apart with a jagged RIIIP!

“Oh dear,” muttered Marsha, struggling to peer over her softening shoulder at the massive lobes sticking out behind her. “My sweats are ruined! Good thing I wasn’t planning on going out today, but I’m going to have to ask Pete to raise my clothing allowance.”

Snatching a cupcake from the tray, Marsha lugged herself back to a standing position and paused to inspect her split sweats. The tear perfectly followed the curve of her overstuffed ass, leaving a lot of booty – both skin and panties – on display.

She sighed, holding the frosted cupcake to her mouth and taking a hearty bite. “That’s so annoying!” she mumbled through a mouthful of sweet pastry. “I wish that wouldn’t happen all the time. Why can’t they make sweat pants that actually last?”

The double-wide piglet waddled to the living room, her arms loaded with ice cream dn cupcake, before plopping her wide bottom down onto the couch and tucking her chubby legs underneath her. She tapped on the remote control, scrolling through channels as she shoveled ice cream into her eager maw and tried to forget about how her growing ass had just blown out the seat of her largest sweatpants.

It was almost time for ‘Cooking with Olivia,’ Marsha’s favorite cooking show! Marsha didn’t cook very often herself, but the show often gave her some good ideas that she could pass on to Josie.

As the show opened, the camera panned across an audience of hefty housewives, all clapping thunderously. Every single woman in the bleachers was overweight, ranging from merely plump young newly weds just settling down to married life to hippopotomus-sized MILFs grown vast after multiple pregnancies and too many good meals.

“Good morning, chefs!” crowed Olivia as she appeared on stage. The audience cheered. Olivia was a big woman. If you believed that you should never trust a skinny chef, you would think Olivia was the most trustworthy woman in the entire world. One of the reasons that Marsha liked Olivia so much was that the TV chef was just as fat – if not fatter – than Marsha herself was. While Marsha’s steady expansion had gifted her with giant breasts and a fat behind to go with her swollen belly, Olivia was nearly entirely round. The olive-skinned woman looked like a big bouncy bowling ball as she wobbled on stage, her bulk straining the double-breasted buttons on her pure white chef’s outfit. Her toque sat on a jaunty angle atop her short black bobbed hair. Her round face was always smiling, another reason that she was so popular – she always seemed happy to see everyone!

“I’m really excited that you’ve ll come to see me today! Because I’ve got a special treat for you. I was talking to my good friend Malcolm Sales the other day – you all remember Malcolm, right? He’s the man who invented the Sales Super No-Stick spatula – and he told me about something so exciting that I wanted to share it with all of you right away! Come on out, Malcolm!”

Marsha was about to heave a sigh of disappointment – it looked like today’s episode wasn’t going to be teaching a new recipe at all, but rather just be an extended infomercial for some new kitchen product – but then she saw Malcolm come out on stage. The assembled housewives immediately started cooing as he waved and smiled at them, and it wasn’t hard to figure out why – he was a veritable Adonis! Tall and muscled with a full head of hair and a radiant smile, he was stunning!

Marsha was so transfixed by his godlike appearance that she froze with the latest scoop of chocolate ice cream halfway to her mouth. Wow, what a hottie! Sure, Marsha still loved Pete, but there was no denying that he was aging even faster than she was – he already had a drooping paunch and a thinning hairline. So she could be excused for staring at this sexy hunk for a few minutes. Marsha could feel a growing tingle between her legs as she watched Malcolm stride up beside Olivia and give the rotund chef a quick peck on her chubby cheek. What she would give to be in Olivia’s shoes right now!

“I’m so glad that you could join us today, Malcolm. I’m so excited, because when I heard about your new invention, I just knew I had to tell everyone!”

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