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By the numbers

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is still around
May 10, 2011
I'm curious... how do you ladies feel about giving out your "personal" stats, like weight, measurements, etc.? I'm squeamish about it, and keep returning to the same two thoughts:

1) It's been drilled into me "never ask a woman's weight", blah blah... and that numbers that are "too high" are something to be ashamed of. I'm not saying this is right, I'm just acknowledging the effect that culture has had on my comfort zones.

2) On the flip side, I know that these numbers are simply physical descriptors. They don't determine my worth or personality - and this actually gives me another reason to balk at being asked for this information. If someone I don't know is complimenting me on a (totally non-sexual) picture of mine, saying how attractive they find me, and asking for my numbers, it makes me feel that they are placing a priority on my appearance rather than getting to know me.

How do you react - both your gut reaction and how you ultimately respond? Being new to Dims and to the FA culture in general... I guess I'm wondering if there's a cultural difference between an FA here seeing a picture and their first message to the person being "Wow, how much do you weigh?" and a slender, large-chested woman having a man walk up to her in a bar and saying "Wow, what's your cup size?"

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