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Captive Hearts by Akia (USBBW, Fantasy,Feeding, Mild ~Sex, Immobility, ~XWG)

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Green Eyed Fairy

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Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
USBBW, Fantasy, Feeding, Mild ~Sex, Immobility, ~XWG - swimsuit model learns to love her captor and new size

Captive Hearts
by Akia

(A tale migrated from the Dimensions Weight Room and
enhanced as part of our Story Migration Project)

Part 1

Swirling lights … fire … rain … images of animals, cold, cold … everywhere numbing cold and darkness. Heartbeat, deeply muffled and soft. Crunch of snow beneath feet in the distance. Gentle sounds, soft, strong, caring. Floating. Ever growing warmth…security…surety. Then nothing.

Drifting in and out of consciousness she tried to recall, but the images were all she could remember. But her legs were bandaged, her arms restrained. And despite the reassuring sounds all was dark.

She heard a door open, there were footsteps, someone else was present.

"Where am I?" she inquired.

"You’re safe. You were in a car accident, but I found you and I’ve been caring for you. I’m afraid that small herd of deer and the fire quite totally ruined your car,” said a gentle voice above her.

"I can’t see" she said.

"Your eyes were injured in the accident, so I bandaged them,” the gentle voice responded. "They should heal in time."

Emma Thorton brought her hand up to her eyes, confirming what the gentle voice told her. "Who are you?"

His voice was soft, a little raspy, but very soothing. "My name is Adam. You're at my home in the country. Your car was a complete loss, I'm afraid, and your body injured. That apparatus on your arm has been feeding you while you were unconscious. Do you need anything? You must be hungry. May I bring you some food?"

“Yes,” she replied only half consciously, not yet thinking clearly.

“I feel like it has been a long time since my last meal and it might clear my head. My name is Emma, by the way. Thank you for helping me, Adam” she responded.

He was gone for a time and when he returned, he sat down beside her. She was surprised when he picked up the spoon and began to feed her, but then she remembered the restraints. Emma gasped as she felt warm, creamy soup trickle down her throat.

"Thank you, but why are my arms restrained? Why can I not feed myself?”

"Your legs were burned and one was broken; your arms bruised. You needed to be confined so that they would heal and the feeding tube not be ripped out. I think it soon may be safe to release your arms now that you are conscious and can east normally - but you need to be careful."

At first, she wanted to resist being treated like a child, feeling slightly agitated. However, she soon decided that she should be thankful and instead enjoy the attention this handsome, kind man was giving her. She didn’t realize her analytical abilities were dulled by the medications she was being given. Otherwise she might have questioned why she was being given hospital quality care in a residence. Instead she identified with her rescuer and followed his lead.

Time had no meaning for her as she ate what she was given by Adam. She moaned a little as her stomach filled up tightly from the food he’d given her.

"Oooohh I can’t eat another bite" she protested after awhile,.

"There’s not much left here. Please, Emma. Finish these last couple of bites? You need your strength" he urged.

Emma strained to finish the last few bites but managed to do so, much to Adam’s delight. "Mmmm. That was so good. Did you cook that yourself, Adam?"

"Yes. You really did like it?"

"Oh yeah! It was the best potato soup I've ever had." Emma stifled a yawn and smiled. "I’m so sleepy all of a sudden."

Adam smiled grimly as the hypnotic drug in the soup began to take effect.

"Emma … can you hear me?" he intoned.

"Yes" she whispered sleepily.

"When we are done, you will remember none of what we are about to do. Do you understand?" Adam pressed.


Adam brought another tray of food into the room and unwrapped the bandage on Emma’s eyes. "Eat all of this for me, Emma."

The fullness in her stomach forgotten, Emma began to scarf down the contents of the tray….all very fattening, calorie-rich foods. From behind the front of the bed, concealed from her view Adam rubbed a hand across his face as Emma ate and ate. His fingertips traced the smooth, shiny skin on the left side of his face, skin and a face that he was careful that she could not see.

When she had eaten everything on the tray, her tummy was so bloated it looked like it would pop if she ate another thing. He re-bandaged her healthy eyes and kissed her brow. "Sleep now. When you wake, you’ll forget about anting to release your arms, you'll not recall me feeding you again. You will remember nothing."

Weeks passed in such a fashion, with Adam feeding Emma until she was full, then feeding her again when the hypnotic serum entered her bloodstream. When she was in his control he would put her in a wheelchair and take her to the bathroom and back, allowing her privacy in the toilet, then assisting her in bathing, even helping her to wash her hair.

In all of this he wore a surgical mask so that she could not see his face when the bandages were off of her eyes when the bandages were removed. The scars on her legs were healed, the muscles though weak capable of walking, but he wanted her to think she was still incapacitated.

With so great a feeding at every meal and strict bed rest, Emma began to fill out fairly quickly. And she did not think about who she really was or who she had been.

Adam watched in hope as her weight went from 155 pounds to 190 pounds in slightly over six months. Then, with six more months and greater feeding, she went from 190 to 230. She was gaining weight every day and the larger she got, the more hope Adam had within him.

But one day he forgot to erase her memories and instruct her not to remember or care about her freedom. She recalled her freedom of movement as she awoke early in the morning and decided to try freeing her arms. She pulled up the bandages on her eyes and discovered that she could see. And she remembered the tenderness of his caresses on her cheek.

She also unwrapped her leggings. The bandages were saturated with healing ointments, replaced faithfully each day by Adam. To be sure the skin was hopelessly scarred, But the bones seemed solid. What surprised her was the fullness of her calves and thighs - as well as the pudginess of her belly.

She remembered then what she had been doing - laying in bed and eating for who knew how long. Then being allowed each day to be taken to the bathroom down the hall and back, then being told not to remember ... she knew she was into something she didn't understand, but had become larger than she ever anticipated. And she was angry. She swung out of bed and went towards the door, only to realize that she needed to brace herself on the wall. Her legs were not as strong as they appeared. Slowly she approached the door and grabbed the knob - it was locked.

She realized hat she would need to wait for Adam, the seemingly gentle Adam, who apparently was now also her jailor. She climbed back into bed, put on her eye bandages and reaffixed the restraints without fastening them.

He came, with his cart and the morning meal. Her belly murmured and her tastebuds salivated in anticipation, but as he brought the first sip to her lips she slipped loose of her restraints and grabbed his arm,

"Adam … what are you doing to me!" she growled that day, well over a year after he’d found her. "As you can my arms are free, and so is my body.

She tore the bandage off from her face with her free hand. “See, I know my eyes weren’t wounded so badly - I can see. LOOK AT ME! I’m FAT!"

Adam backed up away from her.

"Emma … please … let me …. expl--" he stuttered.

"I don't want your explanations!!! I want you to--" before she finished turning to look at him, she gasped as she saw his face. She covered her mouth, turning away in shock.

Adam crossed the room and grabbed her, forcing her down on the bed.

"You’ll do as you’re told! If you spurn me, you’ll rue the day your mother gave you birth!" he screamed.

He then whirled around and pulled over the tray of food, setting it before her. "Eat!"

"WHY? Why are you doing this to me?!" she screamed back in horror.

"EAT!" he screamed, his voice tinged with anguish. "Eat or I'll make you eat, and believe me, that can get quite unpleasant!"

Emma was so frightened, she began to stuff the food into her mouth, barely chewing for fear he’d kill her if she didn’t do as he commanded. He sat with her for a long time after the food was gone, making sure she didn’t purge herself.

She chanced to glance at him, but he turned from her sight, his shoulders bowed.

"Don't look at me … please” he begged.

After two hours of sitting silent but for an occasional muffled sob, he rose and went to the door. "I’ll come back with more food later."

Saying nothing more, he turned from the room and locked the door behind him. Emma looked down at her fat tummy, pressing against it with her hands.

Is it really so bad? she asked herself.

She surveyed her room. It was large and very prettily decorated, the windows of extremely thick glass. She realized it was a gilded cage.

She stood and moved to a mirror, her panties straining against the girth of her new belly. Her breasts were fuller and as she gazed at herself … she shuddered.

People weren’t supposed to be fat! They certainly weren’t supposed to enjoy it! But inside, she wasn’t so convinced of that anymore.

As she gazed at her reflection in the mirror, she played with her rounded tummy, the feel of it between her hands was exciting. She thrust her belly out, making it look bigger than it was and she felt a chill run up her spine.

Entranced, Emma looked in the drawers and found a neatly folded pair of dress slacks. They were not hers, not that she could recall anyway, but she tried to put them on. She had to lay back on the bed and suck in her breath in order to force the zipper to close.

They were a size or two too small and she liked the feel of the taut cloth against her belly, her curving rump tight in the seat. She felt a little thrill as she bent over and the back seam strained, finally giving way under the increased pressure.

And what of Adam? she thought to herself as she pulled off the tattered garment.

From what she had seen of him, she knew he'd been terribly scarred. However, until that moment she had gasped, he'd been the most gentle and kind man she'd ever known.

Even when he had threatened her, she could hear the pain in his voice and see tears in his eyes.

Why is he making me fat? she began to wonder, Is it because he is lonely? Is he looking to make me something more than just a captive? Could he be so terribly lonely as to do something so radical to me?

It seemed to make sense. When she was blindfolded, Adam caressed her and made her feel so adored.

He touched her so tenderly … so differently from any other touch she'd ever known. It was refreshing. She brought her hands to caress her paunch. It wasn't evil. It wasn't bad. It felt nice.

She looked down at her legs and torso and noticed that she'd been scarred from the car wreck. Though they had been expertly cared for, those scars would be with her for life.

Her career as a model was shot because of the scars from the accident, so why worry about this situation? There was nothing calling her back.

She had hated the glitz and glamour once she'd gotten into it and this was a perfect escape.


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