Captive Hearts by Akia (USBBW, Fantasy,Feeding, Mild ~Sex, Immobility, ~XWG)

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Green Eyed Fairy

Keeps on dancing
Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
USBBW, Fantasy, Feeding, Mild ~Sex, Immobility, ~XWG - swimsuit model learns to love her captor and new size

Captive Hearts
by Akia

(A tale migrated from the Dimensions Weight Room and
enhanced as part of our Story Migration Project)

Part 1

Swirling lights … fire … rain … images of animals, cold, cold … everywhere numbing cold and darkness. Heartbeat, deeply muffled and soft. Crunch of snow beneath feet in the distance. Gentle sounds, soft, strong, caring. Floating. Ever growing warmth…security…surety. Then nothing.

Drifting in and out of consciousness she tried to recall, but the images were all she could remember. But her legs were bandaged, her arms restrained. And despite the reassuring sounds all was dark.

She heard a door open, there were footsteps, someone else was present.

"Where am I?" she inquired.

"You’re safe. You were in a car accident, but I found you and I’ve been caring for you. I’m afraid that small herd of deer and the fire quite totally ruined your car,” said a gentle voice above her.

"I can’t see" she said.

"Your eyes were injured in the accident, so I bandaged them,” the gentle voice responded. "They should heal in time."

Emma Thorton brought her hand up to her eyes, confirming what the gentle voice told her. "Who are you?"

His voice was soft, a little raspy, but very soothing. "My name is Adam. You're at my home in the country. Your car was a complete loss, I'm afraid, and your body injured. That apparatus on your arm has been feeding you while you were unconscious. Do you need anything? You must be hungry. May I bring you some food?"

“Yes,” she replied only half consciously, not yet thinking clearly.

“I feel like it has been a long time since my last meal and it might clear my head. My name is Emma, by the way. Thank you for helping me, Adam” she responded.

He was gone for a time and when he returned, he sat down beside her. She was surprised when he picked up the spoon and began to feed her, but then she remembered the restraints. Emma gasped as she felt warm, creamy soup trickle down her throat.

"Thank you, but why are my arms restrained? Why can I not feed myself?”

"Your legs were burned and one was broken; your arms bruised. You needed to be confined so that they would heal and the feeding tube not be ripped out. I think it soon may be safe to release your arms now that you are conscious and can east normally - but you need to be careful."

At first, she wanted to resist being treated like a child, feeling slightly agitated. However, she soon decided that she should be thankful and instead enjoy the attention this handsome, kind man was giving her. She didn’t realize her analytical abilities were dulled by the medications she was being given. Otherwise she might have questioned why she was being given hospital quality care in a residence. Instead she identified with her rescuer and followed his lead.

Time had no meaning for her as she ate what she was given by Adam. She moaned a little as her stomach filled up tightly from the food he’d given her.

"Oooohh I can’t eat another bite" she protested after awhile,.

"There’s not much left here. Please, Emma. Finish these last couple of bites? You need your strength" he urged.

Emma strained to finish the last few bites but managed to do so, much to Adam’s delight. "Mmmm. That was so good. Did you cook that yourself, Adam?"

"Yes. You really did like it?"

"Oh yeah! It was the best potato soup I've ever had." Emma stifled a yawn and smiled. "I’m so sleepy all of a sudden."

Adam smiled grimly as the hypnotic drug in the soup began to take effect.

"Emma … can you hear me?" he intoned.

"Yes" she whispered sleepily.

"When we are done, you will remember none of what we are about to do. Do you understand?" Adam pressed.


Adam brought another tray of food into the room and unwrapped the bandage on Emma’s eyes. "Eat all of this for me, Emma."

The fullness in her stomach forgotten, Emma began to scarf down the contents of the tray….all very fattening, calorie-rich foods. From behind the front of the bed, concealed from her view Adam rubbed a hand across his face as Emma ate and ate. His fingertips traced the smooth, shiny skin on the left side of his face, skin and a face that he was careful that she could not see.

When she had eaten everything on the tray, her tummy was so bloated it looked like it would pop if she ate another thing. He re-bandaged her healthy eyes and kissed her brow. "Sleep now. When you wake, you’ll forget about anting to release your arms, you'll not recall me feeding you again. You will remember nothing."

Weeks passed in such a fashion, with Adam feeding Emma until she was full, then feeding her again when the hypnotic serum entered her bloodstream. When she was in his control he would put her in a wheelchair and take her to the bathroom and back, allowing her privacy in the toilet, then assisting her in bathing, even helping her to wash her hair.

In all of this he wore a surgical mask so that she could not see his face when the bandages were off of her eyes when the bandages were removed. The scars on her legs were healed, the muscles though weak capable of walking, but he wanted her to think she was still incapacitated.

With so great a feeding at every meal and strict bed rest, Emma began to fill out fairly quickly. And she did not think about who she really was or who she had been.

Adam watched in hope as her weight went from 155 pounds to 190 pounds in slightly over six months. Then, with six more months and greater feeding, she went from 190 to 230. She was gaining weight every day and the larger she got, the more hope Adam had within him.

But one day he forgot to erase her memories and instruct her not to remember or care about her freedom. She recalled her freedom of movement as she awoke early in the morning and decided to try freeing her arms. She pulled up the bandages on her eyes and discovered that she could see. And she remembered the tenderness of his caresses on her cheek.

She also unwrapped her leggings. The bandages were saturated with healing ointments, replaced faithfully each day by Adam. To be sure the skin was hopelessly scarred, But the bones seemed solid. What surprised her was the fullness of her calves and thighs - as well as the pudginess of her belly.

She remembered then what she had been doing - laying in bed and eating for who knew how long. Then being allowed each day to be taken to the bathroom down the hall and back, then being told not to remember ... she knew she was into something she didn't understand, but had become larger than she ever anticipated. And she was angry. She swung out of bed and went towards the door, only to realize that she needed to brace herself on the wall. Her legs were not as strong as they appeared. Slowly she approached the door and grabbed the knob - it was locked.

She realized hat she would need to wait for Adam, the seemingly gentle Adam, who apparently was now also her jailor. She climbed back into bed, put on her eye bandages and reaffixed the restraints without fastening them.

He came, with his cart and the morning meal. Her belly murmured and her tastebuds salivated in anticipation, but as he brought the first sip to her lips she slipped loose of her restraints and grabbed his arm,

"Adam … what are you doing to me!" she growled that day, well over a year after he’d found her. "As you can my arms are free, and so is my body.

She tore the bandage off from her face with her free hand. “See, I know my eyes weren’t wounded so badly - I can see. LOOK AT ME! I’m FAT!"

Adam backed up away from her.

"Emma … please … let me …. expl--" he stuttered.

"I don't want your explanations!!! I want you to--" before she finished turning to look at him, she gasped as she saw his face. She covered her mouth, turning away in shock.

Adam crossed the room and grabbed her, forcing her down on the bed.

"You’ll do as you’re told! If you spurn me, you’ll rue the day your mother gave you birth!" he screamed.

He then whirled around and pulled over the tray of food, setting it before her. "Eat!"

"WHY? Why are you doing this to me?!" she screamed back in horror.

"EAT!" he screamed, his voice tinged with anguish. "Eat or I'll make you eat, and believe me, that can get quite unpleasant!"

Emma was so frightened, she began to stuff the food into her mouth, barely chewing for fear he’d kill her if she didn’t do as he commanded. He sat with her for a long time after the food was gone, making sure she didn’t purge herself.

She chanced to glance at him, but he turned from her sight, his shoulders bowed.

"Don't look at me … please” he begged.

After two hours of sitting silent but for an occasional muffled sob, he rose and went to the door. "I’ll come back with more food later."

Saying nothing more, he turned from the room and locked the door behind him. Emma looked down at her fat tummy, pressing against it with her hands.

Is it really so bad? she asked herself.

She surveyed her room. It was large and very prettily decorated, the windows of extremely thick glass. She realized it was a gilded cage.

She stood and moved to a mirror, her panties straining against the girth of her new belly. Her breasts were fuller and as she gazed at herself … she shuddered.

People weren’t supposed to be fat! They certainly weren’t supposed to enjoy it! But inside, she wasn’t so convinced of that anymore.

As she gazed at her reflection in the mirror, she played with her rounded tummy, the feel of it between her hands was exciting. She thrust her belly out, making it look bigger than it was and she felt a chill run up her spine.

Entranced, Emma looked in the drawers and found a neatly folded pair of dress slacks. They were not hers, not that she could recall anyway, but she tried to put them on. She had to lay back on the bed and suck in her breath in order to force the zipper to close.

They were a size or two too small and she liked the feel of the taut cloth against her belly, her curving rump tight in the seat. She felt a little thrill as she bent over and the back seam strained, finally giving way under the increased pressure.

And what of Adam? she thought to herself as she pulled off the tattered garment.

From what she had seen of him, she knew he'd been terribly scarred. However, until that moment she had gasped, he'd been the most gentle and kind man she'd ever known.

Even when he had threatened her, she could hear the pain in his voice and see tears in his eyes.

Why is he making me fat? she began to wonder, Is it because he is lonely? Is he looking to make me something more than just a captive? Could he be so terribly lonely as to do something so radical to me?

It seemed to make sense. When she was blindfolded, Adam caressed her and made her feel so adored.

He touched her so tenderly … so differently from any other touch she'd ever known. It was refreshing. She brought her hands to caress her paunch. It wasn't evil. It wasn't bad. It felt nice.

She looked down at her legs and torso and noticed that she'd been scarred from the car wreck. Though they had been expertly cared for, those scars would be with her for life.

Her career as a model was shot because of the scars from the accident, so why worry about this situation? There was nothing calling her back.

She had hated the glitz and glamour once she'd gotten into it and this was a perfect escape.


Green Eyed Fairy

Keeps on dancing
Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
Chapter Two

When Adam returned with her next meal he was wearing a hooded shirt to hide his face from her sight, refusing to meet her gaze for more than a second at a time. She was hungry and ate what he brought in silence, her fear gone and being replaced with pleasure and empathy as his demeanor was more demure.

The more Emma ate, allowing Adam to watch in silence, the more she enjoyed it. During the night she found herself thinking about her next meal and little about the outside world. This gilded cage, she decided, was where fate had brought her and it was enjoyable. But she was not about to openly forgive him for his outburst.

Although she feigned anger at Adam and did not speak she made no attempt to escape and ate every scrap of his food offerings as the days sped by.. He was enthralled not to have lost everything by his outburst and was content to watch his canary not sing, but literally eat for her supper – and breakfast and lunch.

Weeks turned into months. Emma was growing bigger and bigger with each mammoth meal that Adam brought her. She rubbed her thighs as they grew fleshy and measured her belly growth in the mirror once a week.

She’d jump in front of the mirror and giggle as everything jiggled and bounced.

She stepped on the scale at the end of her second year and saw the number…335. Who ever would have thought that being so fat would be so fun?

But eventually Emma noticed a problem. The meals Adam was bringing her simply did not fill her cavernous stomach anymore.

She'd stretched her stomach out to a point where she was left hungry for more. For the first time in nearly a year she spoke.

"Adam … can I have some more?"

These words so shocked him that the tray in his hands clattered to the floor. "More?"

She moved to help him pick up the dishes.

"More. I’m still hungry" she smiled at him.

She was getting very fat now. Her belly large and soft, thighs rubbing together as she walked and forced apart by her growing abdomen when she sat. It was time to demand an explanation.

"Why did you force me to eat?" she asked bluntly.

Tears dripped from beneath his hood to stain the hardwood floor.

"I had thought only a fat woman could love me. I’m so …." His words caught in his throat.

"I was … burned in a horrible fire … some time ago. I’m a gargoyle” he said between tears.

Emma sat down on the floor beside him. "No, you're not a gargoyle. Not at all."

He shook his head. "I am. I saw how you reacted to my face. I’m hideous."

"It was shock, Adam. I was angry! Here I was, tricked by you, seventy pounds heavier than I was before and I was angry! Don't judge me on my initial reaction. You saw me in a wreck and pulled me to safety, nursing me to health and making me grow fat, only to deny me now? Adam … please don’t turn away from me."

Adam picked up the tray and stood. "I can’t. I can't bear to see that look in your eyes again."

"Then please, at least would you bring me another tray of food? I’m still so hungry."

"Yes … of course” he answered.

As he left the room, the door shut, but the click of the lock wasn’t heard.

She went back to the mirror and looked at her growing body. She was growing to love the look and feel of it. She ran her hands over her tummy, measuring the depth of it. She could no longer reach the bottom part of her belly, she noted with delight.

A trip to the scale revealed her weight to be 352 pounds.

"Nice!" she said softly.

Adam brought her another tray of food and his eyes peered at her from under his hood.

"You’re liking it now?" His words were very soft and of a considerate nature.

"It’s ok," she said, nonchalantly. "It’s not as bad as I feared."

But inside, she loved that overstuffed feeling, loved the feel of her tummy against her thighs. But there was something else she desired.

I’m going to make him show me his face no matter what, she thought to herself, even if I have to eat myself to a thousand pounds.

"Adam … do you think I'm pretty?"

"Pretty? You're far more beautiful than the likes I've ever seen … and much more than I could ever …." He trailed off.

Emma reached out with one hand as she ate. "Adam. You don't have to be so shy. Come on … don't you want to touch me?"

Adam's hand went out to lightly caress her belly and she pressed her hand against his, pushing it deep into her flesh. Adam looked up at her from within his hood.

"It's … it's so soft. I was hoping … but it's softer than I imagined. I was … Emma … In the morning … I'll take you to the town. I can't do this to you. I will give you medicines to help you lose the weight I made you gain. I'm sorry."

Emma's heart sunk. She didn't want to leave! She wanted to stay with Adam!

"Adam … what if I told you that I didn't want to leave?"

Adam looked at her with his haunted silver eyes. "You … you don't want to leave?"

"No. I don't. I want to stay here with you. Now, won't you let me see you?"

He backed away from her. "I can't … it's nothing about you … but I just can't. I'm so ugly I had to leave my profession. Who wants a doctor they can't stand to have look at them?"

"You're a doctor?" she asked but realized that she should have guessed.

"Yes, I am. I still have my license and am the town's doctor … but this is a small community and they all know … that I'm ugly” he said with anguish.

Emma looked at the empty second tray of food. "I'm still a little hungry. Would you happen to have any dessert? I'm really craving something sweet … and lots of it."

Adam nodded and jumped up from the bed, exiting the room and locking the door behind him, rushing downstairs.

Emma took this time to hurry over and bolt the door from the inside. Adam came up and unlocked the door, pushing on it and finding it unmoving. "Emma? Emma … the door's locked. I can't get in."

"I know. If I can't see you, then you can't see me. Shove the dessert in through the food slot in the bottom of the door."

"Emma … Emma please understand!" He pounded on the door with a sense of urgency.

"I understand. You'll see me when I'm ready to have you see me, and that won't be until I can see you” she retorted.

"I won't bring you any food!" he threatened.

Emma laughed. "That would be contrary to your plans, now wouldn't it, Adam? Not to mention it being against the oath you took when you became a physician."

She heard him sigh as a pie was slid through the slot.

"Don't purge!" he begged.

"I was a model, but I'm no fool, Adam. Throwing up is the last thing I want to do."

She took the pie and went to her little table, eating the entire pie in a matter of ten minutes time. Stifling a burp, she took the tin and the empty food trays and shoved them back at Adam through the tray slot.

"I'll be waiting for dinner." Emma smiled as she heard him move away and did not hear the lock click. He'd forgotten!!

From that day on, Emma refused to let Adam see her, commanding him to slide the food through the slot in the door. He did so, but waited until she shoved the empty tray back out.

At night, when she knew Adam to be sleeping, she’d make her way down to the kitchen to snack until dawn, sleeping on her overstuffed tummy.

She could have escaped the house at any time, but she didn’t want to. Instead, she would raid the pantry of whatever she could, still not realizing that Adam would sooner or later notice. But if he did, he did nothing to hinder her. And so the two were playing a form of the cat and mouse name – each pretending the other was unaware while she got fatter and fatter.

Deep inside, she realized she loved Adam and she didn’t even know his last name. She wanted to feel his hands trace across her round belly and over her full buttocks. She wanted to feel his love and show him how grateful she was for what he’d done.

She loved to gorge and watch its effects on her once slim frame. She could feel herself getting fatter and fatter every day and she was thrilled as each pair of pants Adam brought her grew tighter and tighter, eventually splitting out from the sheer mass of her.

Green Eyed Fairy

Keeps on dancing
Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
Chapter Three

She’d been there just over another six months when she finally decided to let him enter the room again. She'd gained a considerable amount of weight and wanted to let him, see her – and allow her to see him.

As Emma had considered her situation something inside her realized that she needed to be as fat as she could be. Something deep in her heart drove her on. She had to be fat. She had to keep eating and growing and it drove her on.

"Adam? Are you out there?" she asked the door softly.

"Emma? Please … it's been so long … please … I must see you. Don't torture me like this any more. I'll let you go. You can turn me into the police. You can even kill me should you wish to do so. Just please, let me see you! I can't bear it any longer! I'm going mad! I need to see you! I love you so much that it will kill me if I don't see your shining face one last time” replied a sorrowful Adam.

"All right, Adam. You've been nothing but sweet and gentle. I don't want to turn you in to the police and I really don't want to leave you. I certainly don't want to kill you. You've been my best friend these past two years. I'll come unlock the door now” she replied as she started towards the door.

He heard a click of the lock and then her feet on the wooden floor crossing back over to her bed.

He entered, and saw her in her full stunning magnificence. Still she could not persuade him to unmask, but he tacitly acknowledge her existing freedom by agreeing to another of her desires, giving her freedom to contact the outside world – ordering pizzas and even groceries and charging it to his account.

She was partially satisfied by this, although she feigned anger and told him the door would stay locked until he was willing to remove his hood. But she used her privilege to full advantage, ordering pizzas with great frequency as well as groceries. She got to know the delivery boys well.

A few months later in the morning she looked at herself in the mirror, nude as usual. Her belly was enormous now, her neck a series of chins. She no longer walked around the room; she waddled and she was barely able to fit into the oversized tub in the bathroom.

She imagined herself larger as she stood before the mirror. She had often paid the delivery boys extra for bringing her pounds and pounds of chocolate. She was a favorite and the guys often brought her treats on their own accord, helping her to gain those desired pounds.

One boy would sit with her while she ate, marveling at how much bigger she was each week.

"Emma? Can I ask you a question?" one inquired shyly.

She had looked at Mike and smiled. "Sure."

"Why do you want to get so fat?"

She had looked at the young man, smiling. "I used to be a model. I thought I'd like it but I hated it. Adam overfed me some and I got a little chubby. I liked the way it felt. I'd always liked to eat and now I could eat without worrying about my figure. The bigger I got, the more I realized I loved it. Then I fell in love with Adam and I know he'd love for me to be nice and fat, so I'm doing this to make him happy. He's been alone for a long time, hasn't he?"

"Yeah," Mike had said. "He was in the hospital and there was an electrical fire so he helped get people out but as he was leaving, there was an explosion of oxygen tanks in the operating rooms. It just burned him so badly. He left the big cities and came here. This is where he grew up. He's so nice. He deserves to be happy."

"And my being fat is something that makes him happy," Emma smiled.

Mike had watched her as she ate. "Emma … you're so much prettier now. I knew you were Emma Thorton from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, 98. You're so incredible. Your fat looks so soft and pliable, not like other girls I've seen."

Emma couldn't help but smile as she'd unbuttoned her blouse, showing him a sports bra look. "You can touch it, if you'd like. I like it when Adam touches me."

Mike gingerly touched her skin and then hugged her.

"Oh, lord, it's fantastic! Genna's going to be thrilled!" Mike exclaimed.

"Genna?" asked Emma.

"My girlfriend. She's worried about gaining because she thinks she has to be a certain weight, a certain size. Now I can tell her that no matter how fat she gets, I'll love her just the same. Maybe I can even encourage her to gain some." said Mike.

"I'm here if she wants to talk to me. I'd better let you go. I've got to get back in before Adam misses me. This is a surprise."

Adam. She did want to grow fatter and fatter to please him … and to satisfy her own growing needs. She made up her mind to bring things to a head. She knew if she couldn't convince him now, there was no hope for it at all.

That evening when he brought her meal to the door he found it open a crack. He knew it was an invitation.

Tentatively, he opened the door. Adam gazed at her lying on the bed, a sheet draped across her.

"Adam … this is who I’ve become to thank you for your kindness. Won’t you please let me see you?"

She sat up, her huge belly forcing her thighs apart.

She slowly stood up and moved to him, the sagging pouch jostling against her massive thighs.

"You woke up the real me buried deep inside, Adam. I want you to feed me again … but on a more intimate level. I want you to feed me until I am so big I engulf you in my softness. Please let me see you. Please!" she cried.

Adam was still in shock. She’d ballooned her weight up to well over six hundred pounds and she was so fat her belly hung halfway to her knees.

"Are you sure?" he asked, still unsure of himself.

"I’m fat now, Adam. I’m very fat and I want to get even fatter. I want you to feed me until I can barely walk. I want to be a sea of flesh lying in our bed. That's right. Our bed. I want you to do this for me. But first… you must let me see you!" she insisted.

Adam came face to face with her and pushed back his hood. The flesh across the left half of his face was twisted and pale, like someone had dripped candle wax on his face and it had stayed. It had been a shock the first time, but now …now he was so handsome to her eyes.

"Adam, I love you."

His eyes began to water as he folded her into his arms.

"Emma … I love you so much! I knew you must hate me for making you fat, but I couldn’t think of anything else to do to get you to stay with me. You were so beautiful lying there in the snow, looking like an angel … and here I was, ugly, twisted, scarred …a demon. I panicked and just knew if you were nice and fat, you'd be able to love me. It's wrong for me to want you so big! I'm a doctor after all! I know better!"

She responded "I didn’t like it at first, but my body feels more wonderful with each pound I gain. I tried to figure out why you'd want me to get fat, and then I realized you must be terribly lonely and with your burns, you must be horribly shy as well. It stands to reason that a very fat woman would be just as shy.”

“You really want to stay here?”

“I've got no one, Adam. No one but you and one close friend that I care about. I don't want to go back to that old life, the cameras and the lights, the unfeeling coworkers and the media. I don't want to be Emma Thornton anymore. I want to be Emma, your wife. I want to be enormous beside you. I want to be all the woman that I can be for you. I'm not fat against my will. I want to be like this. And you know how I can keep getting fatter but stay as healthy as I can. Won’t you go get a huge meal and feed me until I nearly pop?"

"But how have you gotten so fat so soon on what I brought you? I could see you at four hundred, but over six?" he exclaimed with shock in his voice.

She smiled. "You forgot to lock the door long before you gave me freedom. I’d go down to the kitchen and eat until the sun came up. Once I had my freedom I began ordring pizza for delivery. Then the delivery boys began bringing me pounds of free chocolate and I'd just eat and eat until there was nothing left. They loved watching me get fatter every week and would often bring me more chocolate and sweets than what I'd asked for.

“I gained an extra two hundred pounds just for you. I fell in love with this fat body you created and I just wanted it to get bigger. You’re good, kind and gentle, Adam. That’s enough for me. And now I see you as the most beautiful man alive, because you cooked for me and let me become the woman I’ve always wanted to be. You’re a fantastic cook and my body shows that."

She held out her hands to him and Adam moved to her, burying himself in her soft, yielding form. "I've always been tiny and insecure. Now I’m big and nobody can deny that. You never realized how much you'd love a fat, fleshy woman, did you?"

"I love you, Emma … I love you so much."

"Adam … I love you even more."

Adam smiled, kissing her passionately. She felt his desire press up against her belly and blushed. "You really think I’m beautiful, don’t you?"

"All of my life, I fancied myself a lover of large women, and as I saw you growing before my eyes, I knew I could love no other. To love a fat woman or to find her beautiful is not sick. It’s a choice and a preference. Some people like thin women, short women, tall women, redheads, blonds, brunettes … I like soft, fleshy curves and a large belly. You are so beautiful … I didn’t think you’d ever want me” he answered back.

He unbuttoned his shirt, showing her the scars that marred his flesh. "This is so horrible no woman would ever want me."

Emma dropped the sheet, standing before him nude. Her belly was ablaze with red, angry stretch marks.

"We’re even, my love. Why don’t you go get the food, and then you can feed me like you first did."

Adam smiled, pausing long enough to kiss her, delighting that she returned it. Her hands danced lightly across his melted flesh. He bent down and brought the sheet up, draping it around her. "Come with me. I want to show you my … our home."

Emma nodded and moved up against Adam, delighting as he pulled her into his lean, muscular frame. "Thank you, Adam."

"Thank you for loving me. To do this for me is the greatest gift one like me could ever receive. You're so delightfully beautiful."

They went down to the kitchen and Adam spent a good amount of time preparing a meal as Emma wandered around. As she did so, Emma found herself drawn to the mirror once again. She had an almost Narcissistic attitude as she ran her hands over her rotund body.

She stretched and moved, looking at herself from every angle. She loved being fat. Absolutely loved it. She loved the fat that had turned her neck into another chin. She loved the fat that hung down under her arms. She loved the fat that jiggled on her buttocks when she walked.

Oddly enough, she was still incredibly flexible despite her ever-increasing size. She wanted to see just how much she could gain from an all day binge. She was still admiring herself in the mirror when Adam found her.

He wheeled in a large cart laden with foods of every type and flavor. "Are you happy? You look so beautiful."

"No," she said. "I want to be fatter."

Adam laughed gently as Emma moved towards the stairs. Adam's hand on her arm stopped her. "I have a place down here … let me show you please?"

He led her to a set of suites that were built for a large person. The doorways were wide and the furnishings heavy and well constructed. The bathroom was oversized and the fixtures generous for one of ample size and being.

The room was lovely, done in a whitewashed oak with shades of grape, lilac and gray in the accessories. There were also new clothes in the closet that she knew would fit her now. It was all so beautiful

Upon spying the large scale built into the floor, Emma smiled. "You were pretty confident, weren't you?"

He hung his head. "No … I was dreaming … praying that you would learn to love me and wouldn't hate me for what I'd done to you."

She moved across the room, pausing to weigh herself on the industrial scale. Six hundred and twenty-two pounds was what the dial showed. She smiled. Almost five hundred wonderful pounds since she’d met Adam.

Green Eyed Fairy

Keeps on dancing
Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
Chapter Four

She sat down in the bed, leaning back against the huge, fluffy pillows. "It's just what I love! Adam, thank you so much! I can stay here?"

"It's your room. I learned your tastes by asking the right questions."

"Will you take off your shirt? I want to feel your skin against mine” she asked.

Adam nodded. "Will you wear something I had made for you?"

Emma nodded and rose from the bed as Adam went to one of the drawers and pulled out a well made bathing suit. Emma smiled as Adam helped her into the two piece suit and she moved to the mirror to admire it. The skirt was absolutely adorable and in it, she loved her fatness all that much more. "You have a pool?"

"Yes, and a spa. There's more than room enough even if you were two thousand pounds. Will you swim with me?" he inquired.

"Of course I will. I want to be fat for a long, long time. Now … how about that meal?" she asked.

Adam nodded, pausing to kiss her. He was thrilled when she kissed back. He pushed the cart to the bedside and clamored up on the bed, straddling her thighs. He draped a towel across her bosom and then began to feed her.

First came a quart of the wonderful potato soup followed by a quart of buttery cream asparagus soup.

She grinned as a huge salad came next. Adam had drenched it in fattening home-made buttermilk dressing with lots of fried croutons and cheddar cheese.

More and more food crossed her lips, to land forever on her ever-growing body. She lost track of everything Adam was feeding her. When her stomach seemed filled to its capacity, she asked Adam for something special. "Adam … use that hypnotic on me."

"But …," he sputtered. "You don’t need it now! You haven’t used it for nearly two years."

"I do. I want you to stretch my stomach more so I can eat more. I want you to feed me until it hurts. Please … you did it before. I need you to do it now” she pleaded with him.

Adam nodded as he took a bottle from his pants pocket. He opened it and dropped a pill into her outstretched hand. She washed it down with a glass of milk. Adam waited for the pill to take effect. "Emma?"


"I’m going to feed you. Tell me when your stomach hurts and I’ll stop” he told her.

"Yes” she said again.

Adam fed his love more and more, almost finishing the tray before she complained of pain. He encouraged her to eat that little bit more. She smiled as she willingly finished the rest of the fattening pie.

"Remember how much I love you, Emma. Remember how much I want to be with you, now and forever, and that I will love you no matter how fat you get or how much you weigh."

Adam lay down beside her, rubbing her greatly bloated stomach, content beyond all of his imagination.


Adam didn’t know how long he slept, but a soft hand caressing his tortured face awoke him. He found Emma leaning on one arm, gazing at him with unashamed love in her eyes. "Good morning, sleepy-head."

"It’s morning?" he asked, shocked.

Emma nodded. "You were so gentle. I know how much you love me. I know you stuffed me a little more than I asked and I'm sure I've really gained some pounds. I'm so happy. Adam … make love to me."

Adam sat up as Emma rolled onto her back, opening herself to him. He stared at her in shock, then relaxed as he saw the look of wanton desire on her face.

He shucked off his trousers, then slid down the panty-skirt and entered into her warm, moist nether region. His slender frame sunk into her flesh as he moved up and down in rapture, her sweet nectar intoxicating him.

Emma arched her back against him, her senses taking on a new, heightened awareness. She was full of him now and she knew she could belong to no other. Her fat legs lifted and draped around his thin calves, urging him deeper and faster.

Her heart was beating a pleasant tattoo when he collapsed into her paunch, both their bodies glistening with sweat. Her round cheeks were flushed with color and she looked so beautiful.

"I love you more than you’ll ever know, Emma."

Emma smiled up at him, gently caressing his chest. "Adam … what’s your last name. You’ve never told me."

"Falcon. It’s a strange name” he responded.

"No. Noble. Proud. Strong. It fits you” she said.

Adam smiled, sighing contentedly as he rose and fell with Emma’s breathing. "Emma … marry me? Please?"

She nodded, leaning up and kissing him. "Of course I will. You don't need to beg. I could have escaped when I was still thin enough .… I want to be with you because you don't care how fat I get. In fact, I think you'll be more contented the bigger I am."

"No, I don't. You can be as fat as you want to be. The bigger you get, the more I can love you” he told her.

"Yeah … but that's because there'll be more of me to love," she chuckled.

He smiled.

"Can I call my old high school girlfriend so she can come up here and be my maid of honor?" Emma asked.

Adam nodded. "Of course. I'll give her directions to my … our home."

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Sep 18, 2006
In Your Head
Chapter Five

"Adam? Will you help me dress? I'd taken to not wearing undergarments because it's so much nicer to feel my belly rolling around."

Adam went to the closet and drew out a pair of stretchy knit pants and a top, then got a nice sports bra and some underwear. Once dressed, Emma regarded herself. "I'm enormous, aren't I?"

Adam bowed his head. "I … I'm sorry, Emma."

Emma moved to him, her legs making a swish swish noise as she walked, waddling a little because of her size.

"No, Adam. Don't apologize."

She pulled the top up to show her huge round belly to advantage.

"I love this! I love the way I look and feel! I love being fat! I don't ever want to be thin again! I love this wonderful shape you've given me. I'm six hundred pounds of woman because of you and I don't regret it one little bit!" she exclaimed with joy.

Adam smiled softly, toying with her soft paunch.

"Good. I was worried that you'd come to hate it. But you've grown to love it as much as I love you. You're so … gorgeous."

"Adam? Can you take me into town? I want to see my new home. I want to show off my fatness, too. I want to waddle into the bakery and purchase tons of stuff and then chow it down. I want to buy my own candy and show the town how happy I am to be your huge wife."

Adam nodded and redressed, taking Emma's hand and leading her down the stairs.

"I'm happy to move you down here. The walk up the stairs might start becoming too much trouble for you now” he informed her.

Emma smiled sweetly. "You're so considerate of me, my love. Let's go on."

They walked arm in arm to Adam's Ford Expedition and he assisted her up into the truck. Her belly touched the dash and she needed an extender to make the seatbelt fit, but she looked extremely happy.

Once into town, Emma insisted that Adam take her everywhere. She got a lot of surprised looks as she waddled by with her thin husband to be, but no one was rude or discourteous.

They'd all heard how she had stayed there after her accident and was growing for Adam's sake. She was becoming a town favorite without even being known.

In the bakery, she was given a huge cake. The clerk told her that she was really a selfless woman for looking past Adam's disfigurement and growing to a wonderful size for him.

The restaurant, having heard about her arrival in town, made an enormous meal for her. People from town gathered around, watching in awe and delight as she ate the entire meal and then politely asked for more.

Food of every variety was offered to her every place she went and as she walked around the town, she knew they were all trying to help her. She was eternally grateful and ate every item given to her, knowing it would all add to her portly frame.

Cakes, cookies, sandwiches, chocolates, pies … were all given to her and she enjoyed the food gifts immensely.

She and Adam stopped to rest in a park with a playground. The children playing there swarmed to her side, asked to touch her soft belly and hugged her.

They talked about how she was the nice mystery lady who made Dr. Adam smile. All of them clapped happily as she downed a half dozen cream filled donuts while they watched.

Adam had first tried to keep track of everything she ate but he'd long since given up.

They went from store to store, each one welcoming her with something sweet, high-calorie or very fattening. She was so radiant … so beautiful as she waddled by his side.

In the Pizza House, she was treated to a mammoth pizza named in her honor. They traversed shop to shop, not stopping until she had met each of the town’s residents.

By the time she returned to the truck with her purchased goodies, Emma's belly was as bloated as if from one of Adam's enhanced feedings, if not more so.

She looked fatter than she had this morning. The fact that it was a tighter squeeze into his truck confirmed his suspicion.

Once home, Adam helped her to her bed, gazing at her with delight. She was so enormous and getting bigger every day, just for him.

“No … it's not just for me. You love this fattening body of yours just as much as I do, don't you, Emma?”

“Yes I do Adam – don’t ask me why. But I love it.”

"Emma … step on the scale please?" he asked.

"Sure thing, love" she happily answered.

She waddled over to the scale and watched as the numbers added up, stopping at number 669.

"Ooo! I've gained again! Wow! Over thirty pounds in two weeks, so that's not bad” she grinned.

Adam smiled. "You are so good at it. I've never seen a person eat as much as you do … or gain as fast."

Emma smiled very sweetly. "It's amazing what can be done with the right motivation."

Adam smiled back and went to get a half dozen bags of chocolates. "Let me motivate you now."

With diligence and love, he fed her those half dozen bags of sweets, finally falling to sleep on her ninety-five inch belly.


In six weeks time, Adam Falcon and Emma Thorton were to be married.

Emma had ordered a wedding gown from a large size specialty shop on the internet. She was delighted to see how lovely she looked in white even though the dress had to be let out to fit her now seven hundred pound body.

Her face was plump and rosy beside Adam’s dusky pale skin. Adam had a close friend as his best man. Emma had contacted her high-school best friend to be her matron. Nadia was quite surprised to see Emma’s size, but soon got over her shock.

"Emma?" asked Nadia.

"How do you like the new modeling look? I know I’m enormous now, but I’m happier than ever. Seems that becoming fat is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. You’re the first person from my old life to see me since I’ve gotten to be so huge. I sure hope you don't mind” Emma gushed.

Nadia hugged Emma, savoring her best friend’s warm softness.

"Emma, you’re more beautiful than ever and even a blind fool could see how radiantly happy you are! Secretly, I’ve always wanted to be like this, so I'm glad that you are. You look so wonderful! You feel so soft!" answered Nadia.

"Thank Adam for that. He knows just what makes soft, billowy fat. I’m sure he could help you fatten up” said Emma.

Nadia smiled wickedly. "Maybe I will. I've come to hate our old world too."

The ceremony was very simple and very fresh.

Adam and Jacob had prepared the meal prior to the wedding. When they went home, Adam fed Emma and Jacob fed Nadia, showing her the thrills that Emma and Adam shared.

When neither Emma nor Nadia could eat another bite, Adam whisked his new bride off to their first floor suites, with Jacob leading a very bloated Nadia to her own room.

Adam led Emma to a specially designed area of parquet flooring and bid her to stand on it. At her eye level, a digital readout appeared. 721. Adam nuzzled her ear. "You’ve gained, my dear."

"Is that a problem?" she said, a slightly worried tone in her voice..

"Not at all. When you move from three digits to four, it will be a pinnacle in our relationship. I love you so much, Mrs. Falcon” he stated happily.

"And I love you more than I can ever hope to weigh” she answered.

Adam played with her belly lightly. "You really did enjoy getting fat, didn't you? You look so delicious."

Emma scrunched lower into his touch. "Once I got a nice belly on me, that's all she wrote. It's euphoric. I'm thrilled about this. I can't wait to grow even bigger for you."

Adam grinned wickedly. "I can't wait until you gain more for me. I've imagined myself with you, a wonderful sea of woman, growing more and more beautiful with each pound gained. I want to wait on you hand and foot, feeding you delicacies from all over the world, delighting as you grow bigger and bigger and bigger."

Emma smiled. "I want to experience all the goods that the earth has to offer. I want to sample chocolate from all over the world. I want to eat myself into near immobility."

Adam was surprised at this. "Immobility?"

"I want to completely rely on you. I want to grow to be the biggest woman who ever lived, to please and satisfy you” she declared.

"I am very pleased with you, Emma, my love."


Emma sat back in the bed, rubbing at her belly. She had gotten so lazy and as she looked down, what she saw pleased her. Adam came in, brandishing a cartload of food.

Her face rolled up into a smile as she rose from the bed and moved to her special chair. She had to move slowly, her one thousand and forty-pound frame rolling as she waddled along.

She was enormous now, and even though walking was starting to become more challenging, she couldn’t wait to step on the scale and let Adam read her weight, delighting as the numbers grew. She was becoming everything that the fashion world had despised and she loved the thought of it.

Adam fed her diligently, making sure she was stuffed full before he stopped. She smiled up at him. Adam leaned into her, savoring her softness beneath him. She had grown so perfectly, so beautifully, that he couldn’t imagine her thin anymore.

He knew one day, she’d grow so big that she’d rely entirely on him for all her needs, but that didn’t bother him. In fact, he looked upon that day with relish.

Nadia knocked on the door, peering inside. The former model had proven herself a diligent feedee, as well. She had blossomed out to a hefty 300 plus pounds over the course of four months. Even Jacob had fattened up to about 300 pounds. Adam alone remained thin.

"I am so lucky to be surrounded by wonderful people” he thought.

Emma smiled and said "You made me this wonderful armful of woman and I, in turn, showed Nadia the way. You deserve all the happiness my fat body can afford you."

Nadia smiled and winked "Being fat is a wonderful thing, Emma. Thanks for corrupting me."

Jacob pulled her to him and rushed her downstairs for a fattening breakfast. Emma's fat round face was bright with her smile.

"One hundred percent change in three years time, Adam. Look at how fat I've grown. I'm so happy now. I have everything that I've ever wanted. I don't mind if I stop gaining now. I'm perfectly content. Let's go into town. They've not seen me since I packed on these last two hundred pounds” she said.

Adam happily fetched clothes for Emma from her closet. Her pants and tops were so huge now they engulfed Adam as he carried them to her, helping her to settle into them.

Her belly stood out so far and hung so low, it was impossible for Emma to dress herself. Adam lovingly tickled her belly as he slid her top in place. They had recently measured her girth. One hundred and forty two inches of her tummy.

As soon as Adam had her socks and shoes in place, he helped her stand so she could waddle to the scale. One thousand and eighty six pounds rounded her frame.

She smiled and had to be helped out to their truck. She could barely fit in the cabin and her wide hips brushed Adam's in the seat, but neither minded.

As they got into the town and parked, Emma waited for Adam to help her out of the truck. When she was finally able move to the sidewalk, the townsfolk were amazed. They'd never seen anyone gain so much weight in all their lives.

As Emma waddled down the streets, her hand in Adam's, she was again met with treats of every kind. Being raised as she was, she couldn't decline. Everyone watched her in delight, their own inner desires manifested in this beautiful woman.

She smiled as people came to her, bringing her their 'contributions.' They all loved to watch Emma. Adam was told by many men how lucky he was to have such a wonderful woman.

"Oh, I do know that” responded Adam.

“She grows more beautiful by the day. We're not looking for her to gain any more weight, but if she does, we certainly won't complain. She's a wonder. She's gained so much weight in a few short years."

"She moves like water," one young man said longingly. "She must be wonderful to cuddle against."

Adam nodded "She's got the best kind of fat."

When Emma decided it was time to go home, her belly was so bloated, she actually looked a little uncomfortable. She stood with Adam's help and waddled back to the truck.

Emma knew this was her last trip into town. It took Adam and another two men to be able to fit her into the truck's cabin. She'd gotten too fat to fit it anymore.

When they got home, Emma went to the scale. Her heart skipped a beat.

"Adam. I'm over eleven hundred pounds now. I've gotten so fat. Are you sure you like me this big? I won't be able to go to town anymore."

Adam led her to the bed and stripped her down to her tent-like panties and bra. He gently pushed her back and then lay down next to her, caressing her fleshy neck.

"Emma … you are my goddess. I love you. I love every single inch and ounce of you. You're the most perfect, most beautiful woman alive. I would never be unhappy with you. If you're unhappy, then I'll do everything in my power to help you become happy."

She smiled up at him "Would being a father make you happier?"

Adam's eyes widened considerably "You … you're …?!"

She nodded "I wasn't sure until a few days ago. We're going to have a baby."

Adam leaned into her, hugging her tenderly "You can't binge now, you know?"

Emma nodded. "I know. I'm fat enough. I'm more than fat enough. I meant really to stay around eight hundred pounds, but the food is so good and the townsfolk so nice, I just couldn't help myself. "

Adam smiled and kissed her. "I love you, Mama."

Emma was true to her word and ate the best of diets, exercising daily and swimming in the pool. In fact, she was losing some weight through her efforts.

She glowed radiantly as she went about the house on her daily chores. She had insisted on washing her own clothes, complaining that the housekeeper shouldn't have to wash such oversized and cumbersome garments. Adam loved to watch her doing her laundry, her round shape moving and bending so gently.

As the months wore on, her belly jutted a little bit more and more as the baby grew inside her. In her eighth month, Emma delivered a small girl into Adam's waiting hands.

"Emma! She's so beautiful!"

"She looks like her Papa!” Emma exclaimed.

Adam smiled and curled up against her "No…she looks like her Mama. And you look so thin now. How do you feel?"

"I don't look thin, Adam. I'll never look thin again, but I do need to get my weight back up to a comfortable level. What should we name our daughter, Adam?"

He looked down at the tiny girl "Emily."

"Emily Sara Falcon. She's so very tiny! How can something so tiny come from my enormous body?" asked Emma.

"A beautiful creature has a beautiful offspring. That's how” he answered.

Emma looked at both her husband and her daughter, smiling. She'd had everything she'd ever wanted…and more, thanks to an accident in the winter snow.

She knew that she'd never be happier than she was now. What Adam had captured was her heart. In her world before, she'd be laughed out of New York. That didn’t matter because she knew she'd found her true calling as a super fat wife and mother.

"What are you thinking?" Adam inquired.

"I'm thinking of how terribly lucky I am. I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter and a figure I don't have to worry about watching. What more could I want? Not a thing, Adam. Not one thing.”

The End

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