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Feb 27, 2006
Car Shopping with Lisa
by dmaskedfa

Lisa squeezed her breasts into her chest as Mark fastened the bands The bands of her giant bra are starting to cut into the flesh of her back, and her breasts was spilling out the top of the bra, and out of her top, causing a memorizing cleavage. She then put on a blouse that stretched to its limits trying to contain the upper portion of my rounded tummy and my milk-bloated breasts.

Her swelling breasts pushing against the buttons of her blouse with every breath she took.

Lisa grabbed hold of the two zipper flaps and tried to tug the two ends together. She couldn’t see her own progress due to her enormous milk bags and the arch of her gut totally obscured her vision.

"Could you button these up?" she asked. He stood there for a minute mesmerized looking as her enormous belly billowed outward a beach ball.

His face twisted in concentration, and he began to tug the two sides of the pants closed. Lisa tried to help by sucking in her gut as much as possible, also looking down and watching Mark struggle with her huge gut and derrière.

With one final gasp Mark final conquered her enormous butt and well-fed midsection.

Once she felt a sudden pressure around my middle, she stopped tensing her stomach and it lurched forward immediately. The buttons groaned and creaked, as it stretched to accommodate her growing gut, however most of it spilled over the waistband, create a massive muffin top.

As Lisa walked to the small minivan her huge chest was bouncing and wobbling as her bra was creaking against her boobs.

Mark pulled the lever and pushed the passenger seat back as far as he can, then let Lisa lower her bulk into the seat. the van buckled under her weight, sinking into the ground and leaning to the side slightly due to the imbalance. Lisa then left up her heavy gut with both hands, to move her left leg into the van. Then she tried to spin herself into place, however there was not enough space between the seat and the dashboard for her titanic ass and her gluttonous gut.

She trying shimming and shaking to fit herself in, this only caused the van to shake with her as well. Mark watched as her whole body was jiggling little jello. "Urgghhh...a little help,...?" she said groaned

Mark was pushing against his girlfriend's massively bloated belly and love handles, only to have his hands sink into her soft, gigantic blubber of her belly. It gave off a "Gloooosh" sound as he finally squeezed it in. However, part of her oversized derrière were still outside. She reached around her bloated belly and breasts to try to hold back the blubber of her thigh as he tried to close the door.

When he finally got the door closed, he then grabbed the seat next to her, and tried to stretch it across her massive gut for the other end of the seat belt, pulling back on her blubber as he went. He lifted one side of her enormous rear end to reveal the other end of the seat belt buckle. He proceeded to bring the two together across her huge belly, but found that they were a tad too short to cover its girth, the buckles were just touching.

"Come on…!" he groaned as he forced them closer, compressing Lisa's blubbery midsection with difficulty. However blubber from her love handles was getting in the way.

With one great effort he managed to bring them together and with a click they locked into place. .

He retreated to the driver's side and climbed in. He notice that her blubber was overflowing the center console, and taking up all the space inside the van. Her belly tightly pressed against the dashboard, her thighs squeezed between the door and the center console. She was so crammed in the van she couldn't move much, making the seat belt seem trivial.

She peered down at her bloated belly to see his effort however all she saw was a massive globe of pure blubber that was so big, even with the chair pushed back, it expanded to overfill the passenger side, as press against the globe department.

"I TOLD you I should have went easy on the sweets!" She said

He climb over top of her belly, and gave her a kiss. "Don't worry we will find you a bigger van for you today."

He was not going to confess this, however he was going to miss the arousal he got from squeezing his beached whale of a wife into the minivan.

Every time the car hit a small bump in the road, jostling her overloaded gut.

As they drove by the McDonald. Her tubby tummy starts to gurgle. "Can I pick up a snack on the way there?"


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Sep 30, 2005
Please tell me this is not the end.


Mar 30, 2008
I like the descriptions and where this is going. Could use a bit of editing, maybe. Inconsistent use of pronouns (her/my), and in the beginning Lisa is described as Mark's girlfriend, while in the end, she is his wife. When did the wedding happen? :)


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Feb 27, 2006
Part 2 - Lisa gets a new car.

Mark looked over at his wife, who was already outgrowing their van but whose belly was growling while they were in route to look for a new set of wheels. "There is a great restaurant near the dealership that we can go to. Why don't we wait for that?"

Her tummy grumbled again. "I know, I just want something to hold me over."

He gave her belly a pat that caused it to jiggle. "Be patient my love. I going to find a new van, with plenty of room for you, so you do not have to squeeze into this one anymore. "

"But, isn't that part of the fun of outgrowing a vehicle? " Lisa smirked.

"Sure thing." Mark said eagerly, as he pulled into the drive-thru. "What would you like? "

"Ohhh. The new full pounder with double patties, cheese and bacon, with a large milkshake and super-portion fries," she exclaimed, peering down at her belly. She began to smile, as she anticipated eating,

"Just a little snack?" Mark said with a smirk. Pulling out of the drive-thru line he drove to a quiet out of the way, parking spot around the back.

"I will be right back."

Minutes later he returned with two bag,s placing the larger take out bag on her belly, and she began to stuffing the food into her mouth.

As finished the last of the milkshake, she felt her growing gut expanding and pressing harder against the dashboard. She could fell the buttons of the pants and the blouse cutting deeper into her fat, as they creaked and groaned. Gaps widened between the buttons, covering her breasts and belly as bits of her chub started to push out between the gaps."Oooh, this tastes so so good"

As she patted her enormous belly of pure blubber, with satisfaction the shockwave rippled through her body.

Her body filled the passenger side like a giant ball of dough.


They finally pulled into dealership, with the minivan leaning to the right.

Al the salesman waved to them as the approached.

Lisa tried to open the door, but her protruding belly blocked her reach of the handle. Fortunately Al opened the door for her; unfortunately Lisa's tightly packed blubber exploded out, knocking Al back.

After collecting himself, he came back to help Lisa, out. She was already squeezing her right leg, and trying to get her belly unstuck.

Mark was again joyfully pushing against her monstrous, blubbery belly and love handles, and again his hands sink into her soft, gigantic blubber of her belly. It gave off a "Gloooosh" sound as it finally popped out and sloshed about wildly before coming to a stop.

No longer compressed in the passenger side cabin, her belly tested the blouse and jeans, causing wide gaps between the buttons, as they managed to hold the flood of flab back

She lifted up her heavy gut with both hands, to move her left leg out of the van, grabbed the edges of the door, and tried to pull herself up from the seat.


As she leamed forward the buttons on her poor blouse and jeans gave way, one after the other, flying off as they were finally relieved of their struggle. Her belly burst free, pushing down zipper of her jeans, as it expanded forward onto her lap.

"Sorry so sorry, for the wardrobe malfunction." Lisa said embarrassingly, as she looked down at the massive glistening round orb of flesh, that engulfed her lap. "As you can see, I pamper this tummy of mine a lot, however I think overfed it this time. "

"Don't worry. My wife is just as healthy as you, and I love it." Al smiled

However, the combination of the low riding van and the sheer size of her over-stuffed belly preented a problem. She could not get her belly high enough to get out of the van.

"Need a hand there?" Al asked politely.

He took hold of Lisa' arms, and tried to help her up, which was no easy feat, since she was also having to squeeze her enormous ass out of the van as well.

Mark tried to help by giving her rump a hefty push with both hands, his fingers sinking into the soft adipose of each vast orb, as he struggled against the wall of blubber, tried to squeeze it out of the van.

Suddenly her fat ass popped out of the van, and she collided with Al and nearly knocked him down.

"Sorry, about that," she said embarrassed.

"No worries."

She was finally standing, her massive gut wobbling in front of her by more than a foot, sticking out exposed in the air.

She patted her belly, with pride. "So, what do you have in my size?"


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Jul 4, 2007
I like this kind of story better than the "starting at 125 pounds" type. Keep it up!

fat hiker

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Oct 25, 2005
Ottawa, ON
Intriguing pair of chapters; nicely complete as they are (though needing a little copyediting for consistency), they could also serve as endings or beginnings for something longer.

Great descriptions!


Mar 10, 2019
Nice story, although the choices of cars werent great in my opinion