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Sep 13, 2007
Be Careful What You Wish For
by Maltese Falcon

“Mom-that man over there. He’s staring at”

Sophia turned to look. She smiled in recognition and was about to explain, when Marenka sneered in his direction. “Hey buddy! Yes you! Why don’t you take a picture? It will last longer.”

“Stop it.” Sophia shushed her. “I raised you better than that.”

The man chuckled slightly, as he stood up from his table and approached. “I certainly hope so, or our little conspiracy will end today. I cannot abide rudeness.”

Sophia blanched, as Marenka frowned at both of them in turn. “Conspiracy? For what? Mom-what’s going on?”

The man waved at the waiter, as he extended his other hand. In it was a business card. “Permit me to introduce myself. My name is Guy Leblouh. The rest is on my card.”

Marenka stared at the card, as she mumbled aloud. “G. Leblouh....Modelling Agency. Paris .”

Gasping slightly she asked. “You mean like in France?”

The erstwhile “voyeur” nodded. “The same. I see we have your attention now, miss. Perhaps we can explain...”

Sophia cleared her throat and interrupted. “Let me-please? Well honey.... this little trip to Acapulco was not really your 21st birthday gift. It was just a ruse, to get you here.”

“That is where I come in.” The stranger gestured at the empty seat. “May I?”

Once seated, he explained. “Some time ago, your mother emailed our agency; mentioning you wanted to be a fashion model, from an early age. Dite-moi, do you believe in first impressions?”

“Not really”, Marenka added.

“You should. In our business, you only get 10 seconds of runway time, to show the world what you have to offer. You need to strike a chord immediately.” He snapped his fingers high in the air for emphasis, then reached over and plucked at her hair. “You have olive skin and pure white hair. Is that your natural colour?”

Sophia blurted out “Of course. She was born that way. And it’s the same everywhere else.”

“Mother! are embarrassing me.”

M. Leblouh stared into her eyes. They were the palest green he’d ever seen. “Yes. You have a certain exotic, almost otherworldly look. I think we can capitalize on that.”

He picked up his phone and spoke briefly. “Yes. She’s here. We might want her. Bring the documents please.”

Sophia smiled wryly, as a young woman approached, carrying a folder in one hand and what looked like a Margarita in the other.

Marenka gave the new arrival the once-over. Twenty-five years old, at most. Light brown skin, long jet black hair, Mayan features. Very short, probably less than five feet tall. She was wearing a skin-tight two-piece swimsuit, that did little to hide her voluptuous figure. Not thin, not fat, but just the right amount of softness that Latino men seemed to prefer.

Marenka noted that some of that softness may have been recent, as the suit appeared to be at least a size too small. The edge of her slightly plump belly and a couple love handles peeked over the edge of her bottoms. Meanwhile, one of her DD breasts was doing its best to escape the confines of her halter top, as she jiggled into the last empty chair at the table. Judging from her physique and her height, it was pretty obvious that this woman was not a model herself.

The suspicions were confirmed by Leblouh a moment later. The young woman was focussed on corralling the errant boob and thus remained silent.

Leblouh cleared his throat in embarrassment .“Permit me to introduce Rosa Hernadez. She is my...talent scout for this part of the world. What do you think?”

That finally got Rosa’s attention, as she motioned for Marenka to stand and made a twirling motion. Marenka did so and as she faced forward, Rosa leaned closer and gently grabbed her chin. “How tall are you?” she asked, staring deeply into the young girl’s eyes.

“6 feet-two inches at last count. Mom says I may grow a bit taller yet.”

Rosa whistled as she did some mental calculations. “1.85 metres is pretty tall already.”

“Oh dear” Marenka gasped “is that too tall?”

“Don’t be ridiculous.” She stared again into those iridescent green pupils for a few seconds and asked “Natural hair colour. No contacts-those are your natural eyes?”

Marenka blushed, then whitened a bit in anger. “All you see is how God made me! Now what is this all about...”

Rosa interrupted and with a smile looked over at her colleague. “Of course we want her.” She sat again and produced some documents from the folder. “It’s a standard agreement. Two years duration. We will be your exclusive agency.”

Marenka gaped at them both. Sensing the answer, she still had to ask. “Agreement for what?”

Rosa sighed as she looked skyward. “It’s a good thing brains are not a requirement for a model.”

“Model? Like fashion model? Ohmigod” Marenka sat gaping. “I know I’ve said that I wanted this. In fact, it’s everything I wished for. But....I don’t know the first thing about modelling.”

M. Leblouh smiled. “Be careful what you wish for, my dear girl. In any case, walking up and down a catwalk is how you Americans say it...not rocket sense.”

“Rocket science” Rosa corrected. “But he is right. No matter how much desire or talent they have, short girls like me have to be content to sit on the sidelines. 98% of women are not over 1.75 metres tall, but that’s what designers want to use for models. And you’re taller than that. The rest is easy. We’ll show you the routine.”

Leblouh took over. “This is our standard contract. You would get $500 an hour to start. We’ll see, after that.”

“$500? For an hour’s work?” ”Marenka gasped. “Is this real? Mom?”

Sophia held her hand. “I think you should trust these people. It seems they have your interest at heart.”

Leblouh sat back. “If you need time to think...”

Marenka shook her head. “Where do I sign?”

Rosa pointed out the three spots for her to either sign or initial. She then signed and dated it herself and gave Marenka a copy.

Leblouh clapped his hands “Bon. A little celebration perhaps?”

He beckoned madly for the waiter and in a few minutes he came back with a bottle of champagne and four glasses. The waiter poured out and Leblouh proposed a toast. “Here’s to a new beginning.” But Marenka did not touch hers.

Sophia glared at her. “Drink your champagne, dear. Don’t be rude.”

“No mother. I don’t drink. In any case, alcohol is too fattening. Now that I’m a professional model, I’ll need to watch my figure more than ever.”

Leblouh nodded. “I see. Well, it is bad luck to refuse a toast. Perhaps a sparkling water?”

The substitution completed, they finished their drinks and Leblouh added. “Oh. One more thing. We will need your portfolio.”

Marenka asked “What?”

Sighing Rosa explained. “You know, photos, stats. So we can send out for jobs for you.”

Sophia blurted. “I-I didn’t think.”

“I guess it would have ruined the surprise in any event.” Leblouh calmed them. “Rosa, would you mind taking Miss Derevich into the hotel and snapping a few photos?” He passed over his room key. “Get some vital statistics. We can do the rest later.”

Rosa nodded, but looked impatient at the inconvenience.

As both women disappeared into the hotel, Sophia leaned in. “Oh my God! She bought it Doctor Leblouh. She really thinks you have a modelling agency. I hope the rest goes just as smoothly.”
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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 2

Sophia was still beaming as she added. “Bringing the other woman was a nice touch, to make it seem real. She a nurse or something like that?”

“No. Nothing like that. But never mind about her. Let’s talk about your daughter.”

“What’s there to talk about? You’ve seen her. She’s wasting away.”

He nodded. “Yes, she is very thin. For how long has she been this way?”

“Mmmm...about two years, I guess.”

“Was there something at that point? Serious illness or trauma perhaps?”


“Sorry, trauma means injury.”

“I know what it means. I guess it started around the time my husband left me.”

Leblouh nodded in understanding. “Ah. I was wondering if there was a Mr. Derevich.”

“Well there is, but he’s living with a new Mrs. Derevich now.”

“Have you met her?”

“Met her? She was Marenka’s roommate in college.”

“What’s she like?”

Sophia sighed. “Just like you would imagine. Younger. Prettier. Blonder. Thinner. Maybe not so much now.”

He raised an eyebrow.”Oh? Is the bloom off the rose?”

Sophia lowered her voice a bit as she gazed down at the table. “I had...difficulty when I was pregnant with Marenka. The labour caused injury and I could not bear any more children. Stan was disappointed-he still wanted a son. With no alternative, I had thought he had accepted the situation. Everything seemed fine, until Marenka was old enough for college. She brought her roommate Julia home for Thanksgiving weekend. Something sparked between him and Julia, the first time he saw her. Her parents disowned her when they found out she was having an affair with a man older than her own father. Bitch. Serves her right.”

“Stan deserted us and moved in with her, when he found out she was carrying his child. She quit school and they got married as soon as the divorce was settled. I hear she’s pregnant with their third child already. Marenka has seen her and mentioned she is getting very fat now. She is actually worried that Stan will leave her too.”

“I see. So the issue started around this time.” He looked over Sophia’s own plump figure. “Your husband has an objection to women of a more...robust build?”

“Quite the opposite. I was raised in the old country style. My mom fed me up for marriage. On our wedding day, I was already over 150 pounds. Having Marenka added 20 more within a year.”

“No one cared-in fact Stan used to encourage me to fatten up even more. Marenka was happy to follow in my footsteps. When she started college, she was a real beauty-145 pounds and all woman.”

“And this Julia-she is also putting on weight for him. So why do you think he will leave his current...situation?”

“Her looks are not the issue. Both of Julia’s children are girls. I hope this one is a daughter too. I think Stan will keep getting her pregnant until he gets his son. Sooner or later he’ll get sick of her or she’ll get sick of being a brood mare. Although both Stan and I had no objections to a plumper physique, Julia does not share that opinion. In fact, I think she is jealous of Marenka”

“Yes. Let’s get back to her. How much does she weigh now?”

“No idea. She won’t let me see her now, unless it’s in a loose outfit. Mind you, everything fits loose. I blame that college, for putting silly thoughts in her head. She should have stayed home, married a nice boy and given me some grandchildren to spoil.”

“So, it would seem your daughter has first-hand experience that women must be thin to succeed in life.” His phone signalled the receipt of an email. “Oh my. This is worse than I thought.”

He showed the attached pictures to Sophia. Rosa had convinced the aspiring model to pose in some bikini shots. No hips, no breasts, her ribs stuck out like a xylophone. Marenka was down to a walking skeleton now. “There was no point in measuring her. She is down to 40kg.”

“What’s next?”

“We take her and fatten her up, of course. Why else would you be here?”

“Take her? I don’t know. Where exactly?”

“I can’t tell you. Parents sometimes try to interfere in the process. But you can rest assured she is in safe hands.”

“Leaving my daughter with a complete stranger in a foreign country. I’m not sure...”

“Of course you are, or you wouldn’t have contacted me.”

She searched for words. “I-I need some references at least. You were just too convincing earlier. I need to ensure this is not a scam. No offence.”

The doctor nodded. “None taken. You are just worried about your child, as you should be.” He reached into his jacket and pulled out his wallet. Taking out 4 photos, he laid them out on the table.” You can contact the parents of these girls.”

She stared at the gaunt faces. “I think I would rather speak to the girls themselves, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind a bit, but it will be somewhat difficult. They are all dead, you see. Their parents would not listen to me and took them home.” He shrugged. “You said she is 21, yes? If you follow their example, your daughter will not see her 22nd birthday.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 3

Sophia gasped. “Please do something.”

Leblouh offered “I do have the power to commit her for 30 days. But it’s easier, if they cooperate.”

Sophia shook her head. “She won’t. I’ve tried everything.”

Leblouh countered. “If the need arose, could you remove her appendix? Mend a broken tooth?”

Sophia scoffed “Of course not. I would take her to...”

“...a medical professional with the right skills and training.” He smiled. “I’m a medical professional and can be very persuasive.”

Sophia nodded and said. “That actually makes sense.”

As if on cue, Rosa and Marenka appeared. The future model was smiling and was actually enjoying a cocktail.

Leblouh noted that and asked. “I thought you didn’t drink?”

She shrugged. “Rosa was having one and I was being polite. I could have another, actually.”

Rosa nodded. “Me too. I’ll get them, while you go over the rest.”


Leblouh nodded. “I—think we may have been a bit hasty with all this. There is a small glitch.”

Marenka reddened. “Ah-here is comes. I knew this was too good to be true. Here comes the money pitch, mom. I knew this was a scam.”

Her “employer” shook his head. “Not at all.”

Rosa reappeared. “Here finish that. I got you something different this ...”

Leblouh interrupted. “Sorry, but I must be very frank with you, my dear. You can’t work as a model. Not any place that matters, at least.

Taking a gulp of her new cocktail, Marenka fought back her tears. “Why?”

He sighed “All we had to work with was a couple face shots your mother emailed last month. That got you the interview opportunity. We had no idea what your figure really looked like, until now. To put it bluntly-you are too thin. You need a BMI of 18 at least to get a modelling assignment. Based on the numbers Rosa texted me, you are at...11.3.”

Marenka sighed. “So that’s it then?”

He shook his head and put his hand on her shoulder for emphasis. “Not at all. There is a way around this, if we work together”

Marenka sipped her drink again and squinted at him warily. “And how do we do that?”

He smiled. “I have a friend with a sort I propose we send you there for a short time to...rectify the situation.”

Marenka took a somewhat larger gulp of her drink, downing the remaining contents. She was obviously not used to alcohol. Already, she was beginning to slur her words. “Retify? What’s retify mean?”

He nodded at Rosa who passed her own drink over. “Try this one. I think it will do you good.”

Marenka took a small sip and began to suck that one back too. “ is good. I could get used to these.” She giggled a bit as she put the empty glass on the table as her mother gaped in astonishment.

Leblouh took her other hand. “Maybe you should. The extra calories are literally what the doctor ordered. If you are going to work for us, we are going to need to fatten you up. That’s what rectify means.”

Sophia nearly spat her own drink out at this and waited for the explosion. To her mother’s shock and delight, Marenka simply nodded. “Makes...sense...I...guess. How...much...”

He shrugged and looked at Rosa. She did some quick mental cyphering. “Based on her height-about twenty-five should do it, I think.”

Leblouh looked deeply into her eyes. “If you wish to work for me you must agree to this. You hear me-you must do this. If not, I will thank both for your pleasant company and bid you a disappointing adieu. I must warn you once more, that no one else of merit will hire you either. It is both illegal and unethical.”

You could have heard a pin drop as Mareka pondered her situation. Without warning, she reached over and pinched Rosa’s love handles then stroked her belly. “You should not be ashamed of your body. You are very beautiful in your own way.”

Rosa jumped a bit but added. “Thank you, but just for the record I am not the least bit ashamed of my figure. You know; I think we could be friends, but you have to agree.”

Marenka smiled and nodded.

Leblouh was not satisfied. “If you agree to the terms, you need to say it out loud. Please”

“Yes. That will be fine. I will not object to twenty-five....”

The Doctor clapped his hands again. “Splendid. Rosa if you will do the honours, I need to speak with Sophia in private.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 4

In seconds, both women were off before Sophia could even protest. “ did you do that?”

He whispered. “Rosa put a sedative in her drinks, to make her more...compliant.”

“You drugged my daughter? Now wait a minute-you had no right...”

Medicated is more appropriate term. But be assured she is in safe hands. And we will fatten her up.”

Sophia protested. “Twenty-five pounds won’t be enough...”

“Relax, I know that. In any case, I believe Rosa meant kilos. And that would be the minimum. To really regain her health, I would estimate she would need to add 15 kilos on top of that.

Sophia scoffed. “I would have been satisfied with simply keeping her alive. If you can really do that, then you can finish my job.”


“I told you before. I want to fatten her up for marriage.”

“I see. So what is your goal?”

She pondered a moment. “If you could fatten her up to oh-150, it would be my wish come true.”

As before, he warned. “Be careful what you wish for. Even at her height, 150 would make her quite plump, you see. She doesn’t need...”

She interrupted. “My mind is made up. No half-measures. Once she is fat enough, she can forget about all this college and modelling nonsense. The b**s will do the rest.”

“You know...times have changed. It may be difficult to find her a husband once she is at that...proportion.”

“Not for the right young man. Already have the perfect candidate in mind, to be honest. Can you do it or not?”

“Of course. It just takes some time. The die is cast, so to speak. Now, we have some paperwork to finish.”

He took out a contract. “This is the commitment and clinic agreement. As I said earlier, I could actually take her for 30 days psychological evaluation, with a co-signature of another doctor. But it’s easier if a relative does it. Plus, it means I will get my fee.”

Sophia scanned the documents and suddenly asked. “Fee?”

“Of course. Surely you don’t think I work for free, do you? I will underwrite the cost of your travel and stay here from my own pocket, but I still have expenses to meet.”

“Oh. Well...I have insurance, of course. How much we talking about?”

“Per diem is $5-6000. Add 20 to 30% for medications, and that will cover it.”

“So we’re talking $7000-8000? That should be fine.”

He looked her over. She was still an attractive woman, at 40. Bit hippy, but her 42DDs compensated.

He motioned her to stand. He slid closer and she was shocked as he first rubbed, then pinched her soft, prominent belly. She jumped a bit as one hand cupped her breast. “Still firm. You know your husband is a fool. You are a delightfully beautiful woman. You were right, earlier. Some men do appreciate a more womanly shape.”

Blushing, she waved him off. “Oh you are just saying that.”

He smiled. “Well if you are amenable, we have another room available at the clinic. We could arrange for some liposuction if you like?”

She shook her head. “I told you before. I like being fat and I want my daughter to have the same opportunity.”

He smiled lasciviously. “You know what I said about some men preferring a figure like yours? I must confess that I count myself among that number.”

Sophia smoothed her dress seductively over her frame. “Why doctor, if I didn’t know better, I would think you were making a pass at me. Isn’t that a bit unethical?”

Leblouh shrugged. “You are not a patient, if that is what you mean. But if you wish to review the documents and discuss further, I have an excellent bottle of wine in my fridge.”

Sophia blushed. “You certainly are bold. I-I could never be seen accompanying a man I just met to his room.”

Standing, Leblouh nodded and slid an extra key card across the table. “I understand your need for discretion. There is a small chore I need to look after. If I were to appear in shall we say...twenty minutes? If you are not there, I will understand. But you must leave the signed documents, or our arrangement is concluded.”

Sophia watched him walk away and eyed the key for but a few seconds. It had been some time since any man had expressed interest in her. And a handsome French doctor at that. She headed inside and looked for the elevators.


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 5

Seven days later. Leblouh’s car picked up Sophia at the airport. The chauffeur drove her to a small clinic in the outskirts of Acapulco.

The doctor was in the front lobby to greet her. The formalities dispensed with, he directed her to the main cafeteria.

Marenka was there, eating lunch apparently. She was clad in only a sports bra and running shorts. Sophia could tell she had changed, but instead of waiting for the details, ran up and hugged her. “I missed you so much, but look what a week has done for you.”

For her part Marenka snorted. “A week. Hmm-maybe you better lay off the tequila for the rest of today? We’ve only been here since this morning.”

Leblouh tried to get her attention but Sophia pressed further. “Oh honey, you look wonderful. How much have you gained?”

The younger woman puzzled. “Gained? I’ve gained? Gained weight? What are you saying, mother?”

The doctor came over and shushed her. “It’s okay, dear. Only a joke, it’s all fine.”

But she had gained. The doctor whispered. “Not now. We’ll talk. Marenka, dear. I’m just going to talk to your mother for a bit. Finish your lunch, please.” He reached into his pocket for just a moment.

Marenka’s facial expression changed immediately. She flushed and began to grin from ear to ear. She sat down dutifully and Sophia gasped again at the meal. There were two burgers and a piece of pie, as well as a chocolate shake. Sophia beamed, as Marenka gorged herself greedily, moaning softly as she progressed. Her daughter was consuming more calories in one meal than in a week at home and more importantly, seemed to be actually enjoying herself.

Leblouh guided Sophia into the lobby and advised. “She is at a fragile state right now. Please don’t mention her gain or her eating habits.”

“Okay. But give me the details.”

“As of 0700 she is up to 52 kilo-114 pounds if you prefer.”

Sophia covered her mouth. “No. That’s more than 20 pounds.”

Leblouh did a quick calculation in his head. “26 to be exact.”

“In a week? No. That’s impossible!”

Leblouh shrugged. “As you can see, clearly it is not. Look at how much she is eating. That is her third helping, by the way. She is making good progress.”

“But how? No one could possibly eat that much in a week, surely.”

“Our methods involve some emotional and subconscious conditioning. It’s approved, but a trade secret I’m afraid. Becasue she is so tall, her BMI is still under 15, but she started with as close to zero body fat as a woman can be and still be alive.”

“If I had not seen with my own eyes, I never would have believed it. Is this dangerous?”

He shrugged a bit. “Weight gain at this rate can be a bit hard on the liver, but now that she has improved, we can take it slower.”

Sophia shook her head. “No it’s my turn now. I’ll be so happy to get her home to finish the job. How can I thank you?”

He whitened a bit. “That was not the arrangement...”

She interrupted. “So sue me. I want to fatten her up with my own cooking. Otherwise I don’t feel like a good mother.”

“Please madame. There will be no need to resort to legal proceedings. Your daughter is not a prisoner here and is free to come and go as she pleases. But you should not take her home. She is not ready.”

“You said yourself she is out of danger.”

“I said nothing of the kind. We merely pulled her back from the abyss, but she is far from safe. In fact, one wrong word or even a TV advert, could push her right back over the edge. The physical healing is much quicker than the emotional. Perhaps a demonstration?”

He guided her back to Marenka’s table where the young woman had just finished the last of her (third) meal. She sat back, stroked her belly and purred with pleasure. “Oh that was good.”

Leblouh nodded as Sophia suggested. “Perhaps another shake?

Marenka shook her head. “Another what? Are you crazy? Do you know how many calories are in one of those? I would never even drink one, let alone more than that.” She then sat motionless, with a blank expression, staring at the evidence of her recent gluttony without acknowledging it in the slightest.

“Let me try” said the Doctor. “Marenka honey, there is no need to be rude to your mother. Will you do as she asks?”

“No.” Marenka shook her head. “She wants me to get fat. I won’t do it.”

Sophia was about to speak when Leblouh shushed her. He reached into his coat pocket while suggesting “Don’t do it for her. Do it for your career. You agreed to put on some weight, yes?”

She pondered a moment and nodded with a still blank stare. “Yes. Fatter. I must get fatter...”

Bon. Then we are on the same how you, n’est pas? Now you have not gained an ounce all week and have not eaten at all today. This lack of cooperation must not continue. Your wish to be a model hangs in the balance. Will you fulfill the requirements we set out?” He reached into his pocket again and the young woman smiled.

“I am trying.”

“Well, you will never succeed, if you don’t try harder.” He reached into his pocket once again.

Suddenly she smiled and flushed. “Yes. You are right. I will try harder.”

“No more trying. You must do what is required. Now off you go. There’s a good girl.” He took out his phone for what seemed to be an awkward moment to check his email. “Sorry my phone has been buzzing a bit. I must check my messages.”

As Marenka rose, she let out a soft belch and rubbed her abdomen. Sophia could see her stomach was already quite distended. Meanwhile the young girl went back to fill her tray for the fourth time.

Sophia shook her head. “How did you do that? It’s like she is completely under your control.”

Leblouh nodded. “We have some medications and psychological treatments that break down her resistance. As you have seen, she has no idea that she has exceeded the agreed 10 kilos already or even how long she has been here. As long as she remains convinced that she is still thin, we could get her to any weight you desire.”

“Really. You think we can do that?”

“There is no “we” in this equation. As for your question, I don’t think you could ever fatten her up, but I know I can. You have just seen it for yourself, yes?

Sophia gasped a bit. “It all sounds like...brainwashing.”

Leblouh shook his head. “Medically, that term does not exist. But under the right conditions we are able to influence people’s perception. It will be fine. Gradually she will accept the situation-you will see. But if you take her away....”

Realizing he was not going to relent, Sophia sighed. “You win. Keep her here.”

Leblouh nodded. “You know best.”

“I do. And what’s best is for her to be fat like me.” Stroking the bulge of her stomach she added. “You get her up to 150. No less. And she’d better be happy about it. Like she is right now.”

He smiled. “Oh, I can assure you we can. And she will be happy. Will you?”

“Of course. This whole thing was my idea.”

He produced some more documents. “Sometimes people change their minds. You said 150 correct?” He wrote the figure in the blank and asked her to initial and sign the page. It was all in Spanish.

“What does it say?”

“It basically says what we have agreed to. We’ll do our part to get her to 150.”

“How long...”

He cut her off. “You should fly home in the morning. We’ll contact you when she is...ready to move on. Might I offer a suggestion?”

“Name it.”

“Well she will judge herself based in her current weight and compare to you. If you were to do likewise..?”

“Fatten myself up as well?” She felt her stomach bulge in resignation. She nodded. “Makes sense.”

He offered. “You know ....we should measure you up as well. Best to have a bench mark don’t you think?”

Sophia nodded as she looked about.

“Oh you thought I meant Rosa would do it. I was hoping to do the honours myself. It would also give us a chance to revisit our last encounter. Unless you did not enjoy it.”

Sophia whispered across the table as she grabbed his hand. “It’s all I have been thinking about for three days. Let’s stop wasting time.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 6

Three more weeks have passed. Sophia is eager to meet her daughter once more. This time she is driven to a high end hotel, on the outskirts of town. Very posh. Very private.

Leblouh wasted no time on formalities. He appeared in the lobby with Marenka on his arm. Sophia gasped as she took in the new look. Her once slim daughter had ballooned overnight.

Sophia shook her head. “Honey. What happened to you?”

“Mom...please don’t insult my intelligence by pretending you don’t know what is happening here.” Marenka frowned at her. “After all, it was you who brought me here to get fat in the first place.”

This was certainly a far different attitude from their last encounter. Mom blushed. “She knows? But how...?”

“The most obvious answer is usually the correct one.” Leblouh calmed her. “I told her the truth. “

“It’s okay mom.” Marenka chimed in. “Now that I’m getting used to it, I’m fine with it actually.”

Leblouh added. “I told you she was in good hands. Are you pleased, so far? We dressed her so you could see there is no deception.”

Marenka was wearing a skimpy string bikini. Even in a beach resort, she was an eyeful for passing men and the subject of scorn by nearby women.

Sophia looked her over. The gaunt, hollow features and prominent cheekbones had gone. In their place: a softer, rounder face with chubby cheeks and a hint of double chin.

The erstwhile stick-thin physique was but a memory as well. Four week ago, her hips had taped out at 30”. Now they had swollen to 42”, the soft globes jiggling in rhythm with the fat on her upper thighs.

But it was the middle that got the most attention. Her once-flat abdomen had lost its six-pack. She had a quite prominent pot belly, which accounted for her waistline increase from 18” to 33”. It poked out provocatively, bracketed by the beginning of love handles. A series of striated stretch marks enhanced the overall effect. If Sophia did not know better she would have assumed her daughter was six months pregnant.

Again flashing back to only a month ago; the young woman’s chest measurement was only 29”. Technically, she’d had no actual bust line to speak of, only a rib cage and skin. But now, a pair of 39DD breasts completed the ensemble. They were already sagging under their own weight and the skimpy top did little to either cover or elevate them. Sophia barely recognized her. She took the proffered sheet and read it over. It said weight...71.3 kg. She asked the doctor “How much is that in pounds?”

Leblouh took out his phone and did some quick ciphering, using the calculator function. “157 pounds, according to this.”

Sophia looked at her daughter again. “You are fine with this? This isn’t a trick to get me to take you home, so you can diet it off again?”

“No. I was too thin. You were both right. This is what a real women is supposed to look like. Look at my belly-how delightfully round and plump it is now. I intend to keep it full from now on and fulfill my end of the bargain.”

“I believe you.” Sophia was beside herself with glee. A delightfully fattened daughter, who was fully aware of the situation and was content to co-operate. “I can’t thank you enough.”

Leblouh suggested. “Perhaps dinner to celebrate?”

Sophia shook her head. “Maybe some other time. I’d like to take her home.”

Leblouh was going to protest, but Marenka chimed in. “Oh mother. You’ve been trying to fatten me up for years. The food here is to die for.” She stroked the soft bulge of her belly and licked her lips provocatively. “You are going to deny me this now?

Leblouh added. “Your flight is not until tomorrow, in any case. Please. My treat. I have wanted to spend some time with you, as well.”

Sophia marvelled at how much her daughter could put away. It was not even dinner time so they went to the buffet for lunch. Marenka was still eating after an hour when Rosa appeared.

Leblouh suggested to Sophia they go for a walk and let Rosa tend to Marenka. The walk of course ended up in Leblouh’s bedroom.

They rose just in time for dinner but Marenka and Rosa were already there. Clad in an already too tight halter dress; Marenka apologized that she had started without them. She had already had four entrees and half a dozen smoothies by this time. Nevertheless, she managed to eat an entire roast chicken and two pieces of lasagna, just to be sociable. By now her belly was sticking out so far Sophia was worried she would explode.

Sophia nudged her co-conspirator. “I think she has had enough. Is there any chance you can do something to spread it around?”

Leblouh chuckled and whispered. “Don’t worry it is not all fat. She has been getting some muscle relaxants which allow her stomach to stretch more easily. She will not eat any more than she can handle. Once it is digested the rest will catch up soon enough.”

On her third dessert, she finally paused to say. “Eating like this is so pleasurable. Honestly, feel ashamed for denying myself for so long.” Finally sated, she belched and drifted off to sleep in her chair.

Sophia was going to wake her.

“No. Please. It’s part of the process. Once she is done, it will be more natural. Rosa can take her to her room and we can have some time to ourselves. I would like to take you dancing...”

Sophia cut him off. “What do you mean...done? We’re done now, aren’t we? Look at her. I need to get her back home away from temptation. If she keeps eating like this, she’ll weigh a ton.”

Leblouh sighed. “I was worried we might have a problem eventually.” He nodded at Rosa who reached into her purse and pulled out some documents.

It was the modelling contract both Sophia and Marenka had signed. “A ton would be absurd, although theoretically possible. But see here. You both agreed to 150 and we are not even half way there.”

Sophia reddened. “I don’t understand?”

Rosa explained further “This may have just been a ruse in your mind to get her here and....” She pinched the soft belly of her newest ingenue . “But this was all real to me. I wasn’t lying to you before. I represent a real modelling agency. And your daughter is really signed on with us.”

Sophia shrugged. “So? I think she will love the work. What is the issue?”

Rosa added. “She has not gained the agreed weight yet. But she has made good progress, so it won’t be long now.”

Looking at Leblouh, Sophia wrinkled her brow in confusion. “We agreed to 150 pounds and you said yourself she was already at 157. That’s 7 pounds over the goal.”

“Sorry to disagree, but it is not.” Rosa pointed out one of the lines. “Read it for yourself. The documents indicate she needs to weigh 150 kg. You signed them. So did your daughter.”

“Kilograms? How much is that?”

Leblouh piped in. “330 pounds. You agreed to it.”

Sophia shook her head. “She’s too fat to be a model already. It will break her heart, but she’ll get over it eventually.”

Rosa offered “That is where you are wrong. We have an exclusive plus-size clothing company that is eager for us to get her there. They are already developing a line just for her. It will be magnifique n’est pas?”

“But I-I thought the modelling thing was a gag? You tricked that is.”

Leblouh shook his head. “The only subterfuge was yours. We told the truth the whole time.”

Sophia shook her head. “No. I’m happy with her the way she is. I’m taking her home in the morning. Don’t try to stop me.”

Leblouh sighed. “Marenka is not a prisoner. She is free to leave any time she likes. Please stay tonight, as my guests. I’m sorry this was not to your liking. Perhaps you will change your mind...”

“Absolutely not. Women her age are supposed to fight back a little-it’s not exactly the norm to be her size these days. She’s just too eager to do this. You’ve messed with her mind, I think.”

“Not really. I convinced her to gain weight the same way I did with you. How much have you gained my dear.”

Sophia blushed a bit but added. “About twenty pounds. Hey wait a minute you said you convinced her the same way. Have you been...”

Leblouh chuckled. “You misunderstand. I have done nothing untoward with your daughter. I meant I have used positive reinforcement to encourage her growth like I did with you. She is now convinced that the bigger she gets the more beautiful she becomes.”

Sophia still would not budge. “I am happy with her the way she is and we are going home tomorrow.”


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Chapter 7

“I see. So you think we have succeeded too much yes? My feelings are not hurt, but we regret the loss of her talent.” Leblouh shrugged it off and produced another form. “In that case, perhaps the minor matter of the bill?”

He passed the document over and she read it quickly, stopping at the bottom line.

MXP $4,480,000

Sophia shrieked so loud it temporarily woke Marenka out of her stupor.

“Four million bucks? This is insane. I can’t pay this!!!!”

Rosa shook her head. “No. Senora. That is Mexican pesos.”

“Oh. You scared me for a moment.” She took out her check book, as Marenka dozed off again.

“How much is that in US dollars?”

Rosa did the conversion. “$224,000. And if you are paying by check, we will need to get it certified of course.”


Leblouh explained. “We have had issues with bad checks you see. If it returned by your bank as insufficient funds, we will have no method to get you to pay from America. Shall we proceed?”

Sophia did not rise from her seat. “No point in that. I’ll tell you now, that I don’t have this kind of money available.” She tossed the invoice back across the table. “But it’s not my fault-you tricked me. You said $6-7000.”

Leblouh shook his head. “Read the documents you signed. It says $6-7000 per diem. You know that means per day, correct?”

Whitening, Sophia began to panic. “I do now. Omigod what am I going to do?” She began to cry softly.

“I have a suggestion.” Rosa offered. If she were still an employee, we could waive part of the fee. The rest we can deduct from her modelling salary once she starts. If...”

“If I-that is we-agree to let you fatten her up to twice her current size?”

“We are not the ones fattening her up. She is doing it on her own-you saw for yourself that no one is forcing her to do this. She likes it and wants to get bigger. You can ask her yourself, if you like.”

“Well I’m sure as hell not agreeing to 330 pounds. Will she even be able to stand up at that point?”

Rosa chided her. “Technically you already did. Both of you signed the contract. The invoice only pays for M. Leblouh. I have invested considerably in this venture too. You think a clinic and a resort like this is cheap? My return on this is a percentage of her modelling income. If she backs out now and there are no modelling fees, I will be considerably out of pocket. In fact we will all likely be sued for breach of contract.”

Sophia admitted defeat and nodded. “You win.”

She scooped up her groggy daughter as Leblouh handed her a key. “Room 728. Enjoy your stay.”

But Sophia had other plans. Rosa appeared at the door twice. Once at eight and just before midnight. Each time she brought an enormous tray of food and stayed until Marenka ate it. It did not take long. Marenka woke from her slumber and ate like the possessed. Sophia was now convinced that something was wrong and they need to get out of Dodge asap.

Once the effects of the midnight snack had worn off, she collected Marenka’s belongings and the two sped to the airport in a taxi. But there was a problem. Once in line, Sophia discovered that Marenka had no passport in her purse.

The suspicious airport police detained them and questioned them repeatedly. Sophia finally asked for someone from the US consulate. He gave good service, arriving in half an hour. But he had another police official in tow. And Leblouh was with them.

She pointed him out to the police. “That’s him. He has her passport, I think.”

They were shunted into a private room and Sophia tearfully explained. “We are being held here against our will.”

Lebouh shook his head. “Nothing of the kind. Rosa noticed you and your luggage were missing, when she brought Marenka’s 2 am snack. In fact, I am here because I suspected where you were going and brought this.” He handed over Marenka’s passport.

The envoy, Mark Dooley, looked back and forth. “I’d like to know what the hell is going on here.”


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Chapter 8

Sophia was a bit vague with the details and Dooley finally had enough. He looked at Marenka and asked point blank. “You seem to be the focus of this little drama. Let’s hear your side of the story.”

“Not much to tell. Mom thinks I’m too skinny.”

Dooley looked her over and raised an eyebrow. “Not from what it see. But what has that to do...”

“Let me finish please. Look at her. She’s tried and failed to fatten me up to look like that for ages. So she thought she tricked me into coming here, and hired Monsieur Leblouh to do it for her. Now that it’s all over in her mind, she’s trying to drag me back home to marry me off.”

Mr. Dooley blinked in astonishment as he looked at the other two participants. “Is this true?”

Leblouh nodded while Sophia sat blank faced. Marenka broke the silence. “See for yourself. I’ve gained nearly 70 pounds since I came here.” She lifted the hem of her blouse to reveal her plump belly.

The diplomatic representative probed further. “So this is a rescue operation? Well I can certainly help...”

Marenka shot back. “No you don’t get it. No one has forced me to do this or to stay here. I actually want to get fat. I’m of age and of sound mind, so I don’t need rescuing thank you very much. I’ve agreed to get myself up to 150 kg, and then I’m going to be a well paid plus-size model. The best help you can offer is to mind your own business and let me get on with it. That goes double for you, mom. Maybe you ought to rescue me from her, if you wish to feel useful. Or get me something to eat-I’m famished.”

Sophia pleaded “Mr. Dooley. She’s right-sort of. But something is wrong-it’s like she is under their spell. I didn’t ask for this.”

“Oh, but you did.” Leblouh pulled out his cell phone. On it were three audio clips. Each of them was a recording of their conversations, in which Sophia explicitly asked him to fatten her up to 150.

Sophia whitened. “You recorded our conversations.”

“I did. Among other things.”

She knew exactly what that meant, but did not want to discuss it in public.

Dooley shrugged “I’m not sure how I can help. There does not seem to be any crime committed here. In any case, I am not a police official.”

“But I am, and there has in fact been a crime”, the Mexican police officer added. “For trying to skip out on M. Leblouhs’s bill, I am afraid I will have to place you under arrest...”

Leblouh held his hand up to calm the situation. “I do not wish to press charges. No good will come from that. In fact, if you are worried about Marenka...I have become fond of you and would like to get to know you better. Please stay here. As my guest?”

Sophia scanned the faces and sighed. “Why should I trust you?”

Leblouh pouted a bit. “I was hoping you would stay because you enjoy my company as much as I do yours? In any case, you will be able to see our methods first hand and monitor your daughter’s well-being.”

Sophia nodded in agreement. At least if she was here she could come up with another plan.

Leblouh broke the silence. “Shall we be on our way?”

Marenka crossed her arms over her chest. “Nothing doing. I know how stubborn she can be. She will spend every waking hour trying to get me to quit and come home.”

Sophia stammered. “ You win. I will not interfere.”

Marenka shook her head. “Not good enough. I’m on board now, but you did trick me. You need to do it too.”

Rosa gasped. “No. She is too old. Oh sorry, I didn’t mean it that way.”

Marenka waved her off. “I don’t care if she ever walks the runway. She has to gain as much as me, or the deal is off.”

Leblouh jumped in.” I have another thought.” He took Sophia’s hand. “If you both stay in the hotel, I’m afraid Marenka is right. Let Rosa take her back to the clinic. In the meantime-you have your passport and luggage and we are already at the airport. Come away with me. Please?”

Sophia glared. “Why would I want to do that?”

“I want the woman I love to see where I grew up.”

“Love? You love me?”

“Since the first time we met.”

Sophia melted and sighed as she fell into his arms. “I love you too.”

“Then it’s settled.”

Dooley stood and moved to the door. “We’re done here. I am a busy man, so if you will excuse me?”

Leblouh offered. “Mr. Dooley? Perhaps a favour?”

Dooley shrugged. “I’m listening.”

“This may all seem strange to you but it is important that both you and Sophia trust that this is all on the up and down.”

Dooley snickered. “You mean on the up and up? How can I help?”

“Well I don’t really want to leave Marenka alone in a strange country. If you take her along with you, you’ll have time to see we are telling the truth.”

Dooley nodded. “That’s the first thing I’ve heard that makes any sense. What do you think ma’am?”

Sophia nodded. “I have no objections.”

“And you young lady?”

Marenka scowled at first. “How do I know this isn’t a trick to get me on the first plane home, when they leave?”.

“It’s no trick. And you will be safer with me, than anywhere else in the country. I will take good care of you”

Marenka nodded in agreement. Dooley stood and moved to the door. “We’re done here. I am a busy man, so if you will excuse us?” He handed a card to Leblouh adding “Call me when you get back and we’ll arrange to have her dropped off.”

Leblouh nodded. “Here-take this phone. If you push this button you can call me direct.” Taking the device, Dooley left the room with Marenka, quickly followed by the police.

While Sophia and Leblouh meandered over to the Air France counter to arrange a flight, Dooley escorted his young charge to the food court. She wrinkled her brow and asked. “Where are we going?”

Dooley smiled. “We are already here.”

She nodded. “But why?”

Dooley sighed impatiently. “I would have thought it was obvious. You said you were famished a moment ago. So eat. With no outside influences, I want to see if you are telling the truth about being on board with this weight thing.”

“Okay. You’ll see for yourself. Oh-I don’t have any money...”

“Let’s call it my treat. You tell me what and how much you want, and I’ll be happy to oblige.”

“Hmm. Let’s start with a pizza. A large one. See if they have shakes, to wash it down. Get two please-no three.”

Dooley did as requested. He made two more trips, the first for a family bucket of fried chicken, the second for two burgers with fries. Marenka sat back and rubbed her hugely distended belly and sucked back the remainder of what was eventually her sixth shake. “There is no one but us here; so I’m obviously not doing this to please anyone but myself.”

Dooley smiled slyly. “You really do want to get fat don’t you?”

She shook her head. “I think most people would consider me fat already.” The conversation was punctuated by a loud belch. “Oh excuse me, but that needed to come out. Just so you know, I want to be huge, and the quicker the better. Probably gained a couple pounds just on this. Satisfied?”

Nodding, Dooley asked. “Are you? We really need to get going.”

Marenka nodded. “Sure-I’ll just use the ladies first.”

As she disappeared, Dooley picked up the phone and pushed the button. “It’s me-can you talk?”

The voice on the other end said.”Yes, but not too long. Any news?”

“I’ve never seen anyone eat like that.”

“Did you have to use the device?”

“Nope. I think if I left her here all night, she’d eat till she burst.”

“That is why she was left in your care. I think she is ready for the next phase. By the way your role playing skills are in peak form. You shall be handsomely rewarded for this one.”


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Chapter 9

Marenka fell asleep in the car for most of the journey between the airport and...wherever. She woke up just as they slowed to enter a long drive. When they had proceeded about ¼ mile, the vehicle stopped in front of a 20-foot high concrete wall. It was topped with razor wire. In the dark, the only opening appeared to be an enormous metal gate.

The driver tooted the horn once and the gate opened. Marenka leaned closer to the window and then to her host. “What is this, some kind of fortress? We are in the middle of nowhere. I thought we’d be going to the embassy?”

Dooley chuckled and patted her arm. “The embassy is rather well secured as well. This is a dangerous country, you know. Kidnapping and murder is a way of life and life is cheap. You only see the country from your hotel vantage point. For example, that banquet you ate at the airport was chump change for me, but it’s a worth a month’s wages for the average worker here.”

“In any case I don’t live there, and there would be no accommodation for a visitor as yourself. This is my place. The walls and my security staff will ensure you will be quite safe from intruders here. And you will fit in perfectly.”

Marenka wrinkled her brow. “What do you mean fit in?”

“You’ll see soon. And trust me you’ll be happy.”

It occurred briefly to the young woman that it would be just as difficult to get out, should the need arise. That thought popped out of her head, as the car pulled into the garage of a magnificent manor style house. They stepped out and Dooley lead his guest into the sitting room. Despite the hour, a well dressed young Mexican woman appeared almost immediately. “Si patron?”

Dooley began to converse with her in fluent Spanish. She nodded profusely and Dooley turned to speak to Marenka. “How rude of me. Do you speak Spanish?”

Marenka shook her head. “No sorry. Is that going to be a problem?”

He shook his head. “This is Lupe. I have explained why you came here. Within reason she is at your beck and call. Any time of day for any reason. Perhaps a drink? It will help you sleep.”

Marenka nodded. “Margarita?”

Lupe left to fill the request. “Please sit.”

“Oh-okay but just for a moment. It’s late and I’m tired.” .

Lupe reappeared with a Margarita and what looked like a Scotch on the rocks for her employer. He lifted his glass and offered. “Cheers.”

Marenka sipped her drink, but it tasted funny so she put it down. “Something wrong with it?”

She shrugged. “Maybe all that food I ate has turned my stomach a bit.”

“Oh that’s too bad. That will make Lupe’s job a bit harder.”

“Excuse me?”

Suddenly he pulled a cell phone out of his pocket and looked at it. “Sorry, I need to answer this. Wait-it’s a voice mail. I think it’s for you. I’ll play it again.”

Putting the phone on speaker, he played the message. “Marenka. This is Dr. Leblouh. I need you to listen and obey Mr Dooley just like you did for me. He is going to help you reach your goal, but you must cooperate and do everything he says. Good luck and we will see you soon.”

Returning the phone to his pocket, Dooley looked up at his guest. She was now sitting stone still gazing at him. “Now. Let’s try again. Drink your drink. There’s a good girl.”

She sucked it back this time and he commented. “That’s more like it.” Without any prompting, Lupe appeared with another. He motioned to drink it as well. Then a third.

Lupe waved her hand in front of their guest, then took her hand. She pulled a straight pin that he had stuck in her lapel and jabbed it in to the top of Marenka’s thumb. She didn’t even blink or flinch. Lupe pulled a small bandaid from her pocket and dress the tiny wound. “She is ready patron.”

“That’s my girl. Have a seat please.” Marenka did as instructed as Lupe strolled out. He shot her a passing glance and offered “Bring them. All of them. Wait for my signal though.”

Returning to his guest he added.” You know-I mentioned earlier that this was a dangerous country. All sorts of ne’er do wells. Probably best not to take things at face value.”

She was going to speak, but he put his hands to his lips and shushed her. “I talk-you listen.”

“Anyway as I was saying. You and your mother both assumed I worked at the embassy in Acapulco; simply because I told you that? Well sorry to tell, I don’t. We don’t even have an embassy there. As for your Doctor friend. I keep telling him not to use that silly name. Do you even know what Leblouh means?”

She shook her head, but displayed no outward signs of alarm.

“Some West African peoples traditionally prize voluptuous woman such as yourself. In fact, they go out of their way to fatten up prospective brides, by force feeding them in seclusion. The practice is guessed it. Leblouh.”

“You’ve done very well up to now. It would be a shame not to see this process to its logical conclusion, which is not what you had hoped either. I’m sorry to tell you that there is no modelling agency. But you are in good hands here.”

“Stand up please. Come closer.” She approached and he ordered. Take off your clothing. All of it. Now please”

Without hesitation, she disrobed completely, remaining motionless and silent. He began to poke and prod her all over. “Yes a good start.” He cupped her breasts and felt their weight. “Still firm.” He ran his hand down her pot belly, still bloated from the meal she had consumed only a short time ago. “We’ll need to stretch this out a bit more, so you can be fed at more regular intervals for sure. But let’s get a professional opinion. LUPE!”

The Latina employee had been hovering in the other room. When she appeared she was carrying a tape, calipers and small bathroom scale. With practiced motions she quickly got Marenka’s latest measurements. Her waistline had grown to 35”, but that was just temporary and it would shrink as the earlier meal was digested.

Dooley asked her. “How much did you weigh this morning.”

“157 pounds.”

“Well you were right about one thing. My hard-earned money did put a couple more on you. You weigh 160 now. Does it please you?”

Marenka shook her head. “Not really.”

Dooley was a bit taken aback. Maybe the sedative was wearing off. But his fears were allayed when she added. “I’m supposed to be 330 pounds. No less. I need to get bigger. Dr. Leblouh was helping me...”

“Ah. So if someone else were you, would that be alright?”

“Yes. That would please me.”

“Splendid. Then you need to ask nicely. Say please fatten me up.”

Marenka did not bat an eye.”Please fatten me up.”


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Chapter 10

Dooley clapped his hands in glee. “Happy to oblige. Fortunately, Lupe here is an expert in the process. Let me show you.” He snapped his fingers and eight young women walked in. They were tall short, brunette, redhead, blonde. One black, one...Japanese perhaps? Most appeared to be in their mid-twenties. They had two other things in common. Like the newest arrival, they were all naked as the day they were born. And they were fat-impossibly fat. The smallest was the Japanese girl, who still made Marenka look like a stick insect. She was only about 5 feet tall, but she must have weighed at least 400 pounds. The largest, a blonde nearly as tall at herself, was positively globular. Marenka gasped when she saw her.

“Ah you like Inga yes? There are all tourists who ended up in a Mexican jail for one reason or another. Inga tried to skip out on her hotel bill. I bought her 3 months ago, from the chief of police for $500. By the way none of these girls are here unwillingly. They all volunteered just to get out of jail. If you have ever seen a Mexican jail you would understand what I mean.”

He reached into his pocket and showed Mareka a passport. “Here’s what Inga looked like when she arrived. A tall, striking 25-year-old grad student, from Heidelberg.

“I actually liked her like this. She cleaned up real nice, so I kept her here as my girlfriend. She was young and strong, so she could fill in part-time as Lupe’s assistant. But she kept breaking my trust, with repeated escape attempts. She knew too much by then, so it was either get rid of her or....”

Lupe showed Marenka her chart. The latest entry:

Weight 330 kg. (680 pounds)

Bust: 203 cm (81”)

Waist: 388 cm (155”)

Hips: 218 cm (87”)

The erstwhile student was unrecognizable from the waif in the passport photo. Her facial features were completely distorted by bulges now. Her cheeks had plumped up into softball-sized hemispheres, which simultaneously sagged yet forced her upper eyelids half closed. Her neck and chin(s) had swollen into a single monolithic transition southward. In fact the fat under her chin prevented her from looking down more than a few degrees at this point. Even swivelling her head was laborious now, as the rolls of fat chafed against each other.

German girls have always had a reputation for being busty, but Inga gave the term new meaning. Having a 203 cm chest measurement was somewhat due to the 3” thick layer of back fat she had developed. Her sagging, but well developed “back boobs” were actually larger than Marenka’s real ones. But not to fear. She had boob flesh to spare up front as well. Unless she lay on her back, Inga could no longer reach far enough to touch her own nipples. Imagine stacking 3 basketballs on top of each other, and that would give you some idea of the diameter and projection. The two mammary glands alone accounted for nearly 100 pounds of Inga’s current weight.

But the hips were even bigger. Her upper thighs were engorged to 66” diameter at their largest point. That was bigger than Marenka’s hip and bust measurement combined, only a few short weeks ago. It meant that Inga needed to waddle with that exaggerated splayed stance that mega fat woman use to give space to their inner thighs and minimize chafing.

Moving up from the thighs, they melded into an impossibly large bum. Each of her cheeks was easily twice as big around as her boobs. They projected out 18” from the small of her back. Even the slightest movement sent convulsive ripples up and down the expanse of fat. The surface of her body between knees and spine was also well dimpled, evidencing the inevitable formation of cellulite on one so huge.

A sudden rumbling drew attention to the piece de resistance. Inga’s belly had at least provided some support for the massive breast tissue above, which rolled back and forth atop a convenient fatty shelf.

But a 155” belly needs to go somewhere, and in this case gravity set the pace. Although her paunch was still relatively quite firm, it projected out 2-1/2 feet from her abdomen. In fact, if she got down on her hands and knees it would touch the ground. Even standing, it was threatening to do so. The lower of three folds extended half way between her crotch and knees. But it rumbled for attention again.

Inga begged piteously. “Bitte Mein Herr. Ich muss etwas zu essen haben. Sofort bitte?”

Mareka asked. “What is she saying?”

Dooley shrugged. “I don’t know. The process seems to have removed her English skills. But She usually only speaks when she wants food. And the stretching process ensures that is pretty well all the time.”


Perhaps a demonstration is in order. Lupe if you would please?

Lupe led her charge over to the sofa and helped her to lie down.

She went into the other room and returned a few minutes later with a five gallon pail and a funnel.

She stuck the funnel into Inga’s mouth. Oddly enough she did not resist. In fact she helped pop up the device as best she could. The fat on her upper arms meant she could barely reach her own mouth now.

Slowly at first Lupe began to pour a whiteish, thick, syrupy slurry into the funnel.It smelled awfuland looked worse but Inga gulped it down will ever more frenzied moans. Careful not to spill the entire contents were gone in less than two minutes. Lupe reached down and felt her belly, then caressed Inga’s face. The girls looked a bit distressed as Lupe left.

Marenka asked “Is she alright?”

“No. She is still hungry.But we will fix it.”

Lupe appeared with two more pails. This time she poured a little quicker and about half way through, Inga squirmed a bit but did not complain. Despite the size of her belly, Marenka could see a noticeable size increase with each swallow. “There you see. Each time we feed them we give them a little more. Usually it’s a night feeding, so they aren’t even aware. By the way she will gain ten pounds from that.”

“We’ll do this again before she leaves. Be nice to get her to an even 700 pounds. It’s cost me a bob or two to get her like this, but we should see 50 grand profit when she goes tonight.”

“What about it Liebchen? You ready to meet your new husband?” It was too late. Inga was fast asleep now.

He turned to the rest of his “guests” “Go back to your rooms and sleep. Lupe will feed you all in due course. But first-the third pail.”

Marenka blanched a bit and asked. “Is she really going to drink another pail of that crap-whatever it is?”

“That crap as you call it, is merely vegetable oil, powdered milk and molasses. We add a few enzymes to make it easier to digest and some sedatives to ease the stretching pains. It stinks because the enzymes are digesting it before we even finish mixing it up.”

“As to your question. Sit in the recliner over there please.” Marenka obeyed without question.

“Tilt the chair back-little more like at the dentist. That’s good. Inga is not going to drink that. You are. On one condition.”

Marenka whitened a bit but did not move. She did not ask what the condition was so he helped. “Tell me again, so Lupe will know for sure. Do you want us to fatten you up?”




“Say please.”

“Please fatten me up. Just get it over with I am so hungry now.”

He nodded at Lupe, who simply said “Abra su boca. Por favor.”

When nothing happened Dooley translated “It means open your mouth. Remember that and do it every time.”

Marenka promptly opened her mouth and instead of the expected funnel Lupe poured a small phial of liquid down her throat. Dooley ordered. “Do not spit that out.It will deaden your taste buds and has a relaxant to ease the discomfort of the stretching.”

Lupe waited a minute or so and expertly began to pour the disgusting fluid into her “patient”. After she got about 3 gallons into Marenka, Lupe felt her belly. It was rock hard. Lupe looked up at the boss, advising. “No mas patron.”

Dooley nodded. “Go see to the others and see how much she will take in-oh let’s say, 2 hours?”

He looked at Marenka and smiled. “Sleep it off for now my little dumpling. Just like you asked for, Lupe is going to fatten you up. Oh by the way-330 pounds? That is just the beginning my dear. You will see. Then we shall sell you to the highest bidder. Your mother too, most likely.”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 11.

Four weeks have passed.

Sophia asked why they were stopping at the resort. “Why are we going here? I miss my daughter-can’t we go get her first?”

“Mr. Dooley was kind enough to arrange her transport this morning. She is already there waiting for us.”

The four weeks had been wonderful, but murder on Sophia’s figure. For some reason she could not stop eating; but now did not seem to mind.

Sophia rubbed her newly plumpened belly, and sighed. “Marenka is getting her wish. I hope she is prepared to be shocked.”

Leblouh shook his head. “I think you had better prepare yourself instead. You will see shortly, my dear.” They walked to a secluded part of the beach. Rosa was taking rapid fire snapshots of Marenka in a barely there bikini....bottom. Her daughter was posing topless.

At least she thought it was her daughter. Marenka had absolutely ballooned in the month they were gone. Sophia stopped the session and pinched her daughters paunch OMG. “How big are you now?”

Rosa was helpful. She handed a chart to Sophia and pointed to the bottom line. That was as of today.

The numbers read off

Hips: 145 cm (58”)

Waist: 158 cm (63”)

Bust: 170 cm(68)

The numbers really had no meaning to Sophia. It was the visual that did the trick. Marenka’s face was so round now that she had to take everyone else’s word that this was really her daughter.

Marenka was wearing the skimpiest of bikini bottoms. It might as well have been a bandaid. The narrow strip of cloth could not hope to cover the huge expanse that was now her ass. It front it was actually not even needed. The apron of her belly and the crease between her thigh and waist served to hide the gold lame fabric completely.

Even thinner, Marenka had once been bottom-heavy. No longer. The former anorexic beanpole had changed into a top-heavy goddess. Her H-cup bazooms captivated the eye. Unlike the unfortunate Inga, they were firm, steady, even perky. One could have been easily convinced that the twin torpedoes were enhanced by silicone. But not so.

Sophia wrinkled her brow and admonished her daughter. “You should not be cavorting outdoors half naked like this. I raised you better. Cover yourself up girl.”

Marenka giggled. “I am not cavorting, mom. I’m posing-for photos. That’s what they are paying me for after all.”

Sophia looked at Rosa. “This is not what we discussed. She was supposed to be modelling clothes for some fashion company.”

“Actually she is. The bikini was part of the line. It’s just that some of her development went faster than expected. She gained two cup sizes in a week.”

Marenka hefted her bobs for a moment and smiled. “Takes a bit of getting used to all this weight on my chest. Rosa thinks they will double in size soon.”

Sophia chimed in. “Let’s talk about that. Her weight. I guess she’s completed her side of the bargain if you are already taking pictures.”

Rosa shook her head. “Not quite. She pointed to the chart again. 138 kilo now-er 305 pounds.”

Sophia gasped. “She’s gained nearly 150 pounds in less than a month! More than 5 pounds a day. How is that even possible? I must be dreaming.”

The youngest of the three women smiled. “At first I thought I was dreaming too-a nightmare in fact. I was worried I would be miserable being this big. But now I’m beginning to get used to it. It’s kind of fun actually.”

Mom asked anew. “You like being this fat?”

“Absolutely. And no less than you like being that fat. I can see by the size of that belly bulge that the food on your trip was agreeable.”

Rosa nodded. “But you have 15 kilo to go. Then we will pay you for the pictures we have already taken.”

Marenka shook her head. “No. We need to level with mom.”

Sophia blanched as she asked “Level with me? About what?”

Rosa cleared her throat. “You see we got the contract from the clothing company based on a head shot and a promise. They did not realize how tall she was.”

Sophia shrugged. “So?”

Leblouh stepped in. “I think I understand. Even 150 kilo gets lost on someone so tall. They just don’t want a woman who is fat. They want one that looks fat-you know rounder.”

Sophia shook her head. “If she gets any rounder she’ll be a sphere. I forbid it.”

Marenka scowled. “Might I remind you that it was you that got me into this? Anyway it’s not up to you. They asked for 200kg and I’m going to see they get it.”

Sophia shook her head. “Do you have any idea what you will look like at 200 kg?”

Rosa clucked and put her arm on Sophia’s shoulder. “No. You don’t understand. They want 200 more. When we are done with her she will weigh 350kg.”

Sophia was getting better at doing the math. “That’s what-770 pounds?”

Marenka did not bat an eye. “Yep. Just think how big my boobs will be then.”

Suddenly Sophia felt a bit faint. Leblouh reached into his pocket and suddenly she smiled. “Yes. Well don’t let me stop you. I think I have some jet lag. Maybe I should lie down?”


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Sep 13, 2007
Chapter 12

She was wakened by Leblouh, who mentioned. “It’s 10pm- maybe a late supper?” For her part, Sophia made three trips to the buffet and followed up with 2 desserts.

She leaned back in her chair and rubbed her swollen belly. “Oof. I ate too much. Again. I’m setting a poor example for my daughter. I’ll end up as big as her if I don’t take care.”

Leblouh reached out and stroked her belly. “Would that be such a bad thing?”

Sophia glared at him. “Look I know I have a problem with will power. Look how much I ate just today. But Marenka must have eaten non-stop, to get so big so fast.”

He shrugged. “We can show you the secret, if you wish.”

Sophia pondered a moment and shook her head. “Not sure if I would like it.”

He reached into his pocket and replied. “Au contraire. You will enjoy every moment of it. But first. Another dessert.”

Without another word, Sophia strode over and got a piece of coconut cream pie. Once complete Leblouh took her hand and ordered. “Now come along. I have something to show you.”

He led Sophia to a suite on the top floor. It was dimly lit and after her eyes adjusted, Sophia could see that Marenka was on a recliner with a small screen in front of her, and headphones in her ears. She seemed to be in a trance-like state.

Not only that, there was a tube in her mouth connected to a pump and reservoir of a whitish fluid. It was being slowly pumped down the young woman’s throat. Her already plump belly was even more distended than usual and she moaned audibly now.

Sophia panicked “What the hell is this?”

Lebouh smiled. “You wanted to know how we fattened your daughter up so fast? The food she eats during the day provides a cover story; plus it reinforces habits that will stick once this is over. This is our method. You said you wanted to see it. Et voila. The liquid is a special mix of enzymes and oils that put weight on quickly. Plus we stretch out her belly so she can hold more every day.”

Sophia was on the verge of tears. “She is in pain...listen to her.”

“No. Those are moans of pleasure. We have fattened up young women like this for years.”


“Yes. Myself, Rosa and....”

Dooley. No wonder he was so eager to take Marenka with him. Bastard!”

“That is your opinion of course. But I must advise yet again both you and your daughter asked for this. You saw it yourself today.”

“Previously we just used the sedatives and psychological conditioning. But a number of women either ended up shaking it off eventually and leading miserable lives, or being sedated indefinitely. I have developed a better way; that ensures happiness for life.”

He continued “Marenka is the second subject of an...experiment. You see, we have implanted tiny microchips in each nipple and in her...groin. Plus one at the top of her spinal cord. The images and sounds are those of fat women eating and being pleasured. At the same time, we send signals to her brain that release her own body’s pleasure hormones. Trust me, she is enjoying every second of this. She will get pleasure from eating and being fat for the rest of her life.”

Sophia turned white. “I knew something was wrong with this setup. I’m calling the cops.”

“Oh? I think not.” He pointed to the other side of the room. “We have a duplicate setup all ready to go.”

She blanched “No way. Besides I’m not letting you put any of those chip thingies in me. I’ll scream.”

Leblouh reached into his pocket and pulled out the remote he used for on the spot control. She smiled and gasped at the same time as a wet sensation developed between her legs.

“You see my dear. It’s too late to say no. I mentioned that your daughter was the second subject. Who do you think the first one was?”

Sophia shook her head. “No. I would know wouldn’t I?”

“Not if I didn’t want you to. The chips are small enough to implant with a syringe.”

She began to quiver. “When?”

“That first afternoon. I put a little something in your champagne first.”

“Then all was a lie?”

“No. I really do love you. I didn’t bargain in that. And for the most part everything you’ve done is by your own accord.”

Sophia gasped as she grabbed her belly. “Except this. I was thinking of going on a diet when I got home the first time. This is you isn’t it? You’re fattening me up too. But why?”

“The simplest reason on Earth.” He grinned. “I liked you right away, but now even more.”

Sophia went to slap him and to her surprise, he let her. “I expected that reaction. Hoped for it, actually. Shows you have spirit. But even a wild horse must be tamed to be of use.”

He pressed the button on his remote. “There will be no further objections.”

She nodded. “Yes. I will do as you say.”

“Splendid. Now we will wait for Rosa to finish with Marenka, and we will begin the final phase of our adventure.”


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Sep 13, 2007

Sophia was as good as her word, in one sense. She became an eager assistant and had helped fatten her own daughter up to a mammoth 792 pounds. She had also become quite the photographer. Rosa had had a sudden bout of appendicitis some weeks back. The removal procedure and recovery period had been longer than expected, but Rosa was a valued asset to Leblouh and Sophia was only too glad to help.

For her part, Marenka was having trouble posing for photos at this point. She could barely stand, let alone walk far. Leblouh assure her it was simply because she had gained so quickly. Her skeletal and muscle structure would catch up in time.

He sat watching, as the enormous young woman tried to corral her now 110-inch bust line into behaving. Each of the orbs weighed nearly as much as Marenka had weighed in total, when the adventure had started. There wasn’t a bra or bikini top on the planet that could tame or even survive that kind of mass. The only reason they didn’t sag past her belly was because it was even bigger. At 167” it meant she was more than 80” wide when standing sideways. As he mother had predicted, even at her height she was turning into a globe.

Her upper story was always jiggling at the slightest motion. It made her seem to be made of Jello. If it had not been for the counterbalance behind her she would have toppled over.

And what a counter balance. Like Inga before her, she’d developed huge drumstick thighs. They were 72” in circumference, nearly as round as she was tall. Her butt was equally huge, 93” of feminine blubber. It stuck out so fat now that Markenka had to sleep in a recliner.

It was for the best, because it was the most efficient way to feed her. Her upper arms were 40” around and so cumbersome and heavy she could only lift a couple bites at a time to her mouth. In any case, the 8” diameter jowls and hugely distended neck meant she had a great deal of trouble chewing. She was hooked on the liquid diet for life. She knew it and so did her mother but neither complained.

Marenka tied her best to strike another pose. Her top burst and the beach wrap she was wearing split in half at the same time. He tossed the young woman a large beach towel and offered. “ That’s it for today I think. Why don’t you go in and clean up a bit? Sophia you ready for the next feeding.”

She nodded. “15 minutes please? Just to get Marenka in safely.”

Leblouh nodded as he sat in his lounge chair watching Marenka waddle off as best she could, followed closely by her dutiful mother.

Rosa offered a toast. “She is getting so fat, she’ll be unable to walk soon. Time to call an end to it I think?”

Leblouh nodded. “Yes. The chips have performed better than anyone expected. She’s colossal, of course. But the second subject-that was the piece de resistance.”

Rosa sneered. “Sophia? Look at her. We wasted our time on her.”

Leblouh sipped his drink. “You could not be more wrong. For the most part all the girls I’ve fattened up so far did so willingly. They all must have had a deep-seated desire to get bigger.”

Rosa scoffed. “Of course they did. You only accepted the ones that agreed. Any that balked went back to jail.”

“I know that, but they could have lied too. The psychological conditioning could not force them against their will. Not really. Marenka was the first who had a phobia about her weight-yet you see the result?”

“But in reality the actual amount of gain is not the important consideration. There has been a breakthrough in the latest software. It does not just control one’s emotional state. I can control their will, their sense of right and wrong, even their reality. Essentially, I am re-programming their personality Once I get control of them, I could make them do anything. Jump off of a bridge, commit murder-anything.”

“Now, I can fatten someone up to any size I wish for their husband; and they will be happy about it for the rest of their lives. Not only will they cooperate, they won’t even realize it is happening.”

“What are you talking about? Sophia hardly gained anything since she got back from her trip with you, despite my best efforts.” Again, she scoffed. “Marenka is happy with her present weight of course, but she does know she is getting bigger every day. But the emir will be happy, too. I hope you doubled the fee? This time he will get a two-for-one deal.”

“No. Only one” he countered. “I did not tell him about Sophia, so he will not feel slighted. In any case, he would not prefer a woman with so many previous sexual encounters. I can verify personally that she will not pass that test.”

Rosa snickered. “I knew something was up between you two. You’re keeping her, aren’t you?”

Leblouh paused before replying. “Actually, I’m keeping both of them. A fattened mother/daughter combination would be the realization of a lifetime for me.”

Now Rosa was a bit concerned. “You cannot keep them both. We promised him a nice plump addition for his harem and they will be coming to get her soon.”

“Tonight, actually. And don’t worry. I have the perfect woman for him. A typical Catholic girl who saved herself for marriage. Since we had an extra participant and nothing to lose, I tried an experiment. It involved a lot of long nights, but in the end it paid off.”

“Paid off?” Rosa laughed. “Anyone can see it didn’t work. Sophia isn’t big enough for the Emir, even if we offered her. As you said, I put her on the fattening pump every night and it seems to have had no effect.”

“But don’t you see? I didn’t bring her on board so you could fatten her up. She was fattening you up. You consumed all those calories and she fed them to you.”

Rosa gasped. “No. It’s impossible.”

“Not really. Remember the night we brought them back from the airport?”

“How could I forget? I had an appendicitis attack in the middle of dinner, remember?”

“And it was removed yes?”

“Of course.”

Lift your blouse. Show me the scar.”

Humoring him she lifted her blouse enough to reveal her abdomen. “See? It’s right here..wait a moment it’s gone.”

“No it was never there at all. Simply a suggestion I put in your head. I put something in your drink and we used the next three weeks to get the chips in you and wait for the sites to heal. After that, the programming did the rest. You weigh just a little less than Marenka now. But you’ll catch up.”

Rosa stared at him in horror and disbelief. “That’s impossible. I would know.”

“I was worried about that, but so far so good.” He fiddled with an IPad and offered. “Look at yourself. I will lift the veil for a few minutes.”

Rosa looked down, and suddenly her view was masked by the swell of her enormous belly. She felt it then grabbed the melon-sized breasts she had grown to match. Her arms, her legs, even her fingers were impossibly plump now. She gasped. “Omigod it’s true. I’m huge. But why?”

“You said so yourself. I need a gift for the emir. That’s you. Not only that, I can retire with the money in our account.”

“Face it, there wasn’t much money in fattening these women up and selling them. There’s too many women from third world nations that would do it willingly just to get out of worse circumstances. With all the free content on the internet now, what we got for the videos barely paid the expenses. And no one was going to buy the chip technology in its original form either.”

“But now, I’ve received an unimaginable sum of money for the chips and mind control programming. Just for that reason I would need to disappear, for my own safety. So I keep my money, the girls come with me to enjoy it and you are the final package to the emir. Dooley is the only other loose end. But he is a professional criminal and knows how to keep his mouth shut. He knows nothing about the chips and will simply carry on as before. His continued activity will actually ensure our sudden departure does now throw suspicion on yours truly.”

As if on cue Sophia reappeared pushing a trolley. “Rosa dear-time for your lunch.”

Rosa was about to protest when the time elapsed for her epiphany. She sat in silence as Sophia fed her for nearly an hour.

Leblouh sighed. “Nothing left for you?”

“Don’t worry sweetie. I have more coming to our room. Will you feed it to me? I appear to be wasting away.”

“I would be delighted. But first we need to pack. We are leaving tonight. You, me and Marenka have a wonderful life ahead.”

“Mmm I can’t wait.” She looked down at the now-snoring Latina and asked. “What about Rosa? Is she coming too? I thought that she was going to help fatten me up when she got back on her feet.”

“Oh, don’t worry about her. Getting back on her feet will be enough of an effort as it is. In any case she has made plans to go abroad. As for your other concern, you leave that to me. It will be my pleasure.”



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