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Oct 3, 2005
With the UK's "Digital Economy Act 2018" ( and the US' SESTA law (, have the Mods at Dims considered what needs to change at Dims?

Since Craigslist dropped their 'Personals' section due to SESTA I'd say it looks like a Tsunami is on the horizon. The most worrisome aspect is the retroactive enforceability of the SESTA law.


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Jun 21, 2008
Thank you for the question HereticFA - it is indeed one we need to keep an eye on.

While I am all for preventing sex trafficking or sexual abuse and exploitation of minors - I fear laws like this will mainly lead to censorship of content that is reasonable between adults. And potentially push such content into the sphere of the dark net, which is where the real dangers lie, especially for child abuse.

As far as protection of minors goes, from how I see it, Dims has made considerable progress, especially in the Library section, to meeting standards.

Regarding sex-trafficking, despite not being very knowledgeable myself in the Paysite sphere - I highly doubt this is a real issue.
But I can see the risks of it being turned into one.

From how I read and assess - I also looked into some legal commenting - there are three main issues Dims will be facing imo.

One has already been one in the past - that is business partners for the financing side backing off, if a site comes into alleged conflict withsuch laws, or even only "moral" considerations.

The second one is establishing more stringent and verifiable age checks for membership - which could present a challenge.

Connected to the second one is the potential requirement of having to lock off the site. Which we had for a brief time in the past - and which led to the already low traffic almost coming to a standstill.

Difficult times ahead for all content the moral majority disapproves of.