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Dec 19, 2006
FYP = For You Page…there are two pages (more like channels) on TikTok, Following & FYP. Your Following page shows only videos by creators you have followed, regardless of date or topic. The FYP shows a mixture of videos from accounts you follow and content related to the algorithm. The algorithm looks at the content of the accounts you follow, current trending topics, and other random topics. If you watch videos multiple times, you will see more videos based on that topic. Also, blocking content and/or creators you don’t like effects your FYP algorithm as well.

“THAT Donna”? Should I be worried? 🤨 I know I had a few moments in the Hyde Park days arguing against misogyny, misandry, myopia and the willfully obtuse. But I really didn’t think anyone noticed, other than a handful of friends.

As for my hair color, it’s going to remain gray. I’ve earned every single one of them. 🙂

Thanks for the FYP explanation.
THAT Donna: naw, nothing to do with forum arguments. Oh I bet I got your curiosity up now. I'll send you a PM.
As for the hair: honey I bet I have more greys than you, even though the top is getting really thin. Grey hair for the win!


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Jan 7, 2017
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A friend got me hooked on TikTok last summer ( I don’t post, but I damn sure like to watch) and I started noticing video after video of guys saying they’re into “larger” or “plus size” women. These guys extoll the virtues of stretch marks, squishy tummies, and big booties, never specifically saying they’re FA directly. A bit of ambiguous language. And these are very conventionally attractive men, most of whom are young (20-40.) At first I thought “Hallelujah! Perhaps size acceptance is winning.”

I celebrated too quickly, however. More and more, it’s coming out that these boys are using BBW to earn followers and standing on social media. If they do actually date a fat women (usually on the smaller end of the fat spectrum, as close to the socially accepted norm as they can find*,) they still won’t do so publicly. I cannot decide what’s more disappointing, an FA who hides their preferences, or these false FA riding a trend? Either way, we’re still just objects.

*please note: I am not throwing shade at or putting down those women on the other end of the spectrum from me. We all have our preferences, but dammit, why is it so damned hard to own one’s own feelings? Apparently self awareness, like common sense, is a curse and not the blessing I believe it to be. 🤓

Actually, it seems like a form of madness that some people get from social media, and it's not isolated to just fat issues. For example, a normal guy in college decided to ask this girl he liked on a date (I heard this story about a year ago from someone online.) He turned the corner of the building, and there she was, so he asked her if she wanted to go out.

The girl's response was "Oh, my! I can't believe it! Can you come around the corner and say that again, so I can get it on my phone?"

Of course, he said no, and she got upset, so he took off and gave up on her.

The moral of the story is; the "friends" you meet online are, for the most part, not real friends, and their opinions when they upvote posts of yours don't necessarily mean anything in real life, so don't treat them like they matter more than real people. As this story indicates, some people can get so lost in social media, that they forget to keep their real lives separate.

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