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Aug 2, 2020
United States
DISCLAIMER: This story’s not meant to be realistic. At least not in terms of the weight gain and its rapidity. Enjoy!

by MathMachine4


I knock on the apartment door. I hear footsteps. Suddenly, the door is opened by a tall, red-headed woman. “Hi, Pizza Delivery for a Ms. Sarah Matthews.” I announce, holding three pizza boxes. “That’s me! Come on in!” The redhead says cheerily. Hesitantly, I oblige. Most customers don’t ask me to come inside, but then again, I’ve only worked here for a couple weeks. “Could you please set them on the coffee table over there? Thanks!” She requests sweetly.

The woman in question is a very tall 7 ft (213 cm). I, being only 5’6 (167 cm), find myself having to tilt my head up at an awkward angle to make eye contact. She also has long, curly red hair going down to her waist, and is rather skinny. She’s not over the top anorexia level skinny, but in that crop top, I struggle to find so much as an ounce of fat on her belly. She’s one of the small percent of people where, if she worked out, she’d probably have a six-pack. I should know because I also happen to be in that small percentage of people (although I actually do have somewhat of a six-pack). If I had to guess based on her looks, she must be in her early 20s.

After I set the pizza down, she says “Thanks, um...” “Um...?” “What’s your name?” “Oh, Pete. Short for Peter, either one’s good by me.” I say, a little fast paced and nervous. “Well, thank you, Peter. I’m Sarah. Short for, well, nothing really.” She says chuckling. “So, are you having company or something?” I ask. “Nope! It’s just me tonight! I was really hungry, and my friend at college said your restaurant was amazing, so I figured I’d check it out!” “Oh cool, what college are you going to?” “Madison State. I just did a gap year and I moved here a week ago.” “Get out of here! I’m going to Madison, too! It’s my sophomore year right now.” “Oh awesome! I hope we have some classes together!” “That’d be awesome! Oh, your total will be $18.09, by the way.” “Oh yeah, no problem.” She fishes out $25 from her wallet and hands it to me, “keep the rest as a tip.” She says cutely. “Thanks! Enjoy your food!” “Thanks!” She says, an excited grin on her face as she turns to the pizza boxes.

So, I drive back to work, deliver a couple more pizzas, and then go home to my dorm for the night. The next day, I go back to work around noon. About a minute into work, and there’s already a delivery order for 4 pizzas. I drive to the listed address. Once I get there, I get the sense I’ve been here before. It’s not until I knock on the door that I realize it’s the same girl from last night. “Coming!” She calls with a melodic tune. She arrives at the door, wearing a tank top and shorts. “Yay! Pizza!” She says enthusiastically.

“Yup! Sarah, right?” “Oh my god, Peter! What a coincidence, same pizza boy twice in a row!” “Yup! I take it you enjoyed your food last night?” “OH MY GOD, it was SO good!!! I fucking loved it! My only complaint was that it wasn’t very filling! That’s why I decided to order 4 pizzas this time.” “That’s awesome! Glad to see someone with a healthy appetite!” “Yup! I just hope it’s enough this time.” “I hope so, too! By the way, the total is $24.12.” “Right! Um...$2.40 tip, what’s that...” she digs through her wallet and gives me $30. “Keep the extra as a tip!” “Thank you, ma’am! Have a nice day!” “You too! Thanks for the pizza, Peter!” I walk out the door and drive back to work.

I thought that’d be all I’d see of her for that day, but that night, I get an order for 6 pizzas. Sure enough, it’s to the same address, and I’m greeted by the same tall red head and her cheerful welcome. “So, 6 pizzas this time, huh? I take it 4 wasn’t enough?” “Not even close! I mean, I LOVE this stuff, but they better make this stuff more filling! I don’t wanna starve to death!” she says, pointing to her somewhat bloated stomach. “I guess you just gotta find the right balance.” “You just be lucky the food you make is so tasty, or I’d be suing your boss for starving me to death!” she teases. Again, she pays for the food, making sure to tip generously, and we part ways. But, just before I leave, something kinda strange happens. “Wait, Peter!” she calls as I open the door. I look back, a quizzical look on my face. Her face is bright red. After a short silence, she speaks, “erm...I hope you have a nice day!” She says awkwardly. I smile. “You too, Sarah!”

I don’t really have any more work for the rest of that week. When Saturday rolls around, though, I’m back on the clock. Around noon, I get an order to deliver 10 pizzas. I take it to a familiar address. When I knock on the door, I hear a “coming!” from Sarah’s angelic voice. She opens the door. “Thank GOD! I’m STARVING!!” she says, using a fake groan for emphasis. My field of view is mostly clouded by 10 stacked pizza boxes, but I assume Sarah’s on the other side of the boxes, struggling to contain her excitement for the food she’s about to eat. She continues, “Would you mind setting those over on the coffee table? Thank you!” I proceed to enter the living room and set the multitude of pizza boxes on her table, careful not to trip or bump into anything.

Upon setting them down, I turn around to face Sarah, but am surprised to see a much different looking girl than the one I saw last week. She’s still just as ridiculously tall, she still has the same long, curly hair, but she’s not as thin as she was when I last saw her. The potential six-pack is now gone. In fact, her belly now bulges outward, forming a very thick pooch. At least that’s what I think it’s called, it’s one of those bellies where the bulge isn’t particularly noticeable from the front, but if you look from the side, you see she’s definitely thickened up. It doesn’t even look round per se, it looks more like her stomach has become thicker from front to back, and the extension just happens to be large enough to bulge over her pants.

I’m honestly in shock, she looks as if she’s put on 20 or 30 lbs (10-15kg) in the past week. And most of it, by the looks of it, went to her breasts. I didn’t even notice her breasts last I saw her, they seemed to be an A cup, maybe a B cup. But now...okay I’ll be honest, I don’t know what each bra size looks like. Regardless, her once petite boobs now bulge out significantly, pressing against her now tight crop top and causing a large, curvy protrusion. Even though she appears to have put on quite a good bit of weight, I still wouldn’t call her fat. If anything, her added curves make her even more attractive, at least in the conventional sense.

With my face no longer covered up by pizza boxes, her smile widens. “Oh my god, PETE! I haven’t seen you in a week!” she says, pulling me into a friendly hug. Some might call it a bit too friendly, especially for a pizza boy you barely know. I can feel the bottom of my face press into her newly formed belly pouch, whilst my nose and forehead press deeply into her plump, shapely cleavage. When she releases me, she asks, “so how’s your week been so far?” “It’s been pretty good. I had a few classes, and even though it’s the beginning of the semester, they’re already flooding me with a ton of assignments.” “Ugh, lame!” “But what about you? How was your week?” “It was GREAT! I had a few classes, plus I got some time to hang out with my friends! Also, I finally figured how much pizza I need to stay full! Usually 10 boxes does the trick, sometimes 11 if I’m really hungry.” “Wow!” I say in shock, “I don’t know anyone who can eat 10 boxes of pizza!” “Hey, it’s like you said, nothing wrong with having a healthy appetite,” she says, patting her thick tummy. I chuckle at her enthusiasm.

“Well, I’m glad to see you’re getting your moneys worth. Speaking of which, that’ll be $60.30” “Yikes, just be lucky my parents give me a generous allowance.” She hands me $70 and, as always, tells me to keep the rest as a tip. “Oh, by the way Pete, are you free today?” My face goes bright red with a nervous blush. “Um...not at the moment, but I should get off work around 7.” “Great! Would you, um...maybe...wanna hang out around then?” “Um...y-yeah, I guess. Would I just...come over here? I guess?” “Or...what if around seven, I place an order, pay online, and once you get over here with my pizza, you can clock out right then?” “Um...I’d have to ask my manager, but if he says yes, then sure. Absolutely.” I say, a bit hesitant as I still don’t quite know this girl very well. Just as I start to have second thoughts, though, “Great! I’ll see you then!” she exclaims cheerily.

That night, we get a call. It’s from a woman requesting ten 14 inch pizzas and an order of breadsticks. She also specifically requests that “Pete delivers them”. I try to freshen up a bit real quick before driving on over there. Once I get there, I knock on the door one time before she immediately opens it and eagerly snatches the pizza from my hands. “Were you just waiting there for me to arrive?” “Kinda...” she says, bringing the pizza to the coffee table, sitting down on her couch, and digging into her pizza, not even taking a moment to get a plate first.

“Mmmh! Sho good!” she moans, “Pete, what are you doing? Come on over here!” she exclaims, patting the spot to her left. I close the door and sit next to her. “Mmmm...sherioushly, I don’t know how you guysh make it thish good!!” She says, just before finishing the first slice and moving on to the second. “Wow, you must be REALLY hungry.” I comment. “[MMMH] You don’t know the half of it!”
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