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  1. MathMachine4

    BBW Cease and Desist

    Cease and Desist by MathMachine4 ************************** CHAPTER 1 ************************** I'm sitting on the park bench. Eating a hot dog with my right hand, holding my small dog on a leash with my left hand. A girl walking her white poodle walks by, she says "Wow, that's my favorite...
  2. Ssbbwamira

    Looking Dedicated FEEDEE seeking feeder x feedee relationship

    MOOOOO, Disclaimer: I’m here to make friends, meet new people, and connect, and possibly find a feeder! I am not here to have explicit sexual conversations with strangers, which a lot of people here seems it’s okay to do. You will be blocked, and reported. I ignore single worded inboxes...
  3. BigCutie Mollie

    New BigCutie here!

    Hi ya'll! I'm Mollie and BIG things are coming to the BigCuties site soon! Outside of modeling, I am a dog mom to my Australian Cattle Dog, Ellie! I enjoy traveling, trying new things, cooking, and getting outdoors. I look forward to getting to know everyone and being apart of an amazing...
  4. ssbbwfatty

    My fatty ssbbw introduction

    Hello all of dimensions, I’m a 21 year old woman who is highly involved in the community of bigger sizes. (Feederism, gaining, blubbery inflations and DF) I’ve been actively exploring my interest for my size and growth online for about 3 years now! I realized my liking for growth and being a...
  5. MathMachine4

    Trivia Night! (Weight Gain)

    (Contains rapid female weight gain. The photo above depicts characters as they are at the beginning of the story. Enjoy!) "Okay, first question," Zack speaks, an arm around his girlfriend as he reads from his phone, "The three Scandinavian countries are: Finland, Sweden, and?"...
  6. JamieStarrHot4U

    Looking SS/BBW Playmate

    Attractive African American HOTBULL is seeking a Sexy SS/BBW for amazing multiple orgasmic erotic experiences a light, fun, occasional intimate NSA passion just HOT sex in abundance with toys, oral, squirting and creaming extended ecstasy...and cuddling and conversation I'm in Orange County, CA...
  7. Thighrolls

    Looking USSBBW trying to reach 1300

    Heya, back on here again I still see the site dosent get as active but hey! Still trying here to hopefully make some new friends, and find a feeder thats genuine. & would potentially like to meet up for a fun time! My Kik is thighrolls if anyone is interested, I have a goal of 1300lbs & my...
  8. BigCutieGigi

    San Diego

    Let just take a moment to appreciate San Diego, CA. I think two of my favorite places that I always visit are Coronado and La Jolla for a beautiful sunset. Also, so many restaurants. I’m in food heaven lol. This time I had ramen, but I can’t wait to go back and try something different ☺️
  9. Madeline Maple

    BBW “Quarantine Genes” by Madeline Maple [~BBW, SSBBW, ~XWG]

    A young woman tries to keep her figure during Covid-19 quarantine. Will her family’s heavy history get the better of her? Quarantine Genes By Madeline Maple Aly never had a normal childhood. Her family never went on picnics or trips to the amusement park. Not when you have a mother who weighs...
  10. BigCutieGigi

    Flaunt those jeans 😍

    I’m loving my new jeans, but I’m not sure how long they’ll last as they are pretty tight 😍😍😍
  11. JaydedJen

    Got my first Brazilian wax!

    Ladies.. if you are on the fence.. do it! I'm a size 28 usa, and have rolls.. I was just frank with the waxer and offered to help with pulling my lower belly up. It seemed like she'd had multiple bbw before on her table.. and she was sweet as pie! It was empowering, and really boosted my...
  12. LJ Rock

    BBW "Potential" by LJ Rock [~BBW,~SSBBW,~Feedism,~Sexuality]

    A very short story about a young couple exploring their desires surrounding feedism/feederism and weight gain (BBW, romance and erotic comedy.) Potential by LJ Rock “Hey, you know that thing you were talking about the other day? That thing where you stuff me full of food, and I eat and...
  13. Thighrolls

    Looking 850lb USSBBW!

    Hiya all! checking in on the site to say hello, it dosent seem to be to active here but I guess I'd give it a shot & see how things go. a little about me, I'm 19 & will be 20 this December. im a Deathfeedest, I'd like to reach a goal of 1300 pounds, and if it's humanly possible I'd like to go...
  14. MathMachine4

    Giant Love (Original Version)

    WARNING: dark story, but also a really cute one. Also, if you’re not a fan of giantesses, this story may not be for you. Otherwise, though, enjoy! CHAPTER 1: Green trees, colossal oaks, a dark sky, and an owl cooing at the moon. Sirens. Loud ones. I have to run. They’re close this time, I...
  15. 16F7CBBD-2EDD-4850-A9F3-FA4E554FBC43.jpeg


    Looking like a giant cupcake 🧁
  16. BigCutieGigi


    Weekend trip to Sequoia. I am glad I was able to see it before the smoke from the fires took over 💚💚💚
  17. MathMachine4

    BBW Delivery!

    DISCLAIMER: This story’s not meant to be realistic. At least not in terms of the weight gain and its rapidity. Enjoy! Delivery! by MathMachine4 CHAPTER 1: I knock on the apartment door. I hear footsteps. Suddenly, the door is opened by a tall, red-headed woman. “Hi, Pizza...
  18. pendulous

    BBW Chloe (SSBBW, post-shower)

    Chloe by pendulous Chloe stepped out of the shower and reached for a towel. It never covered all of her, but it got the job done. The steam began to clear, but she was leaving anyway. There wasn't enough room in here to dry herself off properly. She picked up another couple of towels from the...
  19. P

    BBW The Pen (XWG, SSBBW, Female feeder, gas, force feeding, immobility)

    An eager fatty may bite off more than she can chew when she seeks out a dominant feeder.