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Apr 7, 2022
This is my first story here, I hope you like it! Feedback is of course welcome.

Desert Promise

Part 1​

Sophia had dozed off. I didn’t blame her. The flight out of Philadelphia had been delayed for nearly 3 hours and the sun was starting to set as we made the drive from Phoenix up into the red rocks of Sedona. I looked over briefly from the driver’s seat of our rental SUV. The ruby light of the slowly setting sun lit on her chestnut hair and the shadows played on her adorable double chin. She let out a tiny snore which made me smile as I turned my attention back to the road and the ever increasing elevation.

Two weeks after her 30th birthday she was prettier than the day I met her as a funny 21 year old. It was love at first sight as she came bounding out of my younger brother’s car, part of his new entourage. Her hair was shorter then and she wore her glasses more often, but honestly it was her figure that stopped me cold. Hardly five feet tall, thick in all the right places with that hint of babyfat that you could tell might get her in trouble later on, and heavy breasts squeezed into a too-tight tee. We dated for a few years, got married, and our second daughter will turn two later in the summer.

Soph put on a little weight in the first few years of our relationship as we learned to let our guard down with each other, confident in our relationship. The soft belly turned into a pooch, her wardrobe rotated into a larger size (and then another larger size), her already large breasts filling and then overflowing her bras. I loved every change, every new curve. It only added to her air of casual cuteness. She knew it, too, and -- other than to fit in her wedding dress -- made only the most modest efforts to diet, keeping her weight gain to a manageable pace rather than trying to lose pounds and inches.

Pregnancy changed things, though, and for the first time I started to see resemblances to her mother, a much larger -- but hardly unattractive -- woman. That very day she woke me up, showing me the two blue lines on the plastic pregnancy test as I groggily tried to understand what was going on, that day she changed her diet. She made breakfast for both of us – eggs with cheese, toast, sausage, leftover baked potatoes cut up and roasted – and she went back for seconds. “Eating for two” she said with a smile, patting her by then undeniably chubby tummy. But she didn’t stop there. She made herself a hot fudge sundae – well before ten in the morning – and smiled as she finished it while standing at the kitchen counter, squirting more whipped cream on it as she ate down to the last dribbles.

Not every meal was that decadent, but I paid attention to her weight as we went for regular checkups with her OB GYN. At her first visit she was around 135 lbs – chubby for a girl her height and build – but by the ninth month she was tipping the scales at over 200 lbs. 212 if I remember correctly. Her whole body had changed, some ways unsurprisingly like her belly and boobs and face, but other ways a little interesting – for a girl who never had much of a butt, Soph grew a booty that completely matched her growth in other parts of her body. The comparisons to the rest of her family were impossible at that point. Her parents and younger sister were all happy, gregarious people who loved to eat, and it showed.

But all good things come to an end as other great things begin, and Soph slowly lost a lot of the baby weight as she stayed home to take care of our daughter. By Charlotte’s first birthday, Sophia had lost 60 lbs or more and was comfortable with her weight. Six months later we were pregnant again.

Sophia never got as big with the second pregnancy, hovering just under 200 lbs, but she couldn’t lose as much either. She never told me what she weighed, and I never asked, but she was undeniably a big girl, with a full, hanging belly that threatened to hide her panties at the right angle, adorable rolls along her waist, a fullness everywhere. Even that voluptuous booty that had mysteriously disappeared in the year after our daughter was born had come back in full.
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Apr 7, 2022
Part 2​

And here we were, celebrating her 30th in Sedona Arizona, driving to her parents’ time share at a resort called the Desert Promise. As I turned into downtown Sedona, I thought of all the times they’ve tried to get us to come out here, as if it was easy to just drop a newborn (or two) off with them. But the kids are old enough now where they can do a couple of nights with the grandparents and let us have some time to ourselves.

The sunset was full and red, reflecting off the red walls of the high canyon, as we pulled into the resort. It was a series of single story bungalows nestled between lush landscaping, with an attractive tall building in the center that must be the lobby. The bungalows seemed to grow organically from the foliage and disappeared into the trees beyond the lobby. I saw a valet and pulled over. He gave me something of a puzzled look for a moment as I rolled down the window, and then looking over to Soph, who was wiping the sleep from her eyes and yawning, gave a nod and opens the door. We took our luggage out of the trunk and Sophie stopped us for a moment, pulling a shawl out of her carry on to wrap over her rough spun ankle length dress. The air was cool, much different from Phoenix, much closer to home. I tipped the valet and handed him my keys, then passed our luggage on to the bell hop, and we entered through the wide double doors into the hotel lobby.

It was a beautiful lobby, very “Sedona”, all rusty earth tones and exposed timber. We walked up to the lobby counter and began to check in.

“I see why your parents like it here,” I softly said to Sophie. “It’s very cool.”

Sophie replied, “Yeah this is beautiful,” looking up at a chunky wooden art piece behind the reception desk.

As I handed my credit card across the counter, Sophie looked down to see a bowl of candy. They were chocolates, but not Hershey minis, they looked like the high-end organic chocolates you’d find in the candy aisle at Whole Foods. Not what you’d expect on the desk of a hotel lobby, though. The receptionist looked up at Sophie. “Oh, please help yourself!” she said with a kind, genuine smile. Sophie smiled back and unwraps one, popping it into her mouth. She took another as the receptionist pulls out a map and leaned over to show it to us.

“So, here we are. You two are staying in the Coyote Pavilion, which is right here. So head out those doors over there,” she pointed to our right, “and follow the signs. It’s down the path but it’s well marked. You’re in 212. It’s not on the second story, though, just the second pavilion. If you would like, we could call a cart?” She looked at Soph as she swallowed her second chocolate.

“No, that’s ok, I think the bellhop took our bags already. We can find it, right?” She looked at me.

“Sure, I’m positive we’ll find it. Very good directions, thank you.” I took the map and my credit card, and we started to walk outside. On the way, I couldn’t help but notice a row of three mobility scooters in a small alcove off the main hall. They were attractive, not Wal-mart scooters, but still an odd thing to see in a nice hotel lobby. There looked to be enough room for several more, as well.

Even though it was short, the walk to the bungalow was almost magical, a serpentine pathway through trees adorned with fairy lights. I was almost glad our travel took so long to have our exposure to the resort take place at sunset. We passed a path leading to the pool and could hear some soft lounge music and the sounds of splashing, and finally arrived at the door to 212. I slipped in the card and we entered the suite through an oversized wooden doorway.

Our luggage was placed on racks at the foot of a large and comfortable king size bed, with a cozy looking sitting room through double doors. I peeked in the bathroom on the way past. It was good sized and looked like it had been recently updated, just like everything else in the suite. Curiously, it didn’t seem to have a tub, just a large glass walled walk in shower with handrails and a bench. I wondered if this suite was handicap accessible because of how spacious everything was.

Soph peeked in the sitting room. “Hey, there’s a kitchenette here and a little dining table!” She walked back out with a big chocolate chip cookie in her hand, taking a bite. “There’s cookies on the table. Must be part of the turn down service? I don’t think it’s mini-bar. Hope not at least.” She took another bite as she looked out the French doors in the bedroom. The hills in the distance were hard to see now, but they would be spectacular in the morning.

“So, what do you want to do?” I asked, sitting down on the bed and leaving the unpacking for the morning. “Did you want to see if there’s a bar or anything?” Sophie’s silhouette in the window was enticing, with her sophisticated dress draping somewhat loosely, but still showing the outline of her belly. I made a mental note that she may have put on weight recently. She’s definitely been favoring looser outfits or things with plenty of stretch.

“Oh I don’t know,” she replied. “I’m tired. Maybe not tonight.” She headed back into the kitchen for another cookie.

“Did you want something to eat? I know we ate on the plane but that was a while ago.” In reality it had only been about 3 hours ago, but it felt like longer.

Sophie rubbed her belly as she ate the last bite of cookie. “Hmmm…I do,” she said pensively. “I don’t really feel like going out, though.” She walked over to the coffee table and flipped through some brochures. “Think they have room service?” She found the menu and started browsing.

After she spent a few minutes browsing, I picked up the phone and dialed room service. The woman answering the phone was extremely pleasant. Soph came over next to me and pointed “Ok, can I have a bacon cheeseburger…”

Sophia softly said, “With avocado and fries”

“With avocado and fries,” I repeated.

The woman on the phone asked, “Ok, anything else?”

“Um…how about a chicken Caesar salad? Dressing on the side, please. And two Yuengling’s. Do you have Yuengling?”

“Yes sir, we do,” she said. “And what would you like for dessert?”

“Oh, I don’t think we need any,” I said, looking over at Sophie.

“Ok, sir, but the meals come with dessert. What would you like?”

I put my hand on the receiver and look to Sophie. “What would you like for dessert? It comes with your dinner.”

“Oh, yum!” She said, scanning the menu. “How about….strawberry shortcake!”

“Ok we will have a strawberry shortcake for dessert. Do you need the room number?”

“No Mr. Davis, we have you in 212. But what would you like for the other dessert?”

“The salad comes with a dessert too?” I asked, slightly confused. “Oh, I don’t know, a hot fudge sundae?” I shrugged at Sophie, who shrugged back with a smirk.

“Yes sir, it should be ready in 45 minutes.”

Sophia got up, curiously with her hands on her belly reminiscent of her pose when she was pregnant. She walked over to the tv and turned it on. She tossed the remote to me and walked into the kitchenette as I flipped through the channels. She came back with two cookies. “Last two, do you want one?”

I made myself comfortable on the bed and shook my head ‘no’. She shrugged and started eating with a cookie in each hand. I looked at her devouring the cookies. They weren’t small Chips Ahoy, they were big homemade-looking chocolate chip cookies. I didn’t think I could eat two, let alone four. She absentmindedly -- but completely sensually -- licked chocolate from her lips before biting into the last cookie. She started browsing the other brochures on the coffee table. “Hey, there are activities! This is for tomorrow: aqua yoga, that sounds nice. Jeep tour. Artistic expression -- looks like you make a dreamcatcher. I think it’s mostly older people who stay here.” She looked up at me, nibbling the final bites of her cookie.

Older, maybe. Larger maybe, too... I thought to myself.

When the room service arrived I definitely started to wonder what kind of a resort we were staying at. The staff rolled a cart in and placed two large trays on the dining room table. Under silver cloches were the dinners: a huge salad covered in parmesan cheese shavings with fried chicken strips and 3 huge, greasy breadsticks; then the burger – it must have been a half pound burger with cheese and bacon on the top and bottom of the patty. It was dripping with sauce. The fries were almost more ridiculous. A bucket is the only way to describe the tin they came in, with bottles of mayonnaise and ketchup on the side for dipping.

The desserts were on their own tray and looked to be as large as the entrees. I suggested that he put them in the fridge, gave him a tip, and looked shocked at the table in front of us. Soph had already sat down and poured out two generous blobs of ketchup and mayo to dip her fries in. I cracked my beer and sat back, watching her devour her food. It was so similar to when she was pregnant, especially with Charlotte, our first. The look of pure joy on her face as she bit into her burger, wiping clear grease from her mouth with a cloth napkin. The glee with which she took a bundle of fries and covered them with mayo, tipping her head back to get them in her mouth without losing a drip.

After eating half of her burger she stopped to take a breath, grabbing one of my breadsticks and leaning back in her chair. “God, this is good food.” She rubbed her belly, which was now tight under her dress. She took a long sip of beer and burped. “I think I need to change into pjs.” She got up from the table, looking swollen and full. I nibbled at my salad while she changed, wondering if she could possibly be pregnant again. She walked back in wearing a light pair of gray sweatpant pajamas and a dark tank top that barely came to the waistband of her bottoms. Her bra was off and her heavy tits moved from side to side with every step.

“Hey Soph?” I said as she started in on the second half of her burger. She looked up, still chewing. “Can I ask a weird question?”

She swallowed and took a sip of beer. “Ok.” She looked more confused than nervous.

“You’re not pregnant, are you?” My heart was racing, both with the awkwardness of the question and anticipation of the answer.

She looked serious. Not angry or upset, but certainly not laughing. “I mean I don’t think so. Anything is possible but I haven’t missed a period and I haven’t fucked up my birth control. Why?”

Relief spilled over me. Not that another baby would be horrible, just so unexpected and such a big change to our lives. “Just…” I smiled at her, a big, genuine smile. “The way you’re eating tonight reminds me…”

“Oh!” She laughed and wiped her mouth again. “I guess you’re right. I’m acting like I’m eating for two again.” She took a big bite of her burger, the half quickly turning into a quarter. “I’m just super hungry tonight for some reason, and this is so good.” She stuffed more fries into her mouth. Amazingly her plate was almost empty. There was still plenty of food there, but I would have been full long before that. I could barely pick at my salad.

“Well, as long as everything is ok. I think you’re cute when you eat.” I smirked at her. “But you have looked …”

“Looked what?” she said, cocking her head at me.

“Just a little … more ample…” I made a motion with both hands around my belly. “I was just wondering if there was something I didn’t know!” I laughed and smiled.

“Hey!” She blushed and laughed at the same time, almost choking on some fries. “Well if you must know, I have put on a little weight lately.”

“It’s no big deal. You know I like you thick anyways…” I give her a wink as she stuffs the last big bite of her burger in her mouth and starts to chew. “So how much?”

“How much what” She says, her voice muffled by food.

“How much do you weigh?” For some reason my heart beat fast as I asked her this question. It had been one of those unspoken things for years. I could like her body, I could tell her she was hot, but I couldn’t ask how much she weighed. In some ways, for me at least, it was the most exciting part of her first pregnancy – watching her in her hospital johnny step over to the scale, the nurse reading aloud the number and writing it in her chart, her doctor coming in and telling her she had to slow down, saying oh, honey when she saw her new stretchmarks, warning her about her blood pressure. With our son I didn’t go to the checkups as often. Soph new the drill and didn’t need my support, except to watch our daughter if she couldn’t find another sitter. But hearing those numbers.

It came again through a mouthful of burger: “One ninety five.”

“Oh.” I said, trying to be calm but inside my mind on fire. “That’s not that bad though, right?”

She swallowed and pushed some fries around in the remaining ketchup mayo soup. “I mean I’ve gained fifteen pounds in the past whatever. Since Thanksgiving.” Hearing those words somehow magically let me see it with new clarity. The dimples in her cheeks were back and her double chin was more pronounced. Her shoulders were softer, and her upper arms -- instead of just being round and soft – had started to plump out under her shoulder, getting fat in every direction. Her wrists and hands looked chubby. Maybe I didn’t notice it because she was getting plump in the little place? But maybe there were bigger changes and I just hadn’t been paying attention. She finished her fries and I slid my salad to her, offering. “The salad itself is kinda wilted now, but the chicken and breadsticks are good?” Would she eat more, after that meal, the four cookies, the heavy airplane food earlier?

“Oooh yes please.” She swapped my plate for hers and started dipping a breadstick in the saucer of Caesar dressing (on the side). That look of lust came back as she chewed and tipped her head back, her other hand going down below the table. I peeked to the side to see her pushing her waistband down under her belly, letting it free to rest on her lap.

When the chicken was gone, the breadsticks were gone, even the dressing was gone (and supplemented by a dollop of mayonnaise), she leaned back to take the last sip of beer. I had almost forgotten mine, enchanted by watching my beautiful wife eat. She didn’t say anything (unless little burps and hiccups counted), she just sat back and smiled, looking into my eyes.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?”

She smiled, content.

“I can clean this up if you want to get into bed?”

She looked shocked for a moment. “Daniel, we have dessert?”

I had completely forgotten. “Are you sure you want it? It’s strawberry shortcake, I’m sure it will be fine in the morning.”

“The hot fudge sundae will be melted though! I’m sure it’s amazing, don’t you think?”

“I’m so full I couldn’t have a bite” It was true, I was stuffed.

“You don’t have to have any but I want to try it. Please?” She adjusted her waistband again.

“Are you 100% positive you’re not pregnant, cause I’m not buying you more drinks on this trip if you are!” I said with a laugh as I walked towards the minifridge. The sundae was melty, but honestly that’s exactly how Soph likes ice cream. I carried it to her and put it on the table. “Don’t make yourself sick, tomorrow is the first day here. You don’t have to finish this.”

“Its ok. You can rub my shoulders though.” She started in on the sundae, mixing it first to make it even soupier, then eating it in quick bites. Her back and shoulders were all knots. I closed the curtains and then took some hand lotion from the bathroom.

“Can I take this off?” I held the bottle of lotion and pointed to her top. She nodded and peeled her shirt off, freeing her large breasts. I cupped one in my right hand and lifted it. “Maybe you have gotten chubbier,” I said with a smirk. How could I have missed that?

“I have, my back is a mess lately.” She continued to dig into her sundae and I started to warm up the lotion between my hands, working it into her tight muscles.

She was eating slower now, finally. I asked her, “Are you going to be able to finish that?”

“Mhm, it’s amazing. Just going slow.”

“Good, I want you to.”

She reached her hand up by her shoulder and I took it in mine. She rested for a minute, then took the last few bites, finally drinking the melted ice cream and chocolate at the bottom of the bowl.

“Ok, I’m full.”
Apr 7, 2022
Part 3​

I woke up early, still on East Coast time. Through the crack in the curtains I saw the hint of pale light, and I quietly slid out of bed to catch the sunrise. I slipped on sweats and a hoodie and crept outside the bungalow door.

I still didn’t really know my way around the resort, but I followed the light to what I assumed was the east, hoping to find a clear vista of the red rock walls. The path took me past the amoeba-shaped pool, which had multiple curtained cabanas and a wide lounging deck. There was a long bar on the opposite side of the pool that wouldn’t look out of place in Las Vegas. This might be a place to relax today and get a feel for the place.

Shortly beyond the pool the landscaped forest opened up and I saw the rosy morning sun kissing the tops of the striated hills around me. It truly was awesome, the colors changing on the rocks as the sun rose higher in the sky. After I had my fill I started walking back to the lobby to see if the coffee shop was open. I nodded and smiled as I passed another couple, both larger folks who reminded me of Sophia’s parents. I guess they were in good company here.

I saw the resort restaurant for the first time as I came nearer to the lobby building. It was long and low, with warmly lit windows. I saw several tables already filled, some with couples, some with single diners reading the newspaper or their phone. I walked into the lobby, found the open coffee shop, and ordered two. Almost as an afterthought, I asked for one of the cheese danishes behind the counter. I realized how large it was as the server had to fold the edges to put it into a cardboard box. I could feel the sticky icing on my fingers as I paid and put the box under my arm.

I carried the coffees over to the milk counter to fix up Sophia’s. She took milk and two sugars in a medium coffee, but as I put my hand on the small silver pitcher of milk I hesitated. First I took sip of her coffee to make more space in the cardboard cup, then filled it with cream. Something about doing that made my heart race and I felt a bulge forming in my pants, so I quickly put the lid on the cups and awkwardly carried the two coffees and pastry box back to our room.

Opening the I heard the tv on and realized Sophia was awake. As walked down the hallway to the bedroom I saw the local weather on the tv and Soph sitting up in bed with all the pillows behind her. She blushed a little and smiled as well as a girl with a mouth full of food can. She held a fork in one hand and the huge plate of strawberry shortcake in her lap. Her morning snack was mostly gone.

“Hey,” she mumbled, before swallowing and licking whipped cream off her lips. “Where did you go?”

“I woke up early so I wanted to see sunrise. Tomorrow we should go together, I just didn’t want to wake you up today. And I got coffee,” placing hers on the nightstand next to her. “I got you something to eat too, but it looks like you already found something.”

“You have to try this, its amazing.” She held a forkful up to me, and I tasted it. Definitely good, probably better last night.

“I could eat like three of these,” she said, taking another bite and then putting the plate next to her. “What did you get me?”

She took the pastry box before I could ask if she was actually hungry and opened it. “Oh, you know what I like.” She puckered up and I leaned down for a kiss, tasting the sugar on her lips. “This thing is huge!” She barely got the sentence finished before she had torn a large hunk off and tilted her head back to take two big bites. For the next ten minutes she alternated between bites of Danish, forkfuls of strawberry shortcake, Danish wiped in the melted strawberry juice and cream left on the plate after the shortcake was finished, and sips of her creamy coffee. Finally she finished, the empty box rising and falling on her belly as she breathed.

I watched her, for the millionth time in our relationship amazed at how cute she can look in the strangest situations. I mean, in most ways she was a hot mess – bed head, makeup half off from the night before, the glisten of sugar on her lips, stuffed looking – but there was something about her smile, the light in her eyes, the overall sense of pleasure.

“What are you looking at me for?” She said with a cocked smile.

“Nothing, you just look beautiful.”

She smiled at me, then slid her legs over the side of the bed and unsteadily stood up. Her pajama bottoms had come off during the night when she got hot and she was just wearing her tank top and navy blue panties with small pink rosettes. Her tummy hung down under the tank top and partially covered her panties. She was obviously stuffed. She put her hands on the top of her belly, leaning back slightly, exhaling. I took a few steps towards her and cupped the bottom of her belly with my hand. “195, huh?”

She smiled, looking slightly embarrassed. “I’m surprised you hadn’t noticed, honestly. I guess it’s just how much you’ve been working lately.” She tried to tug down her tank top, with little success.

“How do your clothes fit? You definitely look a little softer.” I spin her around, staring at the little peek of her butt crack I can see because of her overtaxed undies. I grab a handful of her ass and give it a squeeze.

“Um, I’ve bought a few new things,” she said with a chuckle. “Don’t check the credit card statement. I bought new things for this trip but I think I thought it would be warmer here. I hope I didn’t mess up. Some of my looser clothes still fit though, like that dress I wore yesterday.”

I put my arms around her, cradling her soft belly. “I like that dress on you. I don’t know if I would call it loose, though.”

“No, probably not anymore. It still fits though.” She turned around and gave me a kiss. “I need to use the bathroom,” she said, stepping back and holding her tummy again. “But maybe after we can go exploring?”

I nodded and sat down on the couch with my coffee. I picked up the resort’s brochure, the cover showing a collage of the main building, local scenery, the pool, and a couple dining – all under the scrolling Desert Promise logo. All the people in the photo collage were attractive models, but also all overweight. Not huge, but larger. Curious, I flipped to the next page.

We welcome you to Desert Promise

The southwest’s premier plus-size resort

I could hear the shower running and I continued to browse through the brochure. Wider doorways. Reinforced beds and furniture. Accessible restrooms and showers. Mobility aids. Accepting and supportive staff. A community of like-minded, adventurous guests.

No shame.

No guilt.

No dieting, I thought to myself. Suddenly my reasonably trim physique made me feel uncomfortable in a way I’ve rarely felt before. I thought of the people I saw walking towards the dining room this morning. I even thought of my own wife, doing the math in my head about how much more she weighed than me versus how much taller I am than her. I’m an outsider here.
Apr 7, 2022
Part 4​
My eyes opened to the true nature of this resort, I started scanning the room. The doors were definitely wider, easily able to accommodate a wheelchair or very large body. The couch I sat on felt stiff and reinforced, even though it was comfortable. I peeked under the bed and saw a heavy steel frame. Even the dining room chairs were wider and made of reinforced steel. I think back from the valet, to the bell hop, to the receptionist who checked us in – none of them were grossly obese but none were skinny either. Trying to keep the guests comfortable.

I start to pick up the room, including the plates from last night. I wonder if Sophia knew what this place was all about? I mean, her parents must have told her, right? Even the weight of the plates and trays reminded me of the massive amount of food she ate last night. And this morning. Before breakfast… I put the trays outside the door to be picked up and quickly made the bed.

Sophie walked out of the bathroom looking amazing. She was in a loose peasant-style dress (clearly one of her new purchases) that showed just the right amount of cleavage. Her makeup was subtle but perfect. I needed to take a shower but I couldn’t stop thinking about giving her something to eat while she waited for me. The idea of her having 15 minutes alone without something to eat somehow just felt wrong.

“You look amazing. That’s a new dress.” She nodded and came over and put her arms around me. “I’m going to take a shower but I’ll be fast.” Do I tell her about the brochure? Does she already know?

“Ok, I’m just going to unpack.”

I grabbed some clothes from the suitcase. “If you…if you need anything from the mini bar…”

“Daniel, it’s too early to start drinking!” She threw a rolled up pair of socks at me.

“Oh, I know, but there’s other stuff in there. Just saying. We’re on vacation.” I walked into the bathroom, wondering if she could hear how nervous I was.

“Hey, did you want to go on a jeep ride?” I hear as I stepped out of the bathroom. Sophia was sitting on the couch with the last bite of a king size Snickers in her hand.

“Sure, what time does it leave?” I checked my watch: 8:15.

“10 AM. I think we have time. We could walk over to the lobby and sign up, then maybe walk around.”

We walked down the winding path to the lobby. Hearing some splashing in the pool, Sophia asked to see it. We turned to the left and took the short walk to the pool. “Wow, this is crazy!” she said, looking around at the cabanas and bar. I was looking in the pool, where the “Aqua Yoga” class was obviously underway. There was no downward facing dog, but there were definitely large bodies doing simple stretching exercises in the warm water. The instructor, who could have been a plus size model, was making encouraging and vaguely spiritual comments to the group of about 12 in the pool.

“That looks so nice!” Soph said, maybe obvious to the body shape of the bathers. She patted her tummy, almost magically making the rounded swell appear under the loose cotton dress. “Good way to work up an appetite for breakfast.” She smiled, still looking at the pool.

I looked at her and put my hand on the small of her back, just a hair away from the growing shelf of her butt, fingers creeping down to see if she was wearing a thong or briefs. Or nothing at all. “Are you hungry for breakfast?”

“Oh not right now…” She said, hand absentmindedly resting under her belly. She would fit right in with the women in that pool. Not as big, but…

“Maybe before the jeep tour?” I asked.

“Yes definitely.” She smiled at me, the spell of the pool broken. “Let’s go sign up!”

The lobby was much busier now than it was this morning, with several groups checking out and others waiting for an Uber to go into town. We walked up to the concierge desk and were thrilled that there were two slots still available for the 10:00 tour. Just like the reception desk, the concierge desk was adorned with a large bowl of gourmet chocolates. Soph took one and started nibbling as we signed up.

“Take a few more,” I whispered in her ear as she took the last bite. She blushed a little and smiled, then took a handful.

We walked out the front doors and around the front of the property, passing hefty seniors in golf carts and chubby ladies walking small dogs. Off a little ways in the distance, the downtown looked much busier than it did last night. We strolled while Soph ate her chocolates, finally circling back towards the resort restaurant. I checked my watch.

“I hate to say it, but if we want breakfast we probably need to sit down soon.” I pointed to a smudge of chocolate on her cheek, which she wiped away with her thumb. “Are you actually hungry yet? We could do lunch when we get back. I’m sure the tour isn’t that long.”

She gently leaned over to read the menu posted outside the restaurant. “Hmmm…I’m not starving but this looks pretty good.” She rubbed her belly again. That was becoming a thing.

“So should we get a table?” I opened the door to the Juniper Room for her, not waiting for an answer. She slapped me on the butt as she walked inside.

The restaurant was certainly spacious. The tables were large and spread out enough that several people could walk between them shoulder to shoulder. The hostess was equally large, a plump brunette in her twenties with very similar proportions to Sophia. She took us over to a cozy table for two (if anything in this place could really be called cozy) and handed us menus. The chairs were wide and heavy. I was expecting that at this point, but it still made me feel like a school kid sitting in the teacher’s chair. Looking at Sophia as she spread the white napkin on her lap, I suspected she didn’t have the same feeling of déjà vu – her short, chubby thighs spread to nearly touch the edges of the chair. I’m sure that under her dress they would be pressed together as well, with a thick slab of tummy resting on them.

My dirty thoughts were broken by our waitress filling up our water glasses and placing a basket of bread on the table. We each ordered a bloody mary and I ordered a veggie egg white omelette. Then it was Sophie’s turn.

“Well, the breakfast burrito duo sounds amazing.” She pointed to the description on the menu.

“Yeah, it’s definitely popular. One of my favorites.” Looking at our waitress’ hips, I suspected she might have a few favorites here.

“So could I do the first one,” first one? Oh, that’s what they mean by duo… “with the chicken and queso and avocado, and the second one…carnitas I think? And I’ll have bacon as my side.”

“You get two sides, miss.” The waitress took the menu from me as I held it out to her.

“Oh… let’s see” Sophie looked puzzled for a second. “How about cornbread.”

“Fried cornbread, sounds great. Did you want any appetizers?”

I did a double take for a second. “Breakfast appetizers?”

“Well, something to go with your cocktails, while you’re waiting for your entrees.” The waitress gave me a quizzical look. But Soph was a step ahead of me.

“Ohhh! That’s what the small bites are. Ok, that’s fun!” She scanned the menu. “The muffin tasting looks amazing but something savory would probably go better with the bloodies. How about the sausage rolls?”

The waitress nodded and took her menu. Sophie looked at me and said “Yummy.” She smiled and then started buttering a roll. The crock of butter was large and full. “This place is so fun, isn’t it? The food is amazing.”

“You’re amazing,” I said, watching her butter the next bite of her already buttered roll and greedily stuff it in her mouth.

She laughed with a mouthful of food. “I’m not amazing, I’m just hungry. You confuse the two.”

I was about to say something when the drinks and appetizer came out. Even the bloody marys were fattening, each coming with a small dish of bleu cheese-stuffed olives. But they were perfectly made. I sipped slowly -- not having anything in my stomach yet today -- but Soph started right in, taking a bite of a greasy sausage roll and chasing it with bloody mary. Just like in bed this morning, she ate with greed and passion. By the time our breakfast “entrees” came out, there was only one sausage roll left (the previous one she had smeared with butter before devouring it), and her drink was nearly empty.

My omelet was big, with a side of sausage and toast I didn’t ask for, but Sophia’s breakfast was enormous. Two huge burritos with grease and cheese oozing out of them, plus 6 thick slices of bacon and a second plate of grilled cornbread. The waitress asked if Sophia wanted another drink.

“Well, I think with all this spicy food I don’t need another bloody mary…”

“The bar makes a great mudslide if you want something alcoholic, or we could make it virgin too.” The waitress replied.

“I don’t think I’ve had a mudslide since before the kids were born,” she quipped, taking a bite of bacon. “That sounds amazing.”

Sophia entered feasting mode before the waitress even turned her back, first taking a bite of one burrito, then the other. She tried the cornbread next, letting an explicative slip from her lips and her eyes roll back with the first bite. She wiped her mouth and then heavily buttered the slices of cornbread. She had finished both slabs and most of one burrito when the mudslide arrived. It was in a tall, fluted milkshake glass with plenty of whipped cream on top and chocolate syrup dripping down the sides. On the serving plate around the base were two chocolate cookies for dipping. “Oh yum!” Sophia practically squealed as she strained to look at me over the top of the mudslide.

About 20 minutes later, Sophia’s plate was clean except for a crust of toast she stole from me. She was nibbling at the last sausage roll as the waitress came up to the table.

“Any one for dessert?” she asked.

Sophies eyes went wide and she put her hands on her belly. “Oh goodness, between the mudslide and those cookies I feel like I already had dessert.” She pushed back from the table a bit, breathing heavier than normal.

I looked at my watch. “We should actually get the check. We have a jeep tour soon. Is that ok, Soph?”

Sophie nodded, taking the final bite of the sausage roll.

The waitress put the check on the table in front of me. “That’s no problem. You can sign to your room.” The she looked at Sophia, her chest rising and falling, obviously in a little pain but far more pleasure. She took a step closer to her and quietly, kindly said, “If you wanted, miss, we could have a little dessert basket brought to your room. We don’t serve the breakfast desserts later in the day.” For some reason Soph held out her hand to the waitress, who took it and gave it a squeeze and smiled at her. “I’ll make sure it’s there when you get back.” With that the chubby waitress gave me a quick smile and walked off.
Apr 7, 2022
Part 5
The “jeep” was a red Hummer modified with extra large rear doors, giving passengers easy access to the 3rd row of seats. Everything about the Hummer was spacious and luxurious – it only seated five and the driver, with ample captain’s chairs in back. We were the second couple to show up. There were two sisters – I would guess in their later sixties – sitting in the back row. Both of them comfortably filled up their plush bucket seats. The driver/tour guide and I helped Sophia step up the portable stairs into the Hummer. She was clearly unsteady on her feet after breakfast. The tour guide didn’t seem at all phased by it.

Being her normal gregarious self, she immediately struck up a conversation with Lisa and Elisabeth, the sisters from Minnesota. They talked about family back home (they thought they remembered Sophia’s parents, having the same time share week and all), how the scenery in Sedona always changes and never gets old, and of course, food. They had reservations in town that night at a cowboy steak house, but (in their opinion), the food at the Juniper Room was difficult to beat.

“Breakfast was amazing,” Sophia gushed. “I didn’t even have room for dessert, did I, Dan?”

I was fumbling with my seatbelt, unable to make it tight enough, but I said, “well, it’s not that you didn’t have room…”

“Ok you win, we were just in a hurry. But they were so nice, they said they would leave a dessert box in our room!” She was beaming. Being slightly on the antisocial side myself, I always lost myself in admiration for her in moments like this, being able to be so loose and free with strangers.

Lisa squeezed my shoulder and smiled at us. “Oh, you’ve got a good one here, I can tell!”

Sophia spoke up, finally. “Dan, are you having a problem?”

“It’s just this seatbelt. I can’t get it any tighter than this.” I kept pulling at the shoulder, but the belt wouldn’t tighten.

Sophia looked at her own seatbelt, tight between her breasts and creasing across her belly. Her hips spread right to the edge of the captain’s chair without spilling over. “Huh, mine works fine.”

The driver, having packed up the stairs in the trunk, suggested that the passenger seat might fit me better. Lisa quickly offered to sit next to Sophia and keep her company. She had no issues with the seatbelt.

The jeep ride took us through town and then out into the mountains around Sedona. We went up and over some slopes that seemed like they would be impossible, but the truck managed everything perfectly. As we rode, the driver explained about the terrain and landscape. Eventually we stopped at a clearing with a beautiful view of the cliffs and valley below. We all got out and took photos in the light breeze while the driver set up 4 large reinforced folding chairs and opened a bottle of champagne. Soph put her sunglasses on and smiled, enjoying the weather. I could distinctly see the outline of her tummy as the breeze pushed her light cotton dress flat over it. She looked absolutely stuffed. It was noticeable. I couldn’t imagine eating as much food as she had that morning. It was literal pounds of food.

Then the picnic snack was brought out in a cooler. There were big chicken salad sandwiches, hummus wraps, cold cuts with pesto on long ciabatta rolls. Soph took a chicken salad and then paused with her fingers on her chin. She looked up at our driver and asked, “May I?”, pointing to one of the cold cut sandwiches.

“Of course, miss. There’s plenty for everyone.” This was clearly true. The cooler was stocked. “There are soft drinks, too. Coke, iced tea, root beer.”

“Oooh, root beer please!”

Sophie unwrapped her first sandwich and started to eat while the driver walked around from person to person. I was still full from breakfast and passed, looking back and forth between the scenery and my gluttonous wife (gluttonous is the only way to describe her, isn’t it?) as she unwrapped the second sandwich and alternated between each one and big sips of her root beer. Sophia had finished her two sandwiches around the time the sisters were ready for a second round, calling for the driver to bring out the cooler (“Isn’t it lovely, Lisa?” “Oh yes, I love it here. Such service!”)

Picking out a second chicken salad sandwich, Elizabeth leaned over to Soph who was eyeing the cooler. “Oh hun, have another! You’re such a little thing!”

Sophia smiled and patted her full belly. “Oh you’re too sweet. I’ve definitely put on some weight since I got here.” She took a hummus wrap since the chicken salad was gone.

Lisa chimed in: “Haven’t we all? Now what about your husband here, how is he such a beanpole? I’m sure you’re a great cook! Doesn’t he like your cooking, Sophia?”

Sophia swallowed her bite and daintily wiped her mouth. “Actually, Dan is a wonderful chef! He does a lot of the cooking at home. And I do a lot of the eating!”

Everyone laughed, but Lisa looked at me and nodded, approvingly. “Oh I see! My first husband Dominic was a wonderful cook too.” She patted her own large belly with a knowing smile on her lips.

I was blushing. Do they think I have made my wife fat on purpose? I certainly never said no when she wanted seconds or thirds, or a second dessert. And when she was pregnant I catered to her every need. But I never intentionally fattened her up, did I? Putting the fork in her mouth, feeding her like a child. Like feeding Charlotte and DJ spoonfuls of applesauce in the green high chair they both used, except it’s my wife in the chair, not my child. The thought suddenly sent a jolt through my body, a warmth in my groin.

I looked at Soph and she smiled at me. I wished I could see her eyes behind her dark glasses. She put one hand on top of her belly, under her chest. It was so full there, bulging straight out. I hadn’t seen it that round since she was pregnant. She put the other hand under her belly, giving it some support. Her legs were spread a little wider to accommodate how heavy it was. I noticed that the sisters had a similar pose.
Apr 7, 2022
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Part 6
The walk from the lobby to room 212 was slow, but the weather was perfect and we took our time. We held hands, arms swinging back and forth. Soph nibbled on a chocolate she took from the concierge desk. We passed several large resort guests on the walk, one couple side-by-side in mobility scooters, but the wide walkway left plenty of room for everyone. The sounds coming from the pool were enticing, but Soph wanted to lie down for a bit before we do anything else.

I took the card out of the reader and opened the door to the cool and dark room. We walked in together, and I held her hand tight as I closed the door behind us, pulling her against the wall and pressing my body against hers. Her stomach was firm against mine and the way the shapes of our bodies interacted with each other was already different from before we left. I kissed her, tasting the chocolate on her lips, her hands on my back, my hands on the rolls on her waist. As we broke off the kisses she rested her head against my chest and my hands caressed the sides of her belly.

“Do you like it?” she whispered.

“Of course.” I said. I meant it.

“Ok. I’ll get back to normal when we go home. This is just…it’s nice.”

I didn’t know how to answer. What was normal, and did I want her to go back to it? I was silent for a moment.

“Did you know what this place was like before we came?”

“Yes, of course. My parents have been coming here for years.” We stepped back from each other and she put one hand back under her belly. “I’m going to look for that dessert package and then maybe you and me can cuddle in bed.”

She walked towards the kitchenette, her ass bouncing with every step. “Oh my goodness!” I heard from around the corner. After I had taken off my shoes and followed I saw a room service platter on the table with a plate of what looked like eclairs, another with 3 slices of different kinds of cheesecake, and a large bowl of ice with a smaller bowl in the middle. There was a small tower of chocolate covered bon bons in it. Soph had a bon bon in each hand and ate one after the other.

“Dan, can you hand me that towel?” She said with a mouthful of chocolate and ice cream. She wiped her fingers and mouth. “I can’t eat chocolate wearing white, can you…?” She pointed to the button on her shoulder blades. I undid it and helped her pull her dress over her head.

In her underwear she looked even larger than last night. Her breasts were bulging out of her pale pink bra and her bronze panties seemed stretched to the breaking point over her ass. I also noticed the hint of pink stretchmarks on her lovehandes and maybe the top of her belly, above her belly button. New ones. I picked up a bon bon and held it to her lips. She ate it greedily and looked at me.

“Do you like doing that?” she asked, licking her lips.

“Yes.” I fed her another. “Do you like it?”

She nodded, letting the ice cream and chocolate melt in her mouth before swallowing. “I should lie down though, my legs are tired.”

She got in bed while I grabbed a towel from the bathroom to put over her in case there were drips. Then I brought the whole dessert tray to her. She ate bite after sensuous bite. Slowly. Little nibbles sometimes. She was full from all the food in the morning. This was just dessert. Near the end her eyes were closed. She knew there was something to eat by the smell, by the touch of the fork on her plump lower lip. She opened wider, tasting the bite of cheesecake with her tongue before slowly sucking it from the fork. Nearly two hours later the dessert was all gone, we had made love, and Sophia was gently napping on my side of the bed.
Apr 7, 2022
Part 7

Sophia woke up to some gentle nudging. The afternoon was fading and I didn’t want her to feel like she had slept away the first day of our vacation together.

“Soph, how do you feel?” I gently rubbed her swollen belly under the sheet. I was amazed at how much fuller it felt from just a few days ago.

She rubbed her eyes. “I feel good. What time is it?”

“It’s almost 5. I thought we might walk around a little and maybe get a drink at the bar. Just stretch our legs a little bit, you know, before dinner.” I rubbed her belly and she smiled, rolling over towards me. Her belly slumped to the side as she rolled. Her outline under the sheet was massive – at least by her standards. She was nowhere near as big as some of the other women I’ve seen today.

“I should rinse off before we go out. Did you nap too?” She stretched, her full tits popping out from under the sheet before she pulled it back over her.

“I did for a little bit, then I went out to see what’s going on tonight. There’s karaoke at the bar later. Might be funny.”

“Might be. Are you going to sing?”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” She nodded, face breaking into a grin. “I found a candy store, too.”

“Ooh!” Sophia sat up a little, the sheet falling down again to rest on the rounded top of her tummy. “Did you bring me back anything on your walk?” She looked up at me, almost licking her lips.

I laughed and put my hand on the side of her belly. “I got you some chocolate but…you can’t be hungry again, are you?” I helped the sheet drop onto her lap and tucked in under her belly. I gently kneaded her flank, making a thick roll.

“I’m not hungry…but I would still like a taste of what you brought back.” Her smile was wicked.

I leaned in and kissed her, still tasting the sugar on her lips from her noontime dessert, then I went into the kitchen and came back with a square white box and a red and white bottle of milk. I sat down next to Sophia. Inside the box was a large gourmet peanut butter cup.

“Oh yum…” I could see her mouth start to water. She couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

“So you’re not too full for a treat?” I pulled the chocolate out and held it towards her mouth. She nodded no and took a bite, then another.

She licked her lips and caught her breath, then looked at me. “You’re not going to get mad if I get fat, are you?”

I can’t help but laugh, and I give her another long kiss. I put my thumb and index finger on one of her fat rolls and squeezed – not hard enough to hurt but hard enough for her to feel it. I whisper in her ear, “Sophie, you’re already fat.” She bit her lip and looked me in the eyes. She was beaming.

“Help me finish that then.”

As she started to take big bites of the rich confection, her right hand started caressing her left breast, squeezing her nipple. She had trouble finishing it but finally swallowed the last bite and leaned back. Her hand had slid from her breast down under the sheets and there was a rhythmic jiggle playing across her lower belly. I cracked the plastic top on the bottle of whole milk and slowly placed it against her lips. Her eyes stayed closed as I so slowly tipped the bottle up, letting her take gulp after gulp. I tried not to rush it, but just let her steadily chug the milk, gently tipping it up until she could suck down the last drop. As I took the empty bottle from her lips she gasped, both to catch her breath and coming to climax. She collapsed back down into the pillows, breathing heavily.

“Do you need to rest a little more?” I kissed her on the forehead.

“No I’m good. Just give me a help up.”

Her eyes were still half closed but she held her plump arm out. I leaned down and let her put her arm around my neck. I eased her into a sitting position and then she slowly slid her legs off the side of the bed. Squished as the were, her thighs looked nearly as big around as my waist. Her feet didn’t touch the carpet, so I put my arm around her waist and carefully helped her to stand. I kept my arm around her as she got her balance. Her upper belly was round and prominent, full to bursting with food. My hand slid down over her ass – it looked as big as I’ve ever seen it. She was getting a real shelf butt, with thick pads of fat on her lower back.

“Are you ok? Need a hand getting to the bathroom?”

She took a deep breath. “I can do it.” She smiled and wrapped her arms around me. “I love you.” She broke away and started walking to the bathroom, her thighs rubbing and ass rippling with every shuffling step.
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Part 8

We decided to finally have the pool experience, if only by checking out the bar. Soph had on another new outfit – Very loose white linen pants with a drawstring waist and tunic-like top in a shade of blue that looked amazing on her. We walked slowly towards the pool. She was visibly stuffed and slightly uncomfortable from the day’s gorging and she leaned heavily on me, taking gingerly steps. We talked about the jeep ride earlier and how beautiful it was, and how it would be nice to see the sisters again before our stay was over. It was hard to believe that this was only the first day.

It was early bird dinner time, and with the older clientele that the resort attracted, the pool was fairly quiet. There was one family in the pool – mother, father, and two very obese children – and a few people lounging on the deck or in cabanas, but the bar was empty. I helped Sophia get up onto one of the wide barstools and nodded at the bartender. I ordered a beer, Soph ordered a margarita.

The sun was still strong but it was pleasant under the canopied bar. I could imagine sitting here people watching during the day would be interesting to say the least. Everyone was nibbling on something, unashamed of their size. In one of the cabanas I noticed a woman who was easily 400 lbs. Her male companion, himself quite fat, was putting sunscreen on the folds of her arms. She took a long sip of a drink that looked an awful lot like the mudslide from breakfast, then motioned for him to sunscreen her rippled legs. It was obvious that she would be hard pressed to reach major portions of her lower body.

I didn’t notice that the drinks had arrived until Sophia turned into my field of view with her salt-rimmed glass in hand, taking a small sip. She looked out over the pool with me, seeing what I was looking at.

“What would you think if I was that big someday?” she said quietly, not wanting to seem like a voyeur.

I looked at Sophia’s face, and then back at the woman in the cabana. “I can’t really imagine you being that big, honestly. She must be twice your size.”

“Well…I mean probably, but how would you feel. I’ve seen old photos of my mom and I’m already bigger than she was at my age.”

“Your mom isn’t as big as that lady is there.” I grabbed my beer and took a long sip.

The bartender came back over to us and asked if we would like any food, maybe a charcuterie plate or something off the restaurant menu. I started to speak, but Sophia got there first.

“A charcuterie plate would be fun!” The bartender smiled and went to put the order in.

I looked at Sophia. “Are you sure you can eat more? You’re not going to be sick?”

She smiled back at me. “I just wanted something to nibble on. I think my next drink is going to be sweet, so something salty to go with it would be nice.” She turned back towards the pool, and the cabana on the other side. She rubbed her belly under her blue top. “What do you think? Would you still be attracted to me if I was that big?”

“I would love you no matter what.”

“I didn’t ask that, Dan. Would you be attracted to me?”

The fat family was getting out of the pool, water dripping off of them as they headed towards their large lounge chairs. Out of the water they looked even bigger. I realized how big the pool towels were. Normal towels wouldn’t wrap around any of their waists, but these fit them comfortably. I turned back to Sophia.

“Are you planning to get that big or something?”

Her face lit up with a half smile as the bartender delivered the platter of meat, cheese, pickles, and olives. “No, I’m not planning on it.” She took an olive and put it in her mouth, chewing slowly. “But it’s not like I’ve been dieting, and my appetite has been a little bit large lately.” She took my hand and placed it on the side of my belly. I kneaded the flab, feeling the nearly liquid softness of her love handle under my hand. Despite being very much in public, I was getting turned on.

“I love that your appetite’s been bigger. You seem like you’ve been happy lately.”

She took another morsel from the charcuterie platter and ate it, her eyes locked with mine. “What if I got as big as my mother, would you like that?”

My kneading turned into a firm squeeze, making her squirm a little. “I think I’d like that. Is that your plan?”

“I don’t have a plan. Other than to have fun on this trip.” She drained her glass and turned to the bar. The charcuterie was her focus. I was still nursing my beer when she ordered a mudslide. We ate and drank, chatting with the bartender about the must see attractions. He told us that the restaurant clears out around 8:00 most weeknights and it’s the perfect time to have a bite and enjoy the evening afterwards. He pointed out a path winding behind the pool that leads to a great starwatching spot.

Fed and watered, we decided to explore downtown. We took our car even though it was a relatively short walk, passing by restaurants, shops, hotels – all built on rusty red rocks. The whole world was red and green, long and low, with a brilliant early evening sky overhead. We saw a couple of night life spots that we flagged as places to try out some night, but more than that we were enjoying the air and being together.

At a stoplight I noticed an ice cream stand with a small group of people waiting in line out front. I pointed it out to Sophia. I didn’t say anything but she got the point.

“Daniel Davis, are you trying to kill me?” She put both hands on her belly and made a stern face, which quickly broke into a grin.

“Who, me?” I returned the grin as the light changed. “I was just wondering. I know you like ice cream…”

“Of course I like ice cream, I think I’ve had some three times already today! But seriously, I think I would throw up in this rental car if I had more ice cream right now. But if you want some, stop!”

I shook my head and we drove to find a place to park watch the sunset. Just like last night it was incredible, but not quite as amazing as sunrise this morning. We held hands. I leaned over to kiss her. She unbuckled her seatbelt, exhaling and adjusting her bra. She was doing all she could to lie back in the seat, visibly uncomfortable from the food she had eaten. My hand reached down to her waist and untied the thick drawstring on her waist, gently easing her linen pants down under her belly. She took a slow, deep breath and I gently rubbed her taught stomach.

“It feels bigger up here than before we left.” She guided my hand up to the top of her stomach, under her bra. I could see what she meant. I had noticed it myself.

“This is going to sound super weird but please don’t take this the wrong way.” She looked at me, eyebrow raised. “You kinda…”

“Kinda what?” Her brow creased and she looked at me suspiciously, but with a smile. She might have had a clue what was coming.

“I know we’ve only been here a day. You kinda look bigger all over.” I scanned her body. Chin to arms to chest to tummy. The disappearing lap. The chubby wrists.

“You really know how to talk to a lady,” she said with a half smile.

I was flustered and slightly embarrassed. “I just love you, that’s all.”

“I know you do.” She quickly responded, putting one hand on top of mine and looking out as the first stars came out. “I love you, too. And I’m happy to be here with you.” She gave my hand a squeeze.
Apr 7, 2022
Part 9

Sophia had just tied the waistband on her bottoms and tugged down her top as the valet opened the door for her. We were lucky to be in an SUV where she only needed to slide out and step down instead of pick herself up and out of a vehicle lower to the ground. We walked arm in arm into the resort lobby.

Based on what our bartender had said earlier, I was expecting all the early birds to be in bed, but the lobby was actually quite full. People were lounging on couches and chairs after dinner, looking at the upcoming event schedule at the concierge desk, coming back from the coffee shop with bites to eat. Most were considerably older than us, but a few couples looked to be in their 40s, and there was one couple who looked young, probably in their 20s. The woman was clearly overweight but the man was massive. He was wearing sweats and a loose t-shirt and he took up most of the couch he was sitting on. His belly, which hung between his spread legs, rose and fell with every breath and he leaned on a four-legged cane for support. While I watched, his partner unwrapped one of the chocolates from the front desk and gave it to him before eating one herself.

While he was the biggest person in the room, as a group we would clearly have to do some figuring if we were to get on an elevator. But there were no elevators here, nor any stairs. It would be an easy place to get fat.

Sophia squeezed my arm tight. “So what do you want to do?”

I looked around the room again, finally stopping on the hallway that leads to the rooms and the restaurant. After being surrounded by food all day I realized that I had hardly eaten anything since breakfast. “I know you said you were full but did you want to have something to eat? If it’s slow there we can probably take our time and have a few drinks.”

The Juniper Room looked different for dinner service, with lights dim and candles lit. The bartender was right, though – it was nearly 9 and there were plenty of available tables. The hostess quickly put a candy bar down on the hostess stand and grabbed menus and a wine list as we walked in. “Two for dinner?”

I turned to Sophia. “Did you just want to sit at the bar?”

She shrugged and shook her head. “Nah, a table will be good, maybe something by the windows so we can look outside?” she suggested to the hostess.

The hostess stepped out from behind the stand. She was blonde and wearing a black velvet dress that was painted on to her. There’s no chance she bought it that size, I thought, as she casually led us to our table. I could almost hear the stitching groaning with every step.

I pushed in Sophia’s chair as she browsed the menu. Sitting down myself, I reached for the wine list, scanning for cocktails. I looked up at Sophia. “I’ll let you take the lead on ordering things. I don’t want to push you. And we can always take leftovers back, we have a fridge.”

Sophia nodded and took the wine list from me. “I think that’s a good idea about bringing things home. I’ll just nibble at things here. I just like being with you.” She smiled at me in the candlelight. Outside the window, two guests rode by on scooters. “That looks kinda fun, doesn’t it?”

I turned my head to watch. “Sure, I guess. They don’t look like they go very fast.”

“Yeah probably nothing like those stand up scooters we rented last summer. I thought I was going to get killed!”

Our waiter (who definitely has been tasting the cooking) arrived with bread and butter. We each ordered a vodka cocktail, something light and sweet after the heaviness of the day’s food (for one of us, at least). When he returned, we ordered our meals. I had salmon with some kind of a glaze.

Sophia squinted at the menu. “Ok, I would like for an appetizer..” my eyes went wide. I wasn’t surprised exactly, but for a girl who was so full she was nauseous an hour ago… “I would like the slider trio, I think. And for my entrée spaghetti bolognaise please.” She smiled and handed the menu to him.

After he had left I gave her a quizzical look. “I didn’t think you were going to order an app.”

“Well,” she blushed and took a sip of her drink, “I figured a little slider would be ok. You can have one too if you want. Did you read the description? One is just beef, one is a bison and beef blend, the other is a pork patty. With different sauces. Sounds 100% yum.” She started buttering a roll.

“Well I am 100% good with you ordering whatever you want. I just am going to have a hard time carrying you back to the room if you can’t walk on your own!”

“Very funny,” she smirked and started eating the roll, putting more butter on before every bite. Finishing it, she patted her upper belly. “We still have 3 days left, you realize. You might have to go to the gym tomorrow.”

“Maybe I’ll need to get you a scooter for the walk home, then.” We looked in each others eyes, testing to see who would break first. She did, as she grabbed a second roll.

“Maybe you will,” she said with a smile. “I might be getting dessert.”
Apr 7, 2022
Part 10

The lobby was quiet when I walked back in after dinner. I wasn’t exactly drunk but I had a solid buzz after a few vodka tonics. I walked up to the reception desk, sheepish despite my beer muscles.

“Um, I was wondering about…” I pointed in the direction of the station of mobility scooters in their alcove near the back door. “Can I just take one of them?”

The desk clerk looked slightly confused. “Do you mean a scooter?” She was probably a little older than me, with straight dark hair and bronzed skin. Oh, and curves for days. There were several of the white chocolate wrappers tucked half out of sight on her side of the desk. She looked me up and down. “Is the scooter for you, sir?”

I laughed a little, embarrassed. “Oh, no not for me, it’s.” I looked away from her eyes, somehow only managing to stare at her full chest. Looking back up, “It’s for my wife. Long story but..”

“Sir, you don’t have to explain.” She was smiling now, and if I didn’t know better was checking me out. “I just need your room number and there are a few rules: please keep the scooter by your door under the canopy. You’ll see that there’s a place to park it. There’s also a charging station there, so please plug it in when you’re not using it. The weather is looking good for the next few days but if it’s going to rain we will call your room. And just be careful, you know…”

I grabbed a handful of chocolates. “You know what?”

“If you’ve been drinking. Just stay away from the pool,” she said with a smirk.

“Oh, don’t worry. She’s a very safe driver. And Dan and Sophia Davis, room 212.” I paused, then added, “Chocolate?” I offered her one of the small treats.

She smiled and took it quietly. “Does your wife need a scooter, Mr. Davis? Is she a big girl?”

I turned around halfway so I could see the scooters and – somewhere past them – my Sophia. “She’s beautiful. I like her a lot.”

The desk clerk laughed, “Ok, well I hope so and please be careful! Scooter number 17 on the left is yours, it should be charged. If there are any problems call the front desk.”

I thanked her and walked over to Number 17. I was wrapped with the brown and blue Desert Promise logo and artwork that was on their brochures. I sat on the wide seat and turned the key to ‘On’, then manipulated the throttle and smoothly pulled out towards the back doors. They opened wide for me as I approached, and I waved to my wife who was sitting on a bench in front of the restaurant. She had a plastic bag of takeout containers on her lap. She waved back and laughed.

I took the leftovers from her as she eased onto the seat. “Ooh, it’s comfy,” she said, breaking out into laughter again as she looked up at me. “I wish it had a basket, though. I could carry the leftovers.”

“It definitely has some saddlebags!” I said, poking her chubby sides.

“Hey!” She shouted. “Well, I’m on wheels so you can’t catch me!” She throttled up and slowly started rolling away, almost immediately laughing at how slow the scooter was. I caught up and we started walking back to our bungalow.

“Do you want to go to that place the bartender talked about where we can see the stars?” I asked as we leisurely travelled the path.

“Sure, that would be nice. And then maybe we can stop for another drink at the bar if they’re open and call it a night.”

We stopped at our room first to drop off the leftovers. Sophia used the bathroom, and I pocketed a king size Milky Way. Helping her back on the scooter we navigated past the pool and down the path the bartender had shown us earlier. It took us past several other bungalows and finally out to an open clearing. The sky was huge and bright with stars. There was another couple there as well, a portly man with his equally plump wife. She was sitting on a wide wooden bench with no arms, and he was standing next to her. It looked like he had a bag of Doritos in his hand and was feeding them to her one chip at a time. She nodded to us as Sophia scooted over towards the far side of the clearing, giving them some privacy.

We sat side by side on a bench that was the twin of the other. It was a little shocking that the other couple’s bench was a one-seater while ours was big enough for two. Or at least, I was small enough that we could both squeeze on. Sophia took up more than half. We held hands and watched the stars, but it seemed like she continually snuck peeks at the other couple and their ritual.

I whispered to her, “Would you like me to feed you too? I see you looking at them.”

“Why, did you bring something?” She adjusted her tight waistband, saying yes without speaking a word.

“Yes, I have a Milky Way from the mini-bar.” I pulled it out of my pocket.

“Ok, I’d like that.” She squeezed my arm. “Do you think they’ll see us?” she said very quietly.

“I don’t know. Would that bother you?” I paused before unwrapping the chocolate.

“No. I think I’d like that too.”

I unwrapped the Milky way and held it out to her. She took a bite, and then another. “Mmmph…more,” she softly moaned as she squeezed my hand. A thin thread of caramel stuck to her lower lip as I pulled the candy away. The couple across the way shot us a look, making Soph squeeze my hand even tighter and cuddle closer. I could feel the softness of her thigh and flank.

In a moment the candy was gone, Sophia licking her lips. She put her arm around my waist and held me tight. I put my hand on her belly and softly rubbed it, pushing the waistband of her bottoms down. I couldn’t help but think of that candy bar on top of the sliders, bolognaise, and pecan pie with fresh whipped cream she had for dinner (to be fair, I had half of two sliders and the portion of pasta was so huge she could only eat half. She couldn’t stop eating the dessert, though.)

It was getting cool. I helped Sophia ease back onto the scooter. As she wheeled around she waved and said goodnight to the other couple and I gave half a wave. They looked happy to see us go. We docked the scooter next to the door and I plugged it in while Sophia slowly stepped into the room. She was half standing/half sitting on the bed when I walked in, breathing heavily.

She looked at me and raised her arms. “Can you help?”

I helped her peel the tunic over her head. It was tight on her breasts and took a couple tries. Next I undid the tie on her pants and helped ease them over her hips and onto the floor. I got her a loose t-shirt from her drawer and, taking off her bra, helped her get it on. She was still catching her breath.

“Do you want me to help you into the bathroom so you can brush your teeth?”

“Maybe in a minute. Can I eat first?” She had assumed her now-typical pose – right hand on the top of her belly, left hand cradling it underneath. It rose and fell with every breath.

“Eat? What did you want to eat?” I wasn’t upset, just shocked.

“My leftovers, unless there’s something else good.”

“Are you sure you can eat more? I’ve never seen you eat anything close to as much as you ate today. Are you still hungry?”

“Hungry?” She thought it over. “Not really. I just want to eat more. Just today, tomorrow I’ll be better.”

“Do you want to get in bed? I’ll help.” My eyes followed the rounded contours of her body, each angle, each fraction a different sublime curve.

“No.” She took another deep breath, her belly pushing her breasts up and out. “If I lie down I won’t be able to get back up. Can you just feed me right here?”

I didn’t respond, just went to the mini fridge and removed the white Styrofoam container. Grabbing a fork, I walked back to the bedroom. She was trying to sit more, but her short legs and fat ass wouldn’t let it happen. I put the container on the bed and a hand under each armpit.

“Ok, try again.”

She nodded and gave it one more try as I picked her up, just enough to get her ass onto the high bed. Her toes dangled a few inches off the ground. “You’ve gotten heavy, baby…” I lifted up her t shirt so I could see her belly rest on her lap.

“I know. When I was shopping for clothes for the trip I was hoping you wouldn’t mind. They all seemed so big.”

I rubbed the side of her belly, where the new stretchmarks were developing. “I don’t mind at all. Now open up.”

She dutifully ate the last of her dinner. I had to help her into the bathroom. Every movement was slow and an effort. She needed even more help getting into bed and under the covers. As she rolled over on her side her distended belly pooled in front of her. I stroked her hair as she fell asleep and then crawled into bed next to her.


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I’m also enjoying this one! Hopefully there is a big sexy weigh in involved soon! Or maybe a doctors visit where it happens with a lot of extra comments about her growth (those are my favorite lol)
Apr 7, 2022
Sorry for the delay. It's long enough I had to split it into 2 parts, at least. And again, thank you for the kind words!

Part 11

I slept much later the next morning. Warm sun soaked the room through the partially open curtain. Realizing that I hadn’t closed the curtains when we came back in the dark, I had images of peeping Tom’s watching me stuff my wife’s face while she was too engorged to get into bed by herself. The thought was horrifying but also interesting, like the couple last night watching me feed her chocolate. I started getting aroused, and wanted nothing more than to roll over next to Sophie and press my hard body against her softness, but her snores woke me out of my trance, and I decided to let her sleep in. She could have breakfast in bed again, I decided.

It was already warmer than yesterday, and I could hear the first bathers of the day splashing in the pool. Maybe it was another yoga class? The air conditioning hit me as I walked into the lobby and turned towards the coffee shop. A younger woman stood near the doors, waiting for someone. She was beautiful, with piercing blue eyes and blonde hair. She wore a lightweight maxi dress that clung to every curve and showed off the nearly gelatinous ripples of her double belly. She had a huge smoothie in her hands. Through the clear plastic cup I saw swirling golden vortices topped with a small mountain of whipped cream. She looked me right in the eyes as she held the smoothie with both hands and brought the large straw to her lips, taking a long pull. Her eyes never broke until an older man (Lover? Father?) walked out of the coffee shop with a white box under his arm. She shot me one last sideways glance as she walked away, hips and ass cheeks swaying with the rhythm of each waddling step. I couldn’t help but think what that dress looked like on her when she bought it. Or even at the beginning of her stay here.

I stepped into the coffee shop and walked up to the counter. “What was that drink she just bought?” I motioned to the door and the quickly vanishing couple.

The barista (one of the slimmer men I’ve seen working here, it struck me) responded, “Double Cream Banana Smoothie.” He seemed bored.

“What’s in it?” My eyes scanned the baked goods behind him.

“Bananas, dates, oats, heavy cream, vanilla ice cream, and turbinado.” He briefly looked at his phone.

“Ok, I’ll have a large one of those and a cinnamon bun and a slice of the apple tart.”

“We don’t sell the tarts by the slice, do you still want it?” He grabbed a plastic cup the same size the woman outside was drinking from and started preparing the smoothie.

“Yeah, that’s fine.” I checked out the candy bar selection while I was waiting. They were half the price as they were in the mini-bar. I grabbed half a dozen.

The barista put the two boxes (the cinnamon bun and tart each needed their own) and the candy into a bag for me. $35 breakfast snack in hand, I walked back into our bungalow. The bathroom door was closed, and I could hear the shower on. I took the opportunity to prepare the breakfast treat, cutting the treats into bites and spreading them across several plates.

“Oh hey, you’re back!” She walked towards the kitchen, wearing a big white towel around her and her hair wrapped up in another. “Oh, yum. You’re so good to me!” She said with a smile.

“I didn’t mean to get this much, so …”

“Sure, you didn’t.” She laughed and sat down, taking a long sip of the smoothie. “Oh. My. God.” She looked at me, shocked. “Did you try this?” She handed it to me.

I shook my head ‘no’ and took a sip. It was like a blast of pure sugar and fat, the cream coating my mouth. I could definitely see something like this being addictive. I handed it back and she sucked on it greedily. The towel fell to her sides as she started in on the pastries. Her pink stretch marks stood out against her pale skin. I traced them with my finger and kissed her on the cheek.

“I’m going to jump in the shower, ok?” She nodded.

When I was out and in a towel, Sophia was still sitting at the table but she was slowing down. The smoothie was gone but there were bits and pieces of the cinnamon bun and especially the tart. I fed her a bite of the cinnamon bun.

“Want to put a bathing suit on and we can do the pool thing today? It’s going to be hot.”

“That sounds nice. Can you help me up?”

I gave her my hand and with some effort helped her to her feet. She walked over to the dresser and looked for her suit. I admired her ass, how the swells rose and fell as she shifted her weight from one side to the other, the thick pad of fat developing just above her bum crack (I loved how that part of her felt), the subtle dimpling. After some rummaging, she pulled out a bathing suit I’d never seen before. It was navy one piece with a pink and white floral pattern. I stood in my towel and watched her jiggle as she struggled with the suit, shimmying it up over her hips and ass, then sucking in to pull it up over her belly. She got her arms in and adjusted it in front of the mirror, turning side to side and sucking in her tummy. She turned hard to her right and looked over her shoulder.

“When were you going to tell me about this?”

“What’s up?” I took a few steps towards her.

“This!” She took her hands and jiggled her ass. “Were you going to tell my ass was getting this big?”

I walked over behind her, putting my hands on her waist and leaning down to give her a kiss on the neck. “Oh, I thought you knew.” I pulled her in close to me, my towel falling to the floor. “It’s no bigger than the rest of you.” I reached up and squeezed her tits with both hands.

“You love it,” she said, turning to hold me. “Seriously, though, I thought this suit would fit a little better when I ordered it.” She kissed me, then reached down to hold me lower. “I guess you like it,” she laughed.

“Yeah, my suit isn’t going to fit either with you around. But I think that looks great, don’t you?”

She picked a wedgie out of her butt and looked in the mirror again. “Yeah, it’s ok. I just bought a size up and expected it to be looser than this. But I guess I haven’t worn a bathing suit since last summer or something.”

“What size is it?”

“2X,” she said, adjusting it again in the mirror. “Sounds enormous, doesn’t it?”

“Not to me.” I slapped her butt and went to put on my suit. “But wear it for now and get another one this summer if you still don’t like it...” I turned and looked at her modelling for herself in front of the mirror – heavy arms and breasts, visible rolls of back fat, a round belly constrained by the spandex, solid thighs. “…or if you need a bigger size.”

She smiled at me and cradled her belly. “I definitely think you’ll be buying me a new suit before the end of the summer.”

“I think I’ll be buying you a lot of things,” I said, walking out of the kitchenette with a greasy pastry box. I put it on the dresser in front of me while I put my suit on. Sophia nibbled as she adjusted her suit in the mirror and tried on her new coverup.

As I was getting my flip flops and sunscreen ready to go, I heard a grinding sound and a metallic *thunk* coming from the air conditioning register. I went over to inspect it and felt hot air blowing out. Within a minute the room started to heat up. I played with the thermostat, but nothing was working.

Frustrated, I looked over at Soph who just shrugged her rounded shoulders and stuffed the last bite of cinnamon bun in her mouth. I called the front desk.

“Yes, this is Dan Davis in 212. I think our air conditioning just broke… Yeah there was a loud noise and now it’s blowing hot air... Ok, what time?... That’s fine, we’re going to be at the pool. So just check it out after he comes?...Ok, thank you.”

“What did they say?” Sophia mumbled through a mouthful of pastry. She was working on finishing the apple tart now.

“They’re sending maintenance down to fix it. I guess they’re going to be here pretty soon. We can just go to the pool.” I made sure the room was picked up and Soph’s jewelry was in the safe while she finished the last of her morning snack. Then I looked at her.

“You have some sugar on your face.” It looked like it was from the cinnamon bun. I helped her wipe it off and patted her belly. Even under her gauzy white coverup it looked especially round. “Ready to go?”

She nodded, transforming the shape of her double chin. I grabbed a bag with sunscreen, some waters, hats, sunglasses, and a few of the candy bars I bought that morning, and we walked out the door.

Both of us stopped and stared at the scooter we had taken home last night in our far looser condition. Sophia looked a little pink in the face. “Oops, I guess I forgot about this. How much did I have to drink last night?”

“I think it was more about how much I had to drink, and how much you had to eat.”

She touched the rubbery grip of a handlebar. “Well, I don’t need it just to walk to the pool…” She caressed her rounded belly. “It’s a little decadent, don’t you think?”

I put my hand on her waist, the soft rolls I was expecting transformed into a smooth, thick curve by her swimsuit. “It’s a little decadent. Not wasting a single calorie. Just being in pure relax mode.” She snuggled up next to me. I could feel her size and presence nearly pushing me off my feet.

“You’re cute. I think I can walk to the pool, though. Maybe I’ll scoot around later.” She took the lead, walking five steps in front of me, the outline of her swimsuit bottoms visible through the coverup. She was right, earlier. Her suit was a little too small.

The pool was slightly busy for the hour, obviously due to the already hot weather. Many of the prime seating areas in the shade were already full, as well as the cabanas I could see. We walked up to the pool attendant’s stand and I asked for some towels.

“Yes sir, what’s your room number?” The attendant asked politely. He was shorter and blonde, wearing a white polo shirt that was stretched tight across his massive manboobs. Even though he was probably five inches shorter than me, I was sure he outweighed me by fifty pounds or more.

“212. Davis.” I looked around at the pool guests. Some had TV-quality bronzed tans, some were sunburnt from their first exposure in a year, some had unflattering suits on and some looked like they just walked out of a catalogue – but all were chubby, fat, or very obese. And nobody ashamed of their body. No men wearing white t-shirts in the pool to hide their guts, no women sunbathing in robes. There were bellies hanging over waistbands, breasts spilling out of bikini tops, cellulite of the male and female varieties on display. And people eating nearly everywhere.

“Oh, Mr. Davis! I got a message you were coming, please follow me.” The young man grabbed a handful of towels, and we followed his waddle towards a cabana off in the far corner of the pool grounds. “Here we are, the front desk said you were having some troubles with your bungalow and to hold a cabana for you.”

The inside of the white cabana was cool and inviting. There was a wide upholstered couch against the back with two sitting chairs and a coffee table, and then closer to the front were standard reclining pool chairs. Well, standard might not be the right word. Each one was nearly the size of a twin bed and heavily reinforced. There was another smaller coffee table between the chairs and what looked like a basket of cookies and biscotti on it.

“We have some complimentary snacks for you and I’ll be happy to take a drink order, or breakfast if you’d prefer. Do you need menus?”

I put the pool bag down and sat on my chair. “I’ll take an iced coffee with milk, please.”

“And for you, miss?” The pool attendant adjusted his too-tight outfit.

“Dan, what was the name of that smoothie you got me this morning?”

I looked at the attendant. “I got it at the coffee shop. It had bananas and cream and oats?”

“Oh, those are good.” He rubbed his tummy and almost looked like he was going to lick his lips. “They don’t come from the kitchen, but we can get you one, it’s not a problem.”

Sophia clapped quietly. “Oh good! That was so yummy. I would love to take a look at the menu, also.” She grabbed a biscotti and took a bite. I pulled out the sunscreen and took off my shirt, applying a layer to myself. Soph was three quarters of the way through a monstrous chocolate chunk cookie when I sat next to her with the sunscreen in hand. I started on her legs and thighs as she finished eating, working the cream into her soft flesh. I took my time, using the limited privacy of the cabana to massage her delicately soft inner thighs and the plumpness behind her knees.

As the last bite of cookie disappeared into her mouth, I motioned for her to put her arms up and I helped her take off her coverup. Then she rolled over onto her belly and I sunscreened her ass and exposed back, shoulders, and neck. I took special pleasure with her arms, squeezing the fat between my hands as I pulled over and over again from her shoulders down to her wrists. As I was giving her left hand a soft massage, I pulled gently on her rings. Unlike my own wedding ring, which moves with a little pressure (especially when lubed up), her rings were solid, unmoving. I twisted them a little to see if they’d budge. With a little work they did – slightly.

“Oh, don’t worry about those I don’t need to take them off for the pool.”

“It’s just,” I paused and tried to twist her engagement ring. “They seem a little tight.”

“I know. I probably haven’t taken them off in a few months. Just takes some lotion.”

“Really? I mean, they seem really tight.”

She rolled over onto her back so her ring hand was away from me. “Yeah, don’t worry. I’m bloated right now from all the salty food too, I’m sure. But” she slapped her belly for emphasis, “I’m probably fifty pounds heavier than I was when you put that ring on my finger. Well, fifty pounds for the engagement ring at least. I dieted down for the wedding.”

“I know you did. You didn’t have to, though. Remember how you looked in your wedding dress when you first got it home?” I delicately spread sunscreen on her face as she smirked in acknowledgement.

“Yup, those last five pounds I had to lose were important.”

“I disagree. You looked incredible. Nobody would have ever seen me at the wedding if you had gone like that. They’d only be looking at your tits!” I spread a gob of sunscreen on them for emphasis.

“Daniel! People can hear you! Besides, I was fairly fucking busty at our wedding anyways. There were another five pounds I had planned on losing on top of that.” She took the tube of sunscreen and finished doing her chest and neck.

I thought of how thick she looked back then – a few years of enjoying herself and letting her guard down had added nearly fifteen pounds, and the curvy girl I first started dating was a bona fide chubette. I had watched her outgrow every piece of clothing in her wardrobe, even the stretchy things. Her breasts which looked so big on her smaller frame when we first met (and, full disclosure, the first part of her body I remember seeing), had become heavy and full, putting her lingerie budget to the test. She had a true pot belly, round and firm, not yet sagging over the waistband of her panties. Her dimpled thighs rubbed, her ass wobbled. The day I asked her to marry me seemed so long ago.
Apr 7, 2022
Part 12
It was very different from today, for one. I remember freezing rain slashing against the windows of what we came to think of as our starter home. We had been living together for almost a year, learning how to balance our affection for each other with the need to have some personal space. For the most part it worked, but there was occasional friction. I was four years older than her but less mature in most ways. She didn’t like how much I drank and was spending more and more time at home with her parents and sister. In hindsight, I think the time apart was helping us both realize how much we needed each other -- at least for me it was.

The extended stays with her food-loving parents and sister weren’t slowing down her softening. The typical routine was to come home after a few days at her parents’ house, drop her bag and take a shower, then get cozy in ever-shrinking pajamas. On that cold November afternoon she stepped into the kitchen with her damp and curly hair up, wearing a three-quarter sleeve cotton top so tight, belly peeking out over the smile of her overtaxed black sweat pants, looking more naturally beautiful than I had ever seen her before. Ever seen anyone before.

“I’ve been thinking a lot, Soph. If you still think you’ll be able to stand me when I’m old and gross, I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” I pulled the ring out of my pocket. She said yes.

The diet didn’t start right away, in fact over that holiday season she ate and drank and celebrated like a girl on a mission, a glimpse of things to come. One tipsy Thursday night after Christmas I convinced her to weigh herself in front of me. I could never forget the way her polka dot panties fit, the way she held up her breasts to see the number, the new stretchmarks on her lovehandles and thighs. She blushed and said “Oops,” and quietly stepped back off the scale. 143.7.

Sophia didn’t seem upset, at least outwardly, but the diet started, and she stuck to it. Her goal was 130 for the wedding with another five pounds if she hit her target easily. She didn’t make it all the way to 125, but she made it close. And she looked amazing. A much smaller tummy, slimmer face, smaller boobs (she wasn’t crazy about that part, but was happy with how she looked.) I had gotten very comfortable with her much more exaggerated curves, but her confidence was infectious, her skimpier new closet was sexy, and she was the world’s most beautiful bride. But something always felt off.

A few months later Sophia woke me up with a pregnancy test in her hand and our world changed.

I used my sunscreen-covered fingers to lubricate around her rings. The flesh on either side of them bulged in a way I had never seen on my own ring finger. I twisted the engagement ring.

“Hey, what are you doing?” With some effort Sophia rolled back over onto her back. She cocked her head and looked at me.

“How long has it been since you’ve taken those off? A month?” I pulled a cookie out of the basket and fed her a bite, and then another. I took the cookie away with a slight surprise as a waiter brought over the smoothie and my coffee.

Sophia sat up. “Oooh, yum.” She took the tall cup and straw, setting them up on the table.

The waiter had a small menu. “Did you want to see the breakfast menu?”

I reached out and took one. “I’m starving, yes please.” I scanned the menu while Sophia sipped on her smoothie. I wanted something small, but an omelet would be difficult to eat in the pool chair. The only thing breakfast-sandwich-y I could find was the breakfast burrito duo Sophia ordered yesterday. But one of those monster burritos would be too much for me, let alone two.

“Soph, are you hungry?” I passed her the menu as she took another long slurp of her creamy smoothie. There must have been a thousand calories in that cup.

She looked at the menu briefly. “I’m not starving but I’ve been snacking, too.”

“If I ordered the breakfast burritos you had yesterday, would you want one?” I was thinking about possibly bringing the leftovers back to the room if she was too hungry.

“Oh, that would be yummy, let’s do that!”

I ordered and Sophia sipped her smoothie, nibbled on a cookie, and gingerly applied sunscreen to the buoyant breasts barely contained by her new swimsuit. Her hands had sunscreen on them, so I fed her the last cookie in the basket. She wiped her hands on a towel and patted her round belly. Even though the fabric was obviously constricting, she looked so big in her one piece.

“Hey Soph, when you said the other night that you were 195 pounds, how long ago was that?” I put my hand on her stomach and gently kneaded her chub.

“What do you mean how long ago?” She took another sip of her smoothie.

“I mean, like was that right before we left? When you weighed yourself?” I broke a chocolate covered biscotti in half and held it near her mouth. She stretched her neck slightly to take a nibble, then chewed and swallowed.

“Um, I don’t know. Maybe a month ago?” She shrugged and arched her eyebrows.

“So maybe around the time you last took your rings off?”

She laughed slightly. “I don’t know, could be, why?” I fed her the rest of the biscotti in two big bites. She washed them down with a sip of smoothie each.

I rubbed her belly some more. “Oh, just wondering.” I was quiet, looking at her, the changes I somehow missed. How did I miss so much? My heart was beating. “So, in this past month have you been watching your weight, or maybe … overdoing it a little?”

She turned slightly pink and bit her lower lip. “Um, maybe overdoing it a little? You were working a lot and I was bored and…”

“And?” I gave her tummy a pat, then ran my hand down to her waist.

“Well, I like ice cream.” She looked me in the eyes. “A lot.”

I was about to speak when the server came back with our breakfast. I moved back onto my chair as he put the tray on the table, strategically placing a towel over my lap. The burritos were every bit as large as I remembered from yesterday, with cheese and salsa oozing out of the folds. I grabbed the closest one and took a bite. It had chicken and perfectly cooked egg and just the right amount of spice – delicious, but the thing felt like a footlong hoagie in my hands. There was no way I was finishing it.

“Oh god, this has fucking steak in it…” Sophia had already dug into hers, big healthy bites followed by sips of her disappearing smoothie. By the time I was at the halfway mark of my burrito, hers had vanished and the echoing slurps in her plastic cup let me know that the extra large smoothie had met its match, too. I looked down at my belly, slightly distended from travel and hotel food, and put the second half of my burrito down on the plate.

I took a breath. Soph was gulping in air, big breaths filling her lungs. She was fanning her face. “Spicy!” she said. She had also eaten too fast, and on top of the mammoth wake up snack she had. And the cookies. I was losing track of the food she was devouring.

A server walked by and I flagged her over. “I’m sorry, can we order some drinks?” Sophia ordered a Coke and I paused as the server looked at me. I looked over at my beautiful wife and then back to the white-clad pool waitress.

“Could I get a vanilla milkshake?” I asked sheepishly. “Large please? Room 212.”

Soph had finally caught her breath and I asked her if she wanted to take a quick dip before the drinks arrived. She wanted to test the water, so she swung her big legs over the side of the chair and I helped her up. I let her walk in front of me, her plump ass dancing with every step. Her suit was definitely too small. She deftly picked out a wedgie with a quick finger before holding on to the railing and stepping down into the pool.

In the pool she was weightless, floating in the cool blue, hair fanning out around her head. It was already too busy to swim laps, but I got out to the deeper end and back a few times while Sophia floated. It was refreshing and everything you would want a pool to be on a hot day. I swam up behind her as she floated, my arms reaching around to hold her as she touched the bottom and leaned back into me. I gave her a quick kiss on the neck and told her how in love with her I was. My hands reached down over the swell of her belly. I would have sworn she didn’t feel this big when she was nine months pregnant with Charlotte. The shape was different, but the size…

I pointed towards our cabana and the server walking away with an empty tray. We paddled back to the stairs and dripped on our way back to our secluded oasis. After wrapping Soph up in one of the jumbo pool towels she sat down and took a sip from the tall glass of Coke. There was a tall vanilla milkshake with whipped cream and a cherry on top sitting next to it on the table, as well as the frosty silver tumbler with the rest of the shake that couldn’t fit in the glass.

“So, a milkshake, huh? That’s not like you.” She raised an eyebrow and took another sip. I nodded my head towards the shake. “Oh I see,” she said with a smile, putting down the coke and picking up the shake. It had a wide paper straw and she took a long pull. I watched the meniscus of cream slowly climb down the glass.

“Mmmm, it goes good with the coke,” she said, coming up for air.

“I know how much Mrs. 195 likes ice cream,” I said with what I thought was a wink.

“Oh, Mrs. 195 loved ice cream. So does Mrs. What-ever-I-am-now.” She laughed.

“Mrs. 200?”

She took another long sip and pointed a finger up in the air with a grin.

“Oh really? More than that?”

She finished her sip and laughed. “I have no idea. Probably. Especially now.” She patted her fat belly for emphasis. I shook my head, so intrigued by the conversation. I barely noticed the pool attendant walk up with a cordless phone in his hand.

“Excuse me, Mr. Davis?” He held the phone out to me. “The front desk called for you about your air conditioning.”

I took the phone as he waited, and Sophia looked at me quizzically. A minute later I handed the phone back and thanked him.

“Well?” Sophia looked at me and then took a long sip of the shake. She had been alternating between shake and Coke.

“So, I guess our air conditioning is trashed? They sent the maintenance guy out and they need a part or something. So they’re moving us to a different room.”

“Really?” She took the half of my burrito sitting on the table and took a few nibbles.

“You can have the rest of that, I’m full,” I said, toweling myself dry. “But yeah. She said if I pack up they’ll send someone to move all our stuff and I just have to go to the front desk for new keys. I think we’re getting a room upgrade at least.” I pulled my shirt on.

“Are you going now?” she said with a mouthful of burrito.

“Might as well, right? Get it over with. You can stay here; it will only take me a minute. We hardly unpacked, really.” I stood up and looked around to make sure I had everything I needed. Shirt, flip flops, key. I saw the pool bag and reached in, pulling out a Snickers. I put it on the table.

“You’re bad,” she said quietly, but with a smile.

“And you like it.” I gave her a kiss and walked back towards the room.

Packing didn’t take long, other than toiletries. The room was already tidy so I left a tip for housekeeping and one under the suitcases for the bellhop, and closed the door behind me.

As I sat on the scooter to take it back to the lobby, I quietly said, “So long, 212.”
Apr 7, 2022
Thank you so much, G_Flemming. And I apologize to everyone for the big delay. It wasn't expected.

Part 13

We spent the rest of the morning and into the afternoon by the pool, cooling off when we got too hot, seeking shade in the cabana when the sun was strong. By lunchtime the drinks were flowing, including one of the famous mudslides with its side of chocolate cookies. Lunch was handled tapas-style, except there were no small plates. Soph ordered a sandwich and two appetizers, then another appetizer, and finally some dessert (homemade chipwiches). When we decided we had enough sun, the food and booze had made her unsteady on her feet, and she leaned on me as we walked to discover what our new suite looked like.

I opened up the small paper book holding our keys. 221. I thought I had seen that room on one of my morning walks. I shouldered the pool bag and held on to Soph’s meaty arm as we slowly walked past 212 to the rear of the bungalow. Her hair had dried in thick waves that fell on her shoulders and down her back, and I brushed it out of her face as we rounded the corner to see our new room.

It was cool and dimly lit in the suite as we closed the door behind us and walked down the extra-wide hallway. Right away we could see the difference. The hallway opened into a combination living room and dining room, complete with a crystal chandelier over the 6-seat dining room table. The table was loaded with packaged and fresh food, as well as a bottle of champagne on ice. I popped the champagne and poured us each a glass for the rest of the tour and fed Sophia two large chocolate truffles for good measure. She smiled wide as I opened the bag. There was no mistaking the hospitality the resort was showing.

I found our luggage in the first of two large bedrooms. The sturdy king size was flanked with dark brass bars that fit perfectly into the aesthetic of the room but were unmistakable as mobility aids for getting in and out of the bed. There was a luxurious ensuite bathroom, with a large soaking tub and walk in shower complete with a wide bench. The shower had a window looking out into the bedroom that could be shuttered for modesty – or not. There was a much more extensive selection of toiletries on the counter of the vanity than we were given in our old room. It looked like the basket you’d see in a ritzy bathroom at a black tie gala. There was shampoo and hand lotion of course -- but also handmade soaps, men’s and women’s scents, a selection of body butters (including one specifically for stretch mark care), and a small stick of ladies’ anti-friction balm for thigh rub.

Sophia was smelling the soaps and perfume as I turned around and opened up a wide full-length door. The room inside was spacious, as large as a walk in closet, with a heavy duty toilet against the back wall. Chrome bars rand down one wall and there was the control panel for a bidet on the other. I lifted up the lid and wondered if I would even be able to use it or if the toilet would be too big for me. I sat down to try and found the seat to be uncomfortably wide. If I was any slimmer I would have gotten wet.

“Hey Soph!” I yelled, taking a step towards the door. She walked towards me, sniffing the open stick of chub rub balm.

“Did you find the potty? Oh my god, look how big this stall is,” she said, stepping into the room with me. For however large it was, I had to take a step back against a wall as Sophia’s hips and ass made their presence known. “The toilet’s, uh, big…”

“I almost fell in.” My hands slid over her hips as she walked over to look at the bidet controls.

“Oooh, it squirts! This might be the biggest toilet I’ve ever seen, though. I think I’d fall in too!” She lifted the lid and gave it a flush.

“Do you really think you’d fall in, though?” I slid my hands over her ass, cupping the bottom of her cheeks where they bulged out under her too-tight swimsuit.

Smirking and slightly blushing Sophia hiked up her coverup and sat down on the toilet seat. Unlike when I sat on it, there was no white of the seat visible behind her spread thighs and ass. She blushed more. “Ok, this is actually really comfortable.” She stood up and shimmied back down her coverup. “And I think I’m tipsy. Where is that champagne?”

We walked back into the bathroom proper and finished our glasses before making our way back to the main living room to fill them back up. Sophia opened a white pastry box with a half dozen delicious looking glazed donuts in it. She happily took one, ripping it into small bites and devouring it, followed by a swig of champagne.

“We might need one of those big girl toilets at home, what do you think?” I patted her on the belly. There was something so different about how it moved under the taught swimsuit.

“If I keep up this eating maybe,” she said with a mouthful of donut. She swallowed the last bite and rummaged through the array of treats, finally coming up with a clear plastic bag filled with candied pecans and tied with a little black ribbon. She poured out a handful and filled her mouth as we went to explore the rest of the suite.

The kitchen came first, with luxurious stone countertops and high end appliances. The full-size side-by-side fridge had two quarts of hand-spun gelato in the freezer. Sophia took one of the unmarked carboard tubs out to check the flavor – chocolate. She put it on the counter to soften. The hall to the second bedroom had two doors: a half bath and – surprisingly -- a softly lit and earthtoned cove with a large massage table in the center.

“Look at this!” Sophia said, walking around the spa-like room. She opened a slender cabinet against one wall and saw a small collection of massage oils and towels. “You might have to rub me down later,” she winked.

“I bet you can call the spa and have a masseuse come in, too,” I mentioned, pressing down on the reinforced table. It must have been three feet wide and built to hold hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

The second bedroom wasn’t as big as the first, but arguably had a nicer view and opened onto a small patio. I slid behind Soph as we stood looking out the window over the landscape of red rocks jutting up through a blanket of sage and crowned with junipers. The sun was high outside but it was cool in here as I put an arm around her, holding her belly right under her breasts. She was full and round, pressing her ass back into me.

“I think I like the other bedroom better but it will be nice to have coffee on this patio in the morning.” She turned around to hold me, trying not to spill the last sip of champagne in her glass. “I can’t believe we only have two more days.”

My hand moved down over her hip, imagining the way an embrace like this will feel when we get back to the familiarity of our own bed, the daily routine of work and children that we left behind for a few days. Bathing suits and light dresses replaced by leggings and baby-food spotted pullovers. Twenty-four hours a day of enjoying our company together again and even learning new things about each other in exchange for a fast dinner bleeding into bathtime, bedtime stories finally followed by a few moments of watching tv together.

Maybe for a few days we could try to let the feel of the trip linger. I finished my drink and put the glass on the dresser beside us, pulling her tight and grabbing her ass, picturing her waiting for me in our bed wearing a little nightgown to make the mood special. The feel of the fabric and the way I can effortlessly touch skin. Noticing how much tighter it looks on her than the last time she pulled it out, breasts spilling out of the bodice, the slightly rough material stretched so tight across her tummy. She’s wearing everyday underpants, too – a cute thong but not the skimpy matching panties that must have become too small for her hips, too hard to navigate around her hanging belly. I mention this as I lie down and she slides her weight on top of me, but she just smiles and puts a finger to her lips. Shhhh. It’s our secret.

Could the trip “linger” more, though? Sophia catching my eye with a dangerous smile as she comes back to the dinner table with her third serving of lasagna; toying with a newfound infatuation with breakfast and lunch desserts; sharing the wonderful new smoothie recipe she “stumbled on” with her sister; shopping trips for the new season quicky followed by a garbage bag of discarded clothes headed to the thrift store – and the next season, and the season after that; the nightly ritual in the bedroom after the house is quiet with its heavy tray of treats to sate every last hollow of hunger…

“Do you want to ****?” I quietly ask, kissing her forehead and hair, hands on her waist and back. She nodded and finished her last sip.

“This bed or the other?” She asks as she started to untie the drawstring of my swim trunks.

“The other one feels more private. I think you could be louder there if you wanted to.” I start to pull her out of the bedroom door and down the hallway.

“You just want to watch me rinse off through the window of the shower.”

“Well, there’s that, too,” I joked, stopping at the dining room table to pick out another glazed donut. I emphatically pushed her against the table and stood in front of her, holding the donut above her mouth, forcing her to tilt her head backwards to take bite after sticky bite. She sucked the sugar from my fingers. I fed her another before we slid into the bedroom.
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Sorry for the long delay. I'd like to try to wrap this story up. Thanks for enjoying it!

Part 15

I woke up with a headache to the sound of snoring. At least the room was icy cold, air conditioning working overtime. Soph’s chest rose and fell as she slept on her back, a smile on her lips in between snores. Under the covers her bulk was pronounced. I had the feeling this was going to be a low key day.

I crawled out of bed and made a coffee with the Keurig in the kitchen. As I sipped my coffee in our southwest-chic living room I swiped through our iPad looking for activities for the day. Hiking was out and if it was going to be as hot as yesterday I didn’t know if Sophia would be up for the pool again. Thinking she might like shopping I looked for interesting stores in the area, but quickly zoned out. Finally, I grabbed the resort guide on the coffee table and checked for any daily activities that might be fun. It was similar to the other day with a light athletic session in the morning followed by a jeep tour like the one we went on a few days earlier and a winery tour in the afternoon. Down at the bottom of the page, however, I saw a blurb about the spa and remembered the massage room in our suite. Perfect.

Twenty minutes later I had arranged for a private in-room massage for Soph with a couple of special options that I was sure were unique to this resort – a skin care treatment and a tasting menu. I also put in the order for breakfast with room service. I started to pick up after our somewhat sloppy evening.

Breakfast came before Sophia woke, but the smell coaxed her out of the bedroom soon enough. She smiled and clapped her hands as she walked over to the table, putting a cloth napkin on her ample lap before taking stock of her meal. 1) Three large croissants soaked in egg and cooked like French toast then smothered in butter with a streusel topping, 2) two halves of a deep fried avocado with sinfully thick and creamy dipping sauce, 3) a small casserole of breakfast poutine with bacon and an over easy egg on top, 4) one of her favorite double cream smoothies, and 5) a small carafe of mimosa for us to share. For my part I had a vegetable omelet which I planned to finish about half of after seeing how big it was.

Sophia started with the mimosa and started to pick at some of the poutine. She was still quiet.

“Do you feel ok this morning? We probably had too much to drink last night.”

“I had too much to eat, too. I feel ok, though. Little hangover.” she said before taking her first bite of the French toast and nearly melting into her chair.

“Well don’t feel like you have to finish it all, we have a fridge. I didn’t know exactly what you wanted so….” I stopped. Her tentative first bites had started to roll downhill into what I suspected might turn into ravenous feasting.

She took bite after bite of French toast, finishing the first croissant and half of the second before moving back to the poutine. Using her knife and fork she sliced open the egg, letting the yolk coat the fries and turning the whole dish golden. She pulled it close to her and ate over the small ceramic dish, yolk and cheese curds dripping back over the fries with every bite. Sip of smoothie, bite of poutine, sip of smoothie, French toast. She drained her glass of mimosa and poured another, catching her breath momentarily. Sophia adjusted the waistband on the pajama shorts I dressed her in last night, letting her belly rest on her lap.

“Slow down,” I whispered. “We have all morning together. No plans until 11. I booked you a massage.”

She paused after taking another sip of her smoothie. “A massage? Really? You’re so sweet! Is it at the spa?” She speared a particularly loaded fry on her fork and greedily scarfed it down.

“No, right here!” I turned to point at the hallway behind me.

“I completely forgot about that!” Her hangover seemed to be well behind her now, she was beaming. “Did you get one for yourself too?” She pulled the plate of fried avocados in front of her, debating how to eat them. Eventually she decided to pick one half up with her hands and dunk it in the sauce, the oil from the avocado swirling in the white dressing. Then she tilted her head back and took a bite. Dip. Bite. Big dip. All gone. She rubbed her belly.

“No I just got one for you. I thought you might like it.”

“I love massages. What kind is it?” Licking her lips she went after the second avocado half.

“What would the regular massage be? Not deep tissue or hot stone. Swedish?” I scanned the table in front of her, amazed that more than half of her breakfast was already gone.

“Mhm, probably Swedish. Could I have a piece of your toast if you’re not going to have it?” Without waiting for an answer she took one of the large slices of buttered sourdough and began to spoon out the last of the avocado dipping sauce. “That sauce is so amazing, I wonder what they call it. Oops, I’m sorry, I should have let you try some!” I shrugged and she used her finger to get the very last drops out. “So did you book a man or a woman?”

“Excuse me?” I said, watching her suck dressing off her finger and chase it down with her smoothie. She laughed at my expression.

“The masseuse. For the massage. A woman or a guy?” Once again she rearranged the plates, pushing the empty avocado plate back and pulling the poutine in front of her.

“Oh! Sorry, I’m…” She was nearly done with the poutine now, just a few forkfuls of fries left leaving behind a ramekin of curds and grease and flecks of bacon in a mélange of egg yolk. “I asked for a woman. I didn’t know if it would be weird to have a guy do it.”

While chewing, she said “Yeah a woman is fine. That’s what I usually ask for. Wouldn’t want to make you jealous,” she said with a wink. With just her French toast left, she started dipping bites in the poutine grease, making a sweet and savory mixture.

I nibbled on my omelet and sipped my mimosa as I watched her eat. She was definitely slowing down, each bite more deliberate than the last. She clearly wasn’t hungry any more, just determined to suck every last decadent morsel of flavor out of her meal. The French toast was gone (and with it every last drop of buttery sugar from the plate and every smear of poutine grease), she tipped up the last sip of her mimosa, and then pushing back from the table, grabbed her smoothie.

She was breathing heavily as she pushed her top up, letting her heavy breasts hold it to show her bare belly. She took long sips of the large smoothie, holding it in her left hand as her right hand rubbed her belly in big circles. Soon enough she had finished the smoothie but continued to rub, panting, chest rising and falling. “****, that was good. I think I need to sit on the couch for a minute, can you help me?”

I walked around the table and put one hand under her armpit, one holding her hand, and helped her to her feet. She continued to rub her belly as I walked her to the couch and eased her down. She adjusted her top and laid her head back, eyes closed and a smile on her face. Maybe it was her posture or the angle, but she looked visibly bigger than the girl I took on the plane with me at the start of the week. Her pajamas were tight on her, tight on her arms and legs, cutting into her waist. I’ve known pretty much everything about her for almost 10 years, seen her almost every day, and seen her weight go up and down. If this had been a different circumstance I would have said she was 15 lbs heavier than she was the first night of the trip, but it had only been 4 days. I didn’t think that was physically possible.

“Just hold my hand for a minute, Dan. And then you can go and do stuff, ok?”

I sat next to her and held her hand. She was breathing deeply but not gasping like she was a minute ago. Gently, I started to rub her belly. It was tight and round, especially the bulge under her breasts. The bottom was soft, resting on her lap. Her belly button creased into a smile and she had a thick roll on each side of her waist. She smiled.

“I’ll give you a few minutes then bring you something for dessert, ok?” I whispered.

She shook her head but was still smiling. “I don’t think I can, Danny! If I eat any more I won’t be able to lay on my belly for the massage.”

“You’ll be able to, it’s a couple hours away. I want you to have dessert.”

“Ok, but just a little bit. Trying to fit in my clothes when I get back is going to be hard enough.” To emphasize, she pulled her pajama top down which would leave plenty of hanging lower belly showing if she didn’t pull her shorts up.

“Even your new stuff?” I asked, running my hand over the softness of her arm.

“I don’t know, even the new things are a tiny bit tight. Not too tight to wear, but…” She opened her eyes and looked at me. “Bras and panties are tight.”

“Not if you don’t wear them,” I joked. “I’ll buy you new clothes when we get home. Actually, I was thinking we could do a little shopping this afternoon. Souvenirs for the kids and your parents. Maybe something new for you.” I let go of her hand and stood up.

“That could be nice. Let’s see how I feel after the massage. We probably need to get souvenirs at some point at least. What were you going to get me for dessert?”

“There’s more gelato. Strawberry. I’ll clean up and then get you a bite.” I turned around to pick up the breakfast table.

“Could you give me one bite first to try it and then pick up?”

I spun around with a smirk on my face. Her expression was intoxicating.


We were both a little anxious waiting for the masseuse. Breakfast was cleaned up. There had been more than a few bites of strawberry gelato. We were both showered and groomed and smelling nice. Sophia tried to dress like she was ready to get undressed: a loose elastic-waist gray skirt that hit her just above the knee and a cropped t shirt that left 3 or 4 inches of tummy chub exposed. For whatever reason she wanted to wear a bra even though I told her she was just going to be taking it off. She said I was being dumb. Her hair was up in a bun. No makeup. She looked amazing. As she paced around the room looking for something to do she wandered back into the kitchen to take a bite of something or other from the dwindling welcome basket of treats.

Finally we heard a knock at the door and I walked over to open it. Sophia’s masseuse was a pretty woman in her early 40’s with a bright smile and well padded curves. She was wearing leggings and a tight t-shirt with the resort logo on the breast. Was the t-shirt that tight last season? I wondered.

“Mr. and Ms. Davis? I’m here for an 11:00 massage.” She took a step backwards and pulled a rolling cart in front of her.

“You found the right place, I’m Dan and this is Sophia,” I said, holding the door to let the masseuse enter. I couldn’t help but watch the way her body moved as she walked past me – breasts and tummy jiggling, wide thighs crossing each other with every step. She wasn’t as big as Sophia, but she certainly was thick. “Soph will be getting the massage today,” I said, coming back to earth.

“So nice to meet you, Sophia!” She extended her hand to her and have Sophia’s a squeeze. “I’m Monica. Have you had a massage before?” I looked at her cart, loaded with sheets and towels, oils in a warming tray, and then another large tray with a cloche that looked like it came from room service.

Sophia responded, “Yes I’ve had many before. Dan’s bought me plenty of gift certificates for the spa near us.”

“Oh good, well just so you know, he booked you an hour today,” she looked at a clipboard, “and yup, you have the dermal treatment and the snacky snacks.” She patted the room service tray.

Soph tilted her head and looked at me. “Snacky snacks?” I just blushed.

“Oh it was a surprise? Well that’s fun, you’ve got a good one, here.” She gave me a wink, and then took the cloche off the tray. Underneath were a lot of the treats we’ve had from the kitchen over the past few days – frozen bonbons, donuts, some finger sandwiches, a charcuterie with pickles and cheese and meats. “So I’ll just position this where you can snack when you’re on your belly, or I’ll feed you if you’re comfortable with that. Some people like it, some people don’t. I’m going to go get the table set up so you can think about it.”

As the door to the massage room closed, Sophia turned back to me and took a few steps in my direction. “Snacky snacks, huh? When were you going to tell me about those?”

I put my hands on either side of her belly, marveling at how large it had grown. My memory was foggy but I swore it felt bigger than when she was pregnant. A different shape for sure, but bigger. It had been a few hours since her breakfast binge but her belly was still firm. I pushed down her skirt as my hands explored her tummy, revealing her new stretchmarks. “Well I didn’t think you’d mind… you like snacks.” I walked towards her, hands on her hips, guiding her backwards towards the kitchen. I kissed her and then grabbed a chunk of donut she had been grazing on earlier, and popped it in her mouth.

“Oops, starting early it looks like!” Monica had quietly come around the corner and had a towel over her arm. “Sorry didn’t mean to startle you,” she said, seeing Sophia’s blush. “Did you decide if you wanted to snack by yourself? It looks like you could go either way,” she said with a laugh and smile.

Sophia was soft spoken, but said “That might be nice. You know, to be fed.” She shot me a sideways glance, which I returned with a shrug and a nod.

Monica took a step forward. “Do you want to try? See if you’re comfortable?”

Sophia nodded and I stepped out of the way to let Monica grab the last bite of the glazed donut. Sophia opened her mouth to let Monica feed her the flaky pastry.

“Is that ok, are we comfy?” Monica rubbed her fingers together, shaking off some of the sugar, as Sophia nodded. “Well, it’s all about communication, so just let me know what works for you. I’m easy!” She looked down at Soph’s tummy, a few more inches of flesh exposed now compared with how she looked when Monica arrived. Some of her new, red stretchmarks were peeking out. Monica touched them gently with her fingers.

“Ok, got it, here are some of the stretchmarks we’re going to pay attention to with the dermal. May I?” She eased the waistband of the skirt down and using both hands helped reveal Sophia’s full belly hang. “Ok, not a problem. Some of these look new, maybe? From this week?”

“Well, not completely, but yeah.” Sophia said.

“That’s totally normal, a lot of my clients here stretch out during their stay. This will be very relaxing, though.” She slid Sophia’s skirt back up and smiled at both of us. “So if you need to use the restroom or anything now’s the time, otherwise you can slip on into the massage room and get undressed and under the sheet. You know the drill! I’ll knock. And you,” she said, looking at me, “can hang out or go walk around and your beautiful wife will be done in an hour, stress-free and well fed,” she gave Sophia’s belly a gentle pat, giving it a jelly-like sway from side to side, “and ready for an afternoon adventure. Sound good?”

“Sounds great.” I took Soph’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “Have fun, I’ll probably head out, then.”


I was still full from breakfast and not in the mood for a before lunch drink at the pool bar so I wandered to the lobby, looking for some inspiration for that afternoon adventure. I walked to the lobby and up to the concierge desk, where a young woman picked up her head to greet me.

“Good morning. I’m in Room 223, and I’m looking for some ideas for an afternoon activity for my wife and myself. I think we’d like to do something outside of the resort. Any suggestions?”

“Sure, I can definitely help with that,” she said cheerfully. “Were you looking for something active? More laid back? Do you like the arts?”

“Well,” I started, thinking about Soph’s activity level after her morning meals, “I think something outdoors would be nice. See the scenery…but probably not a 2 hour hike, you know?”

“Oh, definitely.” She scanned some papers in front of her. “You missed the jeep tour for today but there are private tours I could line up if you were interested in something like that?”

“We did the Jeep tour a few days ago. It was fun but I'm thinking maybe something a little different.”

The concierge clicked her mouse and looked at her computer screen. “Well, here’s an idea…. You said you’re looking for something for you and your wife? Sorry if this is a weird question, and you don’t have to answer, but do you know how much your wife weighs?”

I was taken aback slightly and stammered, “Uh, not exactly.”

The concierge quickly jumped in, “So that’s ok, but do you think she’s under 300 lbs? There are helicopter rides I could get you on for this afternoon. I'm sure you'd have no issue.”

“Oh!” I said. “That might be cool, yeah she’s under 300 lbs.”

She smiled, “Great, just one of those questions you get asked because they have weight limits for the passengers. There are longer trips that go out to the Grand Canyon or some that stay closer to Sedona and tour the red rocks and the area around us. I went on one a few years ago and it was a lot of fun.” I sized her up, wondering if she would still meet the weight requirements.

She made a few calls and we booked a ride later in the afternoon, giving Sophia plenty of time to shower and change. Finally, she wrote down some information on a slip of paper and passed it to me.

“Ok so that’s the address and phone number and everything you need for the tour. I hope you and your wife have a great time, it’s really amazing to see. And you don’t have any questions but just remind your wife that they do need to verify her size before you get on the helicopter. You, know, especially since I booked the tour from here. They check with everyone, so it's really not a big issue," she said trying to make the situation as normal as possible, and then in a lower tone of voice she added, "but they always double check with Desert Promises guests.”

“Ok, that shouldn’t be a problem, right? How do they do that?” I asked, uncertain.

“It’s no big deal, they just have a scale.”

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