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Destiny Restored.

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Matt L.

Well-Known Member
Jan 14, 2006

Rebecca Stowe trailed behind her mother at the Fresh-Line Supermarket, the chatter bouncy and light as she kept her mother company while grocery shopping.

24-years of age, Rebecca was incomparably appealing in looks and bubbly in temperament. Rebecca’s silky black hair was in a short bob style that flattered her features while her curvy figure was still clad in her work attire, a navy blue blazer with matching skirt.

Rebecca was essentially slender, excluding her upper arms that were a tiny bit plump and a hardly noticeable tummy pouch, weighing no more than 126-pounds since graduating college. Keen on fashion and as intelligent as the day was long, Rebecca was an office assistant at a grand scale financial institute, so close to a promotion to junior level accountant that she could taste it.

Her mother Margret known by everyone as Marge was a generic brand housewife and mother, raising four children, Rebecca being the youngest and the hardest to deal with.

Marge’s graying dark hair was set in a pedestrian bun hairstyle although it seemed natural for her pretty face. Her garments included a greenish-blue pull over top and comfortable fitting black stretch slacks. Marge thought she looked nice, Rebecca held an opposing opinion.

But it wasn’t only Marge’s getup that chalked up Rebecca’s criticism; it was because she was overweight. 220-pounds to be exact, Marge’s appearance responsible for the strife in their relationship.

Rebecca resented her mother’s chubbiness, was certainly embarrassed, thinking it produced an image of laziness and worst yet, an overwhelming degree of feminine inferiority.

Marge on the other hand didn’t think anything negative about her flourishing ample figure.
Marge had never been slender in the first place, going from pleasing plump right after she wed until precisely pudgy after the birth of her first child. The pounds simply accumulated over time and instead of fighting back, Marge welcomed the weight.

Seems on Marge’s side of the family plus size females are the norm, thus dieting was ludicrous and just plain silly in her regard.

Rebecca’s 2 sisters and every one of her female cousins on her mother’s side ranged from mildly chubby to absolutely fat. Rebecca was the family enigma in the manner in which she stayed slim, however, the sporadic diet and occasionally working out whenever the scale would announce an unfavorable number kept her weight from exceeding the limits that she felt normal for a woman.

“Tell me about work”, Marge asked at one point as she paused in the frozen food section.

“Well”, Rebecca frivolously smiled, “The promotion is on the horizon, I should just go out and celebrate now.”

Marge‘s turned at her thick waist, a flabby roll exiting the waistband, and faced her daughter, “You really are that confident you’ll get it?”

Rebecca crowed with a sugary smile, “Of course. The only other person who might have a chance is Elsa Singleton and she looks like Uncle Barney.”

Marge adjusted her top as she discreetly lectured Rebecca, “That’s not a nice thing to say, Becky. Didn’t I raise you to have respect for others and not to speak trash of those not as lucky as you in looks.”

“Mom!” Rebecca at first spoke loudly but quickly brought her voice down to a reasonable level.
“If you saw Elsa you would agree. She’s dumpy looking, doesn’t know a thing about fashion and_.”

“I would not agree”, Marge stated, talking over her daughter, “And just because a woman isn’t thin doesn’t make her dumpy.”

“It does if she looks like Uncle Barney”, Rebecca giggled.

The discussion between the mother / daughter caught the attention of an old woman standing a few safe yards away.

In her distance, the old lady lingered, getting a fair amount of the conversation as it continued.

Marge pulled a cheesecake from out of the freezer, causing Rebecca to remark, “Mother, don’t we still have cheesecake at home!”

“Nope”, Marge sung out, “Your dad finished the last piece. This one I just might hide for myself.”
Marge’s comment was basically just to annoy Rebecca but in fact, she just might have the final portion before her husband could get his grubby hands on it.

Marge placed the cheesecake in her shopping cart, along side cookies, cheese and ice cream.

“You know you have a wedding to attend, shouldn’t you be watching the calories so you can fit into a decent dress”, Rebecca harped.

Marge was ready with an answer, “First off, your cousin Amber isn’t getting married for another two years, second, I have never been on a diet, why start now and third, I can still fit into a dress and still look the catch.”

“Depends on how wide the net is”, Rebecca teasingly replied.

Marge initially gaped at her daughter but wrote the rude comment off as just an example of Rebecca’s shallow ideals. In a flash, the gape turned into a comical smirk, Marge’s voice vibrating a humorous echo.

“Don’t be so vain, sweetie, or smug. Remember you have my genes and the woman in my family usually become heavier.”

Rebecca held her hands to her waist, a bold smile upon her lips as she emitted a buoyant chuckle.
“I think your genes skipped a generation but I can usually eat what I like and needn’t worry about my figure.”

Marge’s doughy big belly merged with the shopping cart as she leaned closer to her daughter, “That’s not entirely true. You’ve been on diets whenever your clothes start feeling tight.”

Rebecca responded to her mother’s statement with pure arrogance, “It’s called preventive maintenance. Sure, now and then I watch what I eat; this is why I’ll never get fat.”

“My sister was the same way”, Marge asserted with a sly grin, “At twenty five she was even slimmer than you are today, never believed she’d ever fatten up. But a couple years later she started packing on the chub, eventually becoming heavier than me.”

“Pish-posh”, Rebecca smirked, “Aunt Flo wouldn’t have gotten fat if she paid attention to her diet and didn’t eat like a pig.”

“Wrong again”, Marge couldn’t help returning the smirk, “Flo embraced her appetite after she blossomed, she refused to make herself miserable foregoing the food she enjoyed.”

“Oh by the way”, Marge added, “How old are you?”

Rebecca took a step back and audaciously chirped, “Doesn’t matter, mother. I’m not going to get fat.”

Marge giggled as she resumed looking through the freezer, “You say it like getting fat is a bad thing.”

Rebecca scowled at her mother for a moment, her face taking on a cheerful grin as she changed streams, “Anyway about the promotion. Frank says that I all but have it.”

Franklyn Hallohan, one of the most influential and talented businessmen at the company, Rebecca’s current main squeeze and if things worked as planned, she would eventually become Mrs. Hallohan.

Marge scratched her pudgy waist, her failure in making eye contact indicating her disapproval.
“Of all the eligible men you can date I swear I’m clueless why you’re with him.”

“Oh mom, not that again”, Rebecca squawked, “I told you, Frank is separated.”

“He’s not divorced which means you’re involved with a married man”, Marge rattled off as she swung her face away from her daughter.

“The divorce is pending, there’s some financial stuff that Frank needs to handle before he dumps his wife”, Rebecca replied.

Marge opened the freezer door and removed a box of pastries.
“The guys a cad, I wish you could see that.”

Rebecca sighed, “Why, because he’s good looking and wealthy.”

Marge answered back with a vile expression, “No, because he’s a pretentious piece of filth. Trading in his wife for the eye candy flavor of the month. The superficial moron only wants a trophy wife.”

“Hey, that’s not fair”, Rebecca’s sneered at her mother, “Just because he admires my beauty doesn’t mean Frank’s superficial, he has class.”

Marge commented that if Frank had class he would work things out with his wife. Adding that Frank would probably dump Rebecca as well if she didn’t measure up to his expectations.

“You mean if I gain weight”, Rebecca huffed.
“Exactly”, Marge beamed an elongated grin, her voice sweet but in a bizarre fashion.
“Once you can’t fit into a bikini your relationship with Frank will be numbered and I can assure you, it will happen.”

Rebecca stood with her hands over her hips, her chin elevated, her eyes burning like hot coals, “You’d like to see me turn into a blimp!”

Marge blithely gazed over her daughter, “Now I never said that but given our family history, I wouldn’t be surprised that by the time Amber’s wedding date arrives you’ll be a larger dress size.”

“I’m done talking with you”, Rebecca said angrily.

“That’s fine”, Marge giggled, “In that case, could you please go and find the coffee, I think it’s the next aisle over or somewhere around there.”

Rebecca nodded and sulkily walked away.

Marge just began to roll her cart along the several freezers located in the frozen food section when the old woman approached her.

Haggard looking with gaunt features, her silver mane almost completely covered by a red babushka while her boney body was attired in a black raincoat over an old fashion style housedress.

“Having a tiff with your child”, the woman said in a thick Baltic accent.
“Ah, she’s pretty, knows it too, the cause of her vanity.”

“I beg your pardon”, Marge kindly yet cautiously replied.

The woman promptly introduced herself as Zelda, then continued with her arcane observation,
“I sense beneath her haughtiness she is a nice young woman, smart too but unwise. Far too obsessed with her beauty and her weight for all practical purposes.”

Marge felt somewhat miffed about Zelda butting into her personal business but at the same time couldn’t deny the conviviality that the old woman projected. Marge nodded, a relaxing element surrounding the females as she readily shared her qualms concerning Rebecca’s attitude.
“I don’t know how Becky became so shallow; it bugs me to no end.”

“She was find until around high school_”, Marge added, although Zelda interrupted her.

“I sense she was favorably admired, had lots of friends and male companions.”

“Yes, that’s right”, Marge acknowledged Zelda, “Rebecca was very popular and although at times she did act like she was hot stuff, she didn’t become all the egotistical until she started her career. Then she dropped her old friends and became part of this toffee-nosed bunch.”

“Before then”, Zelda half-smiled as she opened up her handbag, “Rebecca as a child.”

A tranquil smile brought out the dimples in Marge’s cheeks, “She was my heaviest baby, almost 11-pounds. A cute little butterball, I kind of thought she’d be quite chubby by the time she reached adulthood_.” Marge paused to think and then admitted, “Actually, Becky was rather plump until her freshman year of high school but somehow before her sophomore year she dropped something like 20-pounds.”

Zelda began to speak gibberish as she withdrew a small yellow envelop out of her handbag, “She has shifted the direction of the course meant for her, chaos in the form of ignorance, prevailing vanity. Dare the chance for the release of your distress, retaining Becky as destined will be bitter-sweet.”

Before Marge could reply, Zelda tossed some dust into her face.

Marge coughed a couple times but within a moment felt a tingling sensations and her senses becoming abnormally acute.

“It will eventually wear off”, Zelda said with an ambiguous expression, “But you’ll be able to set Becky right and things will improve between you and her.”

“Wait a minute”, Marge giggled, “What’s happening to me? I feel so….”

Zelda gently tapped Marge on the shoulders, “Telepathic, intuitive?”

“A month, perhaps a little time more and you’ll see the changes in Becky that you desire”, Zelda explained, “Don’t question it, use it too your full potential. After that, nature will take over, or should I say, Becky won’t have a chance of interrupting her destiny.”

Marge stood with a mischievous smile as Zelda slowly ambled away.

At the checkout line, Marge stood next to Rebecca, the look on her daughter’s dazzling cute face exhibited her displeasure with her mother’s choice in food.
Noticing the rack displaying various candies, Marge was quick in thought, “Becky had quite a taste for chocolate a time ago, like to see her resume the habit.”

And just that fast, Rebecca grabbed a candy bar and tossed it on the counter.

Rebecca caught sight of her mother’s surprised expression, “What? So I have a taste for chocolate.”

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