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Matt L.

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Jan 14, 2006

Rebecca Stowe trailed behind her mother at the Fresh-Line Supermarket, the chatter bouncy and light as she kept her mother company while grocery shopping.

24-years of age, Rebecca was incomparably appealing in looks and bubbly in temperament. Rebecca’s silky black hair was in a short bob style that flattered her features while her curvy figure was still clad in her work attire, a navy blue blazer with matching skirt.

Rebecca was essentially slender, excluding her upper arms that were a tiny bit plump and a hardly noticeable tummy pouch, weighing no more than 126-pounds since graduating college. Keen on fashion and as intelligent as the day was long, Rebecca was an office assistant at a grand scale financial institute, so close to a promotion to junior level accountant that she could taste it.

Her mother Margret known by everyone as Marge was a generic brand housewife and mother, raising four children, Rebecca being the youngest and the hardest to deal with.

Marge’s graying dark hair was set in a pedestrian bun hairstyle although it seemed natural for her pretty face. Her garments included a greenish-blue pull over top and comfortable fitting black stretch slacks. Marge thought she looked nice, Rebecca held an opposing opinion.

But it wasn’t only Marge’s getup that chalked up Rebecca’s criticism; it was because she was overweight. 220-pounds to be exact, Marge’s appearance responsible for the strife in their relationship.

Rebecca resented her mother’s chubbiness, was certainly embarrassed, thinking it produced an image of laziness and worst yet, an overwhelming degree of feminine inferiority.

Marge on the other hand didn’t think anything negative about her flourishing ample figure.
Marge had never been slender in the first place, going from pleasing plump right after she wed until precisely pudgy after the birth of her first child. The pounds simply accumulated over time and instead of fighting back, Marge welcomed the weight.

Seems on Marge’s side of the family plus size females are the norm, thus dieting was ludicrous and just plain silly in her regard.

Rebecca’s 2 sisters and every one of her female cousins on her mother’s side ranged from mildly chubby to absolutely fat. Rebecca was the family enigma in the manner in which she stayed slim, however, the sporadic diet and occasionally working out whenever the scale would announce an unfavorable number kept her weight from exceeding the limits that she felt normal for a woman.

“Tell me about work”, Marge asked at one point as she paused in the frozen food section.

“Well”, Rebecca frivolously smiled, “The promotion is on the horizon, I should just go out and celebrate now.”

Marge‘s turned at her thick waist, a flabby roll exiting the waistband, and faced her daughter, “You really are that confident you’ll get it?”

Rebecca crowed with a sugary smile, “Of course. The only other person who might have a chance is Elsa Singleton and she looks like Uncle Barney.”

Marge adjusted her top as she discreetly lectured Rebecca, “That’s not a nice thing to say, Becky. Didn’t I raise you to have respect for others and not to speak trash of those not as lucky as you in looks.”

“Mom!” Rebecca at first spoke loudly but quickly brought her voice down to a reasonable level.
“If you saw Elsa you would agree. She’s dumpy looking, doesn’t know a thing about fashion and_.”

“I would not agree”, Marge stated, talking over her daughter, “And just because a woman isn’t thin doesn’t make her dumpy.”

“It does if she looks like Uncle Barney”, Rebecca giggled.

The discussion between the mother / daughter caught the attention of an old woman standing a few safe yards away.

In her distance, the old lady lingered, getting a fair amount of the conversation as it continued.

Marge pulled a cheesecake from out of the freezer, causing Rebecca to remark, “Mother, don’t we still have cheesecake at home!”

“Nope”, Marge sung out, “Your dad finished the last piece. This one I just might hide for myself.”
Marge’s comment was basically just to annoy Rebecca but in fact, she just might have the final portion before her husband could get his grubby hands on it.

Marge placed the cheesecake in her shopping cart, along side cookies, cheese and ice cream.

“You know you have a wedding to attend, shouldn’t you be watching the calories so you can fit into a decent dress”, Rebecca harped.

Marge was ready with an answer, “First off, your cousin Amber isn’t getting married for another two years, second, I have never been on a diet, why start now and third, I can still fit into a dress and still look the catch.”

“Depends on how wide the net is”, Rebecca teasingly replied.

Marge initially gaped at her daughter but wrote the rude comment off as just an example of Rebecca’s shallow ideals. In a flash, the gape turned into a comical smirk, Marge’s voice vibrating a humorous echo.

“Don’t be so vain, sweetie, or smug. Remember you have my genes and the woman in my family usually become heavier.”

Rebecca held her hands to her waist, a bold smile upon her lips as she emitted a buoyant chuckle.
“I think your genes skipped a generation but I can usually eat what I like and needn’t worry about my figure.”

Marge’s doughy big belly merged with the shopping cart as she leaned closer to her daughter, “That’s not entirely true. You’ve been on diets whenever your clothes start feeling tight.”

Rebecca responded to her mother’s statement with pure arrogance, “It’s called preventive maintenance. Sure, now and then I watch what I eat; this is why I’ll never get fat.”

“My sister was the same way”, Marge asserted with a sly grin, “At twenty five she was even slimmer than you are today, never believed she’d ever fatten up. But a couple years later she started packing on the chub, eventually becoming heavier than me.”

“Pish-posh”, Rebecca smirked, “Aunt Flo wouldn’t have gotten fat if she paid attention to her diet and didn’t eat like a pig.”

“Wrong again”, Marge couldn’t help returning the smirk, “Flo embraced her appetite after she blossomed, she refused to make herself miserable foregoing the food she enjoyed.”

“Oh by the way”, Marge added, “How old are you?”

Rebecca took a step back and audaciously chirped, “Doesn’t matter, mother. I’m not going to get fat.”

Marge giggled as she resumed looking through the freezer, “You say it like getting fat is a bad thing.”

Rebecca scowled at her mother for a moment, her face taking on a cheerful grin as she changed streams, “Anyway about the promotion. Frank says that I all but have it.”

Franklyn Hallohan, one of the most influential and talented businessmen at the company, Rebecca’s current main squeeze and if things worked as planned, she would eventually become Mrs. Hallohan.

Marge scratched her pudgy waist, her failure in making eye contact indicating her disapproval.
“Of all the eligible men you can date I swear I’m clueless why you’re with him.”

“Oh mom, not that again”, Rebecca squawked, “I told you, Frank is separated.”

“He’s not divorced which means you’re involved with a married man”, Marge rattled off as she swung her face away from her daughter.

“The divorce is pending, there’s some financial stuff that Frank needs to handle before he dumps his wife”, Rebecca replied.

Marge opened the freezer door and removed a box of pastries.
“The guys a cad, I wish you could see that.”

Rebecca sighed, “Why, because he’s good looking and wealthy.”

Marge answered back with a vile expression, “No, because he’s a pretentious piece of filth. Trading in his wife for the eye candy flavor of the month. The superficial moron only wants a trophy wife.”

“Hey, that’s not fair”, Rebecca’s sneered at her mother, “Just because he admires my beauty doesn’t mean Frank’s superficial, he has class.”

Marge commented that if Frank had class he would work things out with his wife. Adding that Frank would probably dump Rebecca as well if she didn’t measure up to his expectations.

“You mean if I gain weight”, Rebecca huffed.
“Exactly”, Marge beamed an elongated grin, her voice sweet but in a bizarre fashion.
“Once you can’t fit into a bikini your relationship with Frank will be numbered and I can assure you, it will happen.”

Rebecca stood with her hands over her hips, her chin elevated, her eyes burning like hot coals, “You’d like to see me turn into a blimp!”

Marge blithely gazed over her daughter, “Now I never said that but given our family history, I wouldn’t be surprised that by the time Amber’s wedding date arrives you’ll be a larger dress size.”

“I’m done talking with you”, Rebecca said angrily.

“That’s fine”, Marge giggled, “In that case, could you please go and find the coffee, I think it’s the next aisle over or somewhere around there.”

Rebecca nodded and sulkily walked away.

Marge just began to roll her cart along the several freezers located in the frozen food section when the old woman approached her.

Haggard looking with gaunt features, her silver mane almost completely covered by a red babushka while her boney body was attired in a black raincoat over an old fashion style housedress.

“Having a tiff with your child”, the woman said in a thick Baltic accent.
“Ah, she’s pretty, knows it too, the cause of her vanity.”

“I beg your pardon”, Marge kindly yet cautiously replied.

The woman promptly introduced herself as Zelda, then continued with her arcane observation,
“I sense beneath her haughtiness she is a nice young woman, smart too but unwise. Far too obsessed with her beauty and her weight for all practical purposes.”

Marge felt somewhat miffed about Zelda butting into her personal business but at the same time couldn’t deny the conviviality that the old woman projected. Marge nodded, a relaxing element surrounding the females as she readily shared her qualms concerning Rebecca’s attitude.
“I don’t know how Becky became so shallow; it bugs me to no end.”

“She was find until around high school_”, Marge added, although Zelda interrupted her.

“I sense she was favorably admired, had lots of friends and male companions.”

“Yes, that’s right”, Marge acknowledged Zelda, “Rebecca was very popular and although at times she did act like she was hot stuff, she didn’t become all the egotistical until she started her career. Then she dropped her old friends and became part of this toffee-nosed bunch.”

“Before then”, Zelda half-smiled as she opened up her handbag, “Rebecca as a child.”

A tranquil smile brought out the dimples in Marge’s cheeks, “She was my heaviest baby, almost 11-pounds. A cute little butterball, I kind of thought she’d be quite chubby by the time she reached adulthood_.” Marge paused to think and then admitted, “Actually, Becky was rather plump until her freshman year of high school but somehow before her sophomore year she dropped something like 20-pounds.”

Zelda began to speak gibberish as she withdrew a small yellow envelop out of her handbag, “She has shifted the direction of the course meant for her, chaos in the form of ignorance, prevailing vanity. Dare the chance for the release of your distress, retaining Becky as destined will be bitter-sweet.”

Before Marge could reply, Zelda tossed some dust into her face.

Marge coughed a couple times but within a moment felt a tingling sensations and her senses becoming abnormally acute.

“It will eventually wear off”, Zelda said with an ambiguous expression, “But you’ll be able to set Becky right and things will improve between you and her.”

“Wait a minute”, Marge giggled, “What’s happening to me? I feel so….”

Zelda gently tapped Marge on the shoulders, “Telepathic, intuitive?”

“A month, perhaps a little time more and you’ll see the changes in Becky that you desire”, Zelda explained, “Don’t question it, use it too your full potential. After that, nature will take over, or should I say, Becky won’t have a chance of interrupting her destiny.”

Marge stood with a mischievous smile as Zelda slowly ambled away.

At the checkout line, Marge stood next to Rebecca, the look on her daughter’s dazzling cute face exhibited her displeasure with her mother’s choice in food.
Noticing the rack displaying various candies, Marge was quick in thought, “Becky had quite a taste for chocolate a time ago, like to see her resume the habit.”

And just that fast, Rebecca grabbed a candy bar and tossed it on the counter.

Rebecca caught sight of her mother’s surprised expression, “What? So I have a taste for chocolate.”

Matt L.

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Jan 14, 2006
_ A Week Later _

Rebecca was given the promotion and unsurprisingly, Franklyn was throwing her a celebration bash at his country club the next weekend. A new dress was in order and since Rebecca’s group of toffee-nosed friends weren’t available, she invited her mother with her to the mall.

The Grandiose boutique that the ladies happened upon had a fitting room the size of a small garage, and there Rebecca tried on a variety of evening gowns, finding fault with each one.

Rebecca stood in her bra and panties, handing her mother the latest reject that she felt overly emphasized her marginally plump upper arms.

“We could always go to Ladies Finest and buy you something just as nice for half the price”, Marge said while she hoisted the dress onto the garment rack.

“Mom”, Rebecca grimaced, “You don’t know these blue bloods, they can smell cheap a mile away. I need something that reeks of eloquence.”

Marge giggled, “Somehow I just know you’ll fit in with those snobs.”

Rebecca sighed, refusing to comment although her expression denoted her disapproval over the remark.

It then caught Marge’s eye, Rebecca’s little tummy pouch looked a bit puffier, and besides that, it had advanced in width. Rebecca’s thighs likewise appeared a tad heavier, not exactly flabby but thicker to a small degree.

Marge couldn’t resist a little mischief, extending her finger, she gently jabbed Rebecca’s tummy’s soft spot, “Somebody is starting to get a pudgy little belly.”

Rebecca brushed her mom’s finger away, irritably mentioning water weight as an excuse.

Marge smirked, “Call it whatever you want, Becky, you’re putting on some chub.”

Rebecca stubbornly disagreed, replying in her usual manner, “Pardon me, mom, but you couldn’t be more mistaken. No way will I blimp out like you and every one of our relations. Unlike our family, I’m on top of my weight and eat sensibly.”

Marge didn’t appreciate being called a blimp or the label she placed on the female members of their family. Rebecca basically insinuated that they were all unashamed gluttons.
Marge really wanted to chide her daughter and set her straight but coming from her it was pointless. Rebecca would simply ignore her like a broken record.

“Wish somebody else could let the air out of her swollen ego”, thought Marge.

Just then the fitting room’s door opened and a saleslady entered.

Approximately in her early forties, the saleslady was pleasant in appearance with short blond hair, her svelte figure in a fashionable dress. Her nametag read Lauren.

“Everything fine?” Lauren smiled, noticing that several gowns had been discarded to the rack, she continued in her chipper tone, “You certainly went through a small closet worth of apparel, can I help you find something?”

“Nah, we’re doing okay”, Rebecca perkily smiled, her hands over her little pouch.

Lauren’s cheery chatter persisted as if she purposely ignored Rebecca‘s remark.

“Maybe you’re looking for the wrong dress size; I’m guessing you’re about an 8.”

Rebecca crinkled her nose in disgust, “No! I’m a size four.”

Lauren addressed Rebecca with skepticism, “Really, a size four? You look to be at least a six but I’m willing to wager a size eight would be more appropriate for your figure.”

Marge was amazed at what was happening, and stepped aside and silently watched as Lauren dispensed the facts.

“From my experience females your age usually have a false impression about their figures.”

“Well I know what size I wear”, Rebecca cantankerously warbled.

Lauren looked Rebecca up and down, “Hmmm, well if you are a size four, enjoy it while you can because by this time next year you’ll definitely be an eight and I’m being generous.”

Rebecca’s jaw dropped, Lauren turning to Marge, “Call me if you need anything, I’ll be near by.”

“Thanks you, thank you very much!” Marge sweetly chimed, though a bit too enthusiastic.

Once Lauren had left the fitting room, Rebecca sourly complained to her mom.
“Where does that saleslady get off talking to me that way! She’s just a saleslady, isn’t like she has a real career.”

Marge couldn’t help chuckling, all the more infuriating Rebecca, “This isn’t funny, mom! That menial laborer insulted me.”

“Oh you’re just in a cranky mood because you’re hungry. I think we should take a break until after lunch”, Marge said.

Rebecca glared at mother, silently opposing the idea_

_then a wide smile grew upon Rebecca’s face, “Yeah, maybe you‘re right.”

Once Rebecca was back in her clothes, the females gallivanted out of the boutique and unto to a nice restaurant just outside the mall.


Gnawing on a straw, Rebecca emotively studied the menu, Marge had already decided, perkily shared her selection, “I’m going to have the sirloin of beef with a baked potato. What seems tasty to you?”

“That’s just it”, Rebecca replied, her eyes still focused on the menu, “Everything looks yummy.”

Lazily sprawling out in the booth, Rebecca folded the menu, “I don’t want to eat anything too heavy. I’m going out with the girls tonight, we might grab something to eat afterward.”

“I suppose you’re only going to have a salad or something without a lot of calories”, Marge breezily inquired, already sure of the answer.

Rebecca’s eyes grew as wide as saucers, her lips twisting into a bizarre frown, “I need to find a gown and be able too fit into it.”

“Sure you do”, Marge humorously replied, “You’ll only encourage gossip if you’re not a twig.”

Rebecca broadcast her provocation with a cold shot from her eyes.

Marge mildly giggled, looking over Rebecca’s shoulders; she observed a group of young teenage girls at lunch. Their plates chock-full of delicious food, satisfied faces soon to match their stuffed bellies.

Marge half-smiled in thought, “When Becky was their age she paid no mind to what she ate.”

Rebecca corrected her position and briskly opened up her menu.
“Maybe I’ll have a cheeseburger, yeah that’s it. A cheeseburger with fries and a milkshake.”

Marge was certainly pleased that Rebecca ignored her inhibitions and had a real meal.
Now if she could get her to buy her gown at a much more economically sensible dress shop.

Rebecca folded her hands over the table as she ordered her meal, Marge politely ordered hers.
The waitress was gone as fast as she arrived.

“You know”, Rebecca spoke while contemplating, “Maybe checking out Ladies Finest isn’t a bad idea.
Their clothes aren’t imported but I believe they just might have a few garments that could be regarded as genteel.”

Marge snickered, “Where did you pick up such language? I haven’t the foggiest what genteel means.”
“She needn‘t act superior by using big words”, Marge added in her head, “Wish she could talk like everybody else.”

Rebecca goofily grinned, “Mom, genteel means cool, well more than that, like fabulous with extra oomph!”

“Oh, I see”, Marge acknowledged her daughter.

The females resumed shopping after lunch; Rebecca ultimately discovered an appealing gown at the Ladies Finest Discount Clothing Boutique.


Over the course of the next few days Rebecca’s appetite took a noticeable upsurge and in addition the pickiness she had developed toward fattening food was slowly fading away.
This wasn’t overlooked by Marge who diligently prepared extraordinarily scrumptious meals for dinner and stocked up on pies, cake and ice cream for dessert or general snacking.

The evening of the big celebration found Rebecca in front of her mirror, pausing a moment before putting on her beauteous crimson red evening gown.

Rebecca slowly rotated at her hips, glumly inspecting her figure.
This was a rare occasion for the spunky debutante, the first time she ever wore a body shaper.

A high waist - mid thigh body suit according to the package that kept her pulpy tummy in check while abridging her progressively larger backside.

Rebecca crinkled her nose and gently scratched the side of her face, vowing to pay stricter attention to her diet.

Rebecca’s black mane was efficiently manufactured in an attractive style which wasn’t all that sophisticated but yet complimentary to her cute face.

It was then that it dawned on Rebecca that her cheeks looked fuller and that she had a budding second chin.

“I’m getting…..fat”, Rebecca quietly droned as her mother walked into the room.

“You say something?” Marge curiously questioned.

Rebecca spun around, “Mom, look at my face, I’m starting to get chubby.”

Marge approached her daughter and casually mentioned, “There’s nothing wrong with your face, you’re very pretty.”

Rebecca gently patted her cheeks, “This mom! This! I’m getting a fat face.”

“Well you have put on a couple of pounds but if anything, I you’re overreacting. You don’t look at all fat.”

Rebecca cringed as she pinched the spandex material that clung to her body, “That’s because I’m wearing a body shaper.”

“I know that, Becky”, said Marge assertively, “You’re making yourself miserable just to appease a bunch of superficial people.”

Marge’s tone softened as she placed her arm around Rebecca’s waist, “You’ll be much happier once you come to terms with that ego of yours and realize you’re meant to have a fuller figure.”

Rebecca sniffed, turning her head, she grumpily pouted, “Nice way of saying I’m going to get fat.”

“There’s nothing wrong about being a woman of size”, Marge benevolently grinned, “Now you better get dressed, Frank will be showing up in a half hour.”


_ Months Later _

Rebecca’s relationship with Franklyn soured as her weight escalated, her promotion inexplicably turning out to be temporary, she was then given the position of receptionist.
Sitting behind a wide glass desk in the front lobby, making coffee and scheduling appointments among her duties. The colleagues that acknowledged her were of the same working class status, secretarys, junior level apprentices and housekeepers. The bluebloods, especially the females who Rebecca had briefly managed to fit into their clique, literally ignored her unless it was a matter of business.

Marge was busy in the kitchen when Rebecca arrived home from the office.
“Just me and you tonight kiddo, your dad is out playing poker with the fellas”, she sweetly hummed as the overtly jaded Rebecca entered the kitchen.

Rebecca held her hands tightly to a kitchen chair, her lackluster expression taking a positive turn as she observed her mother knee deep in preparing some kind of dessert.

“What’z ya making?” Rebecca asked in a tone that lacked the former pizzazz from when her career was on the move.

Marge’s eyes twinkled as she gazed over her daughter.

“Something I learned from the Rachael Ray Show”, Marge wholeheartedly buzzed, “It’s with bananas that I put in the blender, mixed with milk, sugar and sherbert.”

Months ago Rebecca would have chided her mother for making such a clearly fattening dish but now it wasn’t such a big deal. Well almost.

“Yeah, that does sounds tasty”, Rebecca rattled off, her smile matching her mother’s in width, “But starting Monday keep that stuff away from me, I’m starting a new diet.”

“Sure, I understand”, Marge replied.
In truth Marge understood better than Rebecca realized.
Rebecca’s efforts in counting calories rarely persisted an entire day.

“Now why not check your E-mail or get washed up. I’ll have dinner ready in around a half-hour”, Marge added, “I made pasta with cheese sauce.”

Rebecca nodded, a bubbly sigh emtting from her lips. She had a taste for pasta.

Rebecca proceeds to her bedroom to change out of the nondescript dress she wore at the office and into something much more comfortable and casual for dinner.
Rebecca’s work wardrobe were of the undistinguished variety, tame looking dresses or generic looking tops and slacks. All purchased at the Ladies Finest Discount Boutique.

Rebecca’s mindset was working against her, accepting the bias that fuller figure females weren’t as attractive compared to their slimmer counterparts. Thus Rebecca’s garments utilized her insecurity pertaining to her body, dressing like a mature office worker seemed logical since she didn’t have a figure to show off.

Approximately 190-pounds, Rebecca’s weight was in accurate proportion throughout her body with exception to her backside in which she had obtained the notorious secretary ass.

Her breasts remained shapely though advancing size, her potbelly sprawling outward, her waist soft and plump, corresponding too the spread of her hips.

Rebecca’s posterior had significantly mushroomed, corpulent and spacious, and her big thighs were engulfed in fat. Her upper arms that had always been thicker then she desired had practically doubled in size.

Her silky black mane had lengthened enough to flirt with her shoulders, outlining the circler shape of her face. Rebecca’s features were radically softer, her cheeks becoming fairly swollen, her double chin blossoming in width.

Rebecca hiked the gray colored sweatpants far above her waist, the material contouring to the roundess of her portly stomach and billowing butt. Rebecca next put on a standard black colored T-shirt that was beginning too become tight, the material fully emphasizing her voluptuous breasts as well as the paunchiness of her belly.

Securing the half-eaten pound bag of M&M’s, Rebecca coasted into the living room as if snacking on chocolates before dinner wasn’t such a big deal.

Rebecca’s gait was slower now and she could feel her hefty thighs rub together. She automatically popped a handful of candies into her mouth; in a bizarre manner food quelled her brittle emotions pertaining to the changes to her body.

A short while later the females entertained their appetites and each other with small talk while enjoying their meal.

It was Friday evening and naturally Marge inquired if Rebecca had any plans.

Rebecca sucked away a spoonful of pasta, cheese sauce leaving her lips as she spoke while chewing.

“Not tonight, ma. But tomorrow I’m getting together with Kim and Taryn and do something.”

This pleased Marge that Rebecca was back hanging out with a few of her former high school colleagues and not the stuffy sort that she had mingled with when she was slender.

Kim Forster and Taryn O’Conner were basically unpretentious - easy going -coach potatoes much like Rebecca had become. Kim had always been chubby while Taryn, a former athlete and cheerleader during her high school years, had become a woman of size over the previous few years.

They would occasionally go out to a popular neighborhood sports bar but more than likely would end up watching TV and ordering a pizza.

Watching TV was precisely on Rebecca’s agenda for this evening. That and finishing off what was left of the dessert or anything else she could nibble on.

Naturally Marge brought up guys and if there might be a young man or two that caught her daughter’s fancy at the office.

Rebecca secured second helpings of pasta as she spilled her guts with a shrill of a whine.

“Saw Franklyn the other day, I’m all, hi, how are you, and he only nods and says hi before walking away.”

Rebecca paused too slurp away a forkful of pasta which distended her cheeks, “You think I have some strange disease coz I’m fat and like, he can catch it or something. You know?”

“That’s what you get, young lady”, Marge started her lecture, “If you’re attracted to shallow men you’re going to spend your nights alone. Look for finer qualities in male companionship, not wealth or looks but concrete things like manners and education.”

Rebecca sarcastically rattled off, “Oh sure, somebody who doesn’t mind dating a blimp.”

Marge held her tongue and temper but instead serenely asked Rebecca, “Isn’t there at least one nice guy you know?”

Rebecca shrugged her shoulders, a sour expression over her face.

Marge lifted her wide posterior off the chair, congenially nitpicking her daughter as she began clearing off the table.

“Oh Becky, you’re so naïve in a silly way. You have a lot to offer a young man, the right young man who’d admire your sense of humor, good natured spunk and brains. And you are easy on the eyes whether you know it or not.”

Rebecca hurriedly consumed the remaining portion of her meal before Marge could remove her plate.

“Dessert in the living room?” said Rebecca optimistically.

“Yeah, meet me there, I’ll bring the dessert out to you”, Marge replied, “But be sure to put on channel 32 when you put on the TV, the ’Honeymooners’ are about to start.”

Rebecca stood up from the table and scratched her doughy potbelly.
“I was going to pop in a 90120 DVD”, Rebecca groaned a crestfallen whine.

“That can wait until after Jackie Gleason, I’ll even watch your show with ya, alright?” Marge smiled.

Rebecca flipped back her mane in slow motion, “Okay, sure.”


The females took to the comfortable confines of the living room where they enjoyed the dessert and watched TV. Rebecca having second helpings and then grabbed her large size bag of Doritos.

Eventually but reluctantly as they viewed the television program, Rebecca opened up about one guy in particular.

“There’s one guy in the office who does sort of make a big deal over me but he’s a janitor, ma.”

“Don’t go judging a man based on his occupation, maybe he does fine work. Better a productive janitor than a lousy businessman or lawyer”, Marge all but snapped at Rebecca. “What’s he like?”

Rebecca paused from snacking on the chips, elucidating with a crooked grin, “Well his name is Brad and he’s about my age. He’s not bad looking, tall, basically skinny, he goes out of his way to say hello and compliments me almost everyday.”

“I think he needs glasses!” Rebecca added with a funky smile and goofy laugh.

“Now don’t go putting yourself down coz you’re a little chubby”, Marge sternly told Rebecca.
“Sounds like he’s taken a shine to you, some guys do prefer fuller figured ladies.”

Rebecca squeezed her belly fat as she cynically mentioned, “Oh yeah, I’m only a little bit chubby.”

Marge rolled her eyes, “So what, so you gained some weight. Maybe if you wore clothes better suited for a woman your age instead of a reclusive old maid you’d feel better about yourself.”

“That’s the thing, ma”, Rebecca began to articulate while she resumed snacking on the chips.
“Brad did ask me out about 2 or 3 weeks ago. I told him I’d think about it.
Well, before going home that evening, I checked on myself in the bathroom mirror when Adrianna from human resources walked in. Standing next to her as she freshened up her makeup I realized how huge I got. I’m in no shape to go out with a guy, I’m a fatty.”

Marge grabbed the remote and pressed the mute button.
“You need to wise up, honey. Maybe you’re not thin anymore but if you’re going to keep obsessing over your size, you’re only going to lose out on worthwhile experiences. My advice to you is too start making a big deal over Brad and comprehend the fact; you’re a heavy young lady.
Cute, sweet and dynamic nonetheless, but with our genes, be sure of it, being chubby is just normal.”

Rebecca glanced over her mom’s butterball figure, “Ain’t that our reality.”


Months advanced further, cousin Amber’s wedding a week away, the mother / daughter discussing diverse topics as they coast through the long aisles at the Fresh-Line Supermarket.

“Are you and Brad driving to the wedding in his car or will you be joining me and your dad?”

Rebecca didn’t have to think it over but her train of thought was interrupted as she peered over the frozen food section.

“Oh, um, I guess we’ll be driving with you and dad”, Rebecca answered back as she pulled the freezer’s door open and removed a package of ice cream bars.
“Brad’s never been to Burbank, it makes better sense if we drive with you.”

The time frame of little more two years had changed Rebecca Stowe into an opposing version of her former self. Some things to the positive - others to the negative.

Things such as dieting, obessing over her weight and designer clothes were ancient history. A path that she no longer had any desire to travel.

“That’s fine, Becky”, Marge giddily acknowledged her daughter, “You know how your dad get’s when he’s with his brothers. It’s a safe bet that Brad will be behind the wheel on the way home.”

Rebecca accepted her status or at least her heredity the best she could, once removed would squarely hit the mark. All her friends were plus size females, regular office chicks that were either engaged or married to blue collar working stiffs, thus envy never entered the picture.
The few slender acquaintances she had were basically the same pedigree. Haughty, materialistic trophy chicks she avoided like the plague.

‘Oh wow!” Rebecca announced out loud as her eyes settled on the cheesecake that was on sale, clutching two of them, she then humorously giggled, “Don’t worry, I promise to share with dad!”

Rebecca’s appearance had significantly changed right down to her socks. The burgundy hooded sweatsirt worn open was a tight fit, revealing her wear and tear dark blue T-shirt, black spandex slacks equipping the lower portion of her bulging figure.

Rebecca hadn’t put on much weight during the previous few weeks, seemingly reaching her plateau at approximately 295-pounds. Rebecca, although now going by Becky more often than not, rarely weighed herself anymore. Once surpassing her mother’s girth, she capitulated to the reality of her genes. Being fat was unavoidable, the numbers on her scale held no importance.

“I’m anticipating a call from the boutique about the dress you picked out for the wedding”, said Marge, “Although I think a fitting should be mandatory before we take it home.”

“Can’t believe the boutique actually had to order the dress I picked out”, Rebecca moodily shared her thoughts, “Aren’t plus size gowns their specialty?”

“It’s a discount clothing store, what did you expect”, Marge casually answered.

Rebecca resumed wearing her silky black mane in a short stye, although mundane too a degree she was pleased at the fact that she needn’t spend an extra half hour in the morning tending to her locks. This gave her extra time to squeeze in an extra bagel or bacon sandwich before heading off to the office. The distinctive characteristic of her delicate features had been modified due too the excessive pounds Rebecca packed on. Rebecca’s inflated cheeks and whopper of a double chin provided her with the look of a cute young lady with a gluttonous appetite.

“Whatever”, Rebecca sighed as she glimpsed over the selection of frozen pizzas.

Rebecca’s buxom breasts spread out over her enormous belly that distended away from her body,
her bloated spherical shaped ass hovering over her tree trunk sized thighs.

Marge watched as Rebecca placed 4 large frozen pizzas into the shopping cart, it was a relief that her daughter contentedly engaged in her appetite even though it padded the grocery bill.

It was likewise a relief that Rebecca was in a relationship with a young man who wasn’t embarrassed or uncomfortable about courting a young lady who outweighed him.

Brad was sincerely fond of Rebecca, always going out of his way to please her. Brad never openly admitted that he was a fat admirer but he would often favor his lady with boxes of chocolates or pop for lunch at the office. Quite the opposite of Franklyn and other shallow men, Brad found Rebecca sensationally attractive and wasn’t shy about his opinion or showing his affection.

Rebecca drifted away from the shopping cart, remarking to her mother as she waddles away, “I forgot cupcakes! Be right back.”

Marge stood for about a minute before turning the shopping cart around and coming face to face with the old woman Zelda.

“You daughter’s attitude has improved?” Zelda grinned.

Marge swung her face face from side to side before directly focusing on Zelda.
“Yes”, Marge said in an inconspicuous tone, “You just pop out of nowhere, don’t you.”
Zelda laughed, “Coincidences do happen. But be sure young Becky is back on the right track, her destiny restore.”

Zelda began to walk by Marge, “And be sure of this, you’ll be attending another wedding very soon.”

Marge turned around, seeing Becky hurrying over to her, two packages of cupcakes in her arms.
Marge smiled.



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Apr 10, 2013
I love your stories and you are my favorite writer. Do you recall a story you wrote that involved a slim girl and a big girl at a food court? It involved them switching sizes but when the slim girl trades weights she finds her friend to be cocky. The formerly slim girl finds the lady who switched them and she ends up even bigger? She had a sister who got fat too.Any way I loved that story I haven't been able to find it in a few years. Keep up the good work. I look forward to more in the future. Cheers!:)

Matt L.

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Jan 14, 2006
Hello Champ,
I very much appreciate your kind thoughts, they mean a lot to me. I'll probably have another couple new stories posted before October.
I believe the story you're thinking about is in the Alternate Reality series.
I wish I could remember which one but I'll look into it.

Thanks again, Matt