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Evil Canadian health care!

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Dr. Feelgood

intellectual nerd
Dec 20, 2006
During the debate over health care reform, there were several posts (many from Canada) lamenting the state of Canadian health care and threatening mass extinction in the U.S. should we fail to let the insurance companies do whatever they want to us (though what that had to do with Canadian health care I never quite understood). But no one ever spelled out exactly what made the Canadian system so terrible. Fortunately, RandomHistory.com has answered that question with the following snippet:

The life expectancy of the average Canadian is 81.6 years -- 8th highest in the world.

Average life expectancy in the U.S. is 78.14 years -- 46th highest in the world.

So as you see, Americans don't have to spend as much time being old! Let us count our blessings.

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