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BBW The Fluffy Goddess [ssbbw, WG, stuffing, immobility]

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LJ Rock

Well-Known Member
Oct 4, 2005
Julia hits the jackpot when she meets Jeff, a wealthy man who sweeps her off her feet. He only asks one thing of her: that she stay as fat and fluffy as possible!

The Fluffy Goddess
A Story by L.J. Rock​

I just adore my husband Jeff, and I would do absolutely anything for him. Fortunately for me, he really doesn’t ask that much of me. He is a man of means, and he works hard for his money. The two of us want for nothing, and he is able to hire helpers to do all the cooking and cleaning around the house. I barely need to lift a finger around here. There’s really only one thing that he asks of me.

He just wants me to stay fat and to keep getting fatter.

Only he doesn’t call it “fat.” He likes to refer to it as “fluff” which I think is so adorable. He says that he loves how “fluffy” I am, and he just wants me to keep getting fluffier and fluffier.

I’ve always been a bit on the heavier side, but compared to where I am now I was downright emaciated before I met Jeff. The moment he laid eyes on me, he seemed to have just one thing on his mind. “I want to feed you,” were literally the first words he said to me when we met at a mutual friend’s cocktail party one summer about six years ago.

“I beg your pardon?” I asked the handsome stranger.

“Let me take you to dinner,” he said to me, tempting me with descriptions of sumptuous steaks and lobsters. Eventually he talked me into leaving with him, and much to my surprise he whisked me off in a private jet to his penthouse in New York, where he had a staff of chefs and servants bring me the most delicious and filling meal I’d ever had.

I’d always been taught to not overeat in public, especially in front of a man. “Julia, no man will want you if he thinks that you eat too much,” my mother would always tell me. That’s why I was so surprised at how Jeff encouraged me to eat more and more. No matter how stuffed I said I was, he would just snap for his servants to bring me another steak or another slice of cheesecake, saying, “Come on, fluffy. You can do it – just a little bit more!”

I figured after a while this novelty would wear off for him, and he would tire of feeding me so much all the time, but weeks turned into months and months turned into years, we would spend more and more time together, and always he would be encouraging me to keep on eating and to keep getting fuller and fluffier.

After a while, I started to eat this way even when Jeff wasn’t around. Anytime he would need to travel or be away for business, he’d always be pleasantly surprised and very pleased to see how much bigger and fluffier I had gotten in his absence. I remember waking up one morning and catching a glimpse of my big naked belly as I walked by a full length mirror in my room. “Well, that’s it,” I said to myself as I poked and prodded at my gigantic ball of fluff, “there’s no way Jeff is going to still want me now that I am this big and fat.”

Needless to say I was shocked when he came home from his trip and he found himself unable to keep his hands off of me. “Oh, Julia! You’re so big!” he said to me gleefully. “So round and soft! So FLUFFY!!” We spent the rest of that weekend in bed together, alternating between hot meals and even hotter sex. Not long after that I moved in with him, and soon after that we would get engaged.

When the day of our wedding was soon approaching, I found myself in the difficult position of having to be fitted for a dress that would fit my large and ever-expanding figure. I had gotten so big and round that there was no way that something off the rack would ever fit me; I had to get something custom-tailored. Jeff said that this would be no problem, that he would happily pay for a dress that was big enough to fit over all of my billowing fluffiness. Of course, the tailor that we selected had his work cut out for him, as I would need constant alterations to be made right up until the final moments before the ceremony with my huge belly, big butt, thick legs, plump arms and gigantic boobs just getting fluffier and fluffier by the minute.

My bridesmaids practically had to roll me down the aisle I had gotten so big and round by the time of the actual wedding. It was a beautiful and joyous day, and our honeymoon was even better, as Jeff took me to an amazing tropical resort where I was completely surrounded by food at all times and kept fed, fat and happy every moment of the day.

Of course, once we got back to the real world, I expected the honeymoon to be over and for things to go back to “normal.” To my amazement, the constant and relentless feedings continued. Never again would I know the feeling of being hungry or craving for anything, as anything that I wanted was presented to me in excess whenever I wanted. Jeff has me completely spoiled and fattened up beyond my wildest dreams.

One day, about a year after our wedding, the inevitable happened. I tried to get up and out of bed in the morning, and I found that it was completely impossible. I couldn’t lift my legs or my arms, they were just too heavy, and my entire body had grown far too massive for me to move at all. Several servants came into the room and tried to help me up, but to no avail. I had become completely immobile and bound to my bed.

Jeff was away on business that day, and when I called him on the phone to let him know what was happening, he was only disappointed that he wasn’t there to witness it in person. “I really wanted to be there for this moment,” he said to me, “I wanted us to be able to share in this milestone together.”

As scared as I told him that I was, he assured me that I had absolutely nothing to worry about, and that all of the cooks, maids and servants were there to take care of me. He told me that they would keep on feeding me, that they would bathe me and change me when I needed. “As soon as I get home though,” said Jeff, “you and I are going to spend some serious alone time together so I can bask in the glory of your fluffiness!”

True to his word, a week later Jeff came home from his business trip and was absolutely elated to see just how big and fluffy I had grown. He jumped into bed with me and wrapped his arms as tightly around my mass of fluff as he possibly could, burying his face in the giant ball of flab that my body had become, kissing and licking me all over. He began to praise and worship me as though I were the gigantic fluffy goddess that he had been searching for all of his life.

“Oh, Julia,” he would moan sensuously, “thank you for coming into my life! Thank you for allowing me the privilege of feeding you and fattening you up. You are my queen! You are my world, my everything! I live to serve you, my beautiful fat and fluffy goddess!”

My heart swooned as he spoke; I could hardly believe what I was hearing. I had known how much my husband loved and cared for me, and I knew that he loved my fatness – but I guess until that moment I had no idea just how much it really meant to him. As I looked down at his face nestled deep in my fleshy bosom, I could see tears begin to stream down from his beautiful green eyes, and I could feel the warmth of his touch as he kneaded his hands deep into my soft and malleable flesh.

“Please,” he said to me then, wiping the tears from his eyes, “just promise me one thing.”

“What’s that?” I asked him.

“Just promise me that you will always be here for me,” he said, “that you will always be my beautiful fluffy goddess, and that you will allow me the pleasure of keeping you fed for the rest of your days – and that you will continue to get fluffier and fluffier, just for me.”

“Oh, Jeff,” I said as I caressed the sides of his face with my hands that were the size and shape of Cornish game hens, “of course I will. I will be your fluffy goddess now and forever. I promise I will get fatter and fatter – just for you!”

“No one else but me?” he asked.

“No one else but you,” I assured him, “all of this is just for you!”

We then made love with a fiery passion such as I had never known. In spite of how large and immobile I had become, Jeff was still able to move me around and play with me like I were a delicate little china doll as he worked me over and showed me just how much he truly loved me and loved my fluffy body. When he was finished, he collapsed into my flesh and slumbered for the rest of the night, and in the wee hours of the morning as the sun began to rise and rays of light began to peak through the window at the far end of the room, he awoke and once again gave me hours and hours of pleasure and love.

Never in my life did I think that things would turn out this way for me; I never dreamed that I would get this big and fat, nor did I think that I would ever find someone that would make me as happy as Jeff does. My life is like a dream, as I am continuously fed, pampered and spoiled like a fat and fluffy queen. Occasionally some of my friends and family will drop by to see me, and of course they are concerned for me, but I reassure them that I couldn't be happier with the way things have turned out for Jeff and me.

As time goes on, the days sort of bleed into one another. Most of the time I don’t even know what day of the week it is, or even if it's day or night. I tend to slip in and out of consciousness, living in a sort of dreamworld. There are some days when I completely black out and become totally unaware of myself or my surroundings. Then there are other days when I am quite lucid and alert, such as I am right now. I am glad that I can share my story with you and with the world, as I just want everyone to know how happy I am, how much I love my husband Jeff, and how proud I am to be his forever fat and fluffy goddess.


fluffy goddess [censored 1].jpg