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Fat Jack's - Part I - by Caffieneaddict16

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Oct 9, 2005
BBW, Eating SWG, incidental lesbian reference -- an unusual job brings unusual insights

Fat Jack's
By Caffieneaddict6

Part One
Feedback is appreciated at [email protected]

"Here, eat this," the waiter said, setting a new plate in front of Marcie and taking her old one.

"Thanks," Marcie said half-heartedly. She looked down at the food, so stuffed already and felt like vomiting. Marcie was a thin girl by nature. She had long, sort-of curly black hair that she kept at shoulder length. She had pale skin and slender features. Her dark brown eyes were a little big in proportion to the rest of her face, but no one ever bothered her about it. She kept her hair in a ponytail at work, which was where she was being served another in a long line of plates of food.

Marcie had just graduated high school and was talking a year or two off before college. Six months ago, she had been out driving with some friends, and crashed her father's car into a tree. Thankfully, no one had been hurt, but her dad's car had been totalled. The insurance had covered some of the damage, but not enough.

Her family wasn't exactly well off, so even though her parents could afford the repairs; she would have to pay them back for it. That meant getting a job. After a month of fruitless searching she found that getting a job wasn't as easy as her father made it sound.

Eventually she had accepted a job at McDonald's. But with the wages at McDonald's, she would be working there for years before she paid off her parents. So against her better judgment, Marcie quit McDonald's, making a big, gratifying scene as she did.

She went back to job-hunting and finally found a place with wages that would get her parents repaid in a reasonable amount of time. It was a local gimmick restaurant called "Fat Jack's." And the gimmick was that the food was so good, "Jack" and the rest of the employees had gotten fat from eating so much of it.

Usually Fat Jack's only hired people who were already fat; it was just easier. But Marcie's father was friends with the owner's brother; and after some string-pulling, Marcie was hired as a hostess. But, since she would be working in front of the public, she would have to gain weight to fit the restaurant's image. Marcie wasn't particularly happy about it, but she desperately needed the money; and the pay was more than enough to justify expanding her figure.

And so Marcie was given two weeks before starting work to "enhance her image," as her supervisor put it. Marcie had never really watched her figure before, so it was easy enough to start eating more. But after a week went by with no real results, she began to get worried. And so she spent a week of what she thought was "stuffing herself." But when she started work at the end of the second week, she only weighed 119 lbs. More than usual for her, but on her 5'5" frame, it was far and away from fitting the Fat Jack's image.
Marcie's supervisor wasn't happy; but he kept her on as a favor. And so they started her on a "special diet."

Most of the staff joked about how it was an experiment to see if the Fat Jack's gimmick could really work. The whole time Marcie would be at work, food would be brought out to her little hostess podium, and she had to eat for her whole shift. The supervisors would allow her to eat smaller portions when the restaurant wasn't as busy, and sometimes another hostess or waiter would eat some for her, allowing her a little break.

Marcie had been working at Fat Jack's for two weeks now; and she learned what "stuffing herself" really was. Every night she would go home cradling her stomach, feeling like she would explode. In the two weeks Marcie gained eight lbs.; and when she looked at herself in comparison to the rest of the Fat Jack's staff, she groaned at how much further she had to go. Marcie looked down at the steak the waiter had just brought her and then down at her bloated stomach. It was almost quitting time, and she was absolutely stuffed.

"Wanna split it?" another hostess asked, coming back from seating an elderly couple. The hostess' name was Becky, and she and Marcie had become friends. She was about the same age as Marcie, and they had similar taste in music and other things. Becky was a little shorter than Marcie, although much heavier; and she had short hair which she dyed black. She always reminded Marcie of an even chubbier Kelly Osbourne. "Oh please, take it," Marcie said, pushing it towards Becky.

"I think if I eat that I'll seriously explode," said Marcie, putting her hands on her swollen tummy. Becky smiled, pushing it back.

"No such luck." she said. "The supervisor's on the prowl." Marcie pretended to whine like a baby. "Come on, make room for the airplane," Becky said, cutting a piece of the steak and waving the fork in the air, like a mother feeding a baby. Marcie folded her arms across her chest and pouted. Becky made little plane noises and waved the fork around. Just then the supervisor walked by, giving the girls a hard look.

Becky and Marcie just froze and stared at him, Marcie with her arms across her chest and Becky with the fork in the air. The supervisor shook his head and walked off. For all his posturing, he was actually a nice guy. Once he was gone, the girls erupted into a giggling fit.

"Gimme that," Marcie said, grabbing the fork from Becky. She ate the bite, and then a family came in, and Marcie got up to seat them.

When Marcie got back to the podium, Becky was gone, but so was some of the steak. Marcie smiled and sat down. She started eating again, and then Becky got back. "You get off at three today, right?" Becky asked, sitting next to Marcie.

"Yeah." Marcie said, through a mouthful of steak.

"That's not that much longer, just eat a little bit more and then I'll finish the rest. You can go clock out early," Becky said.

"Thanks, but I should finish this," Marcie said. "I really need to put on this weight."

"Aww, such dedication," Becky said. Marcie stuck her tongue out at Becky.
Another family walked in, and Marcie started to get up but Becky stopped her. "I'll get them, you just eat," Becky said, patting Marcie's stomach as she got up.

Marcie pretended to vomit and Becky giggled as she went to seat the family. When three o'clock rolled around, Marcie had finished her steak. She and Becky made plans to get together the next time they had the same day off. "We can go out to eat," Becky said, and Marcie made a face. Marcie grabbed her plate and went to the back.

In the employee room, Marcie unbuttoned her nice white hostess shirt, revealing a Ramones t-shirt underneath. She took off her formal black shoes, trading them for a pair of beat-up blue Converse All-Stars, with skull and crossbones laces. She took off the cheap but fancy-looking gold bracelet she wore to work and switched it for a studded, black-leather one. She undid her hair from the ponytail she kept it in and went to the bathroom to change her earrings.

In the bathroom she traded her costume-jewelry gold earrings for a pair of silver skull and crossbones. While she was at the mirror, Marcie looked at herself, trying to find any signs of weight-gain. Her face looked a little puffier, and her arms jiggled a little when she moved them quickly, but she was still just a normal girl. The only thing significantly bigger on her was her rounded tummy. But she knew that was just from all the food she'd eaten that day.

Marcie sighed, thinking of how long it was going to take her to get fat. "At this rate I'll have my parents paid off before I fit the restaurant's image," she thought to herself.

Marcie puffed up her cheeks and held out her arms, trying to look fat in the mirror. Just then, the bathroom door opened, and Marcie blushed bright red, hurrying out of the room past the older woman who'd gone inside. From there she went to the supervisor's office to pick up her check. It had been two weeks, and she felt she'd earned her money. The supervisor, Tod, was sitting at his desk, filling out some paperwork. Tod was a young guy with short brown hair. Since most of his duties were "behind the scenes," so to speak, he was thin.

"Um, I'm here to get my check?" Marcie said.

Tod looked up. "And just what were you and Becky doing out there?" he asked her.

Marcie blushed, "Oh, well, uh, she was, uh, trying to help me fit the Fat Jack's image."

Tod raised his eyebrows. "Yeah, I bet!"

He smiled and reached around behind him, picking up her check from a pile of them. "Here you go,"

"Thanks," she said, starting to walk out the door.

"Oh, hey," Tod said. Marcie stopped in the doorway.

"I was thinking," Tod continued, "I might have a way to help you, uh, gain the, er, weight a little faster."

Marcie groaned. "Tell me when I get back," she said. "I've got tomorrow off and I just want to relax and be thin."

Tod gave her a stern look. "Now is that a Fat Jack's attitude?" he asked.

Marcie tried to look reprimanded but just couldn't, and started giggling. Tod started laughing too. "Alright, get out of here. But I want to see a lot more of you soon," he said.

"Oh Tod, you're so subtle," Marcie responded, leaving the restaurant.

Marcie went and cashed her check, depositing most of it into an account she'd set up during her stint at McDonald's. On the drive home, she spotted a record store she frequented, and decided to stop off and pick up an album. Marcie pulled into the parking lot, but paused before she got out of her car.

She looked down at her stomach, still bulging out from all the food she'd eaten. Did she really want to be seen in public so stuffed? After a moment's thought, she shrugged. "I'll be fat soon anyway," she thought, "this'll just be like practice."

Marcie exited her car and walked into the record store. The night before she'd seen a music video by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on MTV; and decided to buy the album. She went to the 'Y' section, and scanned the racks to find them. She went down the line, finally spotting their album 'Fever to Tell.' There was only one copy left. Marcie reached for it, but her hand bumped someone else's reaching for the same album.

"Oh, I'm sorry," the two said in unison. Marcie looked up and saw a guy about her age. He was skinny and pale, with icy blue eyes and longish brown hair that reminded her of Beck. He was wearing faded blue jeans and black Converse All Stars. He wore a studded leather bracelet that matched hers, and a t-shirt for the band Interpol. The two stared at each other for a second, wide-eyed, then the guy seemed to snap out of it.

"I, I'm sorry," he stuttered. His voice was deep but quiet. "Go ahead," he said, gesturing to the album.

Marcie shook her head, and reached for the album, not even looking at it. The guy stood there, looking nervous for a second; he seemed to debate something in his head, then started to walk away. Marcie sighed and grabbed the album. It had the song she had seen the video for, and was reasonably priced; she decided to buy it and looked up again to see the guy walking towards her again. "Um, hi," he started. "My name's Trent," he said.
"I'm Marcie," Marcie told him.

Trent smiled. "Would you, um, like to go get something to eat, or something?" he asked.

Without thinking, Marcie said: "Ugh, no," putting her hand on her stomach.
Trent's face fell. "Oh, um, sorry, I, uh, sorry, I'll just-"

"No!" Marcie said, cutting him off. "I'm sorry, I just ate, that's all."

Trent scratched the back of his neck and looked nervous. "We could get, uh, coffee or something," Marcie said.

"Sure, yeah," Trent said, smiling.

Marcie made her purchase, and the two left the record store. They agreed on a place to meet, and Trent went back to a beat-up old van. Marcie got into her car, and followed his van out of the parking lot. During the drive there, Marcie alternated between excitement and worry. She was excited about meeting a cute boy, but worried that he wouldn't think she was so cute when she started to get fat. Still unsure of what to do, Marcie pulled into the coffee shop parking lot,and the two went inside.

Trent was shy but funny, and the two had a lot of the same interests. They listened to the same kind of music and both liked horror movies. The two talked about high school, and their lives now. Marcie dodged questions about where she worked, but found out that Trent worked at a super-market near her house. He was also the singer for a local band that had just gotten started. The two spent hours talking, then exchanged phone numbers and went their separate ways.

Marcie went home glowing with excitement. During her time with Trent the feeling of fullness had faded from 'overstuffed' to a level that was a little more comfortable; and her concerns for her future weight were cowed for the moment. That night Marcie went home happy, and fell asleep to thoughts of Trent dedicating songs to her from onstage.

Marcie's dreams, however, were not as joyous.

She was at a club, watching Trent's band play. She was wearing a vinyl miniskirt with a picture of Debbie Harry on it; and a black t-shirt covered in safety pins and cut up like the fashion of the 1980s. The rest of the club was normal, the same as when she always went to it; but the stage was different. It was huge, with giant set-pieces and lights. There was a spotlight on Trent, and the wind was blowing his hair out behind him. Marcie swooned as they played through their set.

After they finished a song, and the club patrons stopped cheering; Trent took a moment and looked at her. "This next song," he said into the mic, "goes out to a special little girl." Marcie smiled, and Trent pointed at her. "Her name's Marcie, and she's standing right- ew! What's that!?" Trent said suddenly, a look of disgust crossing his face. Marcie was shocked, she looked down at herself to find that she'd grown hugely fat!

Suddenly she could see herself from outside her body. Her stomach was gigantic, forming into huge, greasy rolls that sagged down to her knees. Her breasts sagged like huge waterballoons down on top of her belly. Her thighs were gigantic and covered in cellulite. Her arms were gigantic and doughy, and stuck out to her sides. Her face had four huge chins, and she looked around frightened at the other club patrons. The rest of the crowd backed away from her, disgusted looks on their faces. She looked back up at Trent, who looked most disgusted of all.

Marcie opened her mouth and tried to speak, but oinked instead. She started to squeal like a pig, and as she watched, her nose became a snout. She fell down on all fours, and she could see a corkscrew tail sticking out of her Blondie skirt like a cartoon character. Then Tod, dressed like a farmer, stepped out of the crowd with a bucket in his hand. He held it up to her mouth, and she began to eat. As she ate, her body swelled bigger and bigger and bigger...

Marcie snapped awake in bed, her hands going to her stomach, now flat once again. She got up to get a glass of water, and by the time she returned to bed, she had forgotten what her dream was all about.

The next morning Marcie woke up and called her friends. One of her friends, Cindy, was working; but Uma and Heather were free. Marcie pulled on a tight, faded pair of blue jeans with the back pocket falling off; and a green t-shirt with "Rock & Roll High School" written on it; then went off to meet her friends at the mall. She arrived at about noon, and met the two at the food court.

Heather sat on one side of the little table, eating a cheeseburger. She had short hair which she dyed blue. She was wearing a "Rancid" t-shirt with the sleeves cut off; and had spiked bracelets on. Her fingernails were painted black, and she was wearing plaid pants, tucked into combat boots that were only half-way laced up at the bottom. She was a little shorter than Marcie and about average weight.

Uma was on the other side of the table eating chinese food. She had long, curly brown hair; and was wearing a tight pink t-shirt with a fairy on it. She had on a studded leather belt and tight jeans with holes in the knees, and pink Converse shoes. Uma was taller than Marcie, and the chubbiest of the girls. In Junior High she had been really fat, but in High School she had lost a lot of weight. It fluctuated through her senior year, and now she was a little pudgy. She had a very hourglass figure, with large breasts and wide hips, and a soft middle.

"Hello," Marcie said, pulling up a chair at the small table.

"Hey," Heather said. Uma just nodded, her mouth full.

"What's going on?" Marcie asked.

"Nothing," Heather said.

"Yeah," Uma agreed. "When we got here, Heather made me stand around Hot Topic for a half an hour while she struggled with the epic decision of which bracelet to get," she said, rolling her eyes.

"Oh come on, it was not a half an hour!" Heather protested, her mouth full of cheeseburger. Marcie just laughed.

"Don't you want anything to eat?" Uma asked Marcie.

Marcie groaned. "No. It's my day off, I want to just relax," she said.

"Come on, you have to eat," Uma said.

"You just can't wait until I'm fat, can you?" Marcie said.

"Yeah, she's dying not to be the fat one anymore," Heather joked.

"Hey!" Uma said. "I haven't been the fat one since freshman year!" she protested.

"Relax; I'm kinda hungry anyway," Marcie said, getting up.

"Just think of it as overtime. Being dedicated to the job," Heather added.

"I hate you guys so much," Marcie told them, walking to a restaurant.

The girls ate and talked about their lives, and how their jobs were going. Marcie told them about Becky; and they thought maybe they could all hang out sometime. As they walked around the mall Marcie also told them about Trent, and how excited she was. "What's the name of his band again?" Heather asked.

"The Zeroes," Marcie told her.

"The Zeroes..." Heather repeated, thinking. "Yeah," she said, "I've seen them play."

"Really?" Marcie asked.

"Yeah, I saw their debut show," Heather told her.

"How are they?" asked Marcie.

"They're OK, if you like Joy Division," Heather said. When she saw Marcie's puzzled look she said: "I'll let you borrow one of their albums."

The girls walked around the mall, just hanging out. Later they went to Heather's place and hung out some more; and Heather lent Marcie one of her Joy Division albums when she left. Marcie got home late and was absolutely famished. All the stuffing at work had stretched out her stomach, and the light meal she'd had for lunch had left her starving most of the day. She hadn't admitted it in front of her friends, but now she was home; and her parents were in bed already.

Marcie opened the fridge, her stomach grumbling. She looked around and found a leftover ham from the previous sunday. There was over half of it left. Marcie thought about it for a second, then put it on a plate and threw it in the microwave. Her family's microwave was an antique; and wasn't very powerful, so it took a few minutes to heat up the ham. Once the ham started cooking, the smell made Marcie realize just how hungry she was. She didn't know if she could wait long enough for the ham to reheat.

She went back to the fridge and looked around. She could make herself a sandwich pretty quick... "I'm about to eat more than half of a ham!" she thought to herself. "I don't need a sandwich too."

Then Heather's words from lunch came back to her: "Just think of it as overtime. Being dedicated to the job." Marcie shrugged and made herself a small sandwich.

The microwave was finishing by the time she was done, but she just shrugged. She held the sandwich in one hand as she took the ham out of the microwave with the other. She ate the sandwich as she put the ham on the table and laid out silverware.

Then Marcie went to her room and got the Yeah Yeah Yeahs album she'd bought the previous day. She put it on the stereo(at low volume) as she sat down to eat. She was so hungry that rather than cutting slices off of the ham and eating those, she just cut bites off of the ham itself. Marcie wolfed down the food, concentrating more on the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and her own thoughts than her meal.

By the time it reached the song she'd heard on MTV; Marcie went to cut another bite of ham and realized that she'd finished the whole thing! Marcie gasped; looking down at her stomach. Sure enough, it was bulging out, but not nearly as much as it did at work. Marcie was shocked that she'd finished the whole thing, but she was even more shocked that she was still hungry! Marcie got up and went to the fridge, her hand on her tummy. She didn't like the idea of eating so much, but on the other hand she was trying to get fat...

Marcie reached into the fridge and started to make herself a real sandwich. Lots of meat, and cheese, and lettuce, and slathered with real mayonnaise. When she was done it reminded her of the kind of sandwiches Shaggy and Scooby would eat on the old cartoons. Sitting down, Marcie started to eat the sandwich with dedication. Marcie ate and ate, taking huge bites. The Yeah Yeah Yeahs album finished, and Marcie kept eating. She thought of it as a challenge, to just keep eating and eating.

Finally Marcie finished the sandwich, and when she looked down at her tummy she found it very swollen. But she was still hungry. Feeling frustrated, Marcie got up and went back to the fridge. This time she grabbed a half-full carton of vanilla icecream from the freezer. She grabbed a spoon and went back to her room. She put Heather's Joy Division album into her CD player and started on the ice cream.

Marcie found that she liked Joy Division, but she wasn't paying as much attention to the music as she was to the ice-cream. She kept eating and eating and eating. She wasn't worried about what Trent would think of her being fat anymore, she was only concerned with getting herself full. Finally, the button on Marcie's jeans popped open. She looked down and saw her stomach hugely swollen. Marcie smiled, putting a hand on her stomach. She was suddenly very tired.

And so Marcie fell asleep, with one hand on her bloated stomach and ice-cream staining her lips.


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