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From the Moderator - Please Read

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Big Beautiful Dreamer

ridiculously contented
Feb 26, 2006
I was really hoping to wait until closer to November to say something like this. Recent thread traffic, though, has made now a good time.

Respect one another. AND, realize that most of us regulars know the other folks' viewpoints and values, and that Hyde Park discussion is unlikely to change those viewpoints and values.

In the four years that I've been moderating Hyde Park, I've seen just about everything short of (just barely) tap-dancing bikini-clad ostriches. In the last year, however, I've seen a couple of trends that really sadden me.

Several longtime and valued participants have walked away, leaving us markedly poorer for their absence. Discussions used to be livelier, more colorful, and more entertaining all round. Now, no matter how badly some folks try to have a reasoned, intelligent discussion, many threads quickly disintegrate. I don't think I need to go into detail or example. We've all seen it happening.

SO, a couple of requests here.

*Be intentional about reading a post, rolling your eyes, and moving on. Showing someone point by point that his opinions don't match the facts ... is ultimately unproductive. I used to run the letters to the editor section at a daily newspaper. I learned very very quickly that I was not going to change someone's cherished views, no matter how many facts to the contrary I presented.

*If you are friends with, and/or routinely see elsewhere, some of the folks who have wandered off, urge them to come back and play. CastingPearls, Risible, Deven, Miss Vickie, where are you? And I know I'm missing a couple where I can recall the avatar pic but not the name.

*In a sense, we, the regulars, are Hyde Park. We're the ones who make it what it is. Keep on thinking up lively and interesting thread starts that are NOT the equivalent of a red flag in front of a bull.

So someone posts something on the Internet that makes you go cross-eyed at his/her idiocy. Deep breath, eyeroll, moving on.

I love this site, and most of the time I love moderating it. Maybe this makes me a geezer, but HP used to be more fun. Didn't it? It's up to us to keep it endlessly entertaining.

If I have to, I'll start a thread about abortion providers trying to save ruby-throated cedar waxwings by protesting rampant development in the water-starved west, or something. JUSTICE!!!!!

P.S., spread the word, the Hypies are coming.

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