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Generals to Obama: No Exit Strategy

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Basically New
Jul 30, 2010
It looks as if it might actually not be Obama's fault...entirely. Don't worry--there's plenty of shit talked on Obama in this video. Just please watch it before you bitch about it.


I find it interesting that the military itself is refusing to leave, rather than playing minion to politicians and complaining about the loss of life afterwards. I wonder if all these generals were in power (so to speak) when Dubya was in office. It would explain a lot. It's a very scary turn for my battlebuddies in the mideast--more proof that they are truly fighting and dying for nothing.

EDIT: I found a page that discusses and reviews the book cited in the above video. So far it seems that the radically progressive TYT Nation might have a point here.


In Obama's War, published on Monday but leaked early to the New York Times, Woodward claims that the infighting was ferocious, and punctuated by remarkably snide and bitter remarks. On one occasion General David Petraeus, the US commander in Afghanistan, is quoted as saying, in reference to Obama's administration: "You fucked with the wrong guy."

Addendum: Sorry for the multiple edits; my POS Blackberry doesn't allow multiple windows for copy/paste purposes.

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