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Girlfriend gaining weight, any advise?

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New Member
May 12, 2022
Cincinnati, OH
a couple of months ago, my gf started to put on some weight... which I have loved! i think she has gained something like 25-30 pounds, starting at around 110 and now 135-140 at 5 foot 5. :)

the amazing thing is, I she's done it all on her own. sure, I'll make sure she feels like she can indulge herself, but I have never explicitly asked her to gain or anything. she seems to be fine with it for the most part, although sometimes she will mention how she looks fatter.

I am wondering how I can accelerate the process further? I am kinda worried to let her know that I explicitly want her to get fatter (although, I do often tell her jokingly I want her ass to get bigger). any suggestions?
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