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Have never had this happen before

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Well-Known Member
May 23, 2006
Last Friday morning my wife pulled her back so she didn't work. She rested up over the weekend but was still in bad shape Monday and today is the first day she has felt OK. She has been wearing sweats since the back injury. Today she said she wanted to eat out because she was ready to get out of the house. She was in the bedroom and I was in the livingroom when I heard her yelling for me. When I got into the bedroom the whole bed was covered in clothes and my wife tells me that nothing fits. I said thats impossible so she grabbed a pair of jeans and sure enough couldn't button them. Then she started to put on a dress and it was too tight also. Of course there were sweats and T-shirts and things that she could get into but she was right most of her clothes were just too small. Granted I like her in tighter clothes so some of them were already tight but she has never before suddenly not fit in almost everything at once. Obviously she gained a few pounds over the week off but it just seemed strange, sexy but strange. I guess this is going to cost me a few bucks on a shopping spree.

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