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I am a bit confused.

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Nov 16, 2023
New Zealand
I am a man and My wife is 5’3, 220lbs. We are also new parents. Before meeting me she used to weigh 270lbs then undergone gastric bypass, she also has type 2 diabetes. After the surgery, she reduced 50 pounds. Together we both are slowly adapting healthy lifestyle, home cooked healthy meals, etc.

I have always found big women to be attractive but however it took me years to even acknowledge it myself. I have never opened about my personal interest in big women to my wife. However even now she sometimes think I am not physically attracted to her (she has her insecurities m) I am currently away from my wife on a short trip to visit my family overseas and I randomly found about the world of feeding/fat admiration. Now this makes me want to show my love even more intense to my wife’s big beautiful body. On a video call, she was having dessert after eating her meal… first time I did not feel bad about it. I always feel bad about it as she’s diabetic. After reading about “liberation” in the context of fat acceptance and attraction, I am accepting her sugar addiction more. Though she personally want to beat her sugar addiction and be fit. She has quit smoking and alcohol in the past.

Now, how do I come out to her that my preference/my type is BBW? I also fear that she may get offended by this as she’s not into this side of the world.

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