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Have your preferences changed over time

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Dec 14, 2008
When I was young till mid 20s my prefences were very narrow. I wasn't focused on one body part in particular, what I really liked it was just a nice body for "common standards" with a "little flaw". The little flaw could have been thighs a bit too thick for that body, or a butt a bit too big and bouncy, or a starter belly, or a little muffin top. The "flaw" was very attractive to me, but even more the contrast between a body otherwise "perfect" and that little, isolated sign of overindulgence.

I would have liked a curvy girl, but nothing too exaggerated. I could appreciate a little bit of a belly, but a full blown pot-belly was just gross. So my ideal girl would have been one that would have been "perfect" at 120 lbs, but was carrying 130-140 instead, and the excess showed in a specific place. Also when I started reading stories here on dimensionsmagazine I was only going for the ones labelled "Small Weight Gain".

The girls I was dating reflected that.. they were just slim and fit and I was hoping they'd put on 10-15 lbs (and it happened more than once), or they were carrying those extra few pounds already.

My preference has changed with my age though. My girlfriend when we were in our mid 20s was slim, even skinny. When she started her first proper job things changed a bit. Long days sitting in a office, little energy left after that and more money to eat out.. in one year she went up those 15 pounds that were all I could dream of. Her hips got juicier and a little roll started to form just above her waistband when she was sitting down. That used to be precisely my dream, my endpoint.

As we got into our 30s though my dreams grown bigger. I started to hope to see that little roll becoming a proper one, and then even a spare tyre. Luckily my girlfriend habits didn't change. Many hours sitting, good food from the canteen and many nights at restaurants. Her roll kept growing, slowly but steadily. By the time she hit 35 she had that spare tyre! We met with old friends from university and it was amazing to see my girlfriend, once the slimmest of the group, was then the biggest. She had gained 55 lbs over 8 years, her hips were wider, her thighs chunkier and her muffin top so obvious. Stll she was an hourglass, because her boobs had grown a lot too. I thought that was great, because hourglasses and pears were nice.. I wouldn't have liked an apple.

In my late 30s I started dating my current partner. She was just below 110 lbs and very, very fit. Flat chested, a hint of six pack on her flat stomach, narrow hips, muscly legs and arms. That was till Covid. Many habits changed that year.. less activity, more time at home, as everyone else cooking and baking in our house exploded.. It didn't seem to take a toll on her body initially, untill it did.. it was around Xmas 2020. Her tummy was getting softer and rounder. She was up 15 pounds and it seemed to have gone all to her belly. Suddenly I started to hope it would have kept growing. My new dream was a proper pot-bellied girl, even better if the boobs stayed small, so the belly would be even more the prominent feature. Well, I started "worshipping" that starter belly. My girl found it funny and soon understood she didn't have to worry about her little gain.. she relaxed a lot actually. All the "bad habits" we took up during covid were just getting stronger (take aways, restaurants, lazy long nights on the sofa, always a dessert), even when the gyms reopened we didn't sign up anymore. She had to go up one size with her trousers, and a second one lately. At home she still wear her old t-shirts but they have started riding up her belly, leaving the lower part exposed. A friend called in recently and she opened the door in one of those t-shirts. Nothing was said but clearly her friend's eyes fell a few times on my girlfriend's belly, and she was obviously aware as she was pulling at the t-shirt to cover more. As the friend left my girl laughed and said she has to remember to wear something decent just in case people call in. She has gone up just above 40 lbs since covid started, and with most of them going to her belly there is no way she can easily hide it. Now my dream is for my apple to grow even more there in the middle. Another 20 lbs would be just perfect to make that belly even rounder, softer, maybe even a nice sag as she stands at the door in her small t-shirt, now just a skimpy crop top on her.

And the belly is not the only flaw.. her flat chest got some pounds, but it's clearly just fat so that her boobs look similar to moobs and they have come together with armpit fat and back rolls. Her arms got fatter too, there are some shirts and dresses she can't wear because her arms wouldn't fit in the sleeves or would just look like sausages.

If in the past I used to be a fan of a single little flaw showing a little excess of overindulgence in an otherwise fit girl, now I love to see my previously fit girl sporting a proper belly, you can tell she has been treating herself a bit too well everyday over the past year and a half, and if the belly is not enough she has fat arms and back rolls too. I guess the fit girl is only in our memories and in the memories of our friends.

I even like her hips haven't grown much.. so that she hasn't become more voluptuous, just bulkier.

Anyone alse this drastic change in taste?

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