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BOTH How Was I To Know?

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Apr 15, 2015

How was I to know?
by faremark

It has been wonderful. Kristy and I met, fell head over heels, discovered our common interests, and got married 6 months later. We matched so well, even sharing the same eyes and hair. Of course, those common interests resulted in Kristy going from 130 lb on her curvy 5'-2" frame, to 210 lb for the wedding just days ago. Kristy was a compact vision of beauty with a sharp intellect, blue eyes, blonde hair, generous breasts and wide hips when we met. My new bride was still a smart beauty with blue eyes and blonde hair, but everything was much more generously proportioned, and we both loved it.

I had added a few to my own 6'-0" during this time. Not so much, but on the honeymoon, Kristy seemed to want me eating at meals so long as she was. We both came back from the honeymoon to a week off work at home with a few more than we left with.

Kind of amazing that I could spend all this time with Kristy, fall asleep with her in my arms, and still dream of her all night, but I did. It was all so blissful, who would know that a shoe would soon drop?

On those first two days back, Kristy would wake first, get up to do whatever, and soon come wake me with teasing that would result in my feeding her breakfast in bed ... LOTS of breakfast in bed, followed by her soon carefully get up on her hands and knees so I could enter her from the back without pushing on that very full, growing belly. It seemed like being stuffed made her hot and wet, me stiff as a board, and she always wanted me NOW after that!

How was I to know that day three would be any different? Oh, but different it was, and has continued to be!

I woke on my own, to find something on my mouth and my hands restrained. THAT brought my eyes open fully really fast, to see Kristy standing beside me beside the bed. Whatever it was over my mouth, would not let my mouth close, and made it so I could not talk. So all I could do is make a noise when I tried to say her name.

Kristy looked at me and with a tear in the corner of each eye said, "Jeff, I love you so very much, but I have been hiding something from you". You just can't overstate the panic feeling of that moment. Despite my condition, my first thought was that she was going to leave me. It was like a kick in the gut!

But she continued, "I love you feeding me, love getting fatter, and don't want to stop". She took a big sigh, "but I want more, I want to feed you and see you getting fatter with me. I want our bellies to jiggle together and to stuff each other beyond belief. I want it SO much."

Then she held up a finger, and walked out of the room.

As she walked away, her fat body jiggling in her nightie, my thoughts ran wild. It is not as if I had never imagined being fed, or growing fatter, or especially Kristy stuffing me until I was short of breath. Feelings and ideas I had never shared because ... well, I guess the fear of Kristy rejecting me was there.

Still, I could well imagine what the thing strapped to my face was, and could also imagine what might be coming. I felt fear, anticipation, and ... arousal! Oh my! What was up with me? What would Kristy think? Thank goodness the blanket was still across me I thought!

It was only a couple of minutes before Kristy returned, her hands very full with two full gallon jugs and a funnel. She set the jugs on the nightstand and removed the caps while talking to me. "Jeff, I am so afraid I am about to lose you, but I can't hide this anymore and if I am going to lose you ... I want to have stuffed you at least this one time."

The blanket was such that most of my chest was exposed, and Kristy bent over me to kiss me repeatedly. After each kiss she would say some loving, "I love you", "I need you", or something similar and my erection from this attention and my imagination was becoming so painful, I groaned again and again!

After a few moments she stopped, picked up one of the jugs and the funnel and stuck the funnel in my mouth. "Baby, I am going to keep this funnel full, and if you don't keep drinking it down, I will pinch your nose until you do." As she held the funnel and started pouring the contents of the jug into it, she spoke "This stuff is SO fattening, Jeff" " I mixed heavy cream, lactaid (so you don't get sick), chocolate syrup, and plenty of Karo syrup."

As I swallowed the (let's be honest) delicious mixture, I imagined how much fat Kristy was going to make me gain, just from this feeding alone. She continued, "I figured out from the labels that each of these jugs is over 14,000 calories" " I suppose that even if I only get to feed you this once, I wanted to leave my mark on you, Jeff".

A gallon is a lot and I thought it was never going to be finished. She was patient with me, and slowed her pouring as was becoming fuller and fuller. Finally, Kristy poured the last of it in the funnel and pulled the jug away, spilling a few drops on the blanket.

"Oh no!" Kristy started to move and pulled the not yet quite empty funnel before it was empty. She stopped before pulling it out of my mouth to let me finish. "Let me put this down for a minute, Baby" " I need to clean this up." She said as she set them down on the nightstand and pulled a few tissues from box kept there.

She kept wiping the drips up with the tissues for a couple of minutes while I tried to catch my breath. I suppose Kristy was looking for other spills when she grabbed the blanket and pulled it down to the foot of the bed. Turning back she stopped, mouth wide open, and slowly the sun came out on her chubby face, her eyes twinkled, and her smile spread wide.

Kristy said through her smile, "Ooo Baby! What is THIS!" as she reached over to expose my rock hard erection though my sleep shorts. Her touch pretty much made my eyes roll back in my head and I unconsciously groaned.

As she rubbed just one finger up and down my erection she looked at me and said "Maybe, I am not the only one keeping secrets?" I was already on the edge, and Kristy knew it, she just kept rubbing that finger slowly up and down as she spoke "you like this don't you Jeff?" "You don't want me to stop do you?" My groan response said it all.

Kristy's grin could not have been wider. "Baby, you want me to feed you, don't you?" "Come on Baby, groan a yes for me!" There was no doubt of my response and my groan came immediately. " Oh Jeff, you want me to let you cum now don't you?" But before I could even groan a response she pulled her hand away, my shorts down, and laughed.

"Baby, there is no doubt you are going to get to cum" And as she spoke she picked up the second gallon jug and the funnel, "but let's just get some more calories in you first!"
As she poured the funnel full, and I began to slowly swallow, she said " I love you, Jeff" "We are going to make each other very fat! But first, you have some catching up to do!"

As I heard her words and slowly swallowed, I knew our marriage just got so much better. God I love her!
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