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Hungry For Your Touch - by SoVerySoft (~SSBBW, Romance, Eating )

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Oct 9, 2005
~SSBBW, Romance, Eating --- two chat buddies find much more than words to share at their first meeting

Hungry For Your Touch
(SoVerySoft – from the print version of Dimensions, circa 1998)

Part 1

Jody looked at her watch. Six twenty-five. She had to admit she was even more nervous than she had expected to be. And for the first time in months she had no appetite.

She sat on the only bench in the airport corridor, and was grateful it was there. At 5'1" and nearly 400 lbs. she didn't like standing for long periods. According to the flight arrival screen, his plane was due at 6:33. She had at least 10 minutes to gather her courage. Oh, and hope her appetite returned.

She knew what he looked like. They had exchanged pictures the first week they chatted. Actually, he sent his pictures to her. She only sent him the pictures that were too revealing for her home page. Remembering that, her cheeks flushed. Her pulse quickened and she glanced again at her watch. Six twenty-nine. The minutes were crawling by.

Thinking of her home page made her smile. It was there that Jake got to know her, looking at her many pictures and reading her commentary. The first time they chatted online he acted as though he already knew her. That happened to her a lot. Jody's home page was a true reflection of Jody herself. Open, friendly, funny and flirtatious.

Jody thought about their early conversations which, from the very first, centered on food. She knew about "feeders". She ran into them often online. While she was open-minded and accepted their "quirk", it wasn't something she was interested in herself. At least she hadn't thought she was.
But there was something about Jake. Something so compelling. So stimulating. When he talked to her of the delicacies he wanted to cook for her, she felt herself grow warm, grow weak and grow hungry. And soon she noticed she had simply... grown.

Yes, she was always a good eater, enthusiastic about most foods. But Jake stimulated something in her that made her ravenous for food (and for him). She found herself constantly thinking about food, planning her next snack those rare moments she wasn't actually eating. And it was having an effect on her. She noticed a few new rolls and creases on her already substantial form. Her clothes were getting snug.

But she wasn't just thinking of food. She was thinking of him. Constantly. There was no separating her hunger for food and her desire for him. They were intertwined in an erotic exciting tummy-rumbling head-in-the-clouds distracting delicious kind of way. It was unlike anything Jody had ever experienced, and it was, ironically, all consuming.

Within days of their first conversation, they knew they would meet. Living on opposite coasts and having busy work schedules caused them to wait longer than they would have liked. It had been almost 3 months.

Sometimes Jody's hunger pangs and her physical ache of desire felt exactly the same.

It was confusing to her, for in the past she had never really considered her appetite for food and her sexual appetite to be related.

Turning her thoughts to what they had planned for this evening, Jody found her appetite(s) returning. She had been planning to take him to her favorite seafood restaurant but it was too long of a drive from the hotel. They were being sensible, since they suspected that after sharing a meal they would want some privacy. More privacy than an hour in the car would offer.

So the lobster would have to wait until tomorrow. Tonight they would have a nice, casual meal in the hotel restaurant. And, hopefully, order their dessert to go, carrying it back to their room.

Of course this all seemed so possible when they chatted online and on the phone. And neither one of them really had any doubts about whether the chemistry they were feeling would carry over into "real life". But you never know.

Jody felt restless as the fears surfaced. She was a bit concerned that this was only a fantasy and couldn't possibly be as incredible in person. She stood up, walked slowly to the flight arrival screen and saw that his plane had, indeed, arrived. It would be only minutes now.

She went back to her bench, tempted to remain standing. She was concerned about him seeing her roly-poly figure bulging and spreading as she sat there. But she thought about the lust he'd expressed for her body, and realized that his very favorite photos of her showed her seated and looking extremely round and wide.

Happily, Jody sat back down. She contemplated her body, she was proud of her hourglass figure. It took her many years to reach a comfortable state of self-acceptance, but once she was able to appreciate her own beauty, she loved flaunting it. She wore low cut tops to accentuate her endless cleavage and snug stretchy pants to hug her round, drooping belly.

She searched for him among the people walking past. Her mind wandered to the chocolates in her purse. She always had candy with her nowadays. Her mouth watered as she thought of sneaking a bite. She loved the idea that their first kiss would taste of chocolate. No! She needed to resist. She wanted to build up to their fantasy. As usual when she thought of him she wanted too much too fast. Thoughts of him always made her lose control.

She took a deep breath. She needed to calm down. Her heart was racing and her stomach rumbling. Her appetite was back. She smiled.

Her eyes darted from face to face. Although she'd seen pictures she panicked that she wouldn't recognize him. And there were so many people, moving so fast! While she was trying to spot him, someone suddenly dropped beside her on the bench. She jumped.

"Wow, like a princess on a throne. You are the most beautiful woman in this entire airport." Jake! She hadn't seen him approach.

Jody was speechless, a rare occurrence. She turned to him. He was even more handsome than be looked in his photos.

Jake's eyes were wide with approval and awe. And he had an undeniably goofy grin on his face. She was absolutely enormous. Soft, fat, wonderful.

But before he wrapped his arms around her, he popped a chocolate into her mouth. He reached out and hugged her marshmallow soft body, his arms sinking into her wonderful flesh.

Then, as she had fantasized, they kissed. And it tasted of chocolate.

Part 2

Jody had already checked into the hotel before heading to the airport, so all they needed to do was drop off Jake's suitcase before heading to the hotel restaurant. Conversation between them was warm and friendly, but a bit awkward. Their nervousness was evident.

Jody was sure they would get past this and she was glad to see that Jake, although nervous, could not stop smiling. She got the impression he wasn't disappointed. She was relieved. No matter how comfortable she had become with her own body, she still didn't take it for granted that others would approve. She was quite fat, and at her height, even with her "hourglass figure", she had the appearance of a "butterball", very round and extremely soft.

It certainly took a man of discerning taste to appreciate her unique form. And based on their conversations over the weeks, and his reaction to some of the photos on her home page, Jake more than appreciated her assets.

Perhaps the biggest clue Jake had given her now, face-to-face, was the frequent hugs he kept stealing. Twice on the way to the baggage claim, he'd asked her to stop walking and let him look at her. Each time he expressed his extreme approval and reached around her (as far as he could) to give her a big warm hug.

When they got to the room to drop off his bag, Jake said, "Let's wait a few minutes before we head to the restaurant. I'd like some time alone with you, if that's okay." Jody nodded nervously, and sat on the small couch in the sitting area of the room. Jake walked over and sat beside her. "Soooooo," he said.

Jody sighed and smiled. "I'm sorry to be so nervous," she said. "I am just feeling so shy. I am sure I will relax over dinner."

Jake took her hand and said, "It's been a crazy couple of months. I didn't expect us to pick up in person where our conversations had left off. Let's just enjoy each other, get to know each other and Jody looked at him nervously.

He continued, "And.. .have a wonderful dinner." They both smiled.

Jake brought her hand to his lips and kissed it tenderly. Jody felt a shiver run through her body. Her flesh trembled when she shivered. Jake looked appreciatively at her soft, jiggling flesh. Jody could see that he was very attracted to her, he wasn't trying to hide it. That knowledge made her feel warm and tingly. She began to relax. Her hand was still in his, and she brought his hand to her face and brushed it gently against her warm cheek. She knew her face was flushed.

Then she moved his hand to her mouth and kissed it, by his knuckles. She ran her tongue along the edge of his hand and across his palm. Then she pressed his open hand against her mouth and kissed his palm. Her lips were moist and his hand felt good against her face. She began gently licking his hand, running her tongue up along his fingers, slipping them into her mouth, one at a time.

"I think someone is hungry," he said to her, in a soft, breathless voice. Jake was surprised how much her sweet mouth was exciting him. He moved his moist hand behind her neck and slowly pulled her face to his, kissing her softly at first, then passionately. The ice was broken. They were no longer strangers; they had become, in person, the people they'd known from afar.

Part 3

The kisses left them both breathless. Jody pulled away to regain her composure. Jake reluctantly released her soft, pillowy flesh. He really didn't want to let go. He wanted to explore her remarkable surface further. Her soft, smooth skin felt even better than he had imagined.

Jody felt as though she was melting into a puddle. She knew if she hadn't pulled away, things would have progressed much further. And it wasn't as if she didn't want more. She just didn't want to rush things. They had 4 days, and besides, she wanted to be hungry for him when they shared their first meal.

Once Jody's incredible fat body wasn't pressing against his lean one, Jake's head began to clear. Resisting the urge to pull her back to him, he said, "I think it's time to eat." Jody understood that he wasn't suggesting that dinner had more importance than intimacy. For them, dinner would be a major part of their intimacy. They had talked about it at length. And it was time to see what it would be like. For real.

Jake went into the bathroom to freshen up from his long trip, and, frankly, to calm down. Jody stood and adjusted her clothes. Although nothing had been removed or even "invaded", she was feeling half dressed. She was too aware of her body underneath. She felt as though she was on fire. She ran her hands under her enormous breasts. As she thought, her nipples were quite hard. And, oh my, very sensitive.

Jake walked out of the bathroom and saw Jody touching her breasts. She stopped immediately, horrified that he had seen her. She hadn't meant to linger there but it felt so good. She was so aroused. She explained that she was just adjusting her clothing to be presentable for dinner. He knew it was a half-truth. Any "refreshing" he had done in the bathroom was for naught, he was now, again, completely aroused, and had Jody not been so embarrassed by her own actions, she might have noticed that Jake had a very obvious erection.

They stood there looking at each other, tempted to forego dinner for the delicious time they could have tight here. But no, they both knew that their intense desire would only heighten the experience they hoped to share at dinner. Jake contemplated suggesting room service, but remembered why they had originally decided to eat in a public place. The whole idea was to be incredibly turned on, but needing to hold back. Delicious torture.
Jake reached for Jody's hand. "Come on, let's go eat."

Part 4

The restaurant in the hotel was very casual and, unfortunately, very well lit. Fortunately, it was nearly empty. Jake noticed the chairs had arms and asked Jody if she thought she would be comfortable.

Jody looked at the chairs. They looked okay, but when she sat, the arms pressed painfully into her bulging hips. Embarrassed, she said, "Actually, an armless chair would really be better."

Jake approached the hostess and asked if she could bring an armless chair. The woman hurried off with a smile and a nod.

"I thought they might be okay," Jody said quietly.

Jake replied, "Oh don't worry about it! I am just glad they have a chair they can bring you. Not that room service seems like such a bad idea right now." They smiled knowingly.

The hostess brought a sturdy armless chair. Jody eased herself out of the chair she was in, trying not to stand up with the chair still snugly attached to her rotund body. Jake noticed this struggle and felt guilty about the rush of excitement he felt. He wasn't embarrassed that Jody needed a special chair. What he felt was more like awe. Being with a woman her size was something he sought, not something he tolerated.

Jody sat on the new chair with confidence. Jake thought, there is nothing like a happy, confident supersize woman.

"Wait," he thought, "make that happy, confident, hungry supersize woman."

He smiled.

Judy looked puzzled. "What are you smiling about?"

Jake replied, "I am happy you are comfortable. Let's look at the menus."

Their waitress brought a basket of assorted breads and rolls. Jody's eyes lit up. She was hungrier than she'd realized. Her shyness gone, she immediately lifted the napkin, uncovering the breads and groaned, "Oh wow! They're still warm!"

She chose an interesting looking multigrain roll that felt crispy on the outside but when she gave it a squeeze she could tell it was soft on the inside.

"Nice. Oh, do you think she brought enough butter?" Jody eyed the little plate with five gold foil wrapped pats.

Jake signaled the waitress who then came over to the table. "Could you please bring us more butter when you get a chance?"

Just asking for it was thrilling. He knew how much Jody loved butter, and they'd often talked about the many ways they could enjoy it, on food and on each other! He often loved teasing her by asking her to put some on her nipples when he knew she was spreading it thickly on whatever she was eating.

He thought of what he had just seen in the hotel room. Jody caressing her breasts and pinching her nipples. It was just a brief moment, but the memories of past conversations came flooding back. Not long after they began chatting they'd come up with a plan. Jake had told Jody that when they were together, he wanted to arouse her while she was eating, (in private of course). She loved the idea, commenting on the "conditioned response" aspect of it. They both knew that over time, she could begin to get aroused simply by eating.
The idea so enthralled her that Jody didn't want to wait until she met him to begin the process. She suggested that she might be able to get started on her own. Why not touch herself while she was indulging? When Jake heard this he had to admit he'd gone a little bit nuts. This was a woman who truly understood his fantasies, and apparently could share them as well.

For Jody, the only problem was one of practicality. First of all, she wasn't always alone when she was eating. And the other problem was accessibility. She had trouble reaching her most private area. Short arms and a huge belly made access without a "helper" of some kind virtually impossible.

Just the idea of that was exciting to Jake. It baffled him. How could the idea that she couldn't touch herself "there" be even more exciting than the thought of her doing it? Undaunted, he asked, would she instead pinch her nipples whenever she could, when eating? Jody loved that idea. She even expressed that she could do that in the car on her way to work (while she ate her breakfast granola bars) and at her desk when she ate lunch. She had a private office and she could easily slip her hand up into her blouse and locate her nipple, and tweak it while using her other hand to feed herself a sandwich or something.

She was a dream come true. Since getting to know him, she'd already been associating her hunger for food with her attraction for him. She was very close to merging them into one sensation, he was sure of it. It would just take a little "conditioning".

Jody was diligent about this process once she agreed it was a really hot idea. After a few weeks she'd concluded that it seemed to be working, but she wasn't sure if her results were clouded by the fact that simply thinking of him was all she needed to get aroused by then. And whenever she ate, or even thought about eating, she would think of him.

Jake realized his mind had wandered and he was missing Jody's mumblings about not being able to choose something from the menu. He brought his mind back to the present time.

Jody sighed with frustration; she was having trouble deciding what she wanted from the menu. She put it down. She wanted to eat her roll while it was still warm. Jody tore the roll in half and began unwrapping a pat of butter. Jake watched, practically holding his breath, as she spread the butter across the warm inside surface of the roll. Jody looked up and saw him staring.

"Did you want to share this with me, or are you going to have one of your own?" she asked him.

"Hmmm," he replied, "can I do both?"

They laughed. Jake reached for a roll, taking the first one he touched, and he placed it on his plate without really intending to eat it just yet. Jody brought her heavily buttered roll up to her mouth and paused. She looked at him and opened her mouth and took a nice sized bite of the roll. Some of the butter was on her top lip so her tongue darted out for a second to tidy up as she chewed slowly, savoring the mouthful.

Jake was transfixed, watching her chew, her eyes gleaming devilishly. They had waited a long time for this. Jody held out the roll and Jake leaned in and took a bite. She shivered. Why was this so incredibly sexy? She had no idea. But there was no denying it.

Jody continued nibbling on her bread, offering Jack an occasional bite. For some reason she was taking tiny bites, not something she would do normally. She was feeling self-conscious and was trying to be ladylike, she supposed.

Jake was finding the whole thing very appealing, although he was waiting for her to take bigger, more enthusiastic bites. He knew she was being shy, and he was guessing that soon enough she would be diving into her dinner with abandon.

He found himself getting quite hungry, and he tore his eyes from her buttery lips back to his menu.

(to be continued)

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