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I Am Getting The Lap Band Surgery Next Year. Advice?

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Gabriel Spencer
Jul 4, 2007
I am 38 years old, 5'6", and - at my last doctor's appointment - 419lbs. I have a number of co-morbidities ( type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and extreme osteoarthritis because of all the weight I have to carry around) and I'm getting the surgery for one simple reason...I don't want to die.
My insurance has already approved the cost of the surgery - once I see a gastroenterologist. My primary care physician has made a deal with me (and I think it's quite fair) that, if I can lose 50lbs on my own within the next year, he'll give me the referral that I need. I think that it's fair because I know that there is a lot of dedication to proper nutrition required post-op so I need to show that I have that dedication beforehand.
I looked into other forms of WLS and only feel comfortable with the lap band. The lap band can be removed if something goes wrong, but the part of your stomach that was removed in a classic gastric bypass can never be put back if there's a problem. My cousin almost died after she had gastric bypass because the little pouch of stomach she had left developed an ulcer and she almost bled to death.
I'm not looking for criticism about my choice...I'm looking for advice from post-op lab band people who can tell me what to expect.
Thank you.

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