Ladies: flats or heels?

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Sep 2, 2008
I really don't like shoes, but if I have to wear them it's always flats. In the summer I run around barefoot or will wear thongs (flip flops/jandles). In the winter I pad about in fluffy socks or some form of closed toe like a wee Mary Jane. Heels are dangerous hehe. My weight plunges me forward in them, so I'm guessing the combined boobage/belly has something to do with that. My knees don't agree either.


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Feb 17, 2009
Never much of a heels person but at an office job before leaving for college did wear heels few years.
I have one heels last time worn at MIL funeral 10 years ago. And low heel red slingback and low tan shoes front and back closed, straps in middle, both are bit tight when I have the water retention issues from HF heart failure. In home is Birkenstocks for some support. Also balance issues, dizzy spells and OA osteoarthritis. Miss all my soft slippers. When the feet are very swollen from water DD her HS shoes fit me.
Winterboots have in wine leather low heel and not worn in years, no winter here, not cold enough.
Doing my wardrobe declutter and new Birkenstocks are on list, see they have floral maybe buy those.
Not a shoe person. I do like looking at pretty shoes online.
The low tan are my hospital shoes that way cardiologist can see water situation from swelling/straps.
HF makes me look pregnant so in hospital I get the when are twins due.
Picture is my red leather german slingback shoes, they are width H.